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The Valkenburg Families

Pedigree Eupen, Belgium

Last update: 2024/04/16


The data on the parents of Johan Peter Valkenberg (1868-1948) and the parents of his father, etc. has been collected by Peter Johann Valkenberg (1930-2009). I have checked and corrected that data and added data collected by me.

Pedigree Eupen, Belgium

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 17Q1 EUP Johann FALCKENBERG  
Marr. 1725/01/11EupenMarriage:  
Born 17Q1 Catharina KÖNINGS
Also called Maria Catharina Könings (1819).
Born 1741/11/27Membach (Belgium) 1 Wilhelm   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1741/11/27Membach (Belgium) EUP.1 Wilhelm FALCKENBERG Died 1819/09/24Eupen Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 17Q2 Anna Maria RIJCK Died 1795/11/22Eupen
Born 1764/07/14Membach (Belgium) 1 Johann Josef VALCKENBOURG   Marriage
Born ±1767Eupen 2 Maria Catharina VALKENBERG Died 1819/08/19Eupen
Born ±1771Membach (Belgium) 3 Barbara VALKENBERG Died 1841/07/08Eupen
Born ±1787Membach (Belgium) 4 Wilhelm VALKENBERG Died 1858/06/09Eupen

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1764/07/14Membach (Belgium) EUP.1.1 Johann Josef VALCKENBOURG
Also called Johann (1838, 1845, 1854) and Joseph (1841). Profession: Cultivateur (1806-1809), Weber (1819).
Died 1845/06/25Eupen Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 1765/06/11Membach (Belgium) Maria Helena LINDENLAUF
Also called Helena (1838, 1845, 1848, 1854).
Daughter of Nicolas Joseph Lindenlauf, died <1819/01/19, married Anne Elisabeth Philips, died <1819/01/19.
Died 1819/01/19Kettenis (Belgium)
Born 1791/03/25Membach (Belgium) 1 Thomas Benedict VALKENBOURG   Marriage
Born ±1794Membach (Belgium) 2 Wilhelm FALKENBERG   Marriage
Born ±1798Membach (Belgium) 3 Elisabeth VALKENBERG Died 1854/01/11Eupen
Born 1802/06/22Membach (Belgium) 4 Nicolas Joseph VALKENBOURG   Marriage
Born 1804/06/03Kettenis (Belgium) 5 Anne Marie FALCKENBERG   Marriage
Born 1806/09/19Kettenis (Belgium) 6 Jean Joseph Died 1836/04/03Eupen
Born 1809/03/22Kettenis (Belgium) 7 Marie Helène   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1791/03/25Membach (Belgium) EUP.1.1-1 Thomas Benedict VALKENBOURG
Profession: Weber (1818-1848).
Died 1848/08/10Eupen Father
Marr. 1819/06/09EupenMarriage 1:  
Born 1800/09/02Eupen Maria Catharina HIEP
Also called Catharina (1827, 1830, 1835), Anna Catharina (1832), Catharina Hieb (1837), Catharina Hiep (1857), Catharine Hib (1858). Profession: Weber (1819), Weber (1827-1835).
Daughter of Peter Hieb, Tuchscherer (1816), born ±1761 in Eupen, died 1816/04/22 in Eupen, married Anna Catharina Voss, born ±1761 in Eupen, died 1816/01/19 in Eupen.
Died 1837/01/05Eupen
Born 1819/10/29Eupen 1 Johan Peter   Marriage
Born 1822/01/31Eupen 2 Helena Catharina FALCKENBURG   Marriage
Born 1824/10/21Eupen 3 Wilhelm VALCKENBURG   Marriage
Born 1827/10/20Eupen 4 Johanna Catharina FALKENBURG Died 1855/03/18Eupen
Born 1830/09/19Eupen 5 Heinrich VALKENBERG  
Born 1833/06/09Eupen 6 Maria Christina
Also called Christine Falkenberg (1857).
Died 1857/02/19Eupen
Born 1835/03/29Eupen 7 Franz Joseph
Also called Joseph Falkenburg (1858). Profession: Tisserand (1858).
Died 1858/11/25Verviers (Belgium)
Marr. 1838/11/27EupenMarriage 2:  
Born ±1797Eupen Anna Catharina WILLEMS
Widow of Mathias Köttgen.
Daughter of Wilhelm Willems, died <1838/11/27, married Gertrud Breuer, died <1838/11/27.
Died <1848/08/10 

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1819/10/29Eupen EUP.1.1-1.1 Johann Peter VALKENBERG
Profession: Weber (1848-1872, 1882).
Died 1893/01/12Eupen Father
Marr. 1857/04/18EupenMarriage:  
Born 1826/07/21Eupen Maria Catharina KRÖNER
Daughter of Heinrich Egidius Kröner, born ±1798, died 1851/09/03 in Eupen, married Johanna Keller, born ±1792 in Aachen (Germany), died 1851/10/16 in Eupen.
Died 1882/05/11Eupen
Born 1857/08/05Eupen 1 Johann Peter FALKENBERG   Marriage
Born 1859/02/07Eupen 2 Stillborn daughter FALKENBERG  
Born 1861/10/18Eupen 3 Johann Hubert   Marriage
Born 1864/02/09Eupen 4 Maria Hubertina FALKENBERG Died 1864/12/30Eupen
Born 1867/04/28Eupen 5 Johann Hubert Egidius FALKENBERG   Marriage
Born 1871/07/19Eupen 6 Maria Sibilla FALKENBERG Died 1872/06/29Eupen

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1857/08/05Eupen EUP.1.1-1.1.1 Johann Peter FALKENBERG
Profession: Weber (1882-1887).
Died 1927/04/09Eupen Father
Marr. 1882/05/23EupenMarriage:  
Born 1855/12/21Eupen Gertrud BRAGARD
Daughter of Johann Peter Bragard, Weber (1842, 1855, 1882), born 1816/10/14 in Membach (Eupen), died 1875/09/17 in Eupen, married 1842/03/25 in Eupen Maria Elisabeth Kremer, born 1818/07/11 in Eupen, died 1900/02/22.
Died 1920/04/05Eupen
Born 1883/07/08Eupen 1 Johann Peter Died 1884/01/07Eupen
Born 1885/01/16Eupen 2 Johann Mathias   Marriage
Born 1886/04/15Eupen 3 Maria Sibilla   Marriage
Born 1887/09/02Eupen 4 Maria Elisabeth Died 1915/08/11Eupen
Born 1889/11/22Eupen 5 Maria Margaretha  
Born 1891/12/04Eupen 6 Wilhelm Peter Joseph   Marriage
Born 1893/10/04Eupen 7 Maria Catharina Died 1956/02/06Eupen
Born 1895/03/29Eupen 8 Johann Peter   Marriage
Born 1898/03/09Eupen 9 Maria Theresia   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1885/01/16Eupen EUP.1.1-1.1.1-2 Johann Mathias FALKENBERG Died 1963/12/30Eupen Father
Marr. 1912/05/14EupenMarriage:  
Born 1887/09/21Eupen Anna Maria MIESSEN
Daughter of Johann Hubert Miessen, Weber (1882), born 1853/10/23 in Eupen, married 1882/04/27 Eupen Maria Catharina Tossaint, Weberin (1882), born 1852/09/25 in Eupen, died 1944/08/13 in Eupen.
Died 1952/11/21Eupen

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1886/04/15Eupen EUP.1.1-1.1.1-3 Maria Sibilla FALKENBERG   Father
Marr. 1911/10/20EupenMarriage:  
Born 1882/11/21Eupen Gottfried WILD
Son of Johann Hubert Wild, Maschinenputzer (1882), died 1902/02/07 in Eupen, married Anna Maria Herpers.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1891/12/04Eupen EUP.1.1-1.1.1-6 Wilhelm Peter Joseph FALKENBERG   Father
Marr. 1920/05/21EupenMarriage:  
Born 1893/05/07Eupen Maria Josepha Franzisca LEROY  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1895/03/29Eupen EUP.1.1-1.1.1-8 Johann Peter FALKENBERG Died 1965/11/29Eupen Father
   Susanna MEYER   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1898/03/09Eupen EUP.1.1-1.1.1-9 Maria Theresia FALKENBERG   Father
   Johann Hubert GODESAR   
  Children: Seven.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1861/10/18Eupen EUP.1.1-1.1.3 Johann Hubert VALKENBERG
Profession: Machinensteller (1888), Webermeister (1889), Machinensteller (1891-1896).
Died 1929/03/01Eupen Father
Marr. 1888/05/12EupenMarriage:  
Born 1859/02/08Eupen Maria Sibilla DÜRNHOLZ
Profession: Weberin.
Daughter of Johann Heinrich Dürnholz, Weber (1844), Fuhrmann (1864), born 1818/03/23 in Eupen, died 1864/03/12 in Eupen, married 1844/04/24 in Eupen Maria Theresia Krafft, Fabrikarbeiterin (1844), born 1820/04/09 in Eupen, died 1896/12/17 in Eupen.
Died 1940/03/21Eupen
Born 1889/03/08Eupen 1 Hubert Heinrich Peter   Marriage
Born 1891/01/16Eupen 2 Maria Christina   Marriage
Born 1892/07/28Eupen 3 Heinrich Egidius Died 1901/10/25Eupen
Born 1894/06/04Eupen 4 Quirinus Caspar   Marriage
Born 1896/09/02Eupen 5 Johann  
Born 1898/03/21Eupen 6 Anna Catharina Josephina   Marriage
Born 1900/11/27Eupen 7 Gertrud Maria   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1889/03/08Eupen EUP.1.1-1.1.3-1 Hubert Heinrich Peter VALKENBERG Died 1959/03/23Eupen Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 1891/04/10Eupen Maria Elisabeth WOLTER
Daughter of Jacob Wolter, born 1860/06/03 in Eupen, died 1891/02/18 in Herbesthal (Belgium), married 1890/05/07 in Eupen Maria Magdalena Wintgens, born 1863/06/06 in Eupen, died 1923/08/26 in Eupen.
Died 1979/04/06Eupen

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1891/01/16Eupen EUP.1.1-1.1.3-2 Maria Christina VALKENBERG Died 1963/06/11Eupen Father
   Peter Paul LUDWIGS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1894/06/04Eupen EUP.1.1-1.1.3-4 Quirinus Kaspar VALKENBERG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
   Anna Maria Dorothea MAEKER  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1898/03/21Eupen EUP.1.1-1.1.3-6 Anna Catharina Josephina VALKENBERG Died 1983/08/22Eupen Father
Marriage 1:
   Andreas BOUVET   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1900/11/27Eupen EUP.1.1-1.1.3-7 Gertrud Maria VALKENBERG Died 1982/02/06Eupen Father
   Mathias MOCKEL   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1867/04/28Eupen EUP.1.1-1.1.5 Johann Hubert Egidius FALKENBERG
Profession: Schneidermeister (1894-1898), Schneider (1899, 1908).
Died 1920/12/28Eupen Father
Marr. 1894/05/17EupenMarriage:  
Born 1866/05/03Eupen Maria Catharina BIRNBAUM
Daughter of Johann Michael Birnbaum, Schuster, born 1838/08/15 in Eupen, died 1906/04/28 in Eupen, married 1865/06/09 in Eupen Maria Christina Hubertina Hockel, Weberin (1865), born 1841/04/05 in Eupen, died 1904/11/28 in Eupen.
Died 1908/11/28Eupen
Born 1895/04/03Eupen 1 Maria Hubertine Died 1953/10/07Eupen
Born 1897/02/18Eupen 2 Sibilla Catharina Died 1897/03/13Eupen
Born 1898/02/05Eupen 3 Hubert Egidius   Marriage
Born 1899/08/05Eupen 4 Caspar Johann  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1898/02/05Eupen EUP.1.1-1.1.5-3 Hubert Egidius FALKENBERG Died 1954/04/05Eupen Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 1902/12/26Eupen Barbara Juliana TILLMANNS
1930/01/31: Married RK.
Daughter of Nicolaus Wilhelm Tillmanns, Waldarbeiter, born 1867/06/03 in Eupen, married 1900/08/21 in Eupen Anna Maria Kirch, born 1873/06/22 in Eupen, died 1954/06/13 in Eupen.
Died 1978/07/09Eupen
   1 Wilhelm   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1822/01/31Eupen EUP.1.1-1.2 Helena Catharina FALKENBURG Died 1861/12/07Eupen Father
Marr. 1848/05/18EupenMarriage:  
Born 1821/12/17Eupen Franz GERRETS
Son of Johann Anton Gerrets, Weber, baptized 1791/04/21 in Eupen, died 1860/10/15 in Eupen, married 1816/09/11 in Eupen Anna Catharina Goldhausen, born ±1794 in Aachen (Germany), died 1850/03/13 in Eupen.
Died 1897/12/10Eupen
Born 1850/05/16Eupen 1 Maria Louise GERRETS
Eupen 1890/10/28: Married Johann Jacob Kremer, Weber, born 1852/12/02 in Kettenis (Eupen), died 1928/08/31 in Eupen, son of Joseph Kremer, Weber, born 1824/03/04 in Kettenis (Eupen), died 1895/07/05, married Maria Josephine Christen.
Born 1851/11/19Eupen 2 Wilhelm GERRETS  
Born 1854/06/03Eupen 3 Johanna GERRATS
Eupen 1877/06/16: Married Hermann Levieux, Tagelöhner, Gerber, born 1851/06/11 in Eupen, son of Ludwig Levieux, born 1825/09/13 in Eupen, married 1848/09/16 in Eupen Margaretha Cremer, born 1827/12/30 in Eupen, died 1912/08/07 in Eupen.
Born 1859/07/03Eupen 4 Johann Peter GERHARDS
Profession: Fabrikarbeiter (1909).
Eupen 1901/08/05: Married Maria Magdalena Wintgens, born 1863/06/06 in Eupen, died 1923/08/26 in Eupen, daughter of Johann Heinrich Wintgens, Weber (1858, 1863), born 1820/12/29 in Eupen, died 1872/04/11 in Eupen, married 1858/04/29 in Eupen Anna Elisabeth Konrads, born 1824/11/10 in Hergenrath (Belgium).
Died 1909/05/28Eupen

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1824/10/21Eupen EUP.1.1-1.3 Wilhelm VALCKENBERG
Profession: Tisserand (1858), Weber (1866-1892).
Died 1892/01/27Eupen Father
Marr. 1866/09/29EupenMarriage:  
Born 1831/02/12Eupen Isabella WILLEMS
Daughter of Peter Willems, Farbknecht (1824, 1831, 1851), born ±1800 in Eupen, died 1851/06/28 in Eupen, married 1824/09/09 in Eupen Anna Elisabeth Doran, born 1804/08/12 in Eupen, died 1848/02/04 in Eupen.
Died 1902/09/10Eupen
Born 1867/03/08Eupen 1 Peter Wilhelm VALKENBERG
Born 07:00.
Died 1867/04/17Eupen
Born 1867/03/08Eupen 2 Franz Friedrich VALKENBERG
Born 07:14.
Died 1867/04/09Eupen
Born 1867/03/08Eupen 3 Benedict Leopold VALKENBERG
Born 07:30.
Died 1867/03/17Eupen
Born 1868/08/30Eupen 4 Johann Peter VALKENBERG
Born 07:00.
Born 1868/08/30Eupen 5 Heinrich VALKENBERG
Born 07:xx.
Died 1869/08/07Eupen
Born 1873/09/29Eupen 6 Maria Catharina VALKENBERG   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1868/08/30Eupen EUP.1.1-1.3.4 Johann Peter VALKENBERG
Confession: RK. Profession: Lakenwever (1897), fabriekswerker (1923), venter (1929), wever (1933, 1946).
Died 1948/07/03
Aachen (Germany)
Aachen (Germany)
Marr. 1894Marriage:  
Born 1867/08/17Laurensberg (Germany) Gertrud BONTJES
Confession: RK.
Daughter of Hubertus Bontjes, born 1823/01/26 in Gorinchem (ZH), died <1911/03/31, married 1859/06/16 in Gulpen (Li) Maria Ida Hubertina Mans, born 1824/02/15 in Vaals (Li), died 1911/03/31 in Vaals (Li).
Died 1931/02/10Vaals (Li)
  Children: 9 children of which 3 died <1931/02/10.
Born 1897/08/19Vaals (Li) 1 Maria Catharina Gertruid   Marriage
Born 1898/12/18Vaalserquartier (Germany) 2 Isabella Gertrud   Marriage
Born 1902/01/11Laurensberg (Germany) 3 Anna Josefine   Marriage
Born 1903/07/14Laurensberg (Germany) 4 Hubert Alexander   Marriage
Born 1906/02/02Vaals (Li) 5 Maria Gertruid   Marriage
Born 1907/09/08Vaals (Li) 6 Theodoor   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1897/08/19Vaals (Li) EUP.1.1-1.3.4-1 Maria Catharina Gertruid VALKENBERG
Profession: Stopster (1918), dienstbode (1920), stopster (1922), fabriekswerkster (1923).
Tilburg 1932/05/17: Suspected of theft.
Died 1951/08/21Tilburg (NB) Father
Marr. NoMarriage 1:  
   Name unknown.  
Born ±1920/05Aachen (Germany) 1 Isabella Gertrud Died 1920/07/27Vaals (Li)
Marr. 1923/02/07Tilburg (NB)Marriage 2:  
Born 1886/02/19Venlo (Li) Johannes Arnoldus van LOON
Profession: Hulparbeider, opperman (1923, 1926, 1938) bouwbedrijf.
Son of Adrianus Jacobus van Loon, dagloner (1878), arbeider (1886), stoker (1893), spoorbeambte (1895, 1896), arbeider (1901), stoker (1904, 1915), born 1850/09/28 in 's-Hertogenbosch, died 1937/03/22 in Tilburg (NB), married 1878/02/19 in Venlo (Li) Maria Christina Merison, born 1854/11/05 in Venlo (Li), died 1926/01/20 in Tilburg (NB).
Died 1975/09/05Tilburg (NB)
Born 1922/04/13Heerlen (Li) 2 Hendrikus Andreas
Tilburg 1923/02/07: Legitimated.
1956/09/11: Married A.J. Otten.
Born 1923/07/13Tilburg (NB) 3 Maria Christina van LOON
Tilburg (NB) 1946/05/01: Married Cornelis Henricus Michaël Elands, arbeider (1917), spinner (1946), born 1917/04/20 in Tilburg (NB), son of Wilhelmus Leonardus Elands, arbeider (1946), born ±1884, married Josepha Maria Smeulders, born ±1886.
Died 1971/08/17Tilburg (NB)
Born 1924/12/31Tilburg (NB) 4 Gertruda Maria Isabella van LOON
Tilburg (NB) 1948/05/22: Married Leonardus Reijven, managed Edmonton YMCA health club, carpenter, born 1922/10/24 in Tilburg (NB), died 2008/08/13 in North Vancouver City (Britsh Columbia, Canada), son of Joseph Ludovicus Maria Reijven, timmerman (1912), born 1888/07/02 in Tilburg (NB), died 1966/09/26 in Udenhout (NB), married 1912/05/22 in Tilburg Christina Elands, dienstbode (1912), born 1887/11/22 in Gilze en Reijen (NB) (NB Registered as son Christoffel, changed to daughter Christina 1905/11/17 by Breda RB), died 1971 in Tilburg (NB).
Tilburg (NB) 1950/02/23: Born Christina Maria Reijven, licensed real estate agent, married Kenneth Alexander Halldorson (Children: Kirsten Sarah Alexander, born 1977/12/03 in Edmonton (Canada); Danika Martina, born 1979/01/13 in Edmonton (Canada)), married Donald William Elliott, born 1942/10/20 in Edmonton (Canada), died 2010/10/16 in Metro Vancouver (Canada).
Tilburg (NB) 1951/06/05: Born Anna Maria Martina Reijven, married John Paul Forney, major Canadian Forces (Children: Gina Monique; Joseph Paul).
Tilburg (NB) 1952/09/13: Born Eduardus Maria L. Reijven, married Charlotte Repka (Child: Kelly E. Reyven).
Rotterdam 1959/04/27: Boarded SS Groote Beer for emigration to Canada via Montreal. The family name was Anglicized to Reyven.
Edmonton (Canada) 1964/06/16: Born Joseph Leonard Reyven, auto shop manager, married Anna-Lee Cisar.
Died 2013/02/16North Vancouver District (Canada)
Born 1927/09/08Tilburg (NB) 5 Adrianus Jacobus van LOON
1957/05/07: Married J.P.T. van Helderen.
Born 1935/02/14Tilburg (NB) 6 Johannes Arnoldus Maria van LOON Died 1938/09/16Utrecht
Born 1940/12/03Vaals (Li) 7 Hubert Alexander van LOON
Profession: Technician, making prescription eyeglasses (Imperial Optical).
1959/05/27: Emigrated to Canada on SS Groote Beer via Montreal.
Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) 1966/05/04: Married Joan Alice Curwin Robertson, receptionist and secretarial work (Imperial Optical), born 1924/07/05 in West Kensington (South Fulham, London county, UK), died 1995/05/03 in Edmonton (Alberta, Canada), daughter of Kenneth McIntosh Robertson, 'adventurer', born ±1901, died ±1931/07 in Congo, married Rosalind Sewell, died in Edmonton (Alberta, Canada).
Died 2011/02Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1898/12/18Vaalserquartier (Germany) EUP.1.1-1.3.4-2 Isabella Gertrud VALKENBERG
Profession: Dienstbode.
1921/01/31: Registered in Amsterdam.
Died 1967/09/26
Vlissingen (Ze)
Oost-Souburg (Ze)
Marr. 1946/05/29Oost en West Souburg (Ze)Marriage 1:  
Born 1888/08/21Schoterland (Fr) Geert BAAS
Profession: Schilder (1946, 1952).
Son of Geert Baas, boereknecht(1884), arbeider (1886-1890), born 1861/09/27 in Oosterwolde (Fr), died 1890/06/22 in Sint-Johannesga (Fr), married 1884/05/04 in Schoterland (Fr) Baukje de Hei, dienstmeid (1884) born 1862/01/02 in Nieuweschoot (Fr), died 1941/02/22 in Heerlen (Li).
Died 1952/08/27Middelburg
Marr. 1958/12/19Oost en West Souburg (Ze)Marriage 2:  
Born 1898/11/13Middelburg Johannes KOREMAN
Son of Hendrikus Johannes Koreman, kleermaker (1895, 1898, 1903), born 1860/02/07 in Zierikzee (Ze), died 1903/02/02 in Middelburg, married 1895/05/15 in Middelburg Pieternella Elizabeth Wolf, born 1863/09/25 in Veere (Ze), died 1921/11/11 in Middelburg.
Died 1982/01/30

Oost-Souburg (Ze)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1902/01/11Laurensberg (Germany) EUP.1.1-1.3.4-3 Anna Josefine VALKENBERG
Confession: RK. Profession: Dienstbode (1921).
1921/01/18: Registered in Amsterdam.
Died 1965/02/21Heerlen (Li) Father
Marr. 1933/06/01Vaals (Li)Marriage:  
Born 1901/02/02Würselen (Germany) Bernhard REINDERS
Profession: Naaldenmaker (1933), blokarbeider, arbeider textielfabriek, naaldenmaker (1954).
Son of August Reinders, naaldenmaker (1933), speldenmaker (1934), born 1869/03/08 in Nieuwenhagen (Li), died 1934/10/14 in Vaals (Li), married Anna Maria Simons, born 1870/04/30 in Würselen (Germany), died 1953/12/27 in Vaals (Li).
Died 1954/10/14Vaals (Li)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1903/07/14Laurensberg (Germany) EUP.1.1-1.3.4-4 Hubert Alexander VALKENBERG
Confession: RK. Profession: Coiffeur (1929). Nationality: German. Killed (as Oberkanonnier) in action due to shell-fire.
Died 1944/07/11
Château St.Pierre (France)
Soldatenfriedhof La Cambe (Normandie, France)
Marr. 1929/11/21Vaals (Li)Marriage:  
Born 1903/09/24Vaals (Li) Johanna Maria MEESTERS
Confession: RK.
Daughter of Johan Stephaan Meesters, lakenwever (1897), wever (1929), born 1872/07/08 in Vaals (Li), died 1949/02/24 in Vaals (Li), buried in Vaals (Li), married 1897/02/25 in Vaals (Li) Maria Theresia Krill, lakenstopster (1897), born 1872/09/30 in Vaals (Li), died 1947/03/11 in Vaals (Li), buried in Vaals (Li).
Died 1976/09/06
Heerlen (Li)
Vaals (Li)
Born 1930/06/19
Bapt. 1930/06/22
Aachen (Germany)
Aachen St.Paul (Germany)
1 Peter Johann   Marriage
Born 1932/07/19
Bapt. 1932/07/21
Vaals (Li)
Vaals St.Paulus (Li)
2 Gertrud Sibilla Johanna   Marriage
Born 1937/11/08
Bapt. 1937/11/09
Heerlen (Li)
Heerlen (Li)
3 Theodoor Hubertus
Born and baptized in Heerlen Vroedvrouwschool.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1930/06/19
Bapt. 1930/06/22
Aachen (Germany)
Aachen St.Paul (Germany)
EUP.1.1-1.3.4-4.1 Peter Johann VALKENBERG
Profession: Kaufmann Angestellter.
Died 2009/07/07
Aachen (Germany)
Aachen (Germany)
Marr. 1966/01/07Aachen (Germany)Marriage:  
Born 1944/11/15
Bapt. 1944/11/19
Bollingen bei Ulm (Germany)
Bollingen bei Ulm (Germany)
Angela Helene HERMANNS
Profession: Erzieherin.
Daughter of Matthias Joseph Hermanns, Schaufenstergestalter, born 1931/10/22 in Aachen (Germany), baptized 1913/10/26 in Aachen St.Jacob (Germany), died 1988/01/28 in Aachen (Germany), buried in Aachen (Germany), married Mathilde Maria Elise Kirschgens, born 1913/06/08 in Binsfeld, died 2009/11/15 in Aachen (Germany),
Died >2009/07/07 
Born 1967/06/18
Bapt. 1967/07/12
Aachen (Germany)
Aachen St.Katharina (Germany)
1 Stephan   Marriage
Born 1968
Bapt. 1968/08/04

Aachen St.Katharina (Germany)
2 M.   Marriage
Born 1974
Bapt. 1974/02/13

Aachen Christus unser Friede (Germany)
3 M.  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1967/06/18
Bapt. 1967/07/12
Aachen (Germany)
Aachen St.Katharina (Germany)
EUP.1.1-1.3.4-4.1.1 Stephan VALKENBERG
Profession: Dipl.Phys./Syst.Analyst.
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 S. KREMER  
Born 1996Aachen (Germany) 1 M.  
Born 1998Aachen (Germany) 2 L.  
Born 2000Aachen (Germany) 3 T.  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1968
Bapt. 1968/08/04

Aachen St.Katharina (Germany)
EUP.1.1-1.3.4-4.1.2 M. VALKENBERG   Father
Marr. Aachen (Germany)Marriage:  
Born 19Q3 J. FISCHER  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1932/07/19
Bapt. 1932/07/21
Vaals (Li)
Vaals St.Paulus (Li)
EUP.1.1-1.3.4-4.2 Gertrud Sibilla Johanna VALKENBERG Died 2001Aachen (Germany) Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 1928/04/27Aachen (Germany) Josef FLECKEN
Profession: Kraftfahrer.
Died 1989/05/28 
Born 19Q3 1 Hanni FLECKEN  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1937/11/08
Bapt. 1937/11/09
Heerlen (Li)
Heerlen (Li)
EUP.1.1-1.3.4-4.3 Theodoor Hubertus VALKENBERG
Profession: Büromaschinen-Mechaniker-Meister.
Died 2023/11/20Gulpen-Wittem (Li) Father
Marriage 1:
   Martha Maria BECKER   
Marriage 2:
   Theresia Maria Josephina BRÖCHELER   
Born 1975/12/20
Heerlen (Li)
Holset (Li)
1 Rivka Marie   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1975/12/20
Heerlen (Li)
Holset (Li)
EUP.1.1-1.3.4-4.3.1 Rivka Marie VALKENBERG
Profession: Bedrijvencontactpersoon en beleidsadviseur maatschappij gemeente Vaals.
Marr. YesMarriage:  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1906/02/02Vaals (Li) EUP.1.1-1.3.4-5 Maria Gertruid VALKENBERG
Profession: Diensbode (Amsterdam).
Died 1981/10/21Heerlen (Li) Father
Marr. 1933/04/27AmsterdamMarriage:  
Born 1905/03/23Amsterdam Louis HOEKSTRA
Profession: Commies (1933), assisent directeur belastingen.
Son of Jan Hoekstra, bediende (1891), born 1866/01/25 in Arum (Fr), died 1952/09/10 in Zeist (Ut), married 1891/04/02 in Amsterdam Titia Colerus, born 1870/03/15 in Leeuwarden, died 1953/04/23 in Zeist (Ut).
Died 1953/07/16Biak (Papua, Indonesia)
   1 Jan HOEKSTRA   
   2 Gertrud Isabella HOEKSTRA   
   3 Margaretha Catharina HOEKSTRA   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1907/09/08Vaals (Li) EUP.1.1-1.3.4-6 Theodoor VALKENBERG
Profession: Coiffeur (1937), Frisör.
Died 2000  Father
Marr. 1937/04/26Vaals (Li)Marriage:  
Born 1913/01/20Vaals (Li) Maria Catharina GRÜTERS
Daughter of Heinrich Grüters, ijzerdraaier (1907), lasser (1936) born 1882/05/15 in München-Gladbach (Germany), died 1936/06/22 in Vaals (Li), married 1907/11/08 in Vaals (Li) Maria Catharina van Wersch, strijkster (1907), wasserijbezitster (1937), born 1873/01/27 in Vaals (Li), died 1948/10/22 in Vaals (Li).
Died 1996/01/02
Vaalserquartier (Germany)
Aachen (Germany)
Born 19Q2 1 Karin   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 19Q2 EUP.1.1-1.3.4-6.1 Karin VALKENBERG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q2 Josef LEROY  
Born 19Q3 1 Alexandra LEROY
Partner: Ralf Spiesecke.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1873/09/29Eupen EUP.1.1-1.3.6 Maria Catharina VALKENBERG   Father
Marr. 1900/06/15EupenMarriage:  
Born 1869/11/17Eupen Hermann Joseph REIP
Profession: Hilfsarbeiter (1900).
Son of Arnold Reip, Eisendrechsler (1868, 1869), born 1843/05/11 in Raeren (Belgium), married 1868/08/06 in Eupen Eleonora Willems, born 1845/08/19 in Eupen.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born ±1794Membach (Belgium) EUP.1.1-2 Wilhelm FALKENBERG
Also called Wilhelm Joseph (1836). Profession: Weber (1828-1832).
Died 1863/04/30Eupen Father
Marr. 1828/07/10EupenMarriage:  
Born 1797/01/08Eupen Anna Catharina HIEP
Profession: Fabrikarbeiterin (1828).
Daughter of Christian Hiep, tondeur de drap (1797), tonder (1800), born ±1765, died 1844/05/09 Eupen, married RK 1792/02/16 in Eupen Anna Gertrud Krins, died <1844/05/09.
Died 1868/12/31Eupen
Born 1830/01/20Eupen 1 Wilhelm Joseph VALKENBERG
Profession: Weber (1871).
Died 1871/04/23Eupen
Born 1832/02/29Eupen 2 Johann Joseph VALKENBERG  
Born 1836/03/01Eupen 3 Franz Joseph VALKENBERG
Profession: Priester (Maaseik; (Cuijk en Sint Agatha: 1864; Maaseik: 1867).
Died 1876/10/05Maaseik (Belgium)
Born 1838/05/03Eupen 4 Johann Mathias VALKENBERG Died 1838/05/25Eupen
Born 1842/05/19Eupen 5 Gertrud VALKENBERG  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1802/06/22Membach (Belgium) EUP.1.1-4 Nicolas Joseph VALKENBOURG
Also called Nicolas (1851). Profession: Weber (1844, 1849), Tagelöhner (1866).
Died 1872/02/20Eupen Father
Marr. 1846/06/13EupenMarriage:  
Born 1826/02/17Eupen Anna Barbara VANDERHIRTZ
Also called Maria Barbara Vandenhirtz (1861).
Daughter of Johann Leonhard Vandenhirz, Tuscherer (1825, 1826), Tagelöhner (1846, born ±1803 in Raeren, married 1825/06/30 in Eupen Maria Barbara Matton, born 1804/03/17 in Eupen, died 1846/11/02 in Eupen.
Died 1866/09/12Eupen
Born 1847/08/11Eupen 1 Stillborn daughter FALKENBERG  
Born 1849/06/23Eupen 2 Maria Catharina FALKENBERG   Marriage
Born 1851/05/10Eupen 3 Wilhelm VALKENBERG  
Born 1862/09/14Eupen 4 Stillborn son FALKENBERG  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1849/06/23Eupen EUP.1.1-4.2 Maria Catharina FALKENBERG Died 1870/09/09Eupen Father
Marr. 1869/05/08EupenMarriage:  
Born 1838/03/09Eupen Johann Heinrich SCHMITZ
Profession: Weber (1869).
Son of Wilhelm Schmitz, Weber (1838), born ±1789, married Margaretha Salm.
Died >1870/09/09 
Born 1869/07/04Eupen 1 Nicolaus Josef SCHMITZ  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1804/06/03Kettenis (Belgium) EUP.1.1-5 Johanna Maria VALKENBERG Died 1861/10/05Eupen Father
Marr. 1835/11/21EupenMarriage:  
Bapt. 1795/02/24Eupen Leonhard BOHN
Profession: Färber.
Son of Nicolas Bohn, born ±1746 in Eupen, died 1816/08/12 in Eupen, married 1788/06/23 in Eupen Maria Spinnhoff, born ±1744 in Eupen, died 1834/08/07 Eupen.
Died 1859/08/02Eupen
Born 1836/03/25Eupen 1 Maria Catharina BOHN Died 1836/03/27Eupen
Born 1837/08/15Eupen 2 Anna Maria BOHN  
Born 1839/10/21Eupen 3 Leonhard BOHN Died 1914/01/15Eupen
Born 1842/05/27Eupen 4 Maria Elisabeth BOHN Died 1845/06/14Eupen
Born 1844/09/03Eupen 5 Anna Maria BOHN Died 1916/01/14Eupen
Born 1846/07/15Eupen 6 Nicolas Joseph BOHN Died 1847/08/26Eupen
Born 1850/08/23Eupen 7 Franz BOHN  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1809/03/22Kettenis (Belgium) EUP.1.1-7 Maria Helena VALKENBERG
Profession: Fabrikarbeiterin (1834).
Died 1838/10/02Eupen Father
Marr. 1834/04/24EupenMarriage:  
Born 1806/11/27Eupen Franz HENDRICHS
Profession: Metzger (1834-1839). Metzgergesell (1841).
Son of Leonhard Hendrichs, teinturier ouvrier (1806), Maurer (1839), born ±1770 in Eupen, died 1839/03/09 in Eupen, married Maria Sibilla Dunckel, baptized 1775/08/13 in Eupen, died 1841/01/10 in Eupen.
Eupen 1839/01/17: Married (2) Helena Mostert, born 1809/08/10 in Eupen, daughter of Nicolas Mostert, boucher (1807), born ±1758 in Eupen, died 1829/02/23 in Eupen, married 1807/11/18 in Eupen Marie Elisabeth Thelen, servante (1807), born ±1781 in Walheim (Germany), died 1849/10/30 in Eupen.
Born 1834/06/11Eupen 1 Maria Sibilla HENDRICHS Died 1836/09/08Eupen
Born 1837/09/28Eupen 2 Franz HENDRICHS Died 1838/09/01Eupen

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