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The Valkenburg Families

Pedigree Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant

Last update: 2019/07/07


This genealogy is based on information on the marriages and children of the male Valkenburgs collected in the third quarter of the 20th century by Mr. R. van Valkenburg in the third quarter of the 20th century. I have checked (to a large extent) and corrected the data collected by him, and added data on children unknown to him, the marriages and children of the female Valkenburgs, the parents-in-law, and replaced the single general profession by the professions as mentioned in the Burgerlijke Stand.

Pedigree Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born ±1700 EH Hendrikus Janssen van VALCKENBURGH
Or is he born in |1690 as member of the Heeze pedigree?
Stratum (Eindhoven) 1750/11/10: Witness baptism of Joanna, daughter of Henricus Valkenborg and Joanna Couwenberg.
Bur. 1773/03/01Gestel (Eindhoven)
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 17Q1 Joanna Hendrix van THEUIJL
Also called Hendrica van Tuijl (1726, 1729).
Died >1773/03/01 
Bapt. 1726/08/20
Gennep (Eindhoven)?
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
1 Henricus van VALKENBORGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Josephus Couenbergh and Adriana van Tuijl from Gennip.
Bapt. 1729/02/03
Gennep (Eindhoven)?
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
2 Joannes van VALCKENBORGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Niterus van Valkenborgh from Gennip and Joanna van Tuijl from Gennip.
Bapt. 1731/10/29
Gennep (Eindhoven)?
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Elias van Theuijl and Petronilla van Theuijl. Burial Note: Laat vader en moeder na.
Bur. 1746/10/27Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Bapt. 1734/08/04
Gennep (Eindhoven)?
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Paulus Hendricks and Hester van Thuijl.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1726/08/20
Gennep (Eindhoven)?
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Josephus van Couenbergh and Adriana van Tuijl from Gennip. Profession: Burgemeester en collecteur der verponding, koningsbede en gemene middelen te Gestel (1772).
Aalst 1748/08/25: Witness announcement of RK marriage of Joannes Eliasse and Joanna Colen (other witness: Petrus van de Wiel).
Aalst 1748/09/15: Witness RK marriage of Joannes Eliasse and Joanna Colen (other witness: Petrus van de Wiel).
Aalst 1748/12/23: Peter at RK baptism of Joannes, son of Joannes van Valckenburgh and Joanna Timmermans.
Stratum (Eindhoven) 1750/05/04: Peter at RK baptism of Gertrudis, daughter of Everardus Loemers and Anna Maria Couwenberg (other witness: Maria Couwenberg).
Aalst 1754/04/04: Peter at RK baptism of Joanna daughter of Matheus van de Wiel and Maria Valckenburgh.
Aalst 1754/04/11: Peter at RK baptism of Henricus, son of Joannes Valckenburgh and Joanna Timmermans.
Aalst 1775/02/12: Peter at RK baptism of Henricus, son of Joannes Valkenburg and Maria Verdysseldonck.
Died <1792/12/05?  Father
Marr. 1750/04/26Stratum (Eindhoven)Marriage:  
Bapt. 1721/02/23
Gestel (Eindhoven)
Stratum (Eindhoven)
Joanna Geraarts COUWENBERG
Marriage: RK, witnesses: Thedorus Couwenberg and Godefridus Couwenberg.
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Godefridus Bijstervelt and Maria Cauwenbergh. Daughter of Gerardus Theodori Cauwenbergh, married 1714/01/21 in Eindhoven Anna Godefridi Beijstervelts,
Gennip 1746/01/31: Witness RK marriage announcement of Wilhelmus Renardus Colen and Maria Janssens van Oosterhoudt.
Gennip 1746/02/14: Witness RK marriage of Wilhelmus Renardus Colen and Maria Janssens van Oosterhoudt.
Strijp (Eindhoven) 1780/05/26: Witness RK baptism of Henricus, son of Joannes Lathouwers and Joanna Valckenborgh.
Bur. 1792/12/05?Gestel (Eindhoven)?
Bapt. 1750/11/10Stratum (Eindhoven) 1 Joanna VALKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Valkenborg and Maria Couwenberg.
Bapt. 1751/11/25Stratum (Eindhoven) 2 Gerardus VALKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Guillielmus Couwenberg and Maria Valkenborg. Profession: Laboureur (1810), arbeider (1814).
Strijp (Eindhoven) 1782/10/24: Witness RK baptism of Joannes, son of Joannes Lathouwers and Joanna Valckenborgh.
Blaarthem (Eindhoven) 1790/11/07: Peter at baptism of Cornelius, son of Antonius Sanders and Anna Valkenburg.
Blaarthem (Eindhoven) 1795/04/26: Peter at baptism of Johanna, daughter of Arnoldus Valkenburg and Johanna Maria Roosen.
Eindhoven 1797/05/07: Witness RK marriage of Mathias van den Berg and Helena Manders (other witness: Thomas Manders).
Died 1814/07/28Eindhoven
Bapt. 1754/07/23Stratum (Eindhoven) 3 Henrica VALCKENBURGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Valckenburgh and Anna Maria Couwenbergh.
Aalst (Waalre) 1784/03/22: Meter at RK baptism of Ludovicus, son of Johannes Valkenburg and Maria Verdijsseldonk.
Blaarthem (Eindhoven) 1787/12/12: Meter at RK baptism of Henricus, son of Antonius Sanders and Anna Valkenburg.
Blaarthem (Eindhoven) 1795/04/26: Meter at RK baptism of Johanna, daughter of Arnoldus Valkenburg and Johanna Maria Roosen.
Died 1820/01/08Eindhoven
Bapt. 1756/02/26Stratum (Eindhoven) 4 Arnoldus
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Theodorus Couwenbergh and Joanna Beestervelt.
Bapt. 1759/04/08Blaarthem (Eindhoven) 5 Anna FALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Petrus Kauwenberg, Antonius Hesemans, and Joanna Falkenburg.
Bapt. 1763/03/22Blaarthem (Eindhoven) 6 Joannes
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus van Tuijl, on behalf of Joannes Bucas, Maria Vervordeldonk, on behalf of Maria Dries van Gerven.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1750/11/10Stratum (Eindhoven) EH.1.1 Joanna VALKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Valkenborg and Maria Couwenberg.
Aalst 1756/08/22: Meter at baptism of Joannes, son of Joannes Valckenburg and Joanna Timmermans.
Aalst 1775/02/12: Meter at baptism of Henricus, son of Joannes Valkenburg and Maria Verdysseldonck.
Gestel 1780/01/23: Witness RK marriage of Rodolphus Cauwenberg and Maria Kersemakers (othr witness: Joannes Lathauwers).
Ann. 1780/01/08
Marr. 1780/01/23
Veldhoven / Blaarthem (Eindhoven)
Bapt. 1754/02/16Stratum (Eindhoven) Joannes LATHAUWERS
Marriage: RK, witnesses: Rudolphus Cauwenbergh and Maria Kersemakers.
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Lambertus Lathouwers, Joanna Maria van der Heijden, and Joanna van de Meeracker. Son of Joannes Lathouwers, from Breugel, buried 1792/12/25 in Stratum (Eindhoven), announced marriage 1752/07/22 in Eindhoven, married 1752/08/06 in Stratum (Eindhoven) Anna Meerackers, from Sint Oedenrode, buried 1790/12/28 in Stratum (Eindhoven).
Bapt. 1780/05/26Strijp (Eindhoven) 1 Henricus LATHOUWERS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Lathouwers and Joanna Cauwenbergh.
Bapt. 1782/10/24Strijp (Eindhoven) 2 Joannes LATHOUWERS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Gerardus Valckenborch and Anna van de Meer.
Bapt. 1784/10/08Dommelen (NB) 3 Gerardus LADTHOUWERS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Arnoldus Valkenborg and Joanna Ladthouwers. Profession: 33e Regiment Lichte Infanterie (Napoleon).
Bapt. 1786/10/21Bergeyk 4 Henrica LATHOUWERS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Mathias Lathouwers and Catharina van de Ven.
Married Joannes Franciscus Geeraerts, died 1853/02/20 in Antwerpen, son of Henricus Geeraerts and Maria Anna Pleek.
Died 1878/12/30Antwerpen (Belgium)
Bapt. 1788/06/25Bergeyk 5 Petrus Bernardus LATHOUWERS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Petrus van Eersel and Johanna Maria Lathouwers.
Bapt. 1791/01/11Westerhoven (NB) 6 Joannes LATHOUWERS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Lathouwers and Petronilla van Nunen.
Bapt. 1792/11/16Westerhoven (NB) 7 Antonius LATHOUWERS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Matthias Lathouwers and Joanna Lathouwers.
Bapt. 1794/09/15Westerhoven (NB) 8 Servatius LATHOUWERS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Laurentius Lathouwers and Joanna Maria Lathouwers.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1756/02/26Stratum (Eindhoven) EH.1.4 Arnoldus VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Theodorus Couwenbergh and Joanna Beestervelt. Profession: Domestique (1813/03), werkman (1813/04), wever.
Dommelen 1784/10/08: Peter at baptism of Gerardus, son of Joannes Ladthouwers and Joanna Valkenborg,
Blaarthem (Eindhoven) 1793/08/26: Peter at baptism of Johannes, son of Antonius Sanders and Anna Valkenburg.
Blaarthem (NB) 1804/08/20: "Borgbrief" because of move to Veldhoven.
Veldhoven 1804/12/19: "Catrien Rademakers wed. Jan Schippers, te Veldhoven, heeft verhuurd aan Arnoldus Valkenburg, te Veldhoven, een Huijsinge, stallinge en schuer in de Cromstraat, met percelen hof, land en groes, alles gelegen te Veldhoven, zoals dat nu door voornoemde Arnoldus Valkenburg wordt gebruikt. Looptijd: 3 jaar. Pachtsom: 24 gld. jrl., 1e vervaldag: 1-9-1805. Alle lasten voor rekening van de huurder. "
Died 1813/04/05Veldhoven Father
Ann. 1794/11/15
Marr. 1794/11/30
Gestel SB (Eindhoven)
Gestel SB (Eindhoven)
Bapt. 1770/02/12
Wintelre (NB)
Wintelre (NB)
Johanna Maria Nicolaus ROOSEN
Blaarthem 1794/11/30: Married RK, witnesses: Joannes van Mierlo and Judocus van de Leur. Profession: Filleuse (1813), spinster (1821).
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Bijsens and Nicolaa Roosen. Daughter of Nicolaas Roosens, from Wintelre (Eersel), announced marriage 1768/10/29 in Oerle (Veldhoven), married 1768/11/13 in Oerle (Veldhoven) Heleen Willems Hasebos, from Zeelst (Veldhoven).
Died 1821/01/28Veldhoven
Bapt. 1795/04/26
Gestel (Eindhoven)
Blaarthem (Eindhoven)
1 Johanna
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Gerardus Valkenburg and Henrica Valkenburg. Profession: Spinster (1840).
???Wintelre (NB) 1808/04/30: Witness baptism of Helena, daughter of Arnoldus Valkenburg and Joanna Maria Nicolaus Rosen.
Strijp (Eindhoven) 1832/12/20: Witness RK baptism of Arnoldus, illegitimate son of Wilhelmus Giesen and Francisca Arnoldi Valkenburg.
Died 1860/06/07Strijp (Eindhoven)
Bapt. 1797/07/27Gestel (Eindhoven) 2 Nicolaa
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Anthonius Sanders and Helena Roosen.
Died 1801/10/28Gestel (Eindhoven)
Born ±1798Gestel (Eindhoven) 3 Francijna   Marriage
Bapt. 1800/06/17Blaarthem (Eindhoven) 4 Henricus
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Johannes Lathouwers and Anna Valkenburg.
Strijp (Eindhoven) 1832/12/20: Witness RK baptism of Arnoldus, illegitimate son of Wilhelmus Giesen and Francisca Arnoldi Valkenburg.
Bapt. 1802/09/18Blaarthem (Eindhoven) 5 Henricus
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Zanders and Joanna Lathouders. NB Father is called Nicolaus!
Bapt. 1806/10/25Veldhoven 6 Leonardus VALCKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Drik Lathouwers and Maria van der Wielen.
Died 1806/12/21Veldhoven
Bapt. 1808/04/30Wintelre (NB) 7 Helena
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Lathouwers and Joanna Arnoldus Valkenburg, note: "Kind geboren in een hut in de heide genaamd den Grooten Aart van Oerle. Doopheffer afwezig."
Born ±1811Vessem (NB) 8 Helena
Unmarried. Identical to the Helena baptized 1808/04/30? Profession: Spinster (1840).
Died 1884/03/16Eindhoven
Born 1813/03/01Veldhoven 9 Gerard  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born ±1798Gestel (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-3 Francijna VALKENBURG
Profession: Spinster (1840, 1857).
Eindhoven 1857/04/24: Jailed because of begging.
Eindhoven AR: 1857/05/28: Sentenced to 14 days because of begging.
Died 1870/03/24Strijp (Eindhoven) Father
Marr. NoMarriage:  
Born 18Q1 Wilhelmus GIESEN
Profession: Militair (1832).
Born 1832/12/20
Bapt. 1832/12/20
Strijp (Eindhoven)
Strijp (Eindhoven)
1 Arnoldus
Birth notification: Huijbertus Neijen, 40, winkelier, witnesses: Godefridus van den Heijden, 60, bouwman, and Arnoldus van der Sanden, 27, bakker. Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Valkenburg and Joanna Valkenburg. Profession: Wever (1862).
Eindhoven 1853/02/10: Jailed because of desertion.
's-Hertogenbosch 1853/02/16: Jailed because of desertion.
Died 1862/09/26Strijp (Eindhoven)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1802/09/18Blaarthem (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5 Henricus VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Zanders and Joanna Lathouders. Profession: Arbeider (1840-1850), dagloner (1855), arbeider (1865). Unable to write.
Died 1865/03/28Gestel (Eindhoven) Father
Marr. 1840/02/12Tongelre (Eindhoven)Marriage:  
Born 1811/10/04Tongelre (Eindhoven) Hendrika van NUNEN
Profession: Spinster (1840).
Daughter of Hendrik van Nunen, metselaar (1840, 1848), baptized 1782/05/21 in Tongelre, died 1848/02/28 in Tongelre, announced marriage 1811/01/27 in Tongelre with Maria Catarina van Rut, baptized 1786/07/19 in Tongelre, died 1865/06/04 in Tongelre.
Died 1858/02/03Gestel (Eindhoven)
Born 1840/12/18Tongelre (Eindhoven) 1 Arnoldus   Marriage
Born 1842/02/16Tongelre (Eindhoven) 2 Maria Catharina   Marriage
Born 1844/08/10Tongelre (Eindhoven) 3 Hendrik   Marriage
Born 1846/10/02Tongelre (Eindhoven) 4 Johanna Maria   Marriage
Born 1848/01/07Tongelre (Eindhoven) 5 Helena   Marriage
Born 1850/11/26Tongelre (Eindhoven) 6 Johanna   Marriage
Born 1855/07/21Tongelre (Eindhoven) 7 Willem   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1840/12/18Tongelre (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.1 Arnoldus VALKENBURG
Profession: Wever (1871), arbeider (1878-1891), opperman (1911), metselaar (1918).
Died 1922/01/17Eindhoven Father
Marr. 1878/02/11Tongelre (Eindhoven)Marriage:  
Born 1851/01/08Heeze (NB) Johanna Maria CUIJTEN
Unable to write. Profession: Dienstmeid (1878).
Daughter of Henricus Cuyten, metselaarsgast (1850), metselaar (1851, 1855, 1878, 1904), born 1827/05/20 in Heeze, died 1904/01/21 in Heeze, married 1850/08/23 in Heeze Johanna Geutjens, born 1821/03/30 in Heeze, died 1855/02/03 in Heeze.
Died 1925/09/10Eindhoven
Born 1878/12/11Tongelre (Eindhoven) 1 Hendrika
Profession: Soldeerster.
Died 1956/04/27Eindhoven
Born 1880/04/01Tongelre (Eindhoven) 2 Hendrikus Died 1882/06/16Tongelre (Eindhoven)
Born 1883/05/05Tongelre (Eindhoven) 3 Johanna Maria   Marriage
Born 1886/01/12Tongelre (Eindhoven) 4 Wilhelmus
Profession: Fabrieksarbeider (1910-1911), sigarenmaker (1914), fabrieksarbeider (1918-1924).
Eindhoven KR 1910/08/24: Sentenced to 2+5 days because of rijden met niet verlicht rijwiel, opgeven falschen naam.
Eindhoven KR 1914/12/16: Sentenced to 6 days because of vangbaar stellen van een wildstrik.
Died 1924/03/17Eindhoven
Born 1891/09/20Tongelre (Eindhoven) 5 Hendrikus   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1883/05/05Tongelre (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.1.3 Johanna Maria VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Lampenmaakster (1911).
Died 1961/10/14
Marr. 1911/05/04Tongelre (Eindhoven)Marriage:  
Born 1881/07/15Woensel (Eindhoven) Hendricus Johannes van LIESHOUT
Profession: Machinestoker (1911), stoker (1939), machinist (1940), sloper bij afvaldienst.
Son of Martinus van Lieshout, wever (1877), koopman (1881), arbeider (1919), born 1849/09/10 in Woensel, died 1919/02/23 in Woensel, married 1877/10/01 in Woensel Jeanette van de Rijt, dienstmeid (1877), born 1853/11/06 in Oerle, died 1892/01/15 in Woensel.
Died 1951/06/08Eindhoven
Born 1912/03/13Tongelre (Eindhoven) 1 Antonetta Johanna van LIESHOUT
Eindhoven 1940/03/22: Married Christianus Jacobus Cornelius van Beers, incasseerder (1940), born ±1912 in Stratum (Eindhoven), son of Franciscus van Beers, houtbewerker (1940), born ±1885, and Maria van de Wiel, born ±1886.
Born 1913/07/04Tongelre (Eindhoven) 2 Johanna Maria van LIESHOUT
Eindhoven 1939/02/17: Married Michael Antonius Maria Rombouts, metaaldraaier (1939), born 1912/02/17 in Eindhoven, son of Gerardus Hendricus Rombouts, koopman (1939), and Maria Catharina Vroomans, born ±1885.
Born 1915/05/31Tongelre (Eindhoven) 3 Maria Martina van LIESHOUT
1947/10/31: Married J. Koch.
Born 1918/11/24Tongelre (Eindhoven) 4 Johannes Petrus van LIESHOUT
Eindhoven 1943/04/23: Married Francisca van Hooff, born ±1918 in Gestel (NB), daughter of Franciscus Joannes van Hooff, commies b/d rijks directe belastingen (1913), born 1880/12/27 in Duizel en Steensel (NB), married 1913/06/20 in Arcen en Velden (Li) Anna Maria Christina Raijer, born 1888/08/02 in Arcen (Li).
Born 1922/01/24Eindhoven 5 Arnoldus Martinus van LIESHOUT
1951/10/12: Married E.H. van den Gruijthuijzen.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1891/09/20Tongelre (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.1.5 Hendrikus VALKENBURG
Profession: Fabrieksarbeider (1910), sigarenmaker (1914-1926), fabrieksarbeider (1933, 1944).
Eindhoven KR 1910/08/10: Sentenced to 2 days because of rijden met niet verlicht rijwiel.
Eindhoven KR 1914/12/16: Sentenced to 6 days because of het vangbaar stellen van een wildstrik.
Died 1935/01/28Eindhoven Father
Marr. 1918/05/11Gestel en Blaarthem (Eindhoven)Marriage:  
Born 1891/09/26Stratum (Eindhoven) Johanna Maria THOMASSEN
Confession: RK. Profession: Fabrieksarbeidster (1918).
Daughter of Wilhelmus Thomassen, meesterknecht (1886, 1891), sigarensorteerder (1918), born 1853/04/03 in Stratum, died 1924/04/09 in Eindhoven, married 1886/07/14 in Stratum Anna Maria Tempelaars, born 1860/06/27 in Helmond, died 1923/08/05 in Eindhoven.
Died 1980/07/27
Crem. 1980/07/31
Heeze (NB)
Born 1919/09/12Tongelre (Eindhoven) 1 Arnoldus Wilhelmus   Marriage
Born 1921/01/06Eindhoven 2 Maria Johanna Died 1921/08/11Eindhoven
Born 1923/05/03Eindhoven 3 Wilhelmus Johannes Gerardus   Marriage
Born 1924/05/19Eindhoven 4 Johannes Gerardus   Marriage
Born 1924/05/19Eindhoven 5 Maria Gerarda Died 1924/07/08Eindhoven
Born 1925/08/06Eindhoven 6 Maria Gerarda Died 1926/10/28Eindhoven
Born 1925/08/06Eindhoven 7 Wilhelmina Gerarda   Marriage
Born 1928/01/24Eindhoven 8 Marinus Henricus Gerardus Died 1944/12/26Udenhout (Tilburg)
Born 1929/11/09Eindhoven 9 Henricus Gerardus Died 1933/02/28Eindhoven
Born 1932/05/28Eindhoven 10 Johanna Maria Gerarda Died 1933/01/28Eindhoven

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1919/09/12Tongelre (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.1.5-1 Arnoldus Wilhelmus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 2008/04/03
Crem. 2008/04/07
Marr. 1949/04/22EindhovenMarriage:  
Born 1920/11/06Rilland-Bath (Ze) Martina Maria SINKE
Daughter of Marinus Sinke, boerenknecht (1909), born 1881/12/29 in Kapelle (Ze), married 1909/06/10 in Rilland-Bath (Ze) Rosalia Videlia Schelfaut, veldarbeidster (1909), born 1888/09/27 in Rilland-Bath (Ze).
Died 2009/11/23
Crem. 2009/11/27
Born 1950/05/28Eindhoven 1 Hendrikus Marinus Wilhelmus Maria   Marriage
Born 1957/03/03Roosendaal 2 Marinus Leonardus Pieter Maria   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1950/05/28Eindhoven EH.1.4-5.1.5-1.1 Hendrikus Marinus Wilhelmus Maria VALKENBURG
Profession: Hoofd Afdeling Publiekszaken vd Gemeente Moerdijk.
Marr. 1973/11/07RoosendaalMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 Cornelia RAMPAERT  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1957/03/03Roosendaal EH.1.4-5.1.5-1.2 Marinus Leonardus Pieter Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q3 Mary  
Born 19Q4 1 Dennis  
Born 1999/04/06Roosendaal 2 Justin  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1923/05/03Eindhoven EH.1.4-5.1.5-3 Wilhelmus Johannes Gerardus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Rijwielhandelaar, automonteur, bankwerker, vertegenwoordiger.
Died 1993/11/22
Crem. 1993/11/26
Marr. 1948/05/13EindhovenMarriage 1:  
Born 1923/02/23Rilland-Bath (Ze) Clara Rosalia SINKE
Profession: Kantoorbediende gloeilampenfabriek.
Daughter of Marinus Sinke, boerenknecht (1909), born 1881/12/29 in Kapelle (Zl), married 1909/06/10 in Rilland-bath Rosalia Videlia Schelfaut, veldarbeidster (1909), born 1888/09/27 in Rilland.
Died 1964/09/10Boxtel (NB)
  Children: First marriage:
Born 1952/12/03Eindhoven 1 Hendrikus Martinus Arnoldus Johannes   Marriage
Born 1958/01/25Eindhoven 2 Johanna Rosalia Wilhelmina Martina   Marriage
Born 1960/07/25Eindhoven 3 Leonie Alberta Clara Maria   Marriage
Marr. 1966/11/17HelmondMarriage 2:Div.Reg. 1990/09/18Helmond
Born 1943/06/30Helmond Gerrie HEINEMANS  
  Children: Second marriage:
Born 1967/10/24Helmond 4 Anna Catharina Hermina  
Born 1972/04/16Helmond 5 Wilhelmus Paulus Henricus Maria   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1952/12/03Eindhoven EH.1.4-5.1.5-3.1 Hendrikus Martinus Arnoldus Johannes VALKENBURG
Profession: Beroepsmilitair (7 jaar), politie-agent, brigadier, hoofdinspecteur en plaatsvervangend hoofd van de Bovenregionale Recherche Zuid-Nederland (2011).
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 Annemarie  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1958/01/25Eindhoven EH.1.4-5.1.5-3.2 Johanna Rosalia Wilhelmina Martina VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 Erik van der DONK Died <1993/11/22 
Born 19Q4 1 Tim van der DONK  
Born 19Q4 2 Noortje van der DONK  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1960/07/25Eindhoven EH.1.4-5.1.5-3.3 Leonie Alberta Clara Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1985/11/08HelmondMarriage:  
Born 1955/11/03 H.H. EHRISMANN  
Born 1990/08/24Helmond 1 Wieske Anna Maria EHRISMANN  
Born 1992/09/27Vught 2 Gijs Hubertus EHRISMANN  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1972/04/16Helmond EH.1.4-5.1.5-3.5 Wilhelmus Paulus Henricus Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 2004/04/24Marriage:  
Born 1976/03/04Geldrop (NB) Daniëlle Diliana Theodora Rosalia van BERLO  
Born 2007/07/28Helmond 1 Wessel Martinus Wilhelmus Maria  
Born 2010/01/11Helmond 2 Catharina Gerrie Josephina Maria  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1924/05/19Eindhoven EH.1.4-5.1.5-4 Johannes Gerardus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Sydney 1951/10/31: Arrived by KLM as immigrant in Australia .
Died 2003/02/18Eindhoven Father
Marr. 1951/08/02EindhovenMarriage:  
Born 1923/01/18Tilburg Petronella Wilhelmina OERLEMANS
Profession: Kantoorbediende lampenfabriek, kantoorbediende.
Confession: RK. Daughter of Hendricus Cornelis Oerlemans, born 1894/03/04 in Haarlem, married 1919/05/12 in Goirle Henrica Johanna Maas, born 1900/02/04 in Goirle.
Sydney 1951/10/31: Arrived by KLM as immigrant in Australia.
Died 1991/12/22
Crem. 1991/12/27
Born 1953/07/11Leichhardt (Sydney, Australia) 1 Henrica Johanna   Marriage
Born 1955/11/06Sydney (NSW, Australia) 2 Anne Marie   Marriage
Born 1963/05/21Darlinghorst (Sydney, Australia) 3 Monique Wilhelmina  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1953/07/11Leichhardt (Sydney, Australia) EH.1.4-5.1.5-4.1 Henrica Johanna VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q3 Hans  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1955/11/06Sydney (NSW, Australia) EH.1.4-5.1.5-4.2 Anne Marie VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q3 Henry  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1925/08/06Eindhoven EH.1.4-5.1.5-7 Wilhelmina Gerarda VALKENBURG Died 2012/02/20Eindhoven Father
Marr. 1954/07/23EindhovenMarriage:  
Born 1927/04/16Eindhoven Martinus Emmanuel VLEMMIX
Son of Martinus Johannes Vlemmix, rangeerder (1922), born 1896/02/23 in Vlierden (Deurne, NB), died 1981/09/05 in Geldrop, married 1922/01/20 in Eindhoven Wilhelmina Paulina Adelaars, naaister (1922), born 1888/06/21 in Zaltbommel.
Died 2006/10/06Eindhoven
   1 Johanna Wilhelmina Gerarda VLEMMIX   
   2 Lambertus Hendrikus Gerardus VLEMMIX   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1842/02/16Tongelre (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.2 Maria Catharina VALKENBURG
Unable to write
Died 1911/12/18Stratum (Eindhoven) Father
Marr. 1867/06/27Tongelre (Eindhoven)Marriage:  
Born 1841/01/23Tongelre (Eindhoven) Johannes LODEWIJKS
Unable to write. Profession: Arbeider (1867, 1870, 1871), fabrieksarbeider (1873), arbeider (1876, 1878, 1880, 1884), landbouwer (1884), arbeider (1887, 1891), opperman (1899, 1900, 1903, 1904), arbeider (1909, 1910).
Son of Johannes Lodewijks, arbeider (1831), landbouwer (1841), dagloner (1865), arbeider (1867), baptized 1799/06/02 in Tongelre, died 1884/04/22 in Tongelre, married 1831/08/12 in Tongelre Wilhelmina Vogels, landbouwster (1831), baptized 1803/02/24 in Tongelre, died 1865/04/05 in Tongelre.
Died 1929/08/18Eindhoven
Born 1868/06/09Tongelre (Eindhoven) 1 Willemina LODEWIJKS Died 1871/05/01Stratum (Eindhoven)
Born 1870/04/22Tongelre (Eindhoven) 2 Hendrika LODEWIJKS
Profession: Fabrieksarbeidster (1899).
Stratum (Eindhoven) 1899/09/21: Married Johannes van Laarhoven, fabrieksarbeider (1899), died >1937/11/29, born ±1873 in Eindhoven, died 1949/03/21 in Eindhoven, son of Karel van Laarhoven, died <1899/09/21, married Catharina Schollmeijer, fabrieksarbeidster (1899).
Died 1937/11/29Eindhoven
Born 1873/01/28Stratum (Eindhoven) 3 Philomena LODEWIJKS
Profession: Sigarenmaakster (1903). Unable to write.
Stratum (Eindhoven) 1903/01/17: Married Theodorus van Kleef, voerman (1903), born ±1879 in Sint-Oedenrode, died >1938/02/02, son of Hendrikus van Kleef, landbouwer (1903), married Anna Maria van Rooij.
Died 1938/02/02Eindhoven
Born 1876/01/18Stratum (Eindhoven) 4 Hendrikus LODEWIJKS
Profession: Fabrieksarbeider (1903), opperman (1900), fabrieksarbeider (1904), arbeider (1909). Unable to write.
Died 1909/03/11Stratum (Eindhoven)
Born 1878/03/01Stratum (Eindhoven) 5 Johannes Josephus LODEWIJKS
Profession: Fabrieksarbeider (1900, 1903, 1904). Unable to write.
Stratum (Eindhoven) 1900/07/21: Married Catharina Josephina Walraven, fabrieksarbeidster (1900), born 1880/03/30 in Stratum, daughter of Antonie Walraven, fabrieksarbeider (1877, 1880), arbeider (1888), born 1848/10/06 in Nuenen, died 1888/06/06 in Stratum (Eindhoven), married 1877/11/21 in Nuenen Allegonda de Louw, arbeidster (1877), born 1847/05/21 in Stratum (Eindhoven), died 1918/01/06 in Stratum (Eindhoven).
Died 1966/11/27Eindhoven
Born 1880/08/17Stratum (Eindhoven) 6 Wilhelmus LODEWIJKS
Profession: Metselaar (1904, 1910, 1939).
Eindhoven 1904/05/04: Married Antonia Roos, born 1883/03/18 in Stratum, died >1939/04/18, daughter of Arnoldus Roos, arbeider (1904), married Elisabeth van Hugten.
Died 1939/04/18Eindhoven
Born 1884/05/10Stratum (Eindhoven) 7 Maria LODEWIJKS
Profession: Arbeidster (1910).
Eindhoven 1910/11/24: Married Henricus Petrus van Kraaij, arbeider (1905, 1910), born 1883/02/20 in Stratum, widower of Johanna Bernarda Coppens, born ±1884 in Eindhoven, married 1905/09/21 in Eindhoven, died 1909/03/22 in Eindhoven, daughter of Wilhelmus Coppens, arbeider (1884), koopman (1905, 1909), born ±1858, married Catharina Peijnenburg, son of Ambrosius van Kraaij, arbeider (1905, 1910), born ±1841, married Hendrika Smeets, born ±1857.
Born 1887/02/23Stratum (Eindhoven) 8 Martinus LODEWIJKS Died 1891/02/17Stratum (Eindhoven)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1844/08/10Tongelre (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.3 Hendrik VALKENBURG
Profession: Sigarenmaker, dagloner (1869), fabrieksarbeider (1871-1872), leerlooier (1874-1876), fabrieksarbeider (1877), arbeider (1878-1879), fabrieksarbeider (1881-1883/05), arbeider (1883/10-1899), fabrieksarbeider (1904-1911).
Died 1922/06/05Eindhoven Father
Marr. 1871/05/08Stratum (Eindhoven)Marriage:  
Born 1843/06/10Stratum (Eindhoven) Johanna SANDERS
Daughter of Martinus Sanders, fabrieksarbeider (1839), arbeider (1843, 1850), born 1814/10/27 in Stratum, died 1850/03/30 in Stratum, married 1839/10/05 in Stratum Anna Maria van den Broek, born 1817/08/10 in Stratum, died 1882/03/01 in Stratum.
Died 1897/06/25Stratum (Eindhoven)
Born 1872/02/03Stratum (Eindhoven) 1 Hendrik Died 1872/02/20Stratum (Eindhoven)
Born 1874/05/04Stratum (Eindhoven) 2 Maria Catharina   Marriage
Born 1876/01/01Stratum (Eindhoven) 3 Hendrika Martina   Marriage
Born 1877/11/29Stratum (Eindhoven) 4 Petrus Martinus Died 1878/11/14Stratum (Eindhoven)
Born 1879/02/13Stratum (Eindhoven) 5 Hendrikus Martinus   Marriage
Born 1881/05/03Stratum (Eindhoven) 6 Petrus Hendrikus Martinus   Marriage
Born 1883/05/13Stratum (Eindhoven) 7 Henricus Martinus Died 1883/10/22Stratum (Eindhoven)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1874/05/04Stratum (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.3.2 Maria Catharina VALKENBURG Died 1928/02/15Eindhoven Father
Marr. 1906/05/12Stratum (Eindhoven)Marriage:  
Born 1872/05/31Heeze (NB) Arnoldus van GASTEL
Profession: Schoenmaker, sigarenmaker (1906-1907).
Son of Wilhelmus van Gastel, landbouwer (1855, 1872), dagloner (1894), born 1829/04/28 in Zesgehuchten, died 1894/01/15 in Stratum, married 1855/11/17 in Heeze Goverdina Geenen, landbouwster (1872), born 1835/05/21 in Heeze, died 1904/06/15 in Stratum.
Died >1928/02/15 

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1876/01/01Stratum (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.3.3 Hendrika Martina VALKENBURG
Profession: Sigarenmaakster (1899).
Died 1910/05/05Woensel (Eindhoven) Father
Marr. 1899/11/16Stratum (Eindhoven)Marriage:  
Born 1878/09/16Woensel (Eindhoven) Laurentius van den NIEUWENHOVEN
Profession: Sigarenmaker (1899-1911), sigarenfabrikant (1923, 1931).
Son of Mathijs van den Nieuwenhoven, wever (1865, 1878, 1899), landbouwer (1910), wever (1911/09), born 1839/09/21 in Woensel, died 1911/11/26 in Woensel, married 1865/07/14 in Woensel en Eckhart Elisabeth Verhagen, born 1842/04/14 in Woensel, died 1911/09/17 in Woensel.
Geldrop 1910/08/27: Married (2) Josina Valkenburg, born 1874/01/19 in Geldrop, died 1946/06/22 in Geldrop, daughter of Johannes Valkenburg and Maria van der Putten.
Died 1962/12/08Geldrop (NB)
Born 1900/12/31Woensel (Eindhoven) 1 Mathijs Hendrikus Cornelus van den NIEUWENHOVEN
Geldrop (NB) 1929/10/01: Married Klara Josefina van Beek, born ±1904 in München Gladbach (Germany), daughter of Jakob van Beek and Maria Sibilla Janssen.
Died 1901/02/16Woensel (Eindhoven)
Born 1901/12/24Woensel (Eindhoven) 2 Johanna Maria van den NIEUWENHOVEN
Geldrop (NB) 1923/07/16: Married Franciscus Meijer, kelner (1923), born ±1895 in Zaltbommel, son of Johannes Meijer, smid (1923), born ±1858, married Cornelia Hendrika van der Kaaij, born ±1864.
Born 1903/03/25Woensel (Eindhoven) 3 Mattheus Hendricus van den NIEUWENHOVEN Died 1903/06/17Woensel (Eindhoven)
Born 1904/03/15Woensel (Eindhoven) 4 Mattheus Henricus van den NIEUWENHOVEN
1929/10/10: Married K.J. van Beek.
Born 1905/12/05Woensel (Eindhoven) 5 Elizabeth Maria van den NIEUWENHOVEN Died 1906/01/24Woensel (Eindhoven)
Born 1907/01/05Woensel (Eindhoven) 6 Elisabeth Maria van den NIEUWENHOVEN  
Born 1908/06/29Woensel (Eindhoven) 7 Hendricus Martinus Petrus van den NIEUWENHOVEN
Profession: Sigarenfabrikant (1931).
Budel (NB) 1931/10/01: Married Hendrina Duijsters, born ±1907 in Budel (NB), daughter of Joseph Duijsters, sigarenmaker (1931), born ±1878, married Elisabeth Compen, born ±1880.
Born 1909/11/16Woensel (Eindhoven) 8 Stillborn Child van den NIEUWENHOVEN  
Born 1909/11/16Woensel (Eindhoven) 9 Maria van den NIEUWENHOVEN
Geldrop (NB) 1932/06/27: Married Hermanus Janssen, born ±1908 in Stratum (Eindhoven), son of Petrus Hermanus Janssen and Anna Maria Clement.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1879/02/13Stratum (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.3.5 Hendrikus Martinus VALKENBURG
Profession: Fabrieksarbeider (1904-1907), steenkolenhandelaar (1928, 1933).
's-Hertogenbosch 1902/03/27: Sentenced to 6 weeks bebause of wederspannigheid.
Arrondissementsrechtbank 's-Hertogenbosch 1902: Mishandeling, medeplichtigheid; wederspannigheid (tegen personen bekleed met overheidsgezag).
Died 1933/11/29Eindhoven Father
Marr. 1904/11/19Stratum (Eindhoven)Marriage:  
Born 1879/01/26Stratum (Eindhoven) Maria SANDERS
Profession: Fabrieksarbeider (1904).
Daughter of Johannes Sanders, leerlooier (1878), leerlooiersknecht (1879, 1903), born 1850/05/06 in Woensel en Eckhart, died 1903/06/19 in Stratum, married 1878/02/13 in Stratum (Eindhoven) Wilhelmina van de Weijer, born 1851/12/21 in Steensel, died 1887/06/19 in Stratum.
Died 1935/12/21Eindhoven
Born 1905/10/25Stratum (Eindhoven) 1 Joanna Wilhelmina Cornelia
Confession: RK.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1905/10/25Stratum (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.3.5-1 Joanna Wilhelmina Cornelia VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Winkelierster, drogisterij.
Died 1984/12/26
Marr. 1928/11/29EindhovenMarriage:  
Born 1899/09/20Stratum (Eindhoven) Henricus Antonius Cornelius van BEEK
Confession: RK. Profession: Huisschilderbaas (1928), schilder (1941).
Son of Johannes Antonius van Beek, sigarenmaker (1888, 1899), fabrieksarbeider (1915), born 1863/03/01 in Stratum, died 1915/11/13 in Stratum, married 1888/06/28 in Stratum Christina Strijbos, born 1861/11/28 in Barneveld, died 1904/05/01 in Stratum.
Died 1941/04/09Eindhoven
   1 Antonius Martinus Henricus Cornelus van BEEK   
   2 Martinus Henricus Cornelius Maria van BEEK   
   3 Henricus Christiaan Maria van BEEK   
   4 Henri Antoon Cornelius Theresia van BEEK   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1881/05/03Stratum (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.3.6 Petrus Hendrikus Martinus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Sigarenmaker (1903-1907/02), arbeider (1907/12). sigarenmaker (1909-1919), fabrieksarbeider (1928), kolenhandelaar (1936, 1940), steenkolenhandelaar (1943).
Eindhoven KR 1903/06/24: Sentenced to 1 day because of dronkenschap.
Died 1966/12/20
Marr. 1907/02/09Stratum (Eindhoven)Marriage:  
Born 1886/01/02Tongelre (Eindhoven) Hendrika Wilhelmina van HOEK
Confession: RK. Profession: Fabrieksarbeidster (1907).
Daughter of Willem van Hoek, fabrieksarbeider (1885, 1886), grondwerker (1907), born 1858/01/18 in Homberg, died 1935/03/16 in Eindhoven, married 1885/07/09 in Geldrop Christina Suetens, dienstmeid (1885), born 1863/01/29 in Bergeijk, died 1942/11/14 in Valkenswaard.
Died 1953/01/07
Bur. 1953/01/10
Born 1907/12/27Stratum (Eindhoven) 1 Stillborn daughter  
Born 1909/02/22Stratum (Eindhoven) 2 Johanna Christina Cornelia   Marriage
Born 1910/06/01Stratum (Eindhoven) 3 Wilhelmus Hendrikus Died 1910/08/07Stratum (Eindhoven)
Born 1911/10/23Stratum (Eindhoven) 4 Wilhelmus Hendrikus   Marriage
Born 1912/12/05Stratum (Eindhoven) 5 Christina Wilhelmina   Marriage
Born 1914/12/18Stratum (Eindhoven) 6 Henricus Cornelis Died 1915/01/05Stratum (Eindhoven)
Born 1916/04/27Stratum (Eindhoven) 7 Henrica Cornelia Died 1919/03/26Stratum (Eindhoven)
Born 1919/03/22Stratum (Eindhoven) 8 Henricus Josephus   Marriage
Born 1921/11/02Eindhoven 9 Maria Henrica   Marriage
Born 1923/12/28Eindhoven 10 Martinus Mattheus   Marriage
Born 1925/04/01Eindhoven 11 Henrica Elisabeth   Marriage
Born 1928/09/18Eindhoven 12 Petrus Wilhelmus Johannes   Marriage
Born 1929/10/08Eindhoven 13 Matheus Cornelis
Confession: RK.
Died 1943/03/25Eindhoven

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1909/02/22Stratum (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.3.6-2 Johanna Christina Cornelia VALKENBURG Died 1995/10/06Eindhoven Father
Marr. 1934/04/27EindhovenMarriage 1:  
Born 1906/08/14Venlo Pierre Louis Albert van KALDEKERKEN
Confession: RK. Profession: Schilder, huisschilder (1939).
Son of Albert Jacob van Kaldekerken, tuinier (1895, 1911), born 1857/04/11 in Venlo, died 1911/01/26 in Venlo, married 1895/07/22 in Venlo Hendrica Hendriks, dienstmeid (1895), born 1871/08/18 in Deurne (NB), died >1911/01/26.
Found dead in Meerlo.
Died 1939/06/25Meerlo (Li)
   1 Wilhelmina Henrica Maria van KALDEKERKEN   
   2 Hendrika Johanna Christina van KALDEKERKEN   
Marr. 1940/09/27EindhovenMarriage 2:  
Born 1912/11/10Lieshout (NB) Peter Theodorus JANSEN
Profession: Bouwvakarbeider (1940), fabrieksarbeider, los arbeider, glasblazer, fabrieksarbeider, archiefbediende.
Son of Petrus Jansen, landbouwer (1905), born 1873/12/19 in Nuenen, died 1937/01/30 in Son en Breugel (NB), married 1905/11/17 in Lieshout (NB) Elisabeth Cornelia Brouwers, landbouwster (1905, 1919), born 1885/06/16 in Lieshout (NB), died 1919/01/26 in Son (NB).
Died 1975/05/02Eindhoven
   3 Elisabeth Petronella Johanna Cornelia JANSEN   
   4 Johanna Henrica Maria JANSEN   
   5 Petrus Johannes Matheus JANSEN   
   6 Johannes Matheus Henricus JANSEN   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1911/10/23Stratum (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.3.6-4 Wilhelmus Hendrikus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Fabrieksarbeider (1936), controleur Philips radiobuizenfabriek, administratief beambte Philips' Gloeilampenfabrieken (1969), onderbaas gllf.
Died 1985/05/04
Crem. 1985/05/09
Woensel (Eindhoven)
Marr. 1937/07/23EindhovenMarriage:  
Born 1912/12/07Stratum (Eindhoven) Leonarda Maria Cornelia van KLEEF
Confession: RK.
Daughter of Johannes van Kleef, fabrieksarbeider (1900), born 1877/02/06 in Sint Oedenrode (NB), married 1900/10/03 in Eindhoven Antonetta van de Rijt, fabrieksarbeidster (1900), born 1871/04/17 in Stratum (Eindhoven).
Died 1980/12/13
Crem. 1980/12/18
Born 1938/07/19Geldrop (NB) 1 Johanna Wilhelmina Maria Cornelia   Marriage
Born 1940/10/17Geldrop (NB) 2 Henrica Maria Cornelia   Marriage
Born 1942/06/14Geldrop (NB) 3 Antonetta Maria Cornelia   Marriage
Born 1944/01/31Geldrop (NB) 4 Petronella Maria Cornelia   Marriage
Born 1946/06/29Geldrop (NB) 5 Maria Rita Cornelia   Marriage
Born 1948/01/03Geldrop (NB) 6 Petrus Johannes Cornelis   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1938/07/19Geldrop (NB) EH.1.4-5.3.6-4.1 Johanna Wilhelmina Maria Cornelia VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1959/05/30Marriage:  
Born 1935/12/28 Dick ter BORCH  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1940/10/17Geldrop (NB) EH.1.4-5.3.6-4.2 Henrica Maria Cornelia VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1960/10/01Marriage:  
Born 1939/08/04 Henricus M.J.W. van DIJK  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1942/06/14Geldrop (NB) EH.1.4-5.3.6-4.3 Antonetta Maria Cornelia VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1962/06/29EindhovenMarriage:  
Born 1937/11/30 Martinus M. van BIJNEN  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1944/01/31Geldrop (NB) EH.1.4-5.3.6-4.4 Petronella Maria Cornelia VALKENBURG Died 2017/02/15Eindhoven Father
   Rudolf Gerhardus Johannes REKER   
   1 Johanna Petronella Leonarda REKER   
   2 Diana REKER   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1946/06/29Geldrop (NB) EH.1.4-5.3.6-4.5 Maria Rita Cornelia VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1967/06/16Marriage:  
Born 1944/11/08 Henricus R.J. GERLAG  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1948/01/03Geldrop (NB) EH.1.4-5.3.6-4.6 Petrus Johannes Cornelis VALKENBURG
Profession: Magazijnier Philips NV.
Marr. 1976/09/24HelmondMarriage:  
Born 1950/04/04Helmond Marijke A.H.T. BRESSERS
Daughter of Gerardus Hubertus Bressers, vertegenwoordiger en garagehouder, born 1927/08/11 in Helmond, died 1987/10/04 in Helmond, married 1949/11/12 in Helmond Johanna Hendrica Antonia Beekmans, born 1929/07/21 in Helmond.
Born 1979/11/20Helmond 1 Henriëtta Maria  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1912/12/05Stratum (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.3.6-5 Christina Wilhelmina VALKENBURG
Profession: Fabrieksarbeidster (1936).
Died 1983/06/21Eindhoven Father
Marr. 1936/04/24EindhovenMarriage:  
Born 1906/09/04Woensel (Eindhoven) Petrus Antonius van VROENHOVEN
Profession: Houtbewerker (1936), machinehoutbewerker.
Son of Adrianus van Vroenhoven, sigarenmaker (1894, 1906), born 1871/05/29 in Woensel, married 1894/01/12 in Woensel Johanna Maria van Gestel, sigarenmaakster (1894), born 1870/05/15 in Someren (NB).
Died 1980/09/06Eindhoven
   1 Adrianus Petrus Maria van VROENHOVEN   
   2 Petrus Adrianus Wilhelmus Hendrik van VROENHOVEN   
   3 Mattheus Henricus Theodorus Maria van VROENHOVEN   
   4 Wilhelmus Hendrikus Johannes Adrianus van VROENHOVEN   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1919/03/22Stratum (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.3.6-8 Henricus Josephus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Kolenhandelaar, chauffeur, caféhouder.
Died 1984/09/03
Crem. 1984/09/06
Marr. 1945/04/05EindhovenMarriage:  
Born 1922/07/17Eindhoven Maria Johanna van HECK
Confession: RK.
Daughter of Johannes Hubertus van Heck, born 1892/11/10 in Hunsel (Li), died 1963/12/26 in Eindhoven, married Joanna Clara Ghijs, born 1895/08/10 in Geel (Belgium), died 1959/10/28 in Eindhoven.
Died 1990/01/12
Crem. 1990/01/16
Born 1946/07/10Eindhoven 1 Johanna Petronella Maria   Marriage
Born 1959/11/09Eindhoven 2 Petrus Johannes Henricus   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1946/07/10Eindhoven EH.1.4-5.3.6-8.1 Johanna Petronella Maria VALKENBURG Died >1996/09/19  Father
   Franciscus Wilhelmus Cornelis LODEWIJKS   
   1 Miranda Johanna Maria Wilhelmina LODEWIJKS   
   2 PatrickHenricus Petronella Maria LODEWIJKS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1959/11/09Eindhoven EH.1.4-5.3.6-8.2 Petrus Johannes Henricus VALKENBURG   Father
Marriage 1:
   H.T.M. EVERS   
Marr. YesMarriage 2:  
Born 19Q3 Jolanda van DINTER  
Born 1990/08/25Best (NB) 1 Melvin Martijn  
Born 1993/03/11Best (NB) 2 Roy  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1921/11/02Eindhoven EH.1.4-5.3.6-9 Maria Henrica VALKENBURG Died 2007/11/04
Crem. 2007/11/09
Marr. 1943/07/15EindhovenMarriage:Div.Reg. 1962/09/04Eindhoven
Born 1922/03/25Eindhoven Antonius Cornelis BOOGERS
Profession: Monteur (1945).
Son of Antonius Boogers, smid (1910), born ±1887 in Strijp (NB), died 1963/12/13 in Aarle-Rixtel (NB), married 1910/01/21 in Lieshout (NB) Cornelia de Jong, born ±1887 IJsselstein (Ut).
Born ±1944/08Eindhoven 1 Wilhelmina Cornelia BOOGERS Died 1945/10/21Eindhoven
   2 Wilhelmina Cornelia BOOGERS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1923/12/28Eindhoven EH.1.4-5.3.6-10 Martinus Mattheus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Kantoorbediende, arbeider gloeilampenfabriek. kolenhandelaar, meesterknecht, chef ETOS.
Died 1986/05/02
Bur. 1986/05/07
Marr. 1947/12/12EindhovenMarriage:  
Born 1925/06/06Helmond Maria Huberta WETZER
Daughter of Johannes Franciscus Cornelis Wetzer, graveur (1923), born 1896/09/09 in Helmond, married 1923/05/12 in Helmond Sophia Maria van Woerkom, fabriekarbeidster (1923), born 1898/09/16 in Eindhoven.
Died 2011/06/04
Born 1948/07/10Eindhoven 1 Sophia Wilhelmina Maria   Marriage
Born 1953/12/11Eindhoven 2 Petrus Johannes Martinus Cornelis   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1948/07/10Eindhoven EH.1.4-5.3.6-10.1 Sophia Wilhelmina Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1965/04/23Marriage:  
Born 1945/06/08Eindhoven Johann A.A. KERSTEN  
Born 19Q3 1 Miriam KERSTEN  
Born 19Q3 2 Arno KERSTEN  
Born 19Q3 3 Tessy KERSTEN  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1953/12/11Eindhoven EH.1.4-5.3.6-10.2 Petrus Johannes Martinus Cornelis VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q3 Kitty MUFFELS  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1925/04/01Eindhoven EH.1.4-5.3.6-11 Henrica Elisabeth VALKENBURG Died 2001/01/17
Crem. 2001/01/22
Marr. 1950/08/31EindhovenMarriage:  
Born 1922/11/16Eindhoven Johannes Baptist SMULDERS
Profession: Machinemonteur textielfabriek, afdelingschef.
Son of Henricus Franciscus Smulders, sigarenmaker (1922), born 1887/11/18 in Woensel, died 1928/02/01 in Son en Breugel, married 1922/02/06 in Best Adriana van der Aa, born 1895/07/09 in Best.
Died 1993/09/03Eindhoven
   1 Franciscus Wilhelmus Johannes SMULDERS   
   2 Mattheus Wilhelmus Johannes SMULDERS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1928/09/18Eindhoven EH.1.4-5.3.6-12 Petrus Wilhelmus Johannes VALKENBURG
Profession: Chefmonteur garagebedrijf.
Died 2016/09/10
Crem. 2016/09/15
Marr. 1951/01/18EindhovenMarriage:  
Born 1929/03/14Eindhoven Johanna Josephina Cornelia van HOUT
Daughter of Julianus Martinus van Hout, sigarenmaker (1926), born 1900/11/23, died 1976/10/25 in Eindhoven, married 1926/01/08 in Eindhoven Maria Petronella Cornelia van Hout, sigarenringster (1926), born 1904/10/27 in Stratum.
Died 2012/03/05
Crem. 2012/03/12
Born 1954/07/30Eindhoven 1 Wilhelmina Maria Julia Petra   Marriage
Born 19Q4 2 Max
Partner: Sandra. Children:Ashley and Noëlla.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1954/07/30Eindhoven EH.1.4-5.3.6-12.1 Wilhelmina Maria Julia Petra VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1975/08/29EindhovenMarriage:  
Born 1953/04/04Eindhoven Cornelis WITTEVEEN  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 19Q4 EH.1.4-5.3.6-12.2 Max VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q4 Sandra  
Born 20Q1 1 Ashley  
Born 20Q1 2 Noëlla  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1846/10/02Tongelre (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.4 Johanna Maria VALKENBURG Died 1891/12/06Stratum (Eindhoven) Father
Marr. 1877/09/17Stratum (Eindhoven)Marriage:  
Born 1850/04/16Steensel (NB) Johannes PEETERS
Profession: Fabrieksarbeider (1877), apothekersbediende (1884), arbeider (1890-1895),
Son of Peter Peeters, landbouwer (1845), bouwman (1850), arbeider (1890), born 1815/10/17 in Steensel, died 1880/09/28 in Woensel en Eckhart, married 1845/11/22 in Duizel en Steensel Hendrina Copal, born 1815/06/07 in Steensel, died 1890/12/09 in Woensel en Eckhart.
Stratum 1895/05/02: Married (2) Johanna Maria Harks, dienstmeid (1895), born 1870/12/23 in Someren, died 1944/03/16 in Valkenswaard, daughter of Martinus Harks, arbeider (1862), herenlegger (1895), born 1838/04/16 in Son, died 1911/10/18 in Asten, married 1862/02/17 in Someren Hendrina Bernards, arbeidster (1862), born 1836/11/14 in Someren, died 1884/01/23 in Someren.
Died 1933/05/17Waalre (NB)
Born 1890/05/20Stratum (Eindhoven) 1 Stillborn son PEETERS  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1848/01/07Tongelre (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.5 Helena VALKENBURG
Profession: Fabrieksarbeidster (1869). Unable to write.
Died 1889/09/10Stratum (Eindhoven) Father
Marr. 1869/05/13Stratum (Eindhoven)Marriage:  
Born 1845/08/28Stratum (Eindhoven) Johannes van DEELEN
Profession: Sigarenmaker (1869-1889, 1902).
Son of Franciscus Ludovicus van Deelen, kanonnier (1835), arbeider (1845), fabrieksarbeider (1869, 1893), baptized 1808/01/19 in Amsterdam, died 1893/11/02 in Stratum, married 1835/01/12 in Stratum Anna Catharina van den Baar, baptized 1809/02/20 in Strijp, died 1854/10/09 in Stratum.
Died 1902/07/01Stratum (Eindhoven)
Born 1877/06/20Stratum (Eindhoven) 1 Franciscus Hendrikus van DEELEN Died 1877/09/12Stratum (Eindhoven)
Born 1878/10/27Stratum (Eindhoven) 2 Hendrika Catharina van DEELEN Died 1879/11/12Stratum (Eindhoven)
Born 1879/11/13Stratum (Eindhoven) 3 Franciscus Hendrikus van DEELEN
Profession: Sigarenmaker (1906, 1911)
Eindhoven 1911/05/11: Married Wilhelmina Catharina Maria Reemers, born 1878/05/14 in Eindhoven, (widow of Laurentius Antonius Smits, timmerman (1897), born 1874/09/21 in Eindhoven, married 1897/02/24 in Eindhoven, died 1905/11/02 in Eindhoven), daughter of Franciscus Reemers, died <1911/05/11, married Maria Elisabeth van Hooff, sigarenmaakster (1911).
Born 1881/04/01Stratum (Eindhoven) 4 Hendrikus van DEELEN Died 1885/10/06Stratum (Eindhoven)
Born 1883/02/19Stratum (Eindhoven) 5 Hendrika van DEELEN
Profession: Fabrieksarbeidster (1906).
Stratum (Eindhoven) 1906/01/27: Married Gerardus de Vet, metselaar (1906), schakelwachter (1949). born ±1884 in Zesgehuchten (NB), son of Jacobus de Vet, arbeider (1906), married Hendrica van Bree, died <1906/01/27.
Died 1949/01/07Sittard
Born 1885/01/13Stratum (Eindhoven) 6 Stillborn son van DEELEN  
Born 1886/09/15Stratum (Eindhoven) 7 Catharina Maria van DEELEN Died 1886/10/09Stratum (Eindhoven)
Born 1888/02/02Stratum (Eindhoven) 8 Hendrikus Martinus van DEELEN Died 1889/11/22Stratum (Eindhoven)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1850/11/26Tongelre (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.6 Johanna VALKENBURG Died 1920/03/19Eindhoven Father
Marr. 1884/06/18Stratum (Eindhoven)Marriage:  
Born 1856/02/23Soerendonk, Sterksel en Gastel Martinus van ROOIJ
Profession: Arbeider (1884, 1889), landbouwer (1912).
Son of Joannes van Rooij, wever (1855), landbouwer (1856), arbeider (1884), born 1825/08 in Tongelre, died <1914/04/19, married 1855/04/28 in Soerendonk Anna Catharina Ras, landbouwster (1855), arbeidster (1884), born 1831/11/21 in Soerendonk, died 1914/04/19 in Gestel en Blaarthem.
Died <1920/03/19 

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1855/07/21Tongelre (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.7 Willem VALKENBURG
Profession: Arbeider (1883-1893).
Eindhoven KR 1883/12/19: Sentenced to 5 days because of jachtdelict gepleegd in de gemeente Stratum.
Died 1893/04/02Stratum (Eindhoven) Father
Marr. 1884/06/18Stratum (Eindhoven)Marriage:  
Born 1854/03/09Luyksgestel (NB) Anna Maria WATERSCHOOT
Unable to write.
Daughter of Hendrikus Waterschoot, bouwman (1853), landbouwer (1854), dagloner (1874), arbeider (1884, 1900), born 1828/06/15 in Hoogeloon, died 1900/12/29 in Stratum, married 1853/04/16 in Bergeijk Adriana van Gompel, landbouwster (1853), born 1830/07/20 in Bergeijk, died 1874/10/19 in Bergeijk.
Died 1933/03/18Eindhoven
Born 1885/03/16Stratum (Eindhoven) 1 Henrica Adriana   Marriage
Born 1887/05/18Stratum (Eindhoven) 2 Adriana Maria
Confession: RK.
Born 1889/07/13Stratum (Eindhoven) 3 Johanna   Marriage
Born 1893/02/21Stratum (Eindhoven) 4 Helena Maria   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1885/03/16Stratum (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.7.1 Henrica Adriana VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Sigarenmaakster (1910-1912).
Died 1961/07/11
Bur. 1961/07/14
Marr. 1910/07/02Stratum (Eindhoven)Marriage 1:  
Born 1883/04/25Stratum (Eindhoven) Ludovicus VERHULST
Profession: Sigarenmaker (1910-1911).
Son of Peter Verhulst, fabrieksarbeider (1878-1918), born 1844/06/29 in Eersel (NB), died 1918/03/14 in Stratum, married 1878/02/13 in Stratum Anna Catharina Thijsen, dienstmeid (1878), born 1849/02/07 in Aalst, died 1926/11/08 in Eindhoven.
Died 1911/02/06Stratum (Eindhoven)
Marr. 1912/05/11Stratum (Eindhoven)Marriage 2:  
Born 1878/12/01Asten (NB) Mathijs van GESTEL
Confession:RK. Profession: Fabrieksarbeider (1899), pakmeester (1912), pakkersbaas (1914), sigarensorteerder (1916, 1926), gemeentearbeider (1945).
Widower of Johanna Huberta Maria Frencken, born 1877/11/11 in Stratum, married 1899/06/29 in Stratum, died 1910/03/10 in Stratum, daughter of Jacobus Matthijs Frencken, sigarenmaker (1875, 1877, 1910), born 1853/09/25 in Stratum, died 1933/12/30 in Stratum, married 1875/05/26 in Stratum Maria Elisabeth Verhoeven, born 1854/02/13 in Stratum, died 1889/03/17 in Stratum.
Son of Petrus van Gestel, landbouwer (1866, 1878), arbeider (1912), born 1835/02/13 in Someren, died 1920/03/27 in Eindhoven, married 1866/02/03 in Someren Christina Jansen, dienstmeid (1866), born 1839/08/30 in Nuenen, Gerwen en Nederwetten, died 1884/04/21 in Eindhoven.
Died 1945/09/09Eindhoven
Born 1913/03/28Stratum (Eindhoven) 1 Christina Maria van GESTEL  
Born ±1914/03Stratum (Eindhoven) 2 Wilhelmus Cornelius van GESTEL Died 1914/07/16Stratum (Eindhoven)
Born ±1915/09Stratum (Eindhoven) 3 Anna Maria van GESTEL Died 1916/01/07Stratum (Eindhoven)
Born 1919/08/31Stratum (Eindhoven) 4 Maria Wilhelmina van GESTEL
1944/06/29: Married Th.L. van de Grint.
Born 1922/03/11Eindhoven 5 Petronella van GESTEL
1947/08/29: Married H.J. van Kemenade.
   6 Wilhelmina Johanna van GESTEL   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1887/05/18Stratum (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.7.2 Adriana Maria VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Sigarenmaakster (1911).
Died 1973/08/29Best (NB) Father
Marr. 1911/05/06Stratum (Eindhoven)Marriage:  
Born 1886/02/10Strijp (Eindhoven) Martinus DEKKERS
Profession: Sigarenmaker (1911, 1917, 1942).
Son of Franciskus Dekkers, wever (1881), fabrieksarbeider (1886), meesterknecht (1911), born 1856/05/26 in Zeelst, died 1931/12/22 in Eindhoven, married 1881/10/08 in Strijp Maria Lodewijks, born 1851/11/14 in Strijp, 1931/03/17 in Eindhoven.
Died 1975/05/05Best (NB)
Born 1912/01/30Stratum (Eindhoven) 1 Wilhelmina Maria DEKKERS  
Born 1913/05/25Stratum (Eindhoven) 2 Franciscus Gregorius DEKKERS
Profession: Sigarenmaker (1942).
Eindhoven 1937/01/22: Married Cornelia Janssen, born ±1916 in Bergen, daughter of Jacobus Janssen and Elisabeth Elbers.
Born 1914/10/19Stratum (Eindhoven) 3 Joannes Martinus DEKKERS
Profession: Sigarenmaker (1942).
Eindhoven 1942/08/14: Married Maria Francina Sanders, fabrieksarbeidster (1942), born ±1919 in Woensel (NB), daughter of Arnoldus Johannes Sanders, died <1942/08/14, married Joanna Maria Cornelia Steenhuijsen, born ±1894.
Born 1916/05/13Stratum (Eindhoven) 4 Martinus DEKKERS  
Born 1917/09/27Stratum (Eindhoven) 5 Wilhelmus DEKKERS  
Born 1919/02/06Stratum (Eindhoven) 6 Leonardus DEKKERS  
Born 1921/04/08Eindhoven 7 Petronella Maria DEKKERS  
Born 1922/09/14Eindhoven 8 Adriana Maria DEKKERS  
Born 1924/02/17Eindhoven 9 Maria Helena DEKKERS  
Born 1925/11/21Eindhoven 10 Cornelis Gerardus DEKKERS  
   11 Gerarda Wilhelmina DEKKERS   
   12 Henrica Gerarda DEKKERS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1889/07/13Stratum (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.7.3 Johanna VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Sigarenmaakster (1917),
Died 1963/06/27
Bur. 1963/07/01
Zeelst (Veldhoven)
Marr. 1917/06/30Stratum (Eindhoven)Marriage:  
Born 1892/07/11Woensel (Eindhoven) Joannes Petrus van SEBILLE
Profession: Sigarenmaker (1917, 1929).
Son of Arnoldus van Sebille, sigarenmaker (1878, 1892); born 1854/10/09 in Gestel, died 1938/01/08 in Eindhoven, married 1878/05/20 in Woensel en Eckhart Hendrika Mateussen, sigarenmaakster (1878), born 1853/06/19 in Woensel, died 1905/11/09 in Woensel.
Died 1958/06/08Eindhoven
Born 1918/01/16Stratum (Eindhoven) 1 Wilhelmus Cornelius van SEBILLE  
Born 1919/09/16Stratum (Eindhoven) 2 Arnoldus van SEBILLE
Veldhoven (NB) 1943/01/05: Married Petronella Cornelia Senders, born ±1914 in Zeelst (Veldhoven, NB), daughter of Martinus Senders and Wilhelmina Couwenberg.
Born 1921/02/02Eindhoven 3 Henrica Maria Helena van SEBILLE
1946/09/06: Married G.C. Slegers.
Born 1923/04/05Eindhoven 4 Martinus Franciscus van SEBILLE
Eindhoven 1951/10/12: Married A.L.C. Verreijt.
Born 1925/07/28Veldhoven 5 Maria Henrica van SEBILLE
Veldhoven (NB) 1943/03/09: Married Johan Karel Jozef van den Hurk, born ±1920 in Oeffelt (Boxmeer, NB), son of Gerardus van den Hurk and Catharina Janssen.
Born 1928/07/26Veldhoven 6 Henricus Martinus van SEBILLE Died 1929/09/12Veldhoven

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1893/02/21Stratum (Eindhoven) EH.1.4-5.7.4 Helena Maria VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Winkelierster (1926), drogisterij.
Died 1971/10/24
Marr. 1926/02/05EindhovenMarriage:  
Born 1889/06/30Stratum (Eindhoven) Franciscus Antonius MANDIGERS
Confession: RK. Profession: Schilder (1926), drogist (1936) van drogisterij "De Gaper", Leenderweg 83, Eindhoven.
Son of Wilhelmus Augustinus Mandigers, schilder (1888, 1889), bevolkingsagent (1926), born 1860/08/28 in Aalst, died 1946/11/21 in Eindhoven, married 1888/06/28 in Stratum Francisca Maria van den Broek, born 1863/01/21 in Stratum, died 1933/12/19 in Eindhoven.
Died 1936/06/13Eindhoven
  Children: 3 children.
Born 1927/05/23Eindhoven 1 Wilhelmus Augustinus Cornelis MANDIGERS  
Born 1928/05/24Eindhoven 2 Maria Francisca Theresia MANDIGERS  
   3 Johannes Christoffel Wilhelmus MANDIGERS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1759/04/08Blaarthem (Eindhoven) EH.1.5 Anna VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Petrus Kauwenberg, Antonius Hesemans, and Joanna Falkenburg.
Blaarthem (Eindhoven) 1800/06/17: Meter at baptism of Henricus, son of Arnoldus Valkenburg and Johanna Maria Roosen.
Died 1814/07/16Woensel (Eindhoven) Father
Ann. 1787/01/13
Marr. 1787/02/04
Veldhoven / Woensel
Bapt. 1755/02/07
Woensel (Eindhoven)
Woensel (Eindhoven)
Antonius SANDERS
Marriage: RK, witnesses: Gommarus Parant and Antonius Hesemans.
Veldhoven 1787/02/04: Married Geref. Profession: Cultivateur (1812), landbouwer (1815-1819), bouwman (1829).
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus van de Gruijthuijsen and Margareta Brants. Son of Cornelius Sanders, buried 1788/01/25 in Woensel (Eindhoven), married 1750/09/06 in Woensel (Eindhoven) Joanna Brants.
Died 1829/12/28Woensel en Eckart (Eindhoven)
Born 1787/12/12
Bapt. 1787/12/12
Blaarthem (Eindhoven)
Blaarthem (Eindhoven)
1 Henricus SANDERS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Lambertus Sanders and Henrica Valkenburg. Profession: Cultivateur (1812).
Woensel (Eindhoven) 1812/05/03: Married Catharine Dekkers, born 1783/11/25 in Woensel (Eindhoven), daughter of Corneille Dekkers, cultivateur (1812), married Marie Vogels.
Bapt. 1790/11/07Blaarthem (Eindhoven) 2 Cornelius SANDERS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Gerardus Valkenburg and Johanna Maria Sanders.
Bapt. 1793/08/26Blaarthem (Eindhoven) 3 Johannes SANDERS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Arnoldus Valkenburg and Petronella Sanders. Profession: Landbouwer (1815).
Woensel 1815/12/02: Married Maria Verhoeven, spinster (1815), born ±1784 in Woensel, daughter of Jacobus Verhoeven, wever (1815), married Godefrida de Bie.
Born 1796/05/07
Bapt. 1796/05/07
Strijp (Eindhoven)
Strijp (Eindhoven)
4 Thomas SANDERS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Egidius Sanders and Maria Faessen. Profession: Landbouwer (1816), rentenier (1853).
Asten (NB) 1816/01/21: Married (1) Anna van Heugten, born 1791/06/07 in Asten, daughter of Jan van Heugten and Wilhelmina Verleijsdonk.
Asten (NB) 1853/04/29: Married (2) Anna Maria Smits, born 1816/02/03 in Someren, daughter of Francis Smits, died <1853/04/29, married Antonetta Jacobs, died <1853/04/29.
Born 1798/07/11
Bapt. 1798/07/11
Strijp (Eindhoven)
Strijp (Eindhoven)
5 Joanna SANDERS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Sanders and Joanna Maria Valkenburg.
Woensel (Eindhoven) 1819/08/29: Married Godefridus van Hoof, bouwmansknecht (1819), baptized 1788/04/28 in Vessem, Wintelre en Knegsel, son of Nicolaas van Hoof, died 1798/04/28 in Hoogloon, married Maria Hoeyen, landbouwster (1819),

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1729/02/03
Gennep (Eindhoven)?
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Niterus van Valkenborgh from Gennip and Joanna van Tuijl from Gennip.
AalstGennip 1746/01/31: Witness RK marriage announcement of Wilhelmus Renardus Colen and Maria Janssens van Oosterhoudt.
Gennip 1746/02/14: Witness RK marriage of Wilhelmus Renardus Colen and Maria Janssens van Oosterhoudt.
Aalst 1747/02/12: Witness RK marriage of Rodericus van Dommelen and Justina Janssens (other witness: Justina Verduijseldonck).
Aalst 1748/05/01: Witness RK baptism of Henricus, son of Joannes Hegmans and Anna Timmermans (other witness: Laurentia Toonders on behalf of Aldegunda van de Vorsent).
Stratum (Eindhoven) 1754/07/23: Witness RK baptism of Henrica, daughter of Henricus Valckenburgh and Joanna Couwenbergh.
Aalst 1758/03/04: Witness RK baptism of Wilhelmus, son of Joannes Timmermans and Maria Severijns (other witnesses: Maria Knapen and Gertrudis Verbael).
Blaarthem 1758/12/31: Witness RK baptism of Ambrosius, son of Walterus van Duijnhoven and Henrica vanTil (other witnesses: Jacobus Walterus van Duijnhoven, Joanna Karsemakers, and Elizabetha Zuijkers).
Geldrop 1781/10/18: Witness RK baptism of Maria, daughter of Lucas Verhoeven and Francisca Verdijsseldonck (other witness: Maria Roijackers).
Geldrop 1782/08/29: Witness RK baptism of Joanna, daughter of Leonardus Roijackers and Wilhelmina Verdijsseldonck (other witness: Francisca Eckermans).
NB It is unsure whether these children have this Joannes as father:
Aalst 1752/03/04: Burial of one of his children.
Aalst 1756/04/15: Burial of one of his children.
Aalst 1760/03/26: Burial of one of his children.
Died 1811/01/19Aalst (Waalre, NB) Father
Ann. 1748/01/27
Marr. 1748/02/11
Aalst SB (Waalre)
Aalst SB (Waalre)
Marriage 1:  
Born 17Q2Aalst (Waalre, NB) Joanna TIMMERMANS
Aalst 1748/01/28: RK marriage announcement, witnesses: Godefridus Karssemakers and Maria Valckenburgh.
Aalst 1748/02/11: Marriage in church, witnesses: Godefridus Karssemakers and Maria Valckenburgh.
  Children: First marriage:
Bapt. 1748/12/23Aalst (Waalre, NB) 1 Joannes van VALCKENBURGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Valckenburgh and Maria Timmermans.
Bapt. 1751/06/03Aalst (Waalre, NB) 2 Waltherus
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Timmermans and Maria Valckenburgh.
Bapt. 1754/04/11
Gennep (Eindhoven)?
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
3 Henricus
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Valckenburgh, Anna Lijten, and Maria Timmermans.
Bapt. 1757/08/22
Gennep (Eindhoven)?
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
4 Joannes
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Timmermans and Joanna Valckenburgh.
Rotterdam 1790/10/15: Witness baptism of Helena, daughter of Henricus Valkenburgh and Maria van den Hoek.
Marr. YesMarriage 2:  
Born 17Q2 Joanna Joannes ARTS Bur. 1768/06/10Aalst (Waalre, NB)
  Children: Second marriage:
Bapt. 1761/07/18
Gennep (Eindhoven)?
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
5 Margarita
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Mathias van de Wiel and Anna Leijten. Burial note: Leaves father and brothers.
Bur. 1778/04/21Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Ann. 1769/09/16
Marr. 1769/10/01
Aalst SB (Waalre)
Aalst SB (Waalre)
Marriage 3:  
Born ±1753Asten en Beyde (NB) Maria Hendrix VERDIJSSELDONK
Also called Maria van Dijsseldonck (1770).
Heeze (NB) 1769/09/17: Announced RK marriage, witnesses: Henricus Coppen and Gerarudus Leijten.
Heeze (NB) 1769/10/01: Married RK, witnesses: Jacobus van Herpen and Godefridus van den Graaf.
Died 1811/09/12Aalst en Stratum
  Children: Third marriage:
Bapt. 1770/11/07Aalst (Waalre, NB) 6 Lambertus VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus van Dijsseldonck and Maria Valkenburg.
Bapt. 1773/01/28Aalst (Waalre, NB) 7 Joannes VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Walterus Valkenburg and Francisca Verdijsseldonck. Profession: Laboureur (1811).
Died 1847/06/16Vught
Bapt. 1775/02/12Aalst (Waalre, NB) 8 Henricus VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Valkenburg and Joanna Valkenburg.
Bapt. 1777/07/29Aalst (Waalre, NB) 9 Antonius VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Valkenburg and Henrica Antonius Reijers.
Bapt. 1780/06/04Aalst (Waalre, NB) 10 Joannes VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Lucas Verhoeven and Anna Maria van de Wiel.
Bapt. 1782/08/26Aalst (Waalre, NB) 11 Waltherus VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus van de Wiel and Francisca Verdijsseldonk.
Bapt. 1784/03/22Aalst (Waalre, NB) 12 Ludovicus VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Leonardus Borghouts and Henrica Valkenburg.
Bapt. 1786/12/03Aalst (Waalre, NB) 13 Wilhelmus VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Lambertus Valkenburg and Johanna van de Wiel.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1751/06/03Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.2 Waltherus van VALCKENBURGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Timmermans and Maria Valckenburgh.
Aalst 1773/01/28: Peter at RK baptism of Joannes, son of Joannes Valkenburg and Maria Verdijsseldonck.
Died 1808/04/30Aalst (Waalre, NB) Father
Marr. 1781/02/20Antwerpen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 17Q3 Justina WIJNEN Died <1808/04/30? 
Bapt. 1773/04/14Valkenswaard 1 Ida VALKENBURGS
Baptism: RK, peter: Henricus Petrus Wijnen, meter: Helena Petrus Wijnen, note: illegitimate.
Valkenswaard 1792/11/11: Meter at RK baptism of Maria, daughter of Henricus Wijnen and Joanna Canen (peter: Bartholomeus Canen).

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1754/04/11
Gennep (Eindhoven)?
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
EH.2.3 Hendricus VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Valckenburgh, Anna Lijten, and Maria Timmermans. Profession: Arbeider (1816).
Died 1816/11/15Bergschenhoek Father
Ann. 1786/11/17
Marr. 1786/12/22
Hillegersberg (Rotterdam)
Hillegersberg (Rotterdam) RB
Born 17Q3Zoetermeer? Marijtje van den HOEK
Also called Maria Menig (1795) and Maria Minse (1832).
Bergschenhoek 1787/01/10: Married. Marriage note Hillegersberg: Zijnde van de Roomsche Religie.
Bergschenhoek 1787/01/30: Married RK, witnesses: Coenraad Hemelgaare and Huig Sijdenbos.
Bur. 1801/07/02Hillegersberg (Rotterdam)
Bapt. 1786/12/04Bergschenhoek 1 Joanna
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Willem van den Hoek and Leena Streepen.
Died <1790/10/15 
Bapt. 1787/12/31Bergschenhoek 2 Wilhelmus
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Willem van den Hoek and Helena Slijpers.
Bapt. 1790/10/15Bergschenhoek 3 Helena
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Jan Valkenburg and Maria van Berg.
Bapt. 1790/10/15Bergschenhoek 4 Joanna
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Jacobus van den Hoek and Lena Slijpers.
Bapt. 1791/12/18Bergschenhoek 5 Joannes
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Gerrit Lijtten and Joanna Lijtten.
Bapt. 1794/06/30Bergschenhoek 6 Jan
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Gerrit Leijte and Joanna Leijte.
Bapt. 1795/12/19Bergschenhoek 7 Johanna
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Gerrit Valkenburg and Johanna Valkenburg.
Bapt. 1799/06/25Kralingen (Rotterdam) 8 Joanna
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Manus van den Hoek, Joanna van den Hoek, and Joanna Wilkes. Burial note: Buiten de kerk.
Bur. 1799/07/13Hillegersberg (Rotterdam)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1787/12/31Bergschenhoek EH.2.3-2 Willem VALKENBURG
Profession: Apprente marin (1812).
Died 1812/12/05Antwerpen (Belgium) Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Bapt. 1783/02/02Zevenhuizen Petronella van ASSELEN
Also called Van Offelen/Osselen. Confession: 'Achatolica'.
Daughter of Hendrik Pieters van Osselen/Orselen, married 1781/10/28 Jannigje van der Hoeve.
Died 1810/10/18Zevenhuizen
Born 1809/09/18
Bapt. 1809/09/18
1 Maria
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Manus van den Hoek and Lena Valkenburg.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1809/09/18
Bapt. 1809/09/18
EH.2.3-2.1 Maria VALKENBURG
's-Hertogenbosch 1856/05/26: Jailed for 8 days because of theft.
Died 1880/01/27Loon op Zand (NB) Father
Marr. 1832/05/26Loon op Zand (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1807/11/06
Bapt. 1807/11/06
Johannes Jacobus CREMER
Profession: Schoenmaker (1832, 1880, 1885).
Son of Jan Jacob Cremer, oppasser (1815), baptized 1773/11/14 in Breda, died 1815/02/20 in 's-Gravenhage, married Lena Sas, werkster (1820), baptized 1774/11/13 in 's-Gravenhage, died 1826/06/02 in 's-Gravenhage.
Died 1885/07/11Loon op Zand (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1790/10/15Bergschenhoek EH.2.3-3 Helena VALKENBURG
Also called Lena. Baptism: RK, witnesses: Jan Valkenburg and Maria van Berg. Profession: Werkster (1821).
Bergschenhoek 1809/09/18: Witness RK baptism of Maria, daughter of Wilm Valkenburg and Petronella van Asselen.
Died 1879/01/11Bergschenhoek Father
Marr. NoMarriage 1:  
   Name unknown.  
Born 1816/04/07Bergschenhoek 1 Jacobus
Born 07:00.
Died 1816/04/27Bergschenhoek
Born 1816/04/07Bergschenhoek 2 Leendert
Born 07:00.
Died 1816/04/11Bergschenhoek
Marr. 1821/06/10BergschenhoekMarriage 2:  
Born 1793/06Hof van Delft Willem NOORDERMEER
Profession: Arbeider (1818-1821, 1838, 1853).
Son of Johannis Noordermeer, arbeider (1821) born ±1758 in Ruijven/Berkel, died 1838/01/15 in Bergschenhoek, announced marriage 1793/04/27 in Delft, married 1793/05/12 in Delft Catharina van Veen, born ±1764 in Veuren, died 1837/12/09 in Bergschenhoek.
Died 1874/12/25Bergschenhoek
Born 1818/04/19Bergschenhoek 3 Kaatje
1821/06/10: Legitimated.
Profession: Werkster (1879).
Bergschenhoek 1853/03/09: Married (1) Bernhardus Johannes Giesing (widower of Johanna Ingerhorst), arbeider (1853), born ±1805 in Wertherbruch (Prussia), son of Arnold Giesing, died <1853/03/09, married Gertrud Becking, died <1853/03/09.
Hillegersberg 1866/07/11: Married (2) Jan Barend Breekweg (widower of Johanna Kerklaan), arbeider (1866), born ±1808 in Hillegersberg, died <1879/03/23, son of Barend Casper Breekweg, died <1866/07/11, married Engeltje Joorling, died <1866/07/11.
Died 1879/03/23Rotterdam

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1790/10/15Bergschenhoek EH.2.3-4 Anna VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Jacobus van den Hoek and Lena Slijpers. She lived in the house of Willem Noordermeer, arbeider, 36 years. He showed and registered the child, so he could be the father. However, her sister Henela married him in 1821.
Marr. NoMarriage:  
   Name unknown.  
Born 1826/10/07Bergschenhoek 1 Hendrik   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1826/10/07Bergschenhoek EH.2.3-4.1 Hendrik VALKENBURG
Profession: Arbeider (1845-1879).
Died 1879/03/02Bergschenhoek Mother
Marr. 1852/10/06BergschenhoekMarriage 1:  
Born 1825/04/05Bergschenhoek Cornelia WONING
Profession: Werkster (1852).
Daughter of Johannes Woning, arbeider (1825, 1852, 1856, 1866), baptized 1793/10/02 in Berkel, died 1866/03/05 in Berkel, married 1825/01/23 in Bergschenhoek Meinsje Jongste van Adrichem, naaister (1825), born 1801/01/03 in Bergschenhoek, baptized 1801/01/08 in Bergschenhoek, died 1856/05/23 in Bergschenhoek.
Died 1864/05/27Bergschenhoek
  Children: First marriage:
Born 1853/12/10Bergschenhoek 1 Anna Died 1859/01/14Bergschenhoek
Born 1855/08/26Bergschenhoek 2 Clementia Johanna   Marriage
Born 1858/04/25Bergschenhoek 3 Ignatia Died 1858/04/29Bergschenhoek
Born 1859/05/21Bergschenhoek 4 Anna
Lived 3½ hour.
Died 1859/05/21Bergschenhoek
Born 1860/05/18Bergschenhoek 5 Hendrik
Lived 1 hour.
Died 1860/05/18Bergschenhoek
Born 1861/08/05Bergschenhoek 6 Hendricus Adrianus   Marriage
Born 1864/05/21Bergschenhoek 7 Johannes
Born 05:00.
Died 1864/06/11Bergschenhoek
Born 1864/05/23Bergschenhoek 8 Stillborn daughter
Born 07:00.
Marr. 1865/05/10BergschenhoekMarriage 2:  
Born 1824/06/20Bleiswijk Maria VOSZ
Daughter of Johann Hermann Vosz, arbeider (1823, 1824), born 1789/07/25 in Hettingen (Germany), died 1835/03/03 in Bleiswijk, married 1823/12/31 in Bleiswijk Anna van 't Hooft, werkster (1823), born 1798 in Lith, died 1862/08/28 in Bleiswijk.
Died 1887/03/02Rotterdam

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1855/08/26Bergschenhoek EH.2.3-4.1.2 Clementia Johanna VALKENBURG
Profession: Naaister (1878).
Died 1883/11/09Bergschenhoek Father
Marr. 1878/05/01BergschenhoekMarriage:  
Born 1851/10/14Berkel en Rodenrijs Pieter van der SMAN
Profession: Arbeider (1878-1888), landarbeider.
Son of Joannes van der Sman, metselaar-opperman (1850), polderwerker (1851), arbeider (1878, 1886), born 1820/01/20 in Schiebroek, died 1886/01/08 in Bergschenhoek, married 1850/08/09 in Berkel en Rodenrijs Helena Noordermeer, dagloonster (1850), born 1826/12/20 in Berkel en Rodenrijs, died 1915/03/15 in Bleiswijk.
Bleiswijk 1885/04/24: Married (2) Johanna Baars, born 1854/12/31 in Bleiswijk, died 1936/01/10 in Bleiswijk, daughter of Petrus Baars, arbeider (1839, 1854), vleeshouwer (1859), born 1808/05/03 in Bleiswijk, baptized 1808/05/05 in Bleiswijk, died 1859/11/06 in Bleiswijk, married 1839/10/16 in Bleiswijk Johanna Glintmayer, born 1815/04/22 in Bleiswijk, died 1869/12/04 in Bleiswijk.
Died 1943/06/06Bleiswijk
Born 1879/01/28Bergschenhoek 1 Helena Cornelia van der SMAN Died 1888/06/20Bleiswijk
Born 1881/06/30Bergschenhoek 2 Hendrikus Cornelis van der SMAN Died 1956/04/04Berkel en Rodenrijs
Born 1882/10/16Bergschenhoek 3 Johannes van der SMAN
Born 14:00.
Died 1882/10/19Bergschenhoek
Born 1882/10/16Bergschenhoek 4 Cornelis van der SMAN
Born 14:30.
Died 1882/10/18Bergschenhoek

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1861/08/05Bergschenhoek EH.2.3-4.1.6 Hendricus Adrianus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Tuinder (1900, 1905, 1933).
Died 1950/05/18
Bur. 1950/05/22
Marr. 1900/08/09BergschenhoekMarriage:  
Born 1875/11/26Bergschenhoek Johanna Agatha WESTDIJK
Confession: RK.
Daughter of Hendrik Westdijk, arbeider (1862), koopman (1875), born 1838/02/10 in Bergschenhoek, died 1925/11/19 in Berkel en Rodenrijs, married 1862/05/07 in Bergschenhoek Alida de Koning, naaister (1862), born 1840/12/14 in Bergschenhoek, died 1926/03/15 in Berkel en Rodenrijs.
Died 1960/09/28Bleiswijk
Born 1902/02/26Bergschenhoek 1 Hendrikus Cornelis   Marriage
Born 1903/02/12Bergschenhoek 2 Adrianus Wilhelmus   Marriage
Born 1904/01/30Bergschenhoek 3 Cornelia Clementina
Confession: RK. Unmarried.
Died 1996/11/09Bleiswijk
Born 1905/01/25Bergschenhoek 4 Alida Johanna Died 1905/04/02Bergschenhoek
Born 1906/08/16Bergschenhoek 5 Alida Johanna   Marriage
Born 1908/08/28Bergschenhoek 6 Clemenzia Maria   Marriage
Born 1910/01/01Bergschenhoek 7 Maria Elizabeth
Confession: RK. Profession: Onderwijzeres byzonder LO te Bergschenhoek (1971). Unmarried.
Died 2000/07/20
Bur. 2000/07/24
Born 1911/11/25Bergschenhoek 8 Johannes Adrianus   Marriage
Born 1913/06/21Bergschenhoek 9 Wilhelmus Arnoldus
Died 1974/06/28Rotterdam
Born 1915/11/12Bergschenhoek 10 Elizabeth Gabriëlla   Marriage
Born 1921/12/25Bleiswijk 11 Johanna Agatha   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1902/02/26Bergschenhoek EH.2.3-4.1.6-1 Hendrikus Cornelis VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Caféhouder (1933-).
Died 1970/01/14
Bur. 1970/01/17
Marr. 1933/02/01RotterdamMarriage 1:Div.Reg. 1944/06/13Rotterdam
Born 1909/10/29Rotterdam Cornelia MEINTSMA
Rotterdam 1909/11/18: Legitimated by her mother.
Rotterdam 1910/03/30: Legitimated by both parents.
Daughter of Lieuwe Meintsma, bootwerker (1910), born 1888/01/04 in Rotterdam, died 1955/02/20 in Rotterdam, married 1910/03/30 in Rotterdam Cornelia Heusdans, born 1891/07/25 in Rotterdam, died >1955/02/20.
Rotterdam ±1931/04: Born Lieuwe Meintsma, died 1932/01/19 in Rotterdam.
Marr. 1947/03/12RotterdamMarriage 2:  
Born 1905/10/19Rotterdam Hendrika Johanna van BUNDEREN
Profession: Huishoudster.
Daughter of Augustus van Bunderen, barbier (1905), born 1879/06/23 in Kralingen (Rotterdam), died 1950/12/08 in Rotterdam, married 1905/03/15 in Rotterdam Johanna Cornelia Bolk, born 1879/03/24 in Rotterdam.
Died 1968/03/21Bleiswijk
  Children: None.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1903/02/12Bergschenhoek EH.2.3-4.1.6-2 Adrianus Wilhelmus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Tuinder (1933).
Died 1999/03/30
Berkel en Rodenrijs
Marr. 1933/05/11Zegwaart (Zoetermeer)Marriage:  
Born 1909/08/29Zegwaart (Zoetermeer) Alberta Jozeffina VONK
Zoetermeer 1933/05/11: Married RK.
Daughter of Jan Vonk, schipper (1899, 1909, 1926), born 1867/09/24 in Zegwaart, died 1926/11/02 in Zegwaart, married 1899/06/02 in Zegwaart Johanna Buitendijk, caféhoudster (1933), born 1866/08/09 in Zegwaart, died >1926/11/02.
Died 1989/06/15Bergschenhoek
Born 1934/01/24Bleiswijk 1 Johanna Agatha   Marriage
Born 1937/04/30Bleiswijk 2 Johannes Hendrikus   Marriage
Born 1942/05/27Bleiswijk 3 Hendrikus Adrianus   Marriage
Born 1946/12/17Bleiswijk 4 Johanna Wilhelmina   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1934/01/24Bleiswijk EH.2.3-4.1.6-2.1 Johanna Agatha VALKENBURG Died >1998/08/26  Father
Marr. 1959/07/21BleiswijkMarriage:  
Born 1931/03/25Pijnacker Jacobus Johannes VERBAKEL
Profession: Eigenaar fietsenzaak.
Son of Jacobus Johannes Verbakel, smid (1918), born 1883/11/18 in Pijnacker, died 1972/05/31 in Pijnacker, married 1918/11/22 in Pijnacker Maria Adriana Verhaar, born 1888/03/11 in Bleiswijk, died 1984/11/14 in Pijnacker.
Died 1998/08/26Delft
Born 1960/06/08Delft 1 Jacobus Arnoldus Maria VERBAKEL  
Born 1961/06/12Delft 2 Adrianus Johannes Maria VERBAKEL  
Born 1963/02/15Delft 3 Robertus Petrus VERBAKEL  
Born 1972/02/18Delft 4 Jeroen Theodorus VERBAKEL  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1937/04/30Bleiswijk EH.2.3-4.1.6-2.2 Johannes Hendrikus VALKENBURG
Profession: Tuinder.
Marr. 1962/12/28BleiswijkMarriage:  
Born 1938/11/28Bleiswijk Alida Maria OOSTERLAAN  
Born 1963/10/03Bleiswijk 1 Adrianus Wilhelmus Johannes  
Born 1965/06/10Bleiswijk 2 Wilhelmina Francisca Maria  
Born 1967/10/25Bleiswijk 3 Josephine Cornelia Maria   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1967/10/25Bleiswijk EH.2.3-4.1.6-2.2.3 Josephine Cornelia Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q3 Nanno BENNINGA
Don of Hans Benninga, died >2016/03/03, married Martha Louise Sterk, born 1940/08/22 in Blaricum, died 2016/03/03 in Wageningen.
Born 2000/03/24Leiden 1 Max Goitze BENNINGA  
Born 2003/09/02Goidschalxsoord (ZH) 2 Niels Goitze BENNINGA  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1942/05/27Bleiswijk EH.2.3-4.1.6-2.3 Hendrikus Adrianus VALKENBURG
Profession: Tuinder.
Marr. 1967/02/15Reeuwijk (ZH)Marriage 1:  
Born 1942/05/17Reeuwijk (ZH) Cornelia Maria van der WAL
Daughter of Petrus Anthonius van der Wal and Maria Johanna Bouwhuizen.
Born 1967/11/24Bleiswijk 1 Adrianus Wilhelmus Jacobus   Marriage
Marr. 1997/10/31BleiswijkMarriage 2:  
Born 1939/07/29Malang (Java, Indonesia) Johanna Antonia Helena Marina van den HOEK
Profession: Directiesecretaresse.
Daughter of Jan Maris van den Hoek, Europeesch fuselier (1938), soldaat 2e klas schrijver (1939), born 1912/03/07 in Rotterdam, died 1993/11/27 in Voorburg, married 1938/08/10 in Scherpenisse (Zl) + Indonesia 'met de handschoen' Elizabeth Dingena van Doezelaar, born 1911/04/05 in Stavenisse, died 2005/03/20 in Rijswijk.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1967/11/24Bleiswijk EH.2.3-4.1.6-2.3.1 Adrianus Wilhelmus Jacobus VALKENBURG
Profession: Tuinder.
Marr. 1996/03/25BleiswijkMarriage:  
Born 1970/06/01Bleiswijk Maria Theresia OUDSHOORN
Profession: Patientenvertrouwenspersoon.
Daughter of Adrianus Corstianus Gerardus Oudshoorn, tuinder, born 1941/05/18 in Stompwijk, married 1968/02/02 in Bleiswijk Catherina Maria Theresia Vollebregt, born 1943/05/16 in Bleiswijk.
Born 1997/09/12Bleiswijk 1 Catherina Maria  
Born 1999/07/18Zoetermeer 2 Ivo Adrianus  
Born 2001/12/26Bleiswijk 3 Jasper Hendrikus Corstianus  
Born 2005/02/13Zoetermeer 4 Jolijn Nicole Theresia
Peter: Rene de Jong, meter: Nicole de Jong.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1946/12/17Bleiswijk EH.2.3-4.1.6-2.4 Johanna Wilhelmina VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q2 Dick van den BERG
Profession: Tuinder.
Son of Petrus Cornelis van den Berg, tuinder, born 1908/01/08 in Bleiswijk, died 1968/09/06, married 1934/02/07 Wilhelmina Maria Antonia Winters, born 1910/04/10 in Woubrugge, died 1954/06/20 in Rotterdam.
  Children: 3 children.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1906/08/16Bergschenhoek EH.2.3-4.1.6-5 Alida Johanna VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 1970/07/29
Marr. 1934/05/01BleiswijkMarriage:  
Born 1904/11/06Bleiswijk Nicolaas Pieter LUITEN
Profession: Tuinder.
Son of Willebrordus Adrianus Luiten, timmerman (1915), born 1872/03/29 in Bergschenhoek, died 1915/04/02 in Bleiswijk, married 1901/07/10 in Bergschenhoek Johanna de Groot, born 1874/06/21 in Bergschenhoek, died 1949/10/15 in Bleiswijk.
Died 1983/02/21
   1 Joanna Maria Cornelia LUITEN   
   2 Joanna Agatha Maria LUITEN   
   3 Cornelia Clementina Maria LUITEN   
   4 Alida Johanna Maria LUITEN   
   5 Willebrordus Adrianus Maria LUITEN   
   6 Maria Elizabeth LUITEN   
   7 Nicolaas Petrus Maria LUITEN   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1908/08/28Bergschenhoek EH.2.3-4.1.6-6 Clemenzia Maria VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 1999/12/24
Marr. 1941/07/18BleiswijkMarriage:  
Born 1912/07/20Hoeven (NB) Adrianus HELLEMONS
Son of Paulus Hellemons, arbeider (1912), born 1882/05/19 in Hoeven, married 1912/01/22 in Hoeven Johanna Kuijstermans, arbeidster (1912), born 1894/10/03 in Hoeven.
Died 1999/01/14Bleiswijk
   1 Johanna Maria HELLEMONS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1911/11/25Bergschenhoek EH.2.3-4.1.6-8 Johannes Adrianus VALKENBURG
Profession: Tuinder (1945).
Died 1963/01/16Bleiswijk Father
Marr. 1945/11/21BleiswijkMarriage:  
Born 1920/07/24Bleiswijk Maria Apolonia Anthonia van den BOSCH
Confession: RK.
Daughter of Petrus Leonardus van den Bosch, tuinder (1918), born 1893/10/31 in Bleiswijk, married 1918/09/25 in Bleiswijk Johanna Petronella Maria Oosterlaan, born 1897/02/03 in Stompwijk.
Died 2008/02/03
Bur. 2008/02/07
Born 1946/10/14Bleiswijk 1 Hendricus Adrianus Maria   Marriage
Born 1947/09/29Bleiswijk 2 Petrus Leonardus Maria   Marriage
Born 1947/09/29Bleiswijk 3 Joannes Adrianus Maria   Marriage
Born 1948/10/30Bleiswijk 4 Joanna Agatha Maria   Marriage
Born 1950/02/08Bleiswijk 5 Jacobus Gerardus Maria   Marriage
Born 1950/02/08Bleiswijk 6 Maria Elizabeth   Marriage
Born 1951/07/28Bleiswijk 7 Wilhelmina Maria   Marriage
Born 1955/03/24Bleiswijk 8 Elizabeth Gabriëlla Maria   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1946/10/14Bleiswijk EH.2.3-4.1.6-8.1 Hendricus Adrianus Maria VALKENBURG
Profession: Keurmeester veiling.
Marr. 1969/11/17BleiswijkMarriage 1:  
Born 1946/06/13Bleiswijk Agnes SPRUIT  
  Children: None.
  Marriage 2:  
Born 19Q2 Melissa  
Born 19Q3 1 Malica  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1947/09/29Bleiswijk EH.2.3-4.1.6-8.2 Petrus Leonardus Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q2 Johan  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1947/09/29Bleiswijk EH.2.3-4.1.6-8.3 Joannes Adrianus Maria VALKENBURG
Profession: Service monteur.
Marr. 1971/09/01Berkel en RodenrijsMarriage:  
Born 1950/06/20Berkel en Rodenrijs Gerarda Florentia Johanna Maria MARÉE  
Born 1972/09/11Bleiswijk 1 Johannes Cornelis Maria   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1972/09/11Bleiswijk EH.2.3-4.1.6-8.3.1 Johannes Cornelis Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q3 Wendy  
Born 19Q4 1 Desteny  
Born 19Q4 2 Dylano  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1948/10/30Bleiswijk EH.2.3-4.1.6-8.4 Joanna Agatha Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q2 Irene  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1950/02/08Bleiswijk EH.2.3-4.1.6-8.5 Jacobus Gerardus Maria VALKENBURG
Profession: Verwarmingsmonteur.
Marr. 1974/02/08De ZilkMarriage:  
Born 1952/01/08De Zilk Anna Apolonia Maria NEDERSTIGT  
Born 1976/09/19Bleiswijk 1 Ronald Petrus Jacobus   Marriage
Born 19Q4 2 Niels   Marriage
Born 19Q4 3 Rick   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1976/09/19Bleiswijk EH.2.3-4.1.6-8.5.1 Ronald Petrus Jacobus VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q4 Dani  
Born 20Q1 1 Sydney  
Born 20Q1 2 Daine  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 19Q4 EH.2.3-4.1.6-8.5.2 Niels VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q4 Laura  
  Children: NB 6 sons and finally a daughter.
Born 20Q1 1 Stijn  
Born 20Q1 2 Finn  
Born 2013/03/11Bleiswijk? 3 Saar  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 19Q4 EH.2.3-4.1.6-8.5.3 Rick VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q4 Anita  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1950/02/08Bleiswijk EH.2.3-4.1.6-8.6 Maria Elizabeth VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q2 Cornelis Wilhelmus M.J. van AKEN
Profession: Gemeenteambtenaar Bleiswijk.
Born 19Q3 1 Carolien   Marriage
Born 19Q3 2 Sandra  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 19Q3 EH.2.3-4.1.6-8.6.1 Carolien   Mother
Born 19Q3 Diede  
Born 19Q4 1 Max  
Born 19Q4 2 Sophie  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1951/07/28Bleiswijk EH.2.3-4.1.6-8.7 Wilhelmina Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q3 Henricus BRONS  
Born 19Q4 1 Boy  
Born 19Q4 2 Lisa  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1955/03/24Bleiswijk EH.2.3-4.1.6-8.8 Elizabeth Gabriëlla Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q3 Jan  
Born 19Q4 1 Peggy   Marriage
Born 19Q4 2 Charlotte   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 19Q4 EH.2.3-4.1.6-8.8.1 Peggy   Mother
Born 19Q4 Robin  
Born 20Q1 1 Rosalie  
Born 20Q1 2 Annabelle  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 19Q4 EH.2.3-4.1.6-8.8.2 Charlotte   Mother
Born 19Q4 Remco  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1915/11/12Bergschenhoek EH.2.3-4.1.6-10 Elizabeth Gabriëlla VALKENBURG Died 1987/05/08Bleiswijk Father
Marr. 1943/07/15BleiswijkMarriage:  
Born 1915/12/17Bleiswijk Anthonius Cornelis van den BOSCH
Son of Leonardus Johannes van den Bosch, born 1890/06/14 in Bleiswijk, warmoezier (1913), married 1913/11/04 in Bleiswijk Catharina Johanna van den Berg, born 1891/01/09 in Bleiswijk.
Died 1995/12/17Berkel en Rodenrijs
   1 Leonardus Johannes Maria van den BOSCH   
   2 Hendricus Adrianus Maria van den BOSCH   
   3 Catharina Helena Maria van den BOSCH   
   4 Johanna Agatha Maria van den BOSCH   
   5 Elizabeth Johanna Maria van den BOSCH   
   6 Anthonius Johannes Maria van den BOSCH   
   7 Maria Clementine Theodora van den BOSCH   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1921/12/25Bleiswijk EH.2.3-4.1.6-11 Johanna Agatha VALKENBURG Died 2016/03/01
Bur. 2016/03/07
Marr. 1948/03/31BleiswijkMarriage:  
Born 1923/02/13Bleiswijk Arnoldus Josephus VERBAKEL
Son of Arnoldus Johannes Verbakel, manufacturier (1918), born 1895/11/10 in Pijnacker, died 1951/04/30 in Bleiswijk, married 1918/07/10 in Bleiswijk Wilhelmina Maria de Jong, born 1895/09/16 in Bleiswijk, died 1955/05/23 in Bleiswijk.
Died 1999/10/02
Born 1949/05/07Bleiswijk 1 Wilhelmina Maria VERBAKEL Died <2016/03/01 
   2 Hendrikus Adrianus VERBAKEL   
   3 Johanna Agatha VERBAKEL   
   4 Arnoldus Josephus VERBAKEL   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1795/12/19Bergschenhoek EH.2.3-7 Johanna VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Gerrit Valkenburg and Johanna Valkenburg. Profession: Dienstbaar (1832).
Died 1870/05/31Rotterdam Father
Marr. 1832/08/24SchiebroekMarriage:  
Born 1787/02/07Bergschenhoek Michael Joannes REMKES
Profession: Arbeider (1832-1833), sjouwer (1837), bouwman (1856), landbouwersknecht (1861).
Widower of Joanna de Groot, born 1796/01/17 in Hillegersberg, baptized 1796/01/31 in Hillegersberg, married 1818/12/02 in Schiebroek, died 1831/09/30 in Rotterdam, daughter of Arij de Groot, arbeider (1830), born 1749/10/16 in Sluipwijk (Reeuwijk), died 1830/08/06 in Rotterdam, married Pieternella van Nierop, died >1830/08/06.
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Michiel Remkes and Hemijntje Ruijs. Son of Jacobus Remkes, RK, born ±1758 in Galecop (Nieuwegein), died 1822/10/23 in Schiebroek, announced pro deo marriage 1786/05/26 in Schiebroek (Rotterdam) with Hermina Veermans, Geref., born in Rouveen (Ov), died 1822/10/23-1832/08/24.
Died 1869/10/10Rotterdam
Born 1833/10/18Rotterdam 1 Wilhelmus REMKES
Profession: Sjouwer (1861).
Rotterdam 1861/04/10: Married Johanna Hendrica van Beest, born ±1834 in Hazerswoude, died >1918/03/12, daughter of Jan Hendrik van Beest, died <1861/04/10, married Clara Sellig( of Zilick), died <1861/04/10.
Died 1918/03/12Rotterdam
Born 1837/01/21Rotterdam 2 Petrus REMKES
Profession: Tuinder (1856), bierhuishouder (1907).
Overschie 1856/05/22: Married Maria Koot, born ±1832 in Overschie, died >1907/04/17, daughter of Cornelis Koot, died <1856/05/22, married Margaretha Hilgerson, died <1856/05/22.
Died 1907/04/17Rotterdam

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1770/11/07Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.6 Lambertus VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus van Dijsseldonck and Maria Valkenburg.
Aalst 1786/12/03: Peter at baptism of Wilhelmus, son of Johannes Valkenburg and Maria Verdijsseldonk.
Bur. 1800/04/12Aalst (Waalre, NB) Father
Ann. 1799/04/06
Marr. 1799/04/26
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Aalst SB (Waalre)
Born ±1765Sint-Oedenrode (NB) Jenne Maria van GEMERT
Also called Johanna Maria. Profession: Spinster (1837).
Daughter of Jan van Gemert, died <1813/02/04, married Helena Donkers, born ±1724 in Sint-Oedenrode (NB), died 1813/02/04 in Sint-Oedenrode (NB).
Died 1837/10/27Sint-Oedenrode (NB)
Bapt. 1800/02/08Aalst (Waalre, NB) 1 Joannes
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Valkenburg, Maria van Dijck, Anna Maria van Gemert, and Maria Catharina Waergaeren.
Died 1806/01/08
Bur. 1806/01/10
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Aalst (Waalre, NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1775/02/12Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.8 Henricus VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Valkenburg and Joanna Valkenburg.
Died 1808/02/01Aalst (Waalre, NB) Father
Ann. 1805/11/02
Marr. 1805/11/17
Dommelen (NB)
Dommelen (NB)
Bapt. 1774/08/28
Dommelen (NB)
Dommelen (NB)
Anna Catarina PEELS
Profession: Arbeidster (1818).
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes van den Heuvel and Maria Ladthouwers. Daughter of Jacobus Peels, baptized 1752/04/30 in Dommelen, died 1805/02/06 in Dommelen, buried 1805/02/08 in Dommelen, announced marriage 1773/11/21 in Dommelen SB, married 1773/11/21 in Dommelen SB/RK Joanna Bieringhs, baptized 1750/09/07 in Dommelen.
Aalst 1808/04/06: "Borgbrief" because of move to Dommelen.
Aalst 1810/03/20: Witness RK baptism of Henrica, daughter of Ludovicus Valkenburg and Anna Maria Dirkx.
Died 1818/05/28Dommelen (NB)
Bapt. 1806/10/10
Gennep (Eindhoven)?
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
1 Jacobus
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Valkenburg and Catharina Peels. Profession: Fuselier 1e Comp., 1e Battalion, 5e Afd. Infanterie (1826).
Aalst 1808/04/06: "Borgbrief" because of move to Dommelen. Died in Groot... Hospitaal.
Died 1826/12/21Utrecht

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1780/06/04Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.10 Jan VALKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Lucas Verhoeven and Anna Maria van de Wiel.
Aalst 1800/12/17: Jan and Wilhelmina made a will (langstlevende). He is ill.
Aalst 1800/02/08: Peter at baptism of Joannes, son of Lambertus Valkenburg and Johanna Maria van Gemert.
Aalst 1801/10/10: Peter at RK baptism of Martinus, born 1801/10/09, son of Antonius Jorisse and Joanna van der Heijden (meter: Joanna van den Broek).
Aalst 1806/10/10: Peter at baptism of Jacobus, son of Henricus Valkenburg and Anna Catharina Peels.
Ann. 1798/02/03
Marr. 1798/02/18
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Aalst SB (Waalre)
Born 17Q4Riel (Geldrop) Wilhelmina van der HEIJDE Died <1838/11/18 
Bapt. 1799/01/13Aalst (Waalre, NB) 1 Johannes VALKENBEURG
Baptism:RK, witnesses: Antonius van der Heijde and Jacoba van der Heijde.
Bur. 1800/08/11Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Bapt. 1800/06/21Aalst (Waalre, NB) 2 Petrus
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes van der Heijden, Maria Waergaeren, Margarita van den Deungen, and Joanna van der Heijden.
Bur. 1800/08/16Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Born 1801/11/13
Bapt. 1801/11/13
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
3 Joannes
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes van der Heijden and Margarita van den Deungen.
Born 1806/06/26
Bapt. 1806/06/26
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Antonius van der Heijden and Joanna van der Heijden.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1801/11/13
Bapt. 1801/11/13
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
EH.2.10-3 Johannes VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes van der Heijden and Margarita van den Deungen. Profession: Arbeider (1839-1843, 1862). Unable to write.
Died 1862/01/19Aalst (Waalre, NB) Father
Marr. 1838/11/18Aalst (Waalre, NB)Marriage:  
Born 1801/11/09
Bapt. 1801/11/09
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Maria van UMMELEN
Profession: Naaister (1838).
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Martiunus van den Nieuwenhuysen en Maria Oda Willemse. Daughter of Hendrik van Ummelen, kleermaker (1832), baptized 1766/10/03 in Spaubeek, died 1832/01/03 in Aalst, announced marriage 1801/01/17 in Aalst, married 1801/02/01 in Aalst Maria van den Nieuwenhuizen, spinster (1838), baptized 1773/08/18 in Aalst, died 1844/12/22 in Aalst.
Died 1867/04/02Geldrop (NB)
Born 1839/04/04Aalst (Waalre, NB) 1 Johannes   Marriage
Born 1843/04/29Aalst (Waalre, NB) 2 Hendrikus   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1839/04/04Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.10-3.1 Johannes VALKENBURG
Profession: Wever (1868--1910). Unable to write.
Died 1917/06/21Geldrop (NB) Father
Marr. 1868/06/18Geldrop (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1844/07/17Geldrop (NB) Maria van der PUTTEN
Unable to write.
Daughter of Johannes van der Putten, dienstknecht (1839), voerman (1844), arbeider (1865, 1868), baptized 1805/09/13 in Geldrop, died 1880/03/13 in Geldrop, married 1839/06/27 in Zesgehuchten Johanna Catharina Sloots, born 1812/11/25 in Heeze, died 1865/10/13 in Geldrop.
Died 1915/03/31Geldrop (NB)
Born 1869/12/05Geldrop (NB) 1 Maria Johanna   Marriage
Born 1871/01/10Geldrop (NB) 2 Johanna Died 1896/04/28Geldrop (NB)
Born 1872/02/28Geldrop (NB) 3 Johannes Died 1874/12/10Geldrop (NB)
Born 1874/01/19Geldrop (NB) 4 Josina   Marriage
Born 1875/11/03Geldrop (NB) 5 Johannes Died 1877/11/20Geldrop (NB)
Born 1877/12/25Geldrop (NB) 6 Hendrika Died 1878/09/26Geldrop (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1869/12/05Geldrop (NB) EH.2.10-3.1.1 Maria Johanna VALKENBURG Died 1892/06/30Woensel (Eindhoven) Father
Marr. 1890/09/04Geldrop (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1857/03/06Strijp (Eindhoven) Adrianus KANTELBERG
Confession: RK. Profession: Arbeider (1890-1893).
Son of Jan Francis Kantelberg, wever (1856, 1857), landbouwer (1890), arbeider (1893, 1895), born 1828/10/12 in Strijp, died 1895/11/25 in Woensel en Eckhart, married 1856/04/11 in Strijp Wilhelmina van den Biggelaar, born 1833/11/24 in Aalst, died 1902/01/13 in Woensel.
Geldrop 1893/08/31: Married (2) Josina van der Velden, born 1868/06/11 in Geldrop, daughter of Hendrik van der Velden, winkelier (1868), timmerman (1878, 1893, 1895), born 1823/11/17 in Zesgehuchten, died 1895/01/13 in Woensel, married 1866/10/01 in Mierlo Petronella Branten, dienstmeid (1866), born 1829/02/14 in Mierlo, died 1878/05/27 in Geldrop.
Died 1942/08/12Eindhoven
Born 1892/02/03Woensel (Eindhoven) 1 Johannes Franciscus KANTELBERG Died 1892/04/30Woensel (Eindhoven)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1874/01/19Geldrop (NB) EH.2.10-3.1.4 Josina VALKENBURG
Profession: Winkelierster (1910).
Died 1946/06/22Geldrop (NB) Father
Marr. 1895/08/29Geldrop (NB)Marriage 1:  
Born 1869/10/31Mierlo (NB) Peter Hubertus BIJSTERVELD
Profession: Wever (1895-1897), stoker (1898), arbeider (1900-1902), stoker (1904), fabrieksarbeider (1905), machinist (1906), fabrieksarbeider (1907).
Son of Lambertus Bijsterveld, fabriekswerker (1866), wever (1869), arbeider (1882), born 1830/06/20 in Mierlo, died 1882/01/10 in Zesgehuchten, married 1866/05/18 in Mierlo Antonet (calling herself Petronella) van Hoof, arbeidster (1882), born 1835/05/20 in Mierlo, died 1882/03/25 in Rosmalen.
Died 1907/08/16Geldrop (NB)
Born 1897/04/14Geldrop (NB) 1 Lambertus Joannes BIJSTERVELD Died 1897/07/11Geldrop (NB)
Born 1898/09/08Geldrop (NB) 2 Petronella Maria BIJSTERVELD Died 1901/07/27Geldrop (NB)
Born 1900/04/07Geldrop (NB) 3 Maria Joanna BIJSTERVELD
Profession: Verkoopster.
Geldrop 1924/05/19: Married Servaas Timmermans, timmerman (1924), bandwever, koopman, born 1900/12/23 in Heeze, died 1965/01/11 in Geldrop, son of Johannes Fredericus Timmermans, fabrieksarbeider (1924), born ±1871, mariied Johanna Maria Beck, born ±1872.
Heeze 1927/06/28: Born Fredericus Johannes Timmermans.
Died 1961/06/12Lourdes (France)
Born 1902/10/10Geldrop (NB) 4 Petronella Maria BIJSTERVELD  
Born 1904/12/05Geldrop (NB) 5 Joannes Lambertus BIJSTERVELD Died 1905/01/18Geldrop (NB)
Born 1906/07/03Geldrop (NB) 6 Lambertus BIJSTERVELD
Profession: Sigarensorteerder (1931).
Geldrop (NB) 1931/05/04: Married Theodora Dirkje Hogervorst, fabrieksarbeidster (1931), born 1907/10/27 in Delft, daughter of Dirk Hogervorst, koopman (1931), married Philippina Geertrui Halve, died <1931/05/04.
Died 1962/06/06Geldrop (NB)
Born 1907/08/19Geldrop (NB) 7 Peter Hubertus BIJSTERVELD Died 1908/07/28Geldrop (NB)
Marr. 1910/08/27Geldrop (NB)Marriage 2:  
Born 1878/09/16Woensel (Eindhoven) Laurentius van den NIEUWENHOVEN
Profession: Sigarenmaker (1899-1911), sigarenfabrikant (1931).
Widower of Hendrika Martina Valkenburg, born 1876/01/01 in Stratum (Eindhoven), married 1899/11/16 in Stratum, died 1910/05/05 in Woensel (Eindhoven), daughter of Hendrik Valkenburg and Johanna Sanders.
Son of Mathijs van den Nieuwenhoven, wever (1865, 1878, 1899), landbouwer (1910), wever (1911/09), born 1839/09/21 in Woensel, died 1911/11/26 in Woensel, married 1865/07/14 in Woensel en Eckhart Elisabeth Verhagen, born 1842/04/14 in Woensel, died 1911/09/17 in Woensel.
Died 1962/12/08Geldrop (NB)
Born 1911/08/04Geldrop (NB) 8 Petrus Hendrikus Adrianus van den NIEUWENHOVEN Died 1911/09/23Geldrop (NB)
Born 1913/04/23Geldrop (NB) 9 Henricus Johannes Maria van den NIEUWENHOVEN
1945/04/24: Married Louisa Hendrika Antonia Verstappen, born 1918/10/15 in Geldrop (NB).
Died 1968 

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1843/04/29Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.10-3.2 Hendrikus VALKENBURG
Profession: Wever (1868-1870). Remplacant Nationale Militie.
Died >1870/01/26  Father
Marr. 1868/11/19Zesgehuchten (Geldrop)Marriage:  
Born 1843/06/18Vlierden (NB) Francina THIJS
Unable to write. Profession: Naaister (1868-1870.
Daughter of Petrus Thys, landbouwersknecht (1834), landbouwer (1843), baptized 1799/10/02 in Heeze, died 1851/07/24 in Heeze, married 1834/02/08 in Heeze Elisabeth van Asten, landbouwster (1834), baptized 1801/09/21 in Heeze, died 1879/07/14 in Geldrop.
Died 1870/01/26Zesgehuchten (Geldrop)
Born 1870/01/10Zesgehuchten (Geldrop) 1 Peter Johannes Died 1870/04/25Geldrop (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1806/06/26
Bapt. 1806/06/26
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
EH.2.10-4 Joanna VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Antonius van der Heijden and Joanna van der Heijden. Profession: Wolspinster (1839). Unable to write.
Died 1866/05/30Aalst (Waalre, NB) Father
Marr. 1839/06/30Aalst (Waalre, NB)Marriage:  
Born 1814/11/12Heeze (NB) Jan van OTTERDIJK
Profession: Arbeider (1839-1846, 1856).
Son of Antonij van Otterdijk, cultivateur (1812), landbouwer (1839, 1862), born 1775/06/11 in Someren, died 1862/04/02 in Heeze, married 1812/02/01 in Someren Joanna Nijssen, cultivatrice (1812), landbouwster (1839), born and baptized 1780/11/09 in Heeze, died <1862/04/02.
Died 1856/06/14Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Born 1840/05/07Aalst (Waalre, NB) 1 Antonius van OTTERDIJK
Profession: Wever (1875, 1885).
Waalre 1885/10/11: Married Francijna Crooijmans, born 1845/12/14 in Waalre, died <1929/02/24, daughter of Michiel Crooijmans, died <1885/10/11, married Maria Bijnen, died <1885/10/11.
Died 1929/02/24Waalre (NB)
Born 1842/08/11Aalst (Waalre, NB) 2 Wilhelmina van OTTERDIJK
Aalst (Waalre) 1875/11/13: Married Johannes van Barschot, wever (1875, 1885), born 1831/04/20 in Aalst (Waalre), died >1897/03/01, widower of Johanna Habraken, son of Cornelis van Barschot, died <1875/11/13, married Johanna Catharina Verhoeven, died <1875/11/13.
Died 1897/03/01Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Born 1846/09/21Aalst (Waalre, NB) 3 Johanna Maria OTTERDIJK
Profession: Weefster (1884), koffiehuishoudster (1896), winkelierster (1917).
Aalst (NB) 1884/11/22: Married (1) Johannes van Gemert, wever (1884, 1885), born 1845/12/20 in Strijp (Eindhoven), died 1885/04/07 in Strijp (Eindhoven), son of Thomas van Gemert, died <1884/11/22, married Theodora Sengers, died <1884/11/22.
Strijp (Eindhoven) 1886/09/24: Married (2) Theodorus van Kronenburg, arbeider (1886), born 1847/10/22 in Best, died <1896/07/10, widower of Maria van den Bos, son of Adriaan van Kronenburg, klompenmaker (1886), married Maria Catharina Leijtens, died <1886/09/24.
Woensel 1896/07/10: Married (3) Wilhelmus Sanders, broodventer (1896), born ±1859 in Tongelre, died <1917/01/03, son of Wilhelmus Sanders, landbouwer (1896), married Maria Fasen, died <1896/07/10.
Died 1917/01/03Woensel (Eindhoven)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1784/03/22Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.12 Ludovicus VALKENBURG
Also called Lois (1813, 1846, 1880), Lodewijk (1818). Baptism: RK, witnesses: Leonardus Borghouts and Henrica Valkenburg. Profession: Tisserand (1813), wever (1816-1822).
Died 1822/08/17Aalst (Waalre, NB) Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Bapt. 1778/10/26Someren (NB) Anna Maria DIRKS
Also called Derks (1850, 1869) and Dirkx (1818, 1854, 1841).
Baptism witnesses: Antonius Henricus Lammers and Petronella Henricus Slegers. Daughter of Johannes Dirkx and Wilhelmina Looijmans.
Died 1841/09/06Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Born 1810/03/20
Bapt. 1810/03/20
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
1 Henrica
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Dirkx and Anna Peels.
Born 1811/08/17
Bapt. 1811/08/18
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
2 Anna
Baptism witnesses: Joannes Valkenburg and Joanna Dirkx.
Born 1813/10/30Aalst (Waalre, NB) 3 Joannes   Marriage
Born 1816/01/18Aalst (Waalre, NB) 4 Maria   Marriage
Born 1818/12/25Aalst (Waalre, NB) 5 Stillborn child VALKENBORG  
Born 1820/03/25Aalst (Waalre, NB) 6 Wilhelmina VALKENBORG Died 1826/10/05Aalst (Waalre, NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1810/03/20
Bapt. 1810/03/20
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
EH.2.12-1 Henrica VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Dirkx and Anna Peels. NB Bride signed marriage deed as Vallekenburg.
Died 1869/11/08Strijp (Eindhoven) Father
Marr. 1850/01/27Aalst (Waalre, NB)Marriage:  
Born 1828/03/27Strijp (Eindhoven) Jacobus Johannes van den BROEK
Profession: Wever (1850-1877), arbeider (1898).
Son of Adriaan van den Broek, arbeider (1818, 1828) baptized 1784/03/08 in Mierlo, died 1844/07/15 in Strijp, married 1818/01/31 in Strijp Everdina van Rooij, dienstmeid (1818), baptized 1787/10/05 in Strijp, died 1856/04/03 in Strijp.
Strijp 1870/06/10: Married (2) Johanna Smulders, born 1839/08/24 in Strijp, died 1888/10/08 in Strijp, daughter of Petrus Smulders, wever (1836, 1848, 1866, 1870), baptized 1809/05/09 in Strijp, died >1870/06/10, married 1836/02/06 in Strijp Francina van der Wegen, spinster (1848), born 1813/02/21 in Zesgehuchten (Geldrop), died 1848/04/21 in Strijp.
Died 1898/05/14Strijp (Eindhoven)
Born 1851/04/26Aalst (Waalre, NB) 1 Adrianus van den BROEK
Profession: Wever (1877).
Strijp 1877/05/17: Married Johanna Maria Maas, born 1855/09/08 in Eersel, died <1935/04/18, daughter of Matheus Maas, landbouwer (1877), married Johanna Maria van Genesen.
Strijp 1878/06/27: Born Hendrikus van den Broek.
Strijp 1881/04/09: Born Johanna Maria van den Broek.
Strijp 1883/12/01: Born Anna Mathilda van den Broek.
Strijp 1887/09/16: Born Adriana Gerdina van den Broek.
Strijp 1890/06/26: Born stillborn child van den Broek.
Strijp 1894/11/28: Born Johannes Matheus van den Broek.
Strijp 1902/02/07: Born stillborn child van den Broek.
Died 1935/04/18Eindhoven

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1811/08/17
Bapt. 1811/08/18
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Baptism witnesses: Joannes Valkenburg and Joanna Dirkx. Profession: Dienstmeid (1840 1854). Unable to write.
Died 1897/02/27Strijp (Eindhoven) Father
Marr. 1854/05/04Strijp (Eindhoven)Marriage:  
Born 1820/04/30Strijp (Eindhoven) Gerardus BRESSERS
Unable to write.
Strijp 1854/05/07: Married RK, witnesses: Leonardus van Hulst and Joannes van de Ven.
Profession: Wever (1854, 1896).
Son of Johannes Bressers, bouwman (1820), baptized 1774/09/23 in Oerle, died <1854/05/04, announced marriage 1810/10/06 in Gestel, married 1810/10/21 in Gestel Hendrina van de Ven, baptiized 1777/11/26 in Strijp, died 1860/02/18 in Strijp.
Died 1896/11/11Strijp (Eindhoven)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1813/10/30Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.12-3 Joannes VALKENBURG
Profession: Wever (1841-1859, 1880).
Died 1880/12/17Aalst (Waalre, NB) Father
Marr. 1846/06/28Aalst (Waalre, NB)Marriage:  
Born 1818/02/22Aalst (Waalre, NB) Dimphna van den BAAR
Also called Dingna.
Daughter of Hendrik van den Baar, wever (1815, 1818), bouwman (1846, 1865), baptized 1785/04/06 in Aalst, died 1872/04/30 in Aalst, married 1815/08/18 in Strijp Anna Maria Baselmans, dienstmeid (1815), landbouwster (1865), baptized 1791/09/05 in Woensel, died 1865/02/03 in Aalst.
Died 1897/03/04Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Born 1847/04/10Aalst (Waalre, NB) 1 Johanna Maria   Marriage
Born 1851/01/15Aalst (Waalre, NB) 2 Louisa   Marriage
Born 1855/01/20Aalst (Waalre, NB) 3 Hendrikus   Marriage
Born 1859/12/02Aalst (Waalre, NB) 4 Peter   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1847/04/10Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.12-3.1 Johanna Maria VALKENBURG Died 1915/06/08Aalst (Waalre, NB) Father
Marr. 1888/10/20Aalst (Waalre, NB)Marriage:  
Born 1849/11/05Aalst (Waalre, NB) Antonie van LIESHOUT
Profession: Wever (1888-1893), pellenwever (1894-1896).
Son of Antonie van Lieshout, dagloner (1844), arbeider (1849, 1866, 1888), born and baptized 1818/09/20 in Aalst, died 1888/03/04 in Aalst, married 1844/09/14 in Borkel en Schaft Elisabeth van Engelen, born and baptized 1813/03/22 in Schaft, died 1887/04/02 in Aalst.
Died 1936/01/30Waalre (NB)
Born 1892/01/31Aalst (Waalre, NB) 1 Johanna Dimphna van LIESHOUT Died 1893/09/03Aalst (Waalre, NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1851/01/15Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.12-3.2 Louisa VALKENBURG Died 1924/08/30Waalre (NB) Father
Marr. 1882/05/06Aalst (Waalre, NB)Marriage:  
Born 1856/07/31Aalst (Waalre, NB) Adrianus Jacobus van DIJK
Profession: Wever (1882, 1888), pellenwever (1913), sigarenmaker (1929).
Son of Godefridus van Dijk, arbeider (1834), wever (1856), born and baptized 1805/12/17 in Aalst, died 1881/06/21 in Aalst, married 1834/05/04 in Aalst Johanna van Zon, born 1811/12/25 in Aalst, died 1876/10/22 in Aalst.
Died 1929/12/24Aalst (Waalre, NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1855/01/20Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.12-3.3 Hendrikus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Wever (1882, 1888), pellenwever (1894-1896). wever (1898/01), pellenwever (1898/12-1910), wever (1916-1919).
Died 1939/06/07Aalst (Waalre, NB) Father
Marr. 1896/07/18Aalst (Waalre, NB)Marriage:  
Born 1867/10/12Aalst (Waalre, NB) Jacoba van den BROEK
Daughter of Johannes van den Broek, wever (1862, 1867), arbeider (1896), veldarbeider (1903), born 1834/01/03 in Aalst, died 1903/02/11 in Aalst, married 1862/06/26 in Aalst Johanna Maria van der Palen, landbouwster (1862), born 1828/04/28 in Aalst, died 1892/07/12 in Aalst.
Died 1916/11/21Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Born 1898/01/06Aalst (Waalre, NB) 1 Stillborn daughter  
Born 1899/06/07Aalst (Waalre, NB) 2 Johannes Antonius   Marriage
Born 1900/08/07Aalst (Waalre, NB) 3 Peter Johannes
Profession: Sigarenmaker (1916).
Died 1916/12/30Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Born 1901/10/18Aalst (Waalre, NB) 4 Johanna Maria
Confession: RK. Profession: Plakster sigarenfabriek, naaister.
Died 1967/06/07Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Born 1902/12/02Aalst (Waalre, NB) 5 Dimphna
Confession: RK. Profession: Strijkster, scheerster weverij Hezemans.
Died 1988/09/02
Bur. 1988/09/06
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Born 1905/11/16Aalst (Waalre, NB) 6 Hendrika Maria Died 1916/08/12Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Born 1908/01/12Aalst (Waalre, NB) 7 Godefrida Johanna
Confession: RK. Profession: Religieuse (Franciscanerzuster Maria Praxedes), zuster bewaarschool, onderwijzeres.
Died 1988/12/12
Schaijk (Landerd, NB)
Zijtaart (Veghel, NB)
Born 1910/04/10Aalst (Waalre, NB) 8 Antonius Cornelius Died 1910/08/18Aalst (Waalre, NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1899/06/07Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.12-3.3.2 Johannes Antonius VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Sigarenmaker (1930, 1958).
Died 1958/10/20
Bur. 1958/10/22
Marr. 1930/06/06EindhovenMarriage:  
Born 1900/10/03Stratum (Eindhoven) Maria Cornelia MANDIGERS
Confession: RK.
Daughter of Antonius Mandigers, sigarenmaker (1894, 1900), born 1867/05/22 in Aalst (Waalre), died 1946/03/04 in Eindhoven, married 1894/10/25 in Stratum (Eindhoven) Cornelia van der Waarden, sigarenmaakster (1894), born 1872/03/03 in Waalre, died 1954/12/21 in Eindhoven.
Died 1994/12/17
Bur. 1994/12/21
Born 1940/06/04Eindhoven 1 Henricus Antonius  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1859/12/02Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.12-3.4 Peter VALKENBURG
Profession: Wever (1888), pellenwever (1894-1901).
Died 1913/04/05Aalst (Waalre, NB) Father
Marr. 1894/04/21Aalst (Waalre, NB)Marriage:  
Born 1863/11/08Aalst (Waalre, NB) Johanna Maria van BAARSCHOT
Daughter of Johannes van Ba(a)rschot, wever (1860, 1863), pellenwever (1894, 1895), born 1831/04/20 in Aalst, died 1898/04/23 in Aalst, married 1860/02/04 in Aalst Johanna Habraken, landbouwster (1860), born 1819/01/20 in Sint-Oedenrode, died 1875/03/19 in Aalst.
Died 1911/12/22Aalst
Born 1895/02/09Aalst (Waalre, NB) 1 Joannes Franciscus
Confession: RK. Profession: Metselaar (1919, 1922, 1949). Unmarried.
Died 1949/06/09Eindhoven
Born 1896/05/31Aalst (Waalre, NB) 2 Antonius Joannes   Marriage
Born 1898/03/24Aalst (Waalre, NB) 3 Jozef Johannes   Marriage
Born 1899/12/20Aalst (Waalre, NB) 4 Joanna Wilhelmina
Born 08:45.
Died 1899/12/27Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Born 1899/12/20Aalst (Waalre, NB) 5 Dingna
Born 09:00.
Died 1899/12/22Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Born 1901/06/13Aalst (Waalre, NB) 6 Dingna Antonia   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1896/05/31Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.12-3.4.2 Antonius Joannes VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Fabrieksarbeider (1919), getouwbaas (1935), wever (1942), getouwsteller (1949), kwaliteitscontroleur bij NV Linnenfabrieken E.J.F. van Dissel en Zonen in Eindhoven (1959).
Died 1972/07/15
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Marr. 1919/06/14Stratum (Eindhoven)Marriage:  
Born 1898/07/09Stratum (Eindhoven) Johanna Petronella van POPPEL
Profession: Fabrieksarbeidster (1919).
Daughter of Petrus Johannes van Poppel, arbeider (1898), fabrieksarbeider (1919), born 1871/07/22 in Breda, died 1943/02/04 in Eindhoven, married 1898/02/10 in Stratum Johanna Mustert, born 1872/07/14 in Loon op Zand, died >1943/02/04.
Died 1966/06/28Eindhoven
Born 1920/04/09Eindhoven 1 Johanna Maria Josephina   Marriage
Born 1921/05/09Eindhoven 2 Johanna Sophia Maria   Marriage
Born 1923/03/27Aalst (Waalre, NB) 3 Petronella Josephina Nicolasina   Marriage
Born 1924/07/12Aalst (Waalre, NB) 4 Johannes Petrus   Marriage
Born 1926/02/21Waalre (NB) 5 Petrus Antonius Canisius   Marriage
Born 1927/08/20Waalre (NB) 6 Louis Josephus Antonius   Marriage
Born 1929/01/05Waalre (NB) 7 Josephus Stefanus   Marriage
Born 1931/07/19Waalre (NB) 8 Huberdina Theresia   Marriage
Born 1933/05/30Waalre (NB) 9 Dimphna Anna Maria   Marriage
Born 1935/04/28Waalre (NB) 10 Stillborn child  
Born 1936/10/25Waalre (NB) 11 Johanna Antonia
Confession: RK.
Died 1949/09/27Eindhoven
Born 1939/04/02Waalre (NB) 12 Arnoud Franciscus   Marriage
Born 1942/03/18Waalre (NB) 13 Antonia Josephina   Marriage
Born 1944/05/23Waalre (NB) 14 Bernardus Gerardus Maria   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1920/04/09Eindhoven EH.2.12-3.4.2-1 Johanna Maria Josephina VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 2003/01/12
Bur. 2003/01/17
Marr. 1942/06/05EindhovenMarriage:  
Born 1915/12/14Stratum (Eindhoven) Christianus REIJNDERS
Confession: RK. Profession: Monteur (1942), chauffeur-automonteur, afdelingschef.
Son of Petrus Hubertus Reijnders, beeldhouwer (1904), verzekeringsagent (1942), born 1880/07/30 in Roermond, married 1904/01/20 in Stratum (Eindhoven) Maria Anna Josepha Huberta Mombers, born 1876/02/09 in Oisterwijk.
Died 1982/11/14
   1 Johanna Maria Petronella REIJNDERS   
   2 Maria Christiana REIJNDERS   
   3 Petronella Johanna Hendrina REIJNDERS   
   4 Antonia Henriëtte REIJNDERS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1921/05/09Eindhoven EH.2.12-3.4.2-2 Johanna Sophia Maria VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 2010/08/22
Bur. 2010/08/27
Marr. 1945/10/26Waalre (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1920/03/02Boxtel (NB) Wilhelmus Hendrikus van KASTEREN
Profession: Plaatwerker, lakspuiter, los arbeider, NS-rangeerder, controlebeambte.
Son of Johannes Wilhelmus van Kasteren, arbeider (1918), rangeerder (1948), born 1896/02/01 in Boxtel, died 1948/12/21 in Eindhoven, married 1918/05/13 in Boxtel Elisabeth van Weerdt, born 1891/10/18 in Boxtel, died 1974/06/23 in Eindhoven.
Died 1973/08/09Geldrop (NB)
Born 1946/08/02Aalst (Waalre, NB) 1 Petrus Johannes van KASTEREN
Aalst (Waalre) 1966/12: Married Petronella Cornelia Baltussen, born 1945/10/26.
Born Bart van Kasteren (Married Saskia, child: Annelot).
Born Elsbeth van Kasteren, died shortly after being born.
Born 1948/07/30Geldrop (NB) 2 Franciscus Antonius van KASTEREN
1969/11/20: Married Joyce B. Olenroot, born 1947/04/05 on Timor (Indonesia).
Eindhoven 1979/02/15: Born Frank van Kasteren (Partner: Samantha Post(?), child: Damian, born 2009/11/20 in Weert).
Born 1951/04/22Geldrop (NB) 3 Johanna Antonia van KASTEREN
1972/06/30: Married (1) Wil J. Maes, born 1943/03/07 in Eindhoven.
Weert 1981/04/15: Born Micha Maes (Married Patrick Nies, children: Lotte Nies, born 2007/06/07 in Weert; Martijn Nies, born 2009/07/05 in Weert).
1998/05/13: Married (2) Cor Smeets, born 1958/03/17 in Brunssum.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1923/03/27Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.12-3.4.2-3 Petronella Josephina Nicolasina VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q1 Thomas REPTON  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1924/07/12Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.12-3.4.2-4 Johannes Petrus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Automonteur.
Died 1993/05/15
Marr. 1953/09/25Waalre (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1929/10/18Aalst (Waalre, NB) Adriana Johanna van SCHIJNDEL
Daughter of Martinus van Schijndel, metselaar (1928), born 1902/08/06 in Boxtel (NB), married 1928/01/20 in Sint-Oedenrode (NB) Theodora van Kasteren, born 1905/10/22 in Best (NB).
Died 2002/01/24
Born 1958/01/04Eindhoven 1 Antonius Johannes Maria  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1926/02/21Waalre (NB) EH.2.12-3.4.2-5 Petrus Antonius Canisius VALKENBURG
Profession: Textielarbeider.
Died 2003/08/19Eindhoven Father
Marr. 1949/04/21EindhovenMarriage:  
Born 1926/09/29Rotterdam Elisabeth Gerda van RAVESTEIJN
Profession: Kantoorbediende.
Daughter of Dirk van Ravesteijn, handelsreiziger (1922), born 1897/02/12 in Rotterdam, married 1922/11/15 in Rotterdam Elisabeth Johanna van der Schans, born 1900/01/20 in Rotterdam.
Died 1990/02/17Eindhoven
Born 1949/09/07Eindhoven 1 Irma Elisabeth Johanna   Marriage
Born 1950/12/30Eindhoven 2 Hans Antonius Dirk   Marriage
Born 1952/03/22Eindhoven 3 Antonius Johannes   Marriage
Born 1954/03/24Eindhoven 4 Elisabeth Johanna   Marriage
Born 1957/02/12Eindhoven 5 Yvonne Gerda
Married ????.
Born 1960/09/16Eindhoven 6 Jeanette Elisabeth   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1949/09/07Eindhoven EH.2.12-3.4.2-5.1 Irma Elisabeth Johanna VALKENBURG
Profession: Employé Afdeling 11 Amstelhof Verpleeghuis in Amsterdam.
Died 1995/06/29Amsterdam Father
Marriage 1:
   Joseph Obed Olajide OLANIYAN   
Marriage 2:
   Samer Ibrahim AHMAD   
   1 Feisal Samer AHMAD   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1950/12/30Eindhoven EH.2.12-3.4.2-5.2 Hans Antonius Dirk VALKENBURG
Profession: Metselaar.
Marr. 1972/08/30EindhovenMarriage:  
Born 1954/07/28Eindhoven C.J.J.M. van der AALST  
Born 1973/03/06Weert 1 Joshua Petrus Jacobus  
Born 1977/03/24Eindhoven 2 Wendy Elisabeth   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1977/03/24Eindhoven EH.2.12-3.4.2-5.2.2 Wendy Elisabeth VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q4 Jeffry KLEINE DETERS  
Born 1998/09/17Eindhoven 1 Bhodi KLEINE DETERS  
Born 2001/10/29 2 Caillou KLEINE DETERS  
Born 2004/02/18Eindhoven 3 Jadah KLEINE DETERS  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1952/03/22Eindhoven EH.2.12-3.4.2-5.3 Antonius Johannes VALKENBURG
Profession: Timmerman.
Marr. 1973/11/22HelmondMarriage:  
Born 1955/06/22Helmond Francina Wilhelmina BOS  
Born 1978/02/09Helmond 1 Francina Wilhelmina  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1954/03/24Eindhoven EH.2.12-3.4.2-5.4 Elisabeth Johanna VALKENBURG Died >2003/02/16  Father
   Johannes Martinus Jozef van der AALST   
   1 Patrick Petrus Johannes Jozef van der AALST   
   2 Vicky Elisabeth Wilhelmina Gerda van der AALST   
   3 Erica Antonia Canisius Maria van der AALST   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1960/09/16Eindhoven EH.2.12-3.4.2-5.6 Jeanette Elisabeth VALKENBURG Died >1995/01/01  Father
   Antonius Wilhelmus van de VOORT   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1927/08/20Waalre (NB) EH.2.12-3.4.2-6 Louis Josephus Antonius VALKENBURG
Profession: Automonteur (1958), taxiondernemer.
Died 1986/07/17Waalre (NB) Father
Marr. 1955/04/21EindhovenMarriage:Div.Reg. 1974/02/05Eindhoven
Born 1928/08/07Son Johanna Wilhelmina VINGERHOETS  
  Children: None.
Born 1958/05/03Waalre (Eindhoven) 1 Stillborn child  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1929/01/05Waalre (NB) EH.2.12-3.4.2-7 Josephus Stefanus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Leerling smid, rijwielmonteur, fabrieksarbeider, technisch assistent Philips NV, Eindhoven.
Died 1992/02/04
Crem. 1992/02/07
   Johanna Maria Catharina BOESTEN   
   1 Gerardus Maria   

Date City Name Date City Relation
   EH.2.12-3.4.2-7.1 Gerardus Maria VALKENBURG    Father
   Catharina Maria Cornelia van MEEL   
   1 Tom   
   2 Inge   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1931/07/19Waalre (NB) EH.2.12-3.4.2-8 Huberdina Theresia VALKENBURG
Profession: Fabrieksarbeidster.
Died 1991/02/11Eindhoven Father
   Lodevicus Joseph SPETH   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1933/05/30Waalre (NB) EH.2.12-3.4.2-9 Dimphna Anna Maria VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 2012/03/31
Bur. 2012/04/05
Marr. 1955/07/15Waalre (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1929/04/10Valkenswaard Wilhelmus Arnoldus de ROOIJ
Son of Arnoldus Johannes de Rooij, sigarenmaker (1916), born 1894/06/23 in Valkenswaard, married 1916/07/10 in Valkenswaard Maria de Leest, sigarenmaakster (1916), born 1897/01/22 in Valkenswaard.
Died 1997/12/29
Budel (NB)
   1 Johanna Maria Huberdina de ROOIJ   
   2 Irene Goverdine Johanne de ROOIJ   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1939/04/02Waalre (NB) EH.2.12-3.4.2-12 Arnoud Franciscus VALKENBURG
Profession: Eigenaar sport groothandel.
Died 2010/06/25
Crem. 2010/07/02
Geldrop (NB)
Marr. 1965/07/30Geldrop (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1940/07/16Ginneken en Bavel Johanna Appolinaria Maria den BOER
1965/08/20: Married RK.
Daughter of Jan den Boer, boer, born 1904/12/03 in Oosterhout (NB), died 1991/05/11 in Geldrop, married 1936/01/23 in Oosterhout (NB) Petronella Maria Evers, born 1905/06/13 in Oosterhout (NB), died 1985/07/10 in Geldrop.
Died 2019/04/19
Crem. 2019/04/25
Eersel (NB)
Veldhoven (NB)
Born 1968/08/28Eindhoven 1 Ronald Johanna Petronella Elisabeth   Marriage
Born 1971/06/13Eindhoven 2 Koert Johannes Antonius Wilhelmus
Profession: Sales Manager bij een Internet provider in Eindhoven.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1968/08/28Eindhoven EH.2.12-3.4.2-12.1 Ronald Johanna Petronella Elisabeth VALKENBURG
Profession: Zelfstandig ondernemer satellite communication systems
Marr. NoMarriage:  
Born 1970/12/11Oirschot Ingrid Mathilda Catharina Maria van den BROEK  
Born 2003/09/30Veldhoven 1 Thomas Arnoud Henricus  
Born 2004/12/09Veldhoven 2 Hugo Johannes Gabriel  
Born 2009/09/09Eersel (NB) 3 Sven Wilhelmus  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1942/03/18Waalre (NB) EH.2.12-3.4.2-13 Antonia Josephina VALKENBURG   Father
   Josephus A.P. van ROOY   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1944/05/23Waalre (NB) EH.2.12-3.4.2-14 Bernardus Gerardus Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1969/11/05Budel (NB)Marriage:  
Born 19Q2 Maria P.T. POELMANS  
Born 1971/06/06Budel (NB) 1 Roland   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1971/06/06Budel (NB) EH.2.12-3.4.2-14.1 Roland VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1998/05/29Budel (NB)Marriage:  
Born 19Q3 Ingrid LIEBRECHTS  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1898/03/24Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.12-3.4.3 Jozef Johannes VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Sigarenfabrikant (1932), tabaksuitponder, tabaksbewerker (1961).
Died 1961/06/23Eindhoven Father
Marr. 1932/07/29Waalre (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1903/12/12Bergeijk (NB) Lucia Josephina KUIJKEN
Daughter of Johannes Franciscus Kuijken, rijwielhandelaar (1898), rijwielhersteller (1915), born 1872/04/20 in Bergeijk, died 1915/05/22 in Aalst, married 1898/05/03 in Bergeijk Johanna Maria Lommelaars, born 1868/10/03 in Bergeijk, died 1939/02/28 in Waalre
Died 1969/11/25Valkenswaard
Born 1938/11/24
Waalre (NB)
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
1 Maria Johanna Lucia   Marriage
Born 1946/02/17
Bapt. 1946/02/17
Waalre (NB)
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
2 Rose Marie Catharina Johanna   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1938/11/24
Waalre (NB)
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
EH.2.12-3.4.3-1 Maria Johanna Lucia VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1974/11/08Marriage:  
Born 19Q2 Wilhelmus J.P. VERVEST  
Born 1977/02/13Eindhoven 1 Ronald VERVEST  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1946/02/17
Bapt. 1946/02/17
Waalre (NB)
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
EH.2.12-3.4.3-2 Rose Marie Catharina Johanna VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1974/12/06Marriage:  
Born 1948/05/26Eindhoven Martinus Rudolf Anna Maria van EERT  
Born 1976/07/15Eindhoven 1 Claire van EERT  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1901/06/13Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.12-3.4.6 Dingna Antonia VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 1983/03/09
Bur. 1983/03/12
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Marr. 1922/07/03Aalst (Waalre, NB)Marriage:  
Born 1900/06/02Waalre (NB) Henricus Cornelus van DIJK
Confession: RK. Profession: Sigarenfabrikant (1922, 1935), handelsreiziger.
Son of Jacobus van Dijk, fabrieksarbeider (1898, 1900, 1922), born 1868/01/12 in Luykgestel, died 1940/08/30 in Riethoven (NB), married 1898/02/19 in Dommelen Maria de Rooij, landbouwster (1898), born 1867/02/28 in Valkenswaard, died 1932/04/07 in Waalre.
Died 1974/11/09Eindhoven
Born 1923/04/18Aalst (Waalre, NB) 1 Petrus Johannes van DIJK
Waalre (NB) 1943/12/24: Married Emma Lieselotte Ida Thiele, born ±1921 in Walsum (Germany), daughter of Theodor Thiele and Wilhelmina Pinhack.
   2 Maria Johanna Jacoba van DIJK   
   3 Jacobus Johannes van DIJK   
Born 1935/02/19Waalre (NB) 4 Johannes Antonius Maria van DIJK Died 1935/02/25Waalre (NB)
   5 Johannes Antonius Henricus Maria van DIJK   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1816/01/18Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.12-4 Maria VALKENBORG Died 1853/07/07Valkenswaard Father
Marr. 1836/05/22Aalst (Waalre, NB)Marriage:  
Born 1808/11/03
Bapt. 1808/11/03
Joannis Josephus KREEKELS
Profession: Kleermaker (1836--1865).
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Josephus Kreekels and Maria Beekmans. Son of Lambertus Kreekels, kleermaker (1836, 1837, 1853), born in Freilighoven (Waltfeucht), died 1857/03/17 in Valkenswaard, announced marriage 1804/01/07 in Valkenswaard, married 1804/01/22 in Valkenswaard Gerarda Beekmans, baptized 1783/05/29 in Valkenswaard, died 1847/12/26 in Valkenswaard.
Died 1865/04/16Valkenswaard
Born 1837/03/14Valkenswaard 1 Maria Cornelia KREEKELS Died 1853/03/21Valkenswaard
Born 1838/11/17Valkenswaard 2 Louisa KREEKELS
Profession: Naaister (1861, 1863).
Valkenswaard 1861/11/08: Married Johannes van Berkel, arbeider (1861), werkman (1863), born 1829/03/12 in Woensel (Eindhoven), died >1863/01/27, son of Johanna Maria van Berkel, died <1861/11/08.
Died 1863/01/27Valkenswaard
Born 1840/01/30Valkenswaard 3 Wilhelmina KREEKELS
Profession: Dienstmeid (1868).
Aalst 1868/05/23: Married Paulus van Lieshout, wever (1868, 1871), born 1843/08/21 in Aalst, died >1871/04/23, son of Johannes van Lieshout, died 1859/12/07 in Aalst, married Hendrika van Dommelen, died 1858/10/19 in Aalst.
Died 1871/04/23Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Born 1842/03/05Valkenswaard 4 Johannis Wilhelmus KREEKELS Died 1844/03/04Valkenswaard
Born 1843/09/14Valkenswaard 5 Lambertus KREEKELS
Profession: Kleermaker (1867, 1872, 1885, 1912).
Woensel en Eckart 1867/01/18: Married (1) Petronella van Beek, born 1832/03/19 in Woensel, died <1872/05/10, daughter of Hendricus van Beek and Wilhelmina van de Kerkhof.
Woensel en Eckart 1872/05/10: Married (2) Willemijn van de Moosdijk, born 1849/12/17 in Woensel, died <1885/07/30, daughter of Laurens van de Moosdijk, died <1872/05/10, married Catharina van der Vleuten, died <1872/05/10.
±1876: Born Petrus Wilhelmus Kreekels, fabrieksarbeider (1912).
±1882: Born Johannes kreekels, fabrieksarbeider (1912).
Tongelre 1885/07/30: Married (3) Antonetta Kanters, dienstmeid (1885), born 1861/11/21 in Beek en Donk, died 1919/04/01 in Helmond, daughter of Antonie Kanters, died <1885/07/30, married Wilhelmina van Neerven, died <1885/07/30.
Died 1912/04/29Helmond
Born 1847/12/05Valkenswaard 6 Gerada KREEKELS Died 1853/11/06Valkenswaaard

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1786/12/03Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.13 Wilhelmus VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Lambertus Valkenburg and Johanna van de Wiel. Profession: Landbouwer (1817), arbeider (1818/09), wever (1818/12), arbeider (1820/01), wever (1820/03-1859).
Died 1859/07/17Aalst (Waalre, NB) Father
Marr. 1817/04/27Aalst (Waalre, NB)Marriage 1:  
Born 1791/12/14
Bapt. 1791/12/14
Waalre (NB)
Waalre (NB)
Petronella WIJLAERS
Also called Weijlaars. Profession: Spinster (1817). Unable to write.
Baptism: RK. witnesses: Henricus van Lieshout and Henrica Verkoijen. Daughter of Jacobus Wijlaers, died >1800/03/06, announced marriage 1785/12/03 in Waalre, married 1785/12/18 in Waalre Maria Bijnen, died 1800/03/06 in Waalre.
Died 1827/05/29Aalst (Waalre, NB)
  Children: First marriage:
Born 1818/09/09Aalst (Waalre, NB) 1 Maria Died 1820/01/24Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Born 1820/03/15Aalst (Waalre, NB) 2 Maria   Marriage
Born 1822/07/15Aalst (Waalre, NB) 3 Johannis
Profession: Wever (1848).
's-Hertogenbosch 1847/10/27: Jailed voor de hoge regering.
Died 1848/08/16Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Born 1824/08/27Aalst (Waalre, NB) 4 Johanna Died 1835/05/08Aalst
Marr. 1828/02/03Aalst (Waalre, NB)Marriage 2:  
Born 1800/02/15
Bapt. 1800/02/15
Zesgehuchten (Geldrop)
Geldrop (NB)
Hendrica KOOLEN
Profession: Dienstmeid (1828).
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Frater Arnoldus Smits on behalf of Henricus van der Werden and Petronilla van der Sande on behalf of Francisca van Stiphout. Daughter of Hendrik Koolen, died 1827/10/13 in Norg, married Johanna van Stiphout, died 1804/03/27 in Zesgehuchten.
Died 1868/10/19Stratum (Eindhoven)
  Children: Second marriage:
Born 1828/04/29Aalst (Waalre, NB) 5 Peeter   Marriage
Born 1829/08/25Aalst (Waalre, NB) 6 Hendrina   Marriage
Born 1831/09/22Aalst (Waalre, NB) 7 Antonet   Marriage
Born 1834/03/27Aalst (Waalre, NB) 8 Wilhelmus   Marriage
Born 1835/08/07Aalst (Waalre, NB) 9 Anna Maria   Marriage
Born 1837/02/22Aalst (Waalre, NB) 10 Jan Wilhelmus Died 1837/03/02Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Born 1838/06/11Aalst (Waalre, NB) 11 Johannis Wilhelmus
Profession: Wever (1863, 1864).
Died 1864/05/10Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Born 1842/06/30Aalst (Waalre, NB) 12 Peternella   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1820/03/15Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.13-2 Maria VALKENBURG
Unable to write.
Died 1892/05/30Stratum (Eindhoven) Father
Marr. 1859/05/21Aalst (Waalre, NB)Marriage:  
Born 1815/08/06Stratum (Eindhoven) Wilhelmus van GENNIP
Unable to write. Profession: Arbeider (1859-1862, 1875).
Son of Hendrikus van Gennip, arbeider (1815, 1842), baptized 1785/01/29 in Stratum, died 1867/04/14 in Stratum, announced marriage 1806/06/07 in Gestel, married 1806/06/22 in Gestel Johanna Maria van Hoof, baptized 1780/09/04 in Tongelre, died 1842/10/20 in Stratum.
Died 1875/03/22Stratum (Eindhoven)
Born 1862/12/09Stratum (Eindhoven) 1 Wilhelmus van GENNIP
Profession: Fabrieksarbeider (1885, 1923).
Eindhoven 1885/05/13: Married Maria Petronella Leemans, born 1863/07/08 in Oerle, daughter of Johannes Leemans, arbeider (1885), married Cornelia Bierings, died 1871/03/05 in Oerle.
Died 1923/05/14Eindhoven

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1828/04/29Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.13-5 Peeter VALKENBURG
Profession: Wever (1851--1882).
Died 1882/10/24Aalst (Waalre, NB) Father
Marr. 1851/10/18Aalst (Waalre, NB)Marriage 1:  
Born 1819/09/11Aalst (Waalre, NB) Joanna van DOORN
Daughter of Michiel van Doorn, born 1775/01/20 in Veldhoven, wever (1815, 1819, 1831) died 1841/11/14 in Aalst, married 1815/04/09 in Aalst Anna van Dijk, spinster (1815), born and baptized 1786/05/05 in Aalst, died 1831/04/06 in Aalst.
Died 1858/09/01Aalst (Waalre, NB)
  Children: First marriage:
Born 1853/07/15Aalst (Waalre, NB) 1 Wilhelmus Adrianus Migchiel
Profession: Bedelaar (1891).
Died 1913/04/28Leende (NB)
Marr. 1859/01/22Aalst (Waalre, NB)Marriage 2:  
Born 1809/02/10
Bapt. 1809/02/10
Tongelre (Eindhoven)
Tongelre (Eindhoven)
Theodora van der HEYDEN
Daughter of Johannes van der Heijden, bouwman (1846), baptized 1767/12/16 in Stratum (Eindhoven), died 1846/03/03 in Duizel en Steensel (NB), announced marriage 1796/04/09 in Gestel (NB), married 1796/04/24 in Gestel (NB) Jennemie (Helena Maria) Timmermans, baptized 1774/04/24 in Leende (NB), died 1851/05/18 in Duizel en Steensel (NB).
Died 1877/10/19Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Marr. 1878/05/12Waalre (NB)Marriage 3:  
Born 1832/09/30Riethoven (NB) Maria Anna SANDERS
Unable to write. Profession: Bokhoudster (1891).
Widow of Willem Peeten (widower of Johanna van Dijk), wever (1873), born 1834/01/28 in Waalre (Eindhoven), married 1873/09/14 in Waalre (Eindhoven), died 1874/05/21 in Waalre (Eindhoven), son of Adriaan Willem Peeten, arbeider (1834), born ±1792, died <1873/09/14, married Maria Janssen, born ±1806, died <1873/09/14.
Daughter of Christiaan Sanders, bouwman (1830, 1832, 1844), born 1783/11/19 in Sint-Oedenrode, died 1844/08/22 in Riethoven, married 1830/03/13 in Riethoven Elisabeth Luyken, linnennaaister (1830), born and baptized 1794/12/14 in Riethoven, died 1878/11/08 in Waalre (Eindhoven).
Died 1916/03/04Leende (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1829/08/25Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.13-6 Hendrina VALKENBURG
Unable to write.
Died 1907/01/28Stratum (Eindhoven) Father
Marr. 1864/01/23Aalst (Waalre, NB)Marriage:  
Born 1834/05/20Stratum (Eindhoven) Hendrikus van GENNIP
Unable to write. Profession: Wever (1858-1868/01), fabrieksarbeider (1868/10), wever (1871, 1887).
Widower of Maria Elisabeth van Mierlo, born 1835/12/19 in Stratum, married 1858/04/14 in Stratum, died 1861/03/20 in Stratum, daughter of Petrus van Mierlo, fabrieksarbeider (1835, 1859), baptized 1810/02/06 in Woensel (Eindhoven), died 1859/03/04 in Stratum, married 1835/01/24 in Stratum Johanna van der Velden, baptized 1811/02/01 in Stratum, died 1855/04/16 in Stratum.
Son of Simon Petrus van Gennip, dienstknecht (1833), fabrieksarbeider (1834), arbeider (1864, 1871), baptized 1804/01/06 in Tongelre, died 1871/10/20 in Stratum, married 1833/08/17 in Stratum Joanna van Stiphout, dienstmeid (1833), baptized 1795/10/27 in Mierlo, died 1863/12/20 in Stratum.
Died 1887/05/16Stratum (Eindhoven)
Born 1864/11/07Stratum (Eindhoven) 1 Johanna Cornelia van GENNIP Died 1936/10/20Eindhoven
Born 1868/01/26Stratum (Eindhoven) 2 Wilhelmus Hubertus van GENNIP
Profession: Sigarenpakker (1893), pakker (1895), fabrieksarbeider (1923).
Woensel (Eindhoven) 1893/06/30: Married Antonetta Cornelissen, sigarenmaakster (1893), born 1868/11/17 in Eindhoven, died >1923/07/14, daughter of Gerardus Cornelissen, died <1893/06/30, married Maria van Leeuwarden.
±1897: Born Gerardus Cornelis van Gennip, sigarenmaker (1923).
±1898: Born Hendricus Josephus van Gennip, sigarenmaker (1923).
Died 1923/07/14Helmond
Born 1871/04/25Stratum (Eindhoven) 3 Hendrikus Josephus van GENNIP
Profession: Sigarensorteerder en milicien 8e regiment infanterie (1895), sigarensorteerder (1936).
Nijmegen 1895/05/30: Married Arnoldina Zegers, dienstbode (1895), born 1871/02/14 in Elst, daughter of Hendrikus Zegers, tuinman (1895), married Willemina Schoenmakers.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1831/09/22Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.13-7 Antonet VALKENBURG
Profession: Dienstmeid (1861), bouwvrouw (1892-1901), landbouwster (1905).
Died 1905/02/04Riethoven (NB) Father
Marr. 1861/01/26Riethoven (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1832/03/31Riethoven (NB) Peter Nicolaas van WEERT
Profession: Linnenwever (1861), bouwman (1862), wever (1865-1868), landbouwer (1870), wever (1873), linnenwever (1876), dagloner (1891), bouwman (1892-1901), dagloner (1910).
Son of Jacobus van Weert, bouwman (1831), arbeider (1832), landbouwer (1861), bouwman (1868), born and baptized 1802/02/19 in Riethoven, died 1868/04/26 in Riethoven, married 1831/05/14 in Riethoven Elisabetha Smolders, landbouwster (1831), born and baptized 1797/11/19 in Riethoven, died 1872/03/23 in Riethoven.
Died 1910/12/08Riethoven (NB)
Born 1862/02/09Riethoven (NB) 1 Wilhelmina van WEERT
Profession: Dienstmeid (1892).
Dommelen 1892/11/21: Married Ludovicus Stevens, dienstknecht (1892), landbouwer (1929), born ±1866 in Budel, died <1937/09/14, son of Gerard Stevens, landbouwer (1849, 1868, 1871), born 1815/09/10 in Budel (NB), died 1871/03/30 in Budel (NB), married 1849/06/30 in Budel (NB) Johanna Keessen, landbouwster (1849, 1868), born 1827/10/09 in Budel (NB), died <1892/11/21.
Died 1937/09/14Riethoven (NB)
Born 1865/05/25Riethoven (NB) 2 Maria Elisabeth van WEERT
Profession: Naaister (1891). Unmarried.
Died 1891/08/04Riethoven (NB)
Born 1870/01/15Riethoven (NB) 3 Jacoba van WEERT
Profession: Dienstmeid (1895), landbouwster (1898, 1902, 1914, 1935).
Riethoven (NB) 1895/02/09: Married Peter Stevens, koopman (1895), venter (1896), landbouwer (1898, 1900, 1902, 1908, 1914), born 1868/07/08 in Budel (NB), died 1914/10/25 in Riethoven (NB), son of Gerard Stevens, landbouwer (1849, 1868, 1871), born 1815/09/10 in Budel (NB), died 1871/03/30 in Budel (NB), married 1849/06/30 in Budel (NB) Johanna Keessen, landbouwster (1849, 1868), born 1827/10/09 in Budel (NB), died <1892/11/21.
Budel (NB) 1896/03/31: Born Gerrit Stevens, died 1983/10/30 in Valkenswaard (NB), married Maria Elisabeth van den Broek, born 1897/01/04 in Riethoven (NB), died 1982/03/25 in Eersel (NB).
Budel (NB) 1898/05/17: Born Maria Antoinetta Stevens, died 1983/07/07 in Valkenswaard (NB), married 1921/11/02 Wilhelmus Daams, born 1902/07/20 in Dommelen (NB), died 1982/08/10 in Dommelen (NB).
Riethoven (NB) 1900/05/21: Born Peter Stevens, died 1929/05/31 in Riethoven (NB), married 1926/05/18 Cornelia Hendrina Verstegen, born 1903/01/18 in Zeeland, died 1929/01/07 in Veldhoven (NB).
Budel (NB) 1902/07/20: Born Hendrik Stevens, died 1978/03/18 in Eindhoven, married 1927/12/20 Henrica Petronella Bottram, born 1907/10/01 in Bergh (Ge), died 1980/08/22 in Riethoven (NB).
Riethoven (NB) 1905/12/18: Born Johanna Stevens, died 1989/08/18 in Riethoven (NB), married Josephus van den Putte, born 1905/12/03 in Bergeijk (NB), died 1977/08/05 in Riethoven (NB), married 1981/03/27 Bert van den Bosch, born 1913/06/09 in Wintelre (NB), died 1993/07/09 in Riethoven (NB),
Riethoven (NB) 1908/12/09: Born Franciscus Stevens, died 1908/12/10 in Riethoven (NB).
Riethoven (NB) 1909/12/17: Born Joannes Petrus Stevens, died 1984/09/15 in Gatton (Australia), married 1935/06/01 Maria Catharina van den Putte, born 1911/05/27 in Bergeijk (NB), died 1985/01/31 in Toowoomba (Australia).
Riethoven (NB) 1912/03/20: Born Jacobus Stevens died 1914/01/30 in Riethoven (NB).
Died 1935/03/26Riethoven (NB)
Born 1873/04/25Riethoven (NB) 4 Francis van WEERT
Profession: Dienstknecht (1897).
Dommelen 1897/11/13: Married Maria Cornelia Das, dienstmeid (1897), born ±1872 in Luijksgestel, died 1937/03/18 in Valkenswaard, daughter of Willem Das, bouwman (1897), married Cornelia Geerts, bouwvrouw (1897).
Died 1959/02/09Valkenswaard
Born 1876/05/18Riethoven (NB) 5 Hendrikus van WEERT
Profession: Dagloner (1901).
Waalre 1901/09/13: Married Johanna van der Vliet, born ±1878 in Meerveldhoven, died >1944/01/27, daughter of Leonardus van der Vliet, wever (1901), married Elisabeth Louwers, died <1901/09/13.
Died 1944/01/27Waalre (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1834/03/27Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.13-8 Wilhelmus VALKENBURG
Profession: Wever (1851-1859), linnenwever (1861), wever (1864-1878), pellenwever (1897), wever (1899), pellenwever (1909).
Died 1909/05/03Waalre (NB) Father
Marr. 1866/05/11Aalst (Waalre, NB)Marriage 1:  
Born 1839/04/10Zesgehuchten (Geldrop) Anna Maria BAKERMANS
Daughter of Cornelius Bakermans, bouwman (1835, 1839, 1842, 1845), landbouwer (1863), born and baptized 1805/06/21 in Heeze, died 1863/03/01 in Zesgehuchten, married 1835/05/10 in Aalst Maria Sanders, landbouwster (1835), born and baptized 1807/12/22 in Westerhoven, died 1845/02/02 in Zesgehuchten.
Died 1872/08/04Waalre (NB)
Born 1867/02/21Aalst (Waalre, NB) 1 Jan Wilhelmus   Marriage
Born 1869/02/27Aalst (Waalre, NB) 2 Maria Hendrina   Marriage
Born 1870/08/22Waalre (NB) 3 Hendrika   Marriage
Born 1872/04/01Waalre (NB) 4 Cornelia Maria Died 1872/08/30Waalre (NB)
Marr. 1872/09/28VeldhovenMarriage 2:  
Born 1835/03/06Veldhoven Willemijna van BREUGEL
Daughter of Johannis van Breugel, wever (1828), dagloner (1835), wever (1855), baptized 1800/11/21 in Zeelst/Meerveldhoven, died 1855/09/12 in Veldhoven, married 1828/02/02 in Veldhoven Petronella de Pon, dienstmeid (1828), baptized 1807/07/11 in Veldhoven, died 1888/02/02 in Veldhoven en Meerveldhoven.
Died 1917/04/29Waalre (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1867/02/21Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.13-8.1 Jan Wilhelmus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Hulparbeider (1897-1900), arbeider (1900), voorman arbeider (1901-1913). spoorwegbeambte (1914), onderladingmeester Nederlandse Spoorwegen (1919-1931).
Died 1942/03/04Valkenswaard Father
Marr. 1899/09/18ValkenswaardMarriage:  
Born 1872/10/09Valkenswaard Maria Catharina van den BOGAARD
Profession: Sigarenmaakster (1899).
Daughter of Gerardus van den Bogaard, landbouwer (1865), arbeider (1872), bouwman (1899), born 1834/10/21 in Budel, died 1920/01/19 in Valkenswaard, married 1865/06/17 in Valkenswaard Petronella van den Boom, dienstmeid (1865), bouwvrouw (1899), born 1840/02/07 in Valkenswaard, died 1910/11/28 in Valkenswaard.
Died 1936/08/19Eindhoven
Born 1900/10/01Valkenswaard 1 Wilhelmus Gerardus Died 1901/06/29Valkenswaard
Born 1901/11/10Valkenswaard 2 Wilhelmus Gerardus Cornelis
Confession: RK. Profession: Sigarenmaker (1936, 1945).
Died 1945/03/02Valkenswaard
Born 1903/05/21Valkenswaard 3 Gerardus Cornelis
Confession: RK. Profession: Huisknecht (1964).
Died 1964/01/30
Born 1904/10/10Valkenswaard 4 Anna Maria Petronella Cornelia   Marriage
Born 1906/11/24Valkenswaard 5 Petrus Cornelis   Marriage
Born 1909/01/26Valkenswaard 6 Martinus Antonius   Marriage
Born 1911/03/08Valkenswaard 7 Johannes Henricus   Marriage
Born 1913/04/06Valkenswaard 8 Leonardus Johannes Died 1914/02/11Valkenswaard

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1904/10/10Valkenswaard EH.2.13-8.1.4 Anna Maria Petronella Cornelia VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 2003/01/20
Bur. 2003/01/23
Marr. 1942/05/16ValkenswaardMarriage:  
Born 1905/04/16Valkenswaard Peter Johannes Franciscus LEMMENS
Profession: Schilder, verzekeringsagent, arbeidscontractant distributie, loonadministrateur.
Son of Franciscus Bartholomeus Lemmens, sigarenmaker (1904, 1905), born 1883/04/16 in Veldhoven, died >1945/07/08, married 1904/11/14 in Valkenswaard Maria Cornelia Moonen, sigarenmaakster (1904), born 1885/02/28 in Valkenswaard, 1945/07/08 in Valkenswaard.
Died 1981/02/08
   1 Catharina Maria Cornelia LEMMENS   
   2 Bartholomeus Wilhelmus Johannes Cornelis LEMMENS   
   3 Maria Anna Cornelia LEMMENS   
   4 Wilhelmus Cornelis Maria LEMMENS   
   5 Johannes Cornelis LEMMENS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1906/11/24Valkenswaard EH.2.13-8.1.5 Petrus Cornelis VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Fabrieksarbeider, glasinstrumentmaker, glasblazer (1938, 1943), onderbaas Philips, glasinstrumentmaker, onderbaas bd NV Philips' Gloeilampenfabrieken te Eindhoven (1962).
Died 1984/07/25
Bur. 1984/07/28
Marr. 1938/08/12ValkenswaardMarriage:  
Born 1912/11/05Valkenswaard Catharina PEETERS
Daughter of Wilhelmus Hendrikus Peeters, sigarenmaker (1904), onbezoldigd rijksveldwachter (1912), sigarenmaker (1938), born 1881/11/06 in Borkel en Schaft, died 1946/12/21 in Valkenswaard, married 1904/02/13 in Valkenswaard Francisca Schrijvers, arbeidster (1904), born 1882/02/08 in Westerhoven (NB), died >1946/12/21.
Died 1976/10/09
Bur. 1976/10/12
Born 1940/09/22Valkenswaard 1 Jan Wilhelmus Henricus   Marriage
Born 1943/06/27Valkenswaard 2 Stillborn child  
Born 1945/07/20Valkenswaard 3 Francisca Catharina Cornelia   Marriage
Born 1950/01/16Valkenswaard 4 Henricus Johannes Wilhelmus Cornelis   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1940/09/22Valkenswaard EH.2.13-8.1.5-1 Jan Wilhelmus Henricus VALKENBURG Died 2016/12/17Valkenswaard Father
Marr. 1965/07/09ValskenswaardMarriage:  
Born 1943/03/09Valkenswaard Maria Louisa VEREIJKEN
Daughter of Adrianus Marinus Vereijken, grondwerker (1924), born 1900/08/26 Beek en Donk, died 1976/12/09 in Helmond, married 1924/02/09 in Helmond Henrietta Johanna Dikman, fabrieksarbeidster (1924), born 1903/12/13 in Ambt-Doetinchem, died 1996/04/09 in Helmond.
   1 Catharina Petronella Jacoba   
   2 Monique Wilhelmina Maria   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1945/07/20Valkenswaard EH.2.13-8.1.5-3 Francisca Catharina Cornelia VALKENBURG   Father
   W.W.C. JANSEN   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1950/01/16Valkenswaard EH.2.13-8.1.5-4 Henricus Johannes Wilhelmus Cornelis VALKENBURG   Father
   M.M.D. van de WILDENBERG   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1909/01/26Valkenswaard EH.2.13-8.1.6 Martinus Antonius VALKENBURG
Profession: Smid (1934), hoefsmid.
Died 1981/03/23
Bur. 1981/03/26
Marr. 1934/04/30Dommelen (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1908/06/07Dommelen (NB) Elisabeth Cornelia BIEMANS
Confession: RK.
Daughter of Hendricus Biemans, landbouwer (1902), bierbrouwersknecht (1908), landbouwer (1934), born 1872/06/22 in Bakel en Milheeze, died 1957/01/27 in Valkenswaard, married 1902/02/01 in Heeze (NB) Helena Maria van Gerwen, born 1881/10/26 in Heeze (NB), died 1917/08/20 in Dommelen (NB).
Died 1968/04/23Eindhoven
Born 1935/06/19Valkenswaard 1 Maria Catharina Helena   Marriage
Born 1937/05/06Valkenswaard 2 Catharina Maria Elisabeth   Marriage
Born 1940/07/18Valkenswaard 3 Jan Wilhelmus Henricus   Marriage
Born 1941/11/06Valkenswaard 4 Henricus Adrianus Martinus   Marriage
Born 1943/07/16Valkenswaard 5 Johanna Petronella Cornelia   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1935/06/19Valkenswaard EH.2.13-8.1.6-1 Maria Catharina Helena VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1961/10/27ValkenswaardMarriage:  
Born 1934/09/11Veldhoven Ludovicus Johannes Cornelus Maria VERWIMP
Valkenswaard 1961/10/28: Married in church. Profession: Directeur groothandel in rijwielen en onderdelen.
Son of Johannes Verwimp, medewerker textielfabriek, born 1906/10/28 in Veldhoven en Meerveldhoven, married 1930/05/02 in Veldhoven Francisca Cornelia Dingen, born 1909/07/31 in Meerveldhoven.
Born 1964/07/09Eindhoven 1 Johannes Martinus Cornelis Maria VERWIMP
Profession: Algemeen en financieel directeur groothandel in rijwielen en onderdelen (-2005).
Valkenswaard 1989/06/30: Married Regina Johanna de Koning, secretaresse, born 1968/03/31 in Eindhoven, daughter of Johannes Gerardus de Koning, personeelsfunctionaris DAF, born 1937/05/04 in Mierlo, married 1965/09/30 in Eindhoven, divorced 1989/02/01 Regina Maria Antonia van de Laar, taxichauffeur, born 1942/09/12 in Eindhoven.
Veldhoven 1997/11/21: Born Laura Regina Johanna Maria Verwimp.
Veldhoven 2001/01/10: Born Maartje Johanna Antonia Maria Verwimp.
Born 1968/06/22Eindhoven 2 Martinus Wilhelmus Johannes Elisabeth VERWIMP
Profession: Directeur groothandel in rijwielen en onderdelen.
Born 1972/10/22Eindhoven 3 Ludovicus Franciscus Catharine Henricus VERWIMP
Profession: Directeur groothandel in rijwielen en onderdelen.
Valkenswaard 1995/01/06: Married Trudy Aalst, secretaresse, born 1972/11/13.
Valkenswaard 1999/12/16: Born Janneke Verwimp.
Valkenswaard 2002/12/07: Born Daantje Verwimp.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1937/05/06Valkenswaard EH.2.13-8.1.6-2 Catharina Maria Elisabeth VALKENBURG Died 2006/10/17
Bur. 2006/10/21
Marr. 1964/05/01ValkenswaardMarriage:  
Born 1937/06/25Vught Cornelis de BEVER
Profession: Metaalbewerker.
Son of Adrianus Joannes de Bever, metselaar (1925), born 1897/11/12 in Tilburg, died 1953/08/24 in Vught, married 1925/05/18 in Tilburg Henrica Wels, born 1899/02/11 's-Hertogenbosch, died 1975/06/17.
Died >2006/10/17 
  Children: None.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1940/07/18Valkenswaard EH.2.13-8.1.6-3 Jan Wilhelmus Henricus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Kantoorbediende Philips NV, Eindhoven.
Died 1986/07/23
Bur. 1986/07/28
Son en Breugel
Son en Breugel
Marr. 1967/11/03OisterwijkMarriage:  
Born 1941/04/01Oisterwijk Anna Henrica Maria LAPIEN
Daughter of Kees Lapien, huisschilder, born 1907/07/06 in Oisterwijk, died 1974/05/10 in Oisterwijk, married 1932/09/13 in Oisterwijk Maria Schilders, born 1909/12/03 in Oisterwijk, died 1989/09/22 in Oisterwijk.
Died >1986/07/23 
Born 1969/10/19Son en Breugel 1 Jan Wilhelmus Martinus Cornelis
Profession: Fysiotherapeut.
Born 1973/05/27Eindhoven 2 Frank Cornelis Martinus   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1973/05/27Eindhoven EH.2.13-8.1.6-3.2 Frank Cornelis Martinus VALKENBURG
Profession: Aktiviteitenbegeleider verslaafdenzorg.
Marr. 2000/07/18Son en BreugelMarriage:  
Born 1973/02/21Stiphout (Helmond) Peggy Maria Betsie STRIJBOSCH
Profession: Verpleegkundige.
Daughter of Johannes Jozefus Hendrikes Maria Strijbosch, militair born 1947/07/31 in Helmond, married 1969/05/16 in Stiphout (NB) Maria Gerarda Petronella Klomp, born 1947/09/02 in Helmond.
Born 2002/03/17Eindhoven 1 Tamara Maria Anna  
Born 2004/11/12Eindhoven 2 Lisa Peggy Inge  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1941/11/06Valkenswaard EH.2.13-8.1.6-4 Henricus Adrianus Martinus VALKENBURG
Profession: Docent Technisch Construeren TH Eindhoven.
Marr. 1967/11/08ValkenswaardMarriage:  
Born 1943/02/28Valkenswaard Maria Theodora B.C. HOEVENAARS
Confession: RK. Profession: Winkelbediende.
Daughter of August Jacobus Hoevenaars, bakker, kruidenier, born 1908/11/14, died 1997/10/02 in Valkenswaard, buried 1997/10/06 in Valkenswaard, married Bernardina Gerarda Cornelia van Herk, born 1909/07/04 in Dommelen, died 1999/08/29 in Valkenswaard.
Born 1973/03/21Eindhoven 1 Martinus August   Marriage
Born 1975/08/06Eindhoven 2 Koen Henricus Maria   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1973/03/21Eindhoven EH.2.13-8.1.6-4.1 Martinus August VALKENBURG
Profession: Metaalbewerker.
Born 19Q3 Marieke

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1975/08/06Eindhoven EH.2.13-8.1.6-4.2 Koen Henricus Maria VALKENBURG
Profession: Commercieel manager.
Marr. 2004/01/30ValkenswaardMarriage:  
Born 1975/02/17Valkenswaard Debbie T.P. GUBBELS
Profession: Lerares verzorging en gezondheid voor gehandicapten, verpleegkundige.
Daughter of Wim Gubbels, technisch medewerker, born 19xx in Leende, married Petra, born 19xx in Luiksgestel.
Born 2004/12/27Valkenswaard 1 Daan  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1943/07/16Valkenswaard EH.2.13-8.1.6-5 Johanna Petronella Cornelia VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Medewerkster administratie Handelsonderneming Louis Verwimp B.V.
Died 2002/08/17
Marr. 1969/11/28ValkenswaardMarriage:  
Born 1945/01/30Valkenswaard Evert de JONG
Profession: Projectleider Philips NV.
Son of Meindert de Jong, chauffeur, born 1909/07/31 in Assen, died 1994/07/14 in Veldhoven, married 1941/01/02 in Valkenswaard Adriana Cornelia Stouten, born 1915/05/02 in Kerkwerve (Ze), died 2005/11/14 in Valkenswaard
Died 2015/12/25
Heeze-Leende (NB)
Born 1972/12/29Valkenswaard 1 Elisabeth Cornelia de JONG
Profession: Medewerkster bloedinzameling bloedbank.
Valkenswaard 1998/08/28: Married Erik Theodoor Jan Janknegt, technisch verkoper, born 1968/01/03 in Zaandam, son of Theo Janknegt, administratief medewerker, born 1938/12/28 in Amsterdam, died 2004/03/06 in Heemskerk, married 1964/04/10 in Amsterdam Dini Maria Cornelia Burgerhart, born 1943/01/01 in Amsterdam, died 2006/08/15 in Beverwijk.
Leende (NB) 2000/03/19: Born Thimo Theodoor Everhard Janknegt.
Leende (NB) 2003/04/10: Born Jarno Johannes Petrus Cornelis Janknegt.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1911/03/08Valkenswaard EH.2.13-8.1.7 Johannes Henricus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Chauffeur (1936), monteur.
Died 1998/03/04Valkenswaard Father
Marr. 1936/08/08ValkenswaardMarriage:  
Born 1911/08/19Valkenswaard Petronella van NUNEN
Daughter of Albertus Gerardus van Nunen, sigarenmaker (1903, 1911), sigarensorteerder (1936), born 1877/01/07 in Valkenswaard, died 1948/05/31 in Valkenswaard, married 1903/02/16 in Valkenswaard Petronella van Gerwen, sigarenmaakster (1903), born 1878/12/14 in Valkenswaard, died >1948/05/31.
Died 1997/03/13Veldhoven
Born 1937/07/03Valkenswaard 1 Catharina Petronella Anna   Marriage
Born 1939/03/26Valkenswaard 2 Petronella Catharina Hendrika   Marriage
Born 1943/04/08Valkenswaard 3 Wilhelmina Maria   Marriage
Born 1945/09/07Valkenswaard 4 Albertina Petronella Anna   Marriage
Born 1947/11/14Valkenswaard 5 Johanna Maria Martina   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1937/07/03Valkenswaard EH.2.13-8.1.7-1 Catharina Petronella Anna VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q2 J.W.C van BAKEL  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1939/03/26Valkenswaard EH.2.13-8.1.7-2 Petronella Catharina Hendrika VALKENBURG Died 2016/11/19Valkenswaard Father
Marr. 1961/06/30Valkenswaard (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1934/05/18Waalre (NB) Paulus Petronella Maria HOGERS
Son of Hendricus Hogers, metselaar (1932), born 1892/09/11 in Waalre (NB), died 1947/09/29 in Valkenswaard (NB), married 1932/06/11 in Valkenswaard (NB) Regina Catharina Cornelia van den Heuvel, born 1904/12/05 in Dommelen, died >1947/09/29.
Died 2012/03/04Eindhoven
   1 Paulus Henricus Jacobus HOGERS   
   2 Name not shown.   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1943/04/08Valkenswaard EH.2.13-8.1.7-3 Wilhelmina Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage 1:Div. yes
Born 19Q2 H. van den BRANDT  
Marr. YesMarriage 2:  
Born 19Q2 Reinier KOWARSCH  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1945/09/07Valkenswaard EH.2.13-8.1.7-4 Albertina Petronella Anna VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q2 Peter SCHIFFER  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1947/11/14Valkenswaard EH.2.13-8.1.7-5 Johanna Maria Martina VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q2 Corn. GEHOEL  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1869/02/27Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.13-8.2 Maria Hendrina VALKENBURG Died 1919/02/20Waalre (NB) Father
Marr. 1897/05/07Waalre (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1843/02/20Waalre (NB) Wilhelmus JANSEN
Profession: Pellenwever (1897), wever (1898-1901), pellenwever (1902-1907).
Son of Johannes Janssen, dienstknecht (1837), wever (1843, 1871), born and baptized 1806/03/05 in Bergeijk, died 1871/09/12 in Waalre, married 1837/06/29 in Waalre Allagundis van der Waarde, dienstmeid (1837), born and baptized 1808/09/08 in Waalre, died 1853/08/17 in Waalre.
Died 1932/06/09Waalre (NB)
Born 1898/02/26Waalre (NB) 1 Allegonda Maria JANSEN
Waalre (NB) 1931/05/20: Married Petrus Aloijsius Antonius Charmant, born ±1901 in Nijmegen, son of Henricus Charmant and Johanna van der Waarden.
Born 1899/08/25Waalre (NB) 2 Wilhelmus JANSEN Died 1899/09/21Waalre (NB)
Born 1901/05/27Waalre (NB) 3 Anna Maria JANSEN  
Born 1902/12/06Waalre (NB) 4 Joannes JANSEN Died 1904/03/11Waalre (NB)
Born 1904/04/07Waalre (NB) 5 Wilhelmina JANSEN
Waalre (NB): Married Wilhelmus Nicolaas Uitjens, born 1903/05/09 in Aalst (NB), son of Wouter Cornelus Uitjens and Bergerida Gubbels.
Born 1907/01/22Waalre (NB) 6 Stillborn son JANSEN  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1870/08/22Waalre (NB) EH.2.13-8.3 Hendrika VALKENBURG
Confession: RK
Died 1945/06/06Eindhoven Father
Marr. 1899/07/21Waalre (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1873/03/01Zeelst (Veldhoven) Hendricus DEKKERS
Profession: Wever (1899-1901), fabrieksarbeider (1903-1906), goederenpakker (1907), goederenverpakker (1908), stukgoederenopzichter (1909).
Son of Gerardus Dekkers, wever (1868, 1873, 1899, 1918), born 1843/11/02 in Zeelst, died 1918/02/05 in Venray, married 1868/10/16 in Zeelst Petronella van Exel, born 1841/06/07 in Zeelst, died 1894/06/07 in Zeelst (Veldhoven).
Died 1939/10/12Eindhoven
Born 1900/06/06Zeelst (Veldhoven, NB) 1 Gerardus Wilhelmus DEKKERS
Profession: Sigarenmaker (1929).
Eindhoven 1929/07/05: Married Johanna Goverdina van de Kerkhof, fabrieksarbeidster (1929), born 1905/09/30 in Stratum (Eindhoven), daughter of Adrianus Johannes Antonius van de Kerkhof, arbeider (1905), grondwerker (1929), born ±1878, and Maria van den Putte, born ±1882.
Born 1901/10/02Zeelst (Veldhoven, NB) 2 Wilhelmus Johannes DEKKERS
Eindhoven 1927/07/01: Married Petronella Elisabeth Everaers, born ±1902 in Weert (Li), daughter of Martinus Hubertus Everaers and Maria Margaretha Antonetta Kneepkens.
Born 1903/12/28Strijp (Eindhoven) 3 Petrus Hendrikus DEKKERS
Profession: Huisschilder (1926).
Weert (Li) 1926/10/11: Married Helena van Velzen, born ±1906 in Overpelt (Belgium), daughter of Adriaan van Velzen and Maria Catharina van Tuel.
Born 1906/02/04Strijp (Eindhoven) 4 Anna Maria DEKKERS Died 1908/07/10Strijp (Eindhoven)
Born 1907/02/08Strijp (Eindhoven) 5 Johannes Martinus DEKKERS Died 1907/05/22Strijp (Eindhoven)
Born 1908/06/04Strijp (Eindhoven) 6 Johannes Martinus DEKKERS  
Born 1909/08/20Strijp (Eindhoven) 7 Cunebertus DEKKERS
Eindhoven 1937/07/02: Married Catharina Bernardina Cornelia Klaassen, born ±1913 in Gestel (NB), daughter of Henricus Martinus Alphonsus Klaassen and Antonia van Rijsingen.
Born 1912/01/02Strijp (Eindhoven) 8 Anna Maria DEKKERS
Profession: Houtbewerkster (1939).
Eindhoven 1939/05/19: Married Petrus Jozephus Antonius Maria Vermeeren, metaalbewerker Philips (1939), born 1906/10/22 in Strijp (Eindhoven), son of Josephus Antonius Henricus Maria Vermeeren, died <1939/05/19, married Susanna Maria Peeters.
Born 1913/09/06Strijp (Eindhoven) 9 Antonius Franciscus DEKKERS
Profession: Sigarenmaker (1939, 1940).
Eindhoven 1940/11/29: Married Goverdina Johanna van de Kerkhof, fabrieksarbeidster Philips (1940), born 1915/12/24 in Stratum (Eindhoven, daughter of Adrianus Johannes Antonius van de Kerkhof, grondwerker (1940, born ±1878, and Maria van den Putte, born ±1881.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1835/08/07Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.13-9 Anna Maria VALKENBURG Died 1871/04/24Aalst (Waalre, NB) Father
Marr. 1863/04/25Aalst (Waalre, NB)Marriage:  
Born 1836/09/28Aalst (Waalre, NB) Thomas STRIJBOS
Profession: Wever (1863-1868), pellenwever (1870-1871/04/14), wever (1871/04/24-1878, 1898, 1916).
Son of Gerardus Strijbosch, wever (1822, 1836, 1847), born and baptized 1797/02/21 in Aalst, died 1847/04/17 in Aalst, married 1822/09/08 in Aalst Elisabeth Mikkers, born and baptized 1800/01/15 in Woensel, died 1870/02/17 in Aalst.
Leende 1873/01/08: Married (2) Catharina Noten, born 1844/12/07 in Leende, daughter of Peter Noten, stoelmaker (1840, 1844, 1873), stoeldraaijer (1878), born 1809/01/13 in Leende, died 1878/04/11 in Leende, married 1840/05/10 in Leende Dijmphna Mollen, baptized 1808/02/23 in Leende, died 1882/03/11 in Leende.
Died 1916/10/24Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Born 1864/01/16Aalst (Waalre, NB) 1 Gerardina Cornelia STRIJBOS Died 1870/06/07Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Born 1867/02/17Aalst (Waalre, NB) 2 Stillborn daughter STRIJBOSCH  
Born 1868/04/29Aalst (Waalre, NB) 3 Wilhelmina STRIJBOS Died 1936/02/03Waalre (NB)
Born 1870/03/14Aalst (Waalre, NB) 4 Hendrika STRIJBOS Died 1870/06/21Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Born 1871/04/14Aalst (Waalre, NB) 5 Gerardina Cornelia STRIJBOS
Aalst (Waalre) 1898/05/07: Married Petrus van Oorschot, arbeider (1898), born ±1872 in Zeelst, died >1945/12/31, son of Hendrikus van Oorschot, voerman (1898), married Johanna van den Hurk.
Died 1945/12/31Eindhoven

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1842/06/30Aalst (Waalre, NB) EH.2.13-12 Peternella VALKENBURG
Eindhoven AR 1877/04/10: Sentenced to 14 days solitary confinement because of het ten nadeele van den eigenaar verduisteren en weerloos maken van goederen, welke tot een betaald wordende arbeid en met den last om dezelve terug te geven, waren ter handgesteld.
Died 1891/06/02Stratum (Eindhoven) Father
Marr. 1867/01/12Aalst (Waalre, NB)Marriage:  
Born 1842/12/14Zesgehuchten (Geldrop) Adriaan BAKERMANS
Profession: Wever (1867-1874), arbeider (1877), wever (1879-1881), arbeider (1887-1893).
Son of Cornelis Bakermans, bouwman (1835, 1839, 1842, 1845), landbouwer (1863), born and baptized 1805/06/21 in Heeze, died 1863/03/01 in Zesgehuchten, married 1835/05/10 in Aalst Maria Sanders, landbouwster (1835), born and baptized 1807/09/22 in Westerhoven, died 1845/02/02 in Zesgehuchten.
Died 1893/07/19Stratum (Eindhoven)
Born 1868/01/18Aalst (Waalre, NB) 1 Peter Cornelis BAKERMANS
Died as Cornelus.
Died 1868/10/30Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Born 1869/09/23Aalst (Waalre, NB) 2 Cornelis BAKERMANS Died 1870/01/06Stratum (Eindhoven)
Born 1871/06/12Stratum (Eindhoven) 3 Hendrikus Josephus BAKERMANS
Profession: Fabrieksarbeider (1897, 1901), onbezoldigd rijksveldwachter (1902).
Stratum (Eindhoven) 1897/05/06: Married Rozolina Ummelen, born ±1868 in Aalst, died <1938/07/02, daughter of Theodorus Ummelen and Johanna Strijbosch.
Died 1938/07/02Eindhoven
Born 1874/06/13Stratum (Eindhoven) 4 Cornelis BAKERMANS
Profession: Sigarenmaker (1899), sigarensorteerder (1900-1901).
Died 1901/02/05Berlicum (NB)
Born 1877/01/21Stratum (Eindhoven) 5 Wilhelmus BAKERMANS
Profession: Fabrieksarbeider (1901).
Gestel (NB) 1901/04/28: Married Petronella van Bakel, sigarenmaakster (1901), born ±1874 in Sint-Oedenrode, daughter of Arnoldus van Bakel, died <1901/04/28, married Hendrina Vogels.
Born 1879/05/16Stratum (Eindhoven) 6 Maria BAKERMANS
Profession: Sigarenmaakster (1902).
Waalre 1902/10/24: Married Petrus van der Vliet, sigarenmaker (1902), born ±1878 in Zeelst, son of Leonardus van der Vliet, linnenwever (1902), married Elisabeth Louwers, died <1902/10/24.
Born 1881/06/23Stratum (Eindhoven) 7 Gerardus BAKERMANS Died 1881/10/09Stratum (Eindhoven)
Born 1887/09/05Stratum (Eindhoven) 8 Hendrika BAKERMANS Died 1889/03/06Stratum (Eindhoven)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1734/08/04
Gennep (Eindhoven)?
Aalst (Waalre, NB)
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Paulus Hendricks and Hester van Thuijl.
Aalst 1748/01/28: Witness announcement of RK marriage of Joannes Valckenburgh and Joanna Timmermans,
Aalst 1748/02/11: Witness RK marriage of Joannes Valckenburgh and Joanna Timmermans,
Aalst 1751/06/03: Witness RK baptism of Waltherus, son of Joannes Valckenburgh and Joanna Timmermans.
Aalst 1751/11/25: Witness RK baptism of Gerardus, son of Henricus Valkenborg and Joanna Couwenberg.
Heeze 1757/04/27: "Borgbrief" because of move to Heeze.
Blaarthem 1762/03/31: Witness RK baptism of Henricus, son of Walterus Brosis van Duijnhoven and Henrica Cobus van Til (other witnesses: Joannes Laurens van den Kauwenberg, Theodorus Hezemans, and Elizabetha Zuijkers).
Aalst 1770/11/07: Meter at RK baptism of Lambertus, son of Joannes Valkenburg and Maria van Dijsseldonck.
Died 1807/05/12Veldhoven Father
Ann. 1752/11/18
Marr. 1752/12/03
Aalst SB (Waalre)
Aalst SB (Waalre)
Bapt. 1730/05/12
Gennep (Eindhoven)
Stratum (Eindhoven)
Matheus van de WIEL
Aalst 1752/11/19: Marriage announcement in church, witnesses: Joannes Otten and Joannes van de Wiel.
Aalst 1752/12/03: Marriage: RK, witness: Cornelius van den Broeck.
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus van de Wiel and Aldegundis Lodewijckx. Son of Godefridus van de Wiel and Anna Hendrickx.
Aalst 1761/07/18: Witness baptism of Margarita, daughter of Joannes Valckenburgh and Joanna Joannes Arts.
Died 1785/07Knegsel (NB)
Bapt. 1754/04/04Aalst (Waalre, NB) 1 Joanna van de WIEL
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Valckenburgh and Anna van de Wiel. Profession: Spinster (1822).
Married Pieter van den Bogaerd, died >1822/11/28.
Died 1822/11/28Geldrop
Bapt. 1756/03/13Aalst (Waalre, NB) 2 Henricus van de WIEL
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Godefridus van de Wiel and Joanna Valckenburgh.
Bapt. 1759/02/10Aalst (Waalre, NB) 3 Joannes van de WIEL
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes van de Wiel and Anna Maria van der Laak. Profession: Bouwman (1843).
Married Anna Louwers, landbouwster (1846), born ±1775 in Dommelen, died 1846/04/03 in Dommelen, daughter of Cornelis Louwers and Lucia Verhoeven.
Died 1843/05/11Dommelen
Born 1765/04/07
Bapt. 1765/04/07
Geldrop (NB)
Geldrop (NB)
4 Petrus van de WIEL
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes van de Wiel and Maria Lodewijcks.
Bapt. 1768/09/07Geldrop (NB) 5 Johanna Maria van de WIEL
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes van Lishout and Christina van Lishouwt.
Married (1) Cornelus Peeters, died 1800/01/02 in Westerhoven.
Veldhoven (NB) 1817/01/17: Married (2) Johannes Elsen, linnenwever (1817), born 1759/07/10 in Steensel, died <1832/02/25, son of Johannes Elsen, died <1817/01/17 in Veldhoven (NB), married Margaretha Lathouwers, died <1817/01/17 in Veldhoven (NB).
Died 1832/02/25Veldhoven
Bapt. 1770/12/29Geldrop (NB) 6 Maria van de WIEL
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Valckenborg and Therisia van der Wiel. Profession: Dienstmaagd (1818).
Veldhoven 1818/11/13: Married Mathijs Verbugt, landbouwer (1831), baptized 1767/09/14 in Nederweert (Li), died 1831/03/24 in Veldhoven, widower of Johanna v.d. Ven, died 1812/12/25 in Veldhoven, son of Peter Verbugt, died 1806/05/31 in Meyel (Li), married 1760/07/13 in Weert Elisabeth Deelen, died 1786/12/08 in Nederweert (Li).
Died 1835/04/23Veldhoven
Bapt. 1773/02/13Westerhoven (NB) 7 Godefridus van de WIEL
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Petrus van Es and Maria van Valkenburg.
Bapt. 1775/03/11Westerhoven (NB) 8 Godefridus van de WIEL
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus van Elen and Joanna Cauwenbergh.
Bapt. 1778/01/04
Knegsel (NB)
Steensel (NB)
9 Henrica van de WIEL
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Wauters and Maria Catharina van der Sangen on behalf of Joanna Valkenburgh.
Blaarthem 1802/02/28: Married Laurentius Smulders, wever (1831), baptized 1761/02/10 in Aalst (Waalre), died 1831/02/11 in Aalst (Waalre), son of Johannis Smulders and Wilhelmina Lodewijkx.
Died 1858/02/18Waalre (NB)

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