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The Valkenburg Families

Pedigree Heeze, Noord-Brabant

Last update: 2024/04/16


This genealogy is based on information on the marriages and children of the male Valkenburgs collected in the third quarter of the 20th century by Mr. R. van Valkenburg in the third quarter of the 20th century. I have checked and corrected the data collected by him, and added data on children unknown to him, the marriages and children of the female Valkenburgs, the parents-in-law, and replaced the single general profession by the professions as mentioned in the Burgerlijke Stand.

Pedigree Heeze, Noord-Brabant

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born ±1600 HZ Jacobus van VALCKENBORGH  
   Name unknown.  
Born ±1640 1 Joannis   Marriage
Born ±1650 2 Antonius  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born ±1640 HZ.1 Joannis Jacobi van VALCKENBORGH   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 16Q2 Elisabeth MARCILLI  
Born ±1675 1 Jacobus van VALCKENBORCH   Marriage
Bapt. 1686/08/07Aalst (NB) 2 Joannes VALCKENBORCH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Gerardus and Elisabetha Christianus.
Born 16Q4 3 Reinerus van VALCKENBORCH
Heeze 1709/03/18: Witness RK baptism of Aleidis, daughter of Jacobus van Valckenborgh and Maria Delis.
Blaarthem (NB) 1730/03/27: Witness RK baptism of Maria Elisabetha, daughter of Judocus Roelofs van Couwenberg and Aleidis Jansen van Valckenburg.
Born 16Q4 4 Joanna van VALCKENBORCH
Heeze 1704/03/07: Witness RK baptism of Joannes, son of Jacobus van Valckenborch and Maria Delis.
Aalst (NB) 1748/04/13: Witness RK baptism of Joanna, daugter of Nicolaus Leijten and Anna Rovers (other witnesses: Henricus van Valckenburg and Joanna Rijsinghe).
Aalst (NB) 1753/08/03: Witness RK baptism of Joanna, daughter of Nicolaus Leijten and Maria Roovers (other witnesses: Henricus Roovers and Maria van Berck).
Aalst (NB) 1755/10/20: Witness RK baptism of Joanna, daughter of Nicolaus Leijten and Anna Roovers (other witness: Henricus Roovers).
Aalst (NB) 1756/10/04: Witness RK baptism of Petronilla, born in Gennip, daughter of Theodorus Kauwenbergh and Dimpna van der Hijden (other witness: Adamus van der Hijden).
Aalst (NB) 1758/03/31: Witness RK baptism of Catharina, daughter of Theodorus Kauwenbergh and Arnoldina van der Heijden (other witnesses: Marcelis van der Heijden and Maria Verduijseldonck).
Blaarthem (NB) 1759/04/08: Witness RK baptism of Anna, daughter of Henricus Hendrikx Falkenburg and Joanna Geraarts Kauwenbergh (other witnesses: Petrus Kauwenbergh and Antonius Hesemans).
Aalst (NB) 1760/11/08: Witness RK baptism of Wilhelma, daughter of Theodorus Kauwenbergh and Arnolda van der Heijden (other witnesses: Geradus Kauwenbergh and Joanna van der Hijden).
Aalst (NB) 1766/05/08: Witness RK baptism of Jasper, son of Petrus Couwenbergh and Catharina Daemps (other witnesses: Wilhelmus van Grootel and Henrica Coppe).
Born ±1690 5 Hendrikus van VALCKENBORCH
Blaarthem (NB) 1745/10/16: Witness announcement RK marriage of Walterus van Duijnhoven and Henrica van Til.
Blaarthem (NB) 1745/10/31: Witness RK marriage of Walterus van Duijnhoven and Henrcia van Til.
Aalst (NB) 1748/04/13: Witness RK baptism of Joanna, daughter of Nicolaus Leijten and Anna Rovers (other witnesses: Joanna van Valckenburg and Joanna van Rijsinghe).
Blaarthem (NB) 1748/05/25: Witness RK baptism of Jacobus, son of Walterus van Duijnhoven and Henrica van Til (other witnesses: Petrus van Til and Catharina van Duijnhoven).
Blaarthem (NB) 1749/01/20: Witness baptism of Joanna, daughter of Joannes van Rijsingen and Adriana Rovers (other witnesses: Aldegundis van der Weerden and Joanna Rovers).
Born 16Q4 6 Aldegondis Joannes VALKENBURGH   Marriage
Born 16Q4 7 Elisabeth Joannes van VALCKENBORCH   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born ±1675 HZ.1.1 Jacob Janssen van VALBURGH
Heeze 1708/08/03: Witness baptism of Wilhelma, daughter of Arnoldus Aerts van Gemert and Maria Wilhelmus Capiteins (other witness: Femella Evers).
Heeze 1730: Split of inheritance.
Died 1722/01/22Heeze Father
Ann. 1699/02/19
Marr. 1699/03/08
Heeze SB
Heeze SB
Born 16Q4 Marie Deelis JANSSEN
Also called Maria Delis Gijsen (1699).
Heeze 1699/03/01: Married RK, witnesses: Joannes ..... and Geradus .....
Heeze 1730: Split of inheritance.
Died <1730 
Bapt. 1700/02/08Heeze 1 Henricus van VALCKENBORCH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Hendrix and Helena Peters.
Bapt. 1701/12/09Heeze 2 Aegidius van VALKENBORCH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Embertus Joannes Delis and Petronilla Delis.
Bapt. 1704/03/07Heeze 3 Joannes van VALCKENBORCH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Delis and Joanna Jansen van Valckenborch.
Heeze 1738/10/15: Witness RK baptism of Jacomina, daughter of Delis van Valckenborg and Elisabetha D'jooste van 't Hof.
Heeze 1740/04/07: Witness RK baptism of Johannes, son of Wilhelmus Gerardus Heius and Catharina Jacobs (other witness: Maria Gerardus Hesius).
Heeze 1740/11/25: Witness RK baptism of Jacobus, son of Henricus Jacobs van Valckenborg and Johanna Jansen.
Heeze 1746/06/24: Witness RK baptism of Jacobus, son of Henricus Jacobs van Valckenborg and Joanna Janse Cortens.
Heeze 1746/07/04: Witness RK baptism of Jacomina, daughter of Delis Jacobus van Valckenborg and Elisabetha D'jooste van 't Hof.
Heeze 1748/02/15: Witness RK baptism of Joannes son of Aegidius Jacobs van Valckenburgh and Elisabetha Josten van 't Hof.
Bapt. 1706/07/17Heeze 4 Catharina van VALCKENBORCH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Arnoldus Arnoldus van Gemert and Anna Delis.
Bapt. 1709/03/18Heeze 5 Aleidis van VALCKENBORCH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Reinerus van Valckenborch and Aleidis Eimers.
Bur. 1710/06/08Heeze
Bapt. 1712/03/01Heeze 6 Maria van VALCKENBORCH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Goosens and Aleidis Joannes van Velckenborch.
Bapt. 1715/03/28Heeze 7 Joannes van VALCKENBORCH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Delis and Elisabeth Joannes van Valckenborch.
Born 17Q1 8 Aldegondis Jacobus van VALKENBORG
NB Assumed because of patronym and baptism witnesses of her children.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1700/02/08Heeze HZ.1.1-1 Hendrick Jacobs van VALKENBURGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Hendrix and Helena Peters.
???Heeze 1725/05/25: Witness RK baptism of Joanna, daughter of Judocus Roeloffs and Aldegondis Joannes Valckenburg.
Budel (NB) 1728/10/30: Witness RK baptism of Joannes, son of Jacobus Lucas Staals and Joanna Jansen (other witnesses: Laurentius Gommers, Helena Lucas, and Petronella Beckers).
Heeze 1735/04/01: Burial of one of his children.
Heeze 1736/02/03: Witness RK baptism of Maria, daughter of Delis van Valckenborg and Elisabeta Jooste van 't Hof.
Heeze 1739/11/25: Witness RK baptism of Anna, daughter of Henricus Cortens and Johanna Peeter Nijssen (other witness: Elisabetha Janse van Deurse).
Heeze 1742/08/17: Witness RK baptism of Jacobus, son of Johannes Arnoldus Bierinx and Maria Jacobus van Valckenborg.
Heeze 1744/12/23: Witness RK baptism of Henricus, son of Rolandus van der Mijssen and Aldegondis Jacobus van Valckenborg.
Blaarthem (NB) 1756/01/09: Witness RK baptism of Maria, daugter of Walterus van Duijnhoven and Henrica van Til (other witness: Getrudis du Pon).
Heeze 1735/04/01: Burial of one of his children.
Heeze 1741/08/18: Burial of one of his children.
Heeze 1749/09/28: Witness RK marriage of Aegidius Valckenburgh and Joanna Loenardus van Hueghte.
Heeze 1751/02/02: Burial of one of his children.
Heeze 1751/12/30: Burial of one of his children.
Died 1765/12/14Heeze Father
Ann. 1723/12/31
Marr. 1724/01/16
Heeze SB
Heeze SB
Marriage 1:  
Born 17Q1 Jenneke Jansen van SOMEREN
Also called Joanna Joannes Jacobs (1723/06/14, 1725-1740).
Heeze 1724/01/16: Married RK, witnesses: Henricus Joannes van Someren and Aegidius Jacobs van Valckenborgh.
Died <1765/12/14 
Bapt. 1725/06/20Heeze 1 Jacobus van VALCKENBORCH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Aegidius Jacobs van Valckenborch and Joanna Joannes Jacobs.
Bapt. 1728/03/08Heeze 2 Joannes VALKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Petrus Aert and Catarina Jacobs van Valkenborch.
Heeze 1744/09/08: Witness RK baptism of Maria, daughter of Delis Jacobus van Valckenborg and Elisabetha D'jooste van 't Hof.
Heeze 1748/04/28: Witness RK baptism of Joannes, son of Joannes Bierens and Maria Jacobs van Valckenburgh.
Bapt. 1732/04/18Heeze 3 Petrus van VALCKENBORGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Janse Corstens and Alegunda Jacobs van Valckenborgh.
Bapt. 1735/02/08Heeze 4 Maria van VALCKENBORCH
Baptism: RK, wittnesses: Johannes Bierings and Hijltje Jacobs van Aste.
Died 1763/01/02Heeze
Bapt. 1737/06/16Heeze 5 Delis VALCKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Jacobus Staels and Anna Delis.
Bapt. 1740/11/25Heeze 6 Jacobus van VALCKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Johannes Jacobs van Valckenborg and Johanna Petrus Nijssen.
Bur. 1741/08/18Heeze
Marr. HeezeMarriage 2:  
Born 17Q1 Joanna Janse CORTENS Died >1765/12/14 
Bapt. 1743/05/22Heeze 7 Anna van VALCKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Dilis Jacobs van Valckenborg and Maria Janse Cortens.
Bapt. 1746/06/24Heeze 8 Jacobus van VALCKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Jacobs van Valckenborg and Joanna Petrus Nijssen.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1732/04/18Heeze HZ.1.1-1.3 Petrus VALCKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Janse Corstens and Alegunda Jacobs van Valckenborgh
Heeze 1753/05/11: Witness baptism of Joanna, daughter of Egidius van Valkenborgh and Joanna Leonarda van Huchten.
Heeze 1755/02/05: "Borgbrief" because of move to Wechelderzande (Belgium).
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 17Q2 Lucia HEUIJGENS  
Bapt. 1758/04/18Antwerpen St.Jacob (Belgium) 1 Aegidius
Heeze 1783/01/19: Witness RK marriage of Joannes van Asten and Anna Maria Dielis Valken.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1737/06/16Heeze HZ.1.1-1.5 Egidius VALCKENBORGH
Also called Delis (1737). Baptism: RK, witnesses: Jacobus Staels and Anna Delis.
???Antwerpen St.Joris (Belgium) 1764/08/12: Witness RK marriage of Antonius-Josephus Van der Brugghen and Maria-Anna Helaert (other witness: Joannes Lanoey).
???Antwerpen St.Jacob (Belgium) 1765/03/05: Witness RK baptism of Catharina Barbara, daughter of Henricus Josephus Vanderbrugge and Maria Anna Elart (other witness: Barbara Catharina Vandam).
Heeze 1768/09/27: Witness RK baptism of Elisabetha, daughter of Judocus Valkenborgh and Jacoba Jan Geenen.
Heeze 1781/01/14: Witness RK marriage of Joannes Valkenborg and Christian Stoffels.
Died 1801/03/06Antwerpen (Belgium) Father
Marr. YesMarriage 1:  
Bapt. 17Q2Deurne St.Willibrordus (NB) Anna Maria DENS Died <1795Antwerpen (Belgium)
  Children: First marriage:
Bapt. 1764/10/19Antwerpen St.Jacob (Belgium) 1 Joannes Franciscus  
Bapt. 1766/10/15Antwerpen St.Jacob (Belgium) 2 Petrus Josephus   Marriage
Bapt. 1769/02/05Antwerpen St.Jacob (Belgium) 3 Anna Catharina VALKENBORG   Marriage
Bapt. 1770/04/03Antwerpen St.Jacob (Belgium) 4 Anna Maria
Roosendaal (NB) 1816/03/04: Witness RK baptism of Antonius, son of Catharina Valkenborg.
Bapt. 1774/05/04Antwerpen St.Jacob (Belgium) 5 Joannes Franciscus  
Bapt. 1777/08/05Antwerpen St.Jacob (Belgium) 6 Maria Theresia
Profession: Filleuse de conton (1801).
Bapt. 1781/05/20Antwerpen St.Jacob (Belgium) 7 Joannes Baptista VALCKENBURGH  
Marr. 1795/01/13Antwerpen St.Jacob (Belgium)Marriage 2:  
Bapt. 1761/11/15Roosendaal (NB) Joanna CORRIER
Also called Joanna Crié (1761) and Anna Criée (1822, 1880).
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Lambertus Crié en Adriana Vissers. Daughter of Gaspar Crié, buried 1761/07/08 in Roosendaal (NB), married Elisabeth Toucel.
Died 1811/01/09Roosendaal (NB)
  Children: Second marriage:
Born 1796/01/05
Bapt. 1796/01/05
Antwerpen (Belgium)
Antwerpen St.Jacob (Belgium)
8 Catharina
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Serrost and Joanna Catharina Wappes.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1766/10/15Antwerpen St.Jacob (Belgium) HZ.1.1-1.5.2 Petrus Josephus VALCKENBORGH Died <1836/12/05  Father
Marr. 1789/06/14Antwerpen St.Jacob (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1762/09/13Antwerpen (Belgium) Joanna BOGIJN
Profession: Dentellière (1836).
Daughter of Corneille Bogyn and Henriette Kempeneers.
Died 1836/12/05Antwerpen (Belgium)
Bapt. 1790/09/12Antwerpen St.Jacob (Belgium) 1 Egidius Died 1793/04/13Antwerpen St.Jacob (Belgium)
Bapt. 1793/12/31Antwerpen St.Jacob (Belgium) 2 Maria   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1793/12/31Antwerpen St.Jacob (Belgium) HZ.1.1-1.5.2-2 Maria VALCKENBORGH Died 1839/02/02Antwerpen (Belgium) Father
Marr. YesMarriage 1:  
Born 17Q4 Joannes Baptista DRAET Died <1839/02/02 
Marr. YesMarriage 2:  
Born 1788/02/06Antwerpen (Belgium) Christophorus MEERLEMONT
Profession: Arbeider (1851, 1855).
Widower of Maria Dewallé, born 1792/07/08 in Antwerpen (Belgium), died 1832/08/10 in Antwerpen (Belgium), daughter of Balthazar Dewallé, died <1832/08/10, married Isabella Demoré, arbeidster (1832), born ±1762.
Son of Joannes Baptista Meerlemont and Anna Catharina Van den Bergh.
Married (3) Petronella Smeerpont, born ±1800, died >1855/07/03.
Died 1855/07/03Antwerpen (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1769/02/05Antwerpen St.Jacob (Belgium) HZ.1.1-1.5.3 Anna Catharina VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born ±1749Antwerpen (Belgium) Henrij SARHORST
Profession: Journalier (1809).
Born 1809/06/04Antwerpen (Belgium) 1 Tobie SARHORST
Profession: Tamboer (1826/04/22), fuselier (1826/06/15), fuselier 1e divisie landmacht (1831).
Died 1831/06/09Harderwijk (Ge)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1796/01/05
Bapt. 1796/01/05
Antwerpen (Belgium)
Antwerpen St.Jacob (Belgium)
HZ.1.1-1.5.8 Catharina VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Serrost and Joanna Catharina Wappes. Profession: Dienstmeid (1816), arbeidster/kantwerkster (1822), kantwerkster/winkelierster (1825), none (1851), épicière (1856), boutiquière (1866).
Died 1880/06/11Roosendaal (NB) Father
Marr. NoMarriage 1:  
   Name unknown.  
Born 1816/03/04
Bapt. 1816/03/04
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
1 Antony
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Cerosse and Anna Maria Valkenborg.
Marr. 1822/07/07Roosendaal (NB)Marriage 2:  
Bapt. 1799/03/09
Prinsenland (NB)
Dinteloord (NB)
Bernardus STEVENS
Marriage: RK. Profession: Arbeider (1822-1841).
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Petrus Otten and Gertrudis Smits. Son of Joannes Stevens, buried 1804/05/31 in Roosendaal, married Maria Otten, arbeidster (1822), born ±1775 in Roosendaal (NB), died 1822/12/20 in Roosendaal (NB).
Died 1843/10/12Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1822/09/12
Bapt. 1822/09/12
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
2 Johannes STEVENS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Johannes Stevens and Maria Otten. Profession: Fruitier (1856), épicier (1867, 1870).
Mechelen (Belgium) 1856/01/30: Married (1) Jeanne Catherine Pichal, born 1824/04/06 in Vlissingen (Ze), died 1866/08/20 in Mechelen (Belgium), daughter of Anthonius Pessal (also known as Pichal), gepensionneerd werkman van rijksmarinewerf (1849), born ±1787 in Vlissingen (Ze), died 1849/03/18 in Vlissingen (Ze), married Elisabeth Zimmerman, born ±1788.
Mechelen (Belgium) 1867/02/13: Married (2) Marie-Joséphe de Ramée, épicière (1866), born 1819/03/29 in Mechelen (Belgium), died >1870/12/15, [widow of Pierre Augustin Marien, died 1858/11/16 in Mechelen (Belgium)], daughter of Henri de Ramée, died 1855/09/12 in Mechelen (Belgium), married Marie Anne Salles, died 1838/03/16 in Mechelen (Belgium).
Died 1870/12/16Mechelen (Belgium)
Born 1825/03/19Roosendaal (NB) 3 Maria STEVENS Died 1830/01/10Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1827/11/19Roosendaal (NB) 4 Johanna STEVENS
Profession: Winkelierster. Unmarried.
Died 1911/11/06Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1829/11/07Roosendaal (NB) 5 Egidius STEVENS  
Born 1832/10/23Roosendaal (NB) 6 Marijn STEVENS
Profession: Suikerbakker (1877).
Married (1) Maria Theresia Verwimp, died <1877/02/03.
Antwerpen (Belgium) 1877/02/03: Married (2) Joanna Maria Philomena Prins, born 1836/10/23 in Antwerpen (Belgium), daughter of Petrus Josephus Prins, died <1877/02/03, married Anna Catharina Willockx.
Born 1835/05/07Roosendaal (NB) 7 Wilhelmina STEVENS  
Born 1838/12/01Roosendaal (NB) 8 Maria STEVENS  
Born 1841/02/01Roosendaal (NB) 9 Petrus STEVENS
Profession: Timmerman (1865, 1877, 1890).
Roosendaal (NB) 1865/01/11: Married (1) Dingena Doggen, winkelierster (1865), born 1839/11/16 in Wouw (NB), died 1873/02/09 in Roosendaal (NB), daughter of Jacobus Doggen, arbeider (1839), died <1873/02/09, married Catharina van der Zanden, winkelierster (1839), died <1873/02/09.
Rucphen (NB) 1877/01/30: Married (2) Clasina Aarts, born ±1851 in Rucphen (NB), died <1890/06/11, daughter of Adriaan Aarts and Adriana Mies.
Roosendaal (NB) 1890/06/11: Married (3) Johanna Adriana Jongenelen, born ±1846 in Roosendaal (NB), daughter of Pieter Jongenelen, died <1890/06/11, married Antonia Kampen, died 1890/06/11.
Died 1909/11/27Roosendaal (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1816/03/04
Bapt. 1816/03/04
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1 Antonij VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Cerosse and Anna Maria Valkenborg. Profession: Tabakskerver (1851-1854), arbeider (1855-1857), dagloner (1860/02-1860/11), arbeider (1860/12), dagloner (1863), tabakskerver (1865-1890).
Died 1903/07/14Roosendaal (NB) Mother
Marr. 1851/08/06Zierikzee (Ze)Marriage 1:  
Born 1819/07/23Zierikzee (Ze) Joanna van AAKEN
Profession: Arbeidster (1851-1857).
Daughter of Theodorus van Aaken, smid (1798, 1818), smidsknecht (1819), smid (1838), born in Fijnaart (NB), baptized RK 1767/05/15 in Standdaarbuiten (NB), died 1838/10/08 in Zierikzee (Ze), married 1818/11/28 in Zierikzee Maria van Wezemale, dienstbode (1818), born and baptized RK 1790/01/05 in Zierikzee (Ze), died 1845/02/19 in Zierikzee (Ze).
Died 1859/10/16Roosendaal (NB)
  Children: First marriage:
Born 1852/11/03Zierikzee (Ze) 1 Bernardus Died 1855/08/12Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1854/12/12Zierikzee (Ze) 2 Theodorus   Marriage
Born 1857/01/11Roosendaal (NB) 3 Bernardus Johannes Died 1860/12/29Roosendaal (NB)
Marr. 1860/02/01Roosendaal (NB)Marriage 2:  
Born 1822/10/13Roosendaal (NB) Adriana NOTENBOOM
Confession: RK. Profession: Mutsenwasster (1860).
Daughter of Cornelis Notenboom, linnenwever (1822), arbeider (1859), dagloner (1860), werkman (1869), baptized RK 1798/11/09 in Roosendaal (NB), died 1869/12/06 in Roosendaal (NB), married 1821/11/25 in Roosendaa (NB)l Adriana Sloot, baptized RK 1796/02/12 in Roosendaal (NB), died 1859/05/23 in Roosendaal (NB).
Died 1898/06/08Roosendaal (NB)
  Children: Second marriage:
Born 1860/11/10Roosendaal (NB) 4 Cornelis Johannes   Marriage
Born 1863/06/08Roosendaal (NB) 5 Petrus   Marriage
Born 1865/07/03Roosendaal (NB) 6 Johannes Adrianus   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1854/12/12Zierikzee (Ze) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2 Theodorus VALKENBURG
Profession: Timmerman (1879), timmermansknecht (1880), timmerman (1881-1919), none (1929).
Died 1929/11/26's-Gravenhage Father
Marr. 1879/05/06Roosendaal (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1856/10/17Roosendaal (NB) Geertruida Carolina van EEKELEN
Also called Geertruida Jacoba (1880, 1881, 1882, 1887-1896), 1902-1929). Profession: Dienstmeid (1879).
Daughter of Pieter van Eekelen, kleermaker (1845, 1856, 1879), pettenmaker (1894), born 1822/01/02 in Dinteloord (NB), died 1894/04/12 in Roosendaal (NB), married 1845/03/31 in Roosendaal (NB) Maria Theresia Bosmans, naaister (1845), born 1818/07/25 in Roosendaal (NB), died 1867/05/04 in Roosendaal (NB).
Died 1916/12/07Voorburg (ZH)
Born 1880/02/29Oosterhout (NB) 1 Antonius Johannes   Marriage
Born 1881/09/21Oosterhout (NB) 2 Theresia Pietronella   Marriage
Born 1882/11/30Oosterhout (NB) 3 Bernardus Cornelis   Marriage
Born 1884/11/01Princenhage (NB) 4 Petronella Adriana   Marriage
Born 1887/02/15Breda (NB) 5 Johanna Antoinetta
Confession: RK.
Born 1888/10/21Breda (NB) 6 Petronella Maria
Confession: RK. Profession: Dienstbode (1921). Unmarried.
Died 1921/09/01's-Gravenhage
Born 1890/03/01Breda (NB) 7 Catharina Johanna Died 1892/12/14Breda (NB)
Born 1892/01/06Breda (NB) 8 Godefridus Leonardus   Marriage
Born 1893/09/23Breda (NB) 9 Johannes Petrus   Marriage
Born 1896/01/19Breda (NB) 10 Catharina Johanna Wilhelmina Maria   Marriage
Born 1897/11/06's-Gravenhage 11 Karel Theodorus   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1880/02/29Oosterhout (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.1 Antonius Johannes VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Kleermaker (1902-1941).
Died 1941/09/29
Bur. 1941/10/02
Marr. 1902/10/01's-GravenhageMarriage 1:  
Born 1880/08/15Breda (NB) Anna Elisabeth STOFMEEL
Confession: RK. Profession: Dienstbode (1902).
Daughter of Wilhelmus Johannes Stofmeel, huisschilder (1879-1880, 1902-1917, 1926), born 1855/08/03 in Breda (NB), died 1926/06/13 in Breda (NB), married 1879/04/23 in Breda (NB) Johanna Geertruida Warnier, born 1860/12/06 in 's-Hertogenbosch, died 1932/11/06 in Breda (NB).
Died 1917/06/10's-Gravenhage
  Children: First marriage:
Born 1903/02/04's-Gravenhage 1 Geertruida Johanna Died 1903/04/14's-Gravenhage
Born 1904/01/25's-Gravenhage 2 Anna Elisabeth   Marriage
Born 1906/08/10's-Gravenhage 3 Antonius Theodorus Wilhelmus   Marriage
Born 1917/06/10's-Gravenhage 4 Stillborn daughter  
Marr. 1919/04/23's-GravenhageMarriage 2:  
Born 1889/02/18Amsterdam Jacoba Maria van RIJN
Confession: RK. Profession: Kostuumnaaister.
Daughter (legitimated 1898/02/16 in Amsterdam) of Karel Petrus van Rijn, sergeant smid (1898), born 1858/03/10 in Delft (ZH), died 1915/04/30 in Delft (ZH), married 1898/02/16 in Amsterdam Maria Francisca Bernardina Tops, naaister (1918), born 1866/11/04 in Deventer (Ov), died 1918/07/31 in 's-Gravenhage.
Died 1971/05/26Amsterdam
  Children: Second marriage:
Born 1920/01/24's-Gravenhage 5 Henriëtte Maria   Marriage
Born 1921/07/14's-Gravenhage 6 Antonia Johanna   Marriage
Born 1923/02/07's-Gravenhage 7 Karel   Marriage
Born 1925/06/21's-Gravenhage 8 Geertruida   Marriage
Born 1928/04/16's-Gravenhage 9 Maria Theodora   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1904/01/25's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.1-2 Anna Elisabeth VALKENBURG
Profession: Werkjuffrouw, dienstbode.
Died 1984/11/30
Crem. 1984/12/04
Rijswijk (ZH)
Marr. 1927/08/24's-GravenhageMarriage 1:  
Born 1899/05/13's-Gravenhage Johannes Petrus van den BROEK
Profession: Loodgieter (1927), gemeentewerkman, loodgieter
Son of Wilhelmus van den Broek, agent van politie (1898, 1899), born 1872/10/14 in Utrecht, died >1931/07/08, married 1898/06/08 in 's-Gravenhage Helena Geertruida van Oorschot, born 1875/01/31 in 's-Gravenhage, died 1955/11/27 in 's-Gravenhage.
Died 1967/04/09's-Gravenhage
Born 1928/01/31's-Gravenhage 1 Helena Geertruida van den BROEK  
Born 1929/04/04's-Gravenhage 2 Anna Elisabeth van den BROEK  
Born 1930/08/01's-Gravenhage 3 Antonius Johannes van den BROEK  
Born 1932/03/29's-Gravenhage 4 Johannes Petrus van den BROEK  
Born 1936/04/30's-Gravenhage 5 Wilhelmus van den BROEK  
Born 1939/01/11's-Gravenhage 6 Henry Marie van den BROEK  
   7 Theodorus Louis Maria van den BROEK   
   8 Petrus Franciscus van den BROEK   
Marr. 1969/02/26's-GravenhageMarriage 2:  
Born 1898/05/31Loosduinen (ZH) Cornelis Petrus Leonardus van ES
Profession: Warmoezier (1927), tuinder.
Widower of Catharina Johanna van der Kleij, werkster (1927), born 1900/03/07 in 's-Gravenhage, married 1923/09/12 in 's-Gravenhage, died 1964/04/13 in 's-Gravenhage, daughter of Jacobus van der Kleij, arbeider (1900), grondwerker (1927), born 1862/08/18 in Stompwijk (ZH), married 1887/09/09 in Voorburg (ZH) Johanna Jacoba van Roon, naaister (1887), born 1864/01/08 in Rijswijk (ZH).
Son of Theodorus van Es, brandersknecht (1886), arbeider (1898), warmoezier (1927), born 1851/01/29 in Wateringen (ZH), died 1929/11/23 in Loosduinen (ZH), married 1886/08/31 in Loosduinen (ZH) Cornelia Theodora van der Ark, born 1853/12/19 in Loosduinen (ZH), died 1910/02/07 in Loosduinen (ZH).
Died 1973/01/27's-Gravenhage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1906/08/10's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.1-3 Antonius Theodorus Wilhelmus VALKENBURG
Profession: Slager (1929), bloemenkoopman, uitsnijder, hulp laboratorium, portier.
Address: 1916-1930: Antwerpen (Belgium).
Amsterdam 1941/12/24: Victim of theft of his jacket on the flower market.
Amsterdam 1945/01/04: Detained because of slopen van hout uit verlaten personelen.
Died 1979/07/08Amsterdam Father
Marr. 1929/04/17AmsterdamMarriage 1:Div.Reg. 1947/09/18Amsterdam
Born 1909/01/05Amsterdam Johanna Hendrika MARCHAND
Profession: Werkster.
Daughter of Joseph Marchand, bakker (1901), broodbakker (1925, 1929), born 1878/08/20 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), married 1901/03/28 in Amsterdam Hendrika Cornelia Hoffman, born 1874/05/11 in Amsterdam, died <1929/04/17.
Amsterdam 1953/10/16: Married (2) Hendrik Daniël Tabak, agent, WA (NSB ordedienst en knokploeg vooral actief tegen Joodse burgers), born 1906/11/29 in Amsterdam, died 1987/10/21 in Amsterdam.
Died 1999/02/25Amsterdam
Born 1929/08/10Amsterdam 1 Anna Cornelia Henriëtte
Confession: NH.
Born 1930/07/30Amsterdam 2 Antonius Johannes Maria
Confession: NH.
Born 1933/06/22Amsterdam 3 Johanna
Confession: NH.
Marr. 1974/05/14AmsterdamMarriage 2:  
Born 1903/04/14Amsterdam Geertruida de BOER
Widow of Cornelis Frederik ter Veen, straatmaker (1920, 1922), born 1892/11/19 in Amsterdam, married 1920/06/10 in Amsterdam died 1922/01/21 in Amsterdam, son of Cornelis Frederik ter Veen, opperman (1890), voerman (1892), werkman (1920), born 1866/06/07 in Amsterdam, died 1937/01/06 in Amsterdam,, married 1890/06/04 in Amsterdam Adriaantje Kenbeek, werkster (1890), born 1868/03/12 in Amsterdam, died 1951/03/23 in Amsterdam.
Daughter of Geertruida de Boer, kamerverhuurster (1920), ???born 1863/01/19 in Haarlem, widow of Willem Frederik Homborg, smid (1884, 1895), born 1860/03/18 in Haarlem, married 1884/07/30 in Haarlem, died 1895/10/10 in Haarlem.
Died 1995/10/29Almere (Fl)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1929/08/10Amsterdam HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.1-3.1 Anna Cornelia Henriëtte VALKENBURG
Confession: NH.
Died 2019/08/22Haarlem Father
Marr. 1951/04/16AmsterdamMarriage:  
Born 1929/08/09Velsen (NH) Anton Gerard de BEER
Son of Gerardus de Beer, bankwerker (1919, 1928), born 1894/04/13 in Zevenhoven (ZH), died 1955/10/14 in Heemstede (NH), married 1919/01/09 in Velsen (NH) Adriana Dirkje Herweijer, born 1896/03/09 in Nieuw-Helvoet (ZH), died 1983/04/26 in IJmuiden (NH).
Died 2001/07/09Haarlem
Born 1951/11/15Amsterdam 1 Johanna Adriana de BEER  
Born 1953/05/13Amsterdam 2 Hendrik de BEER  
Born 1956/06/28Amsterdam 3 Anton de BEER  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1930/07/30Amsterdam HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.1-3.2 Antonius Johannes Maria VALKENBURG
Confession: NH. Profession: Esso pompstation, handelaar in Paradiso vouwcaravans, pompbediende.
Died 1997/04/14Heemstede (NH) Father
Marriage 1:
   Grietje de VRIES   
   1 Rolf    Marriage
Marr. 1960/08/19AmsterdamMarriage 2:  
Born 1934/12/24Amsterdam Alida Adriana KARPES
Confession: Geref. Profession: Kantoorbediende, wolwinkel.
Daughter of Martinus Hendrikus Karpes, expeditieknecht (1930), born 1909/06/23 in Roermond, married 1930/11/12 in Haarlem, divorced 1943/11/04 in Zutphen RB, registered divorce 1944/01/20 in Haarlem from Pietje Geertje Sietske Hoogerhuis, born 1909/07/10 in Utrecht.
Died in the KLM accident on Tenerife as one of the 234 passengers and 14 crew members.
Died 1977/03/27San Christobal de la Laguna (Tenerife)
Born 1960/11/19Amsterdam 2 Petronella Johanna
Died in the KLM accident on Tenerife as one of the 234 passengers and 14 crew members.
Died 1977/03/27San Christobal de la Laguna (Tenerife)
Born 1962/07/02Amsterdam 3 Johanna Petronella
Died in the KLM accident on Tenerife as one of the 234 passengers and 14 crew members.
Died 1977/03/27San Christobal de la Laguna (Tenerife)

Date City Name Date City Relation
   HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.1-3.2.1 Rolf VALKENBURG    Father
   Name unknown.   
   1 Dave   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1933/06/22Amsterdam HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.1-3.3 Johanna VALKENBURG
Profession: Onderwijzeres Openbare Bassisschool De Letterbeam.
Died 2010/11/29Weststellingwerf (Fr) Father
Marr. 1957/07/16AmsterdamMarriage:  
Born 1932/04/29Amsterdam Jan MEESTER
Profession: Lithofotograaf, graficus, kleurenfotograaf.
Son of Lute Meester, handelsreiziger (1931), magazijnbediende, born 1906/03/25 in Terwispel (Fr), died 1958/01/18 in Amsterdam, married 1931/04/08 in Amsterdam Hitje Ewouds, born 1908/02/11 in Terschelling (Fr), died 2005/03/17 in Gouda (ZH).
Died 1993/05/25Baarn (Ut)
Born 1958/11/09Amsterdam 1 Gerard MEESTER
Hengelo (Ov) 1980/12/10: Married Boudine J. de Vries, born 1957/10/24.
Hengelo (Ov) 1986/06/13: Born Nanke Meester.
Hengelo (Ov) 1987/09/21: Born Katinka Meester.
Hengelo (Ov) 1990/02/22: Born Luuk Meester.
Died 1995/10/28Hengelo (Ov)
Born 1960/03/26Amsterdam 2 Alfred MEESTER
Baarn (Ut) 1984/05/17: Married Debora van Dammen, born 1960/09/19.
Baarn (Ut) 1989/01/31: Born Anne Nicole Meester.
Heerenveen (Fr) 1991/03/07: Born Thomas Michael Meester.
Born 1964/08/10Zaandam (NH) 3 Laura MEESTER
Hengelo (Ov) 1988/07/13: Married Rutger van der Veen, born 1954/02/21 Enschede (Ov).
Hengelo (Ov) 1992/10/01: Born Merlijn Sebastiaan van der Veen.
Hengelo (Ov) 1993/09/28: Born Lotte Madelief van der Veen.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1920/01/24's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.1-5 Henriëtte Maria VALKENBURG Died 2002/02/26Schiedam (ZH) Father
Marr. 1942/10/07's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1916/05/20's-Gravenhage Haring DIJKSTRA
Profession: Electricien, chef technische dienst.
Son of Franciscus Dijkstra, kleermaker (1915), born 1891/08/04 in Leeuwarden, married 1915/08/04 in 's-Gravenhage Anna Maria Dumoré, born 1892/08/08 in Leeuwarden.
Died 1981/08/31Nîmes (France)
   1 Anna Maria DIJKSTRA   
   2 Henriette Maria DIJKSTRA   
   3 Francisca Maria DIJKSTRA   
   4 Antonia Johanna DIJKSTRA   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1921/07/14's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.1-6 Antonia Johanna VALKENBURG Died 2012/07/03Culemborg (Ge) Father
Marr. 1943/12/01's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1921/04/26's-Gravenhage Pierre Julien de MEIJER
Son of Anthoin Joseph de Meijer, arbeider (1919), spoorwegwerker (1924), born 1894/10/05 in Sas van Gent (Ze), died 1924/10/08 in 's-Gravenhage, married 1919/03/26 in 's-Gravenhage Mathilda Joanna Aimée Vanderhaeghen, born 1895/08/07 in Sint-Niklaas (Belgium), died 1962/08/12 in 's-Gravenhage.
Died 1996/12/16Nieuwegein (Ut)
   1 Henriette Maria de MEIJER   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1923/02/07's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.1-7 Karel VALKENBURG
WW II:Mariner 3e klasse, prisoner of war: Amsrsfoort: 1943/05/08; Stalag XI-a Altengrabow: 1943/05/14; Stalag V-a Ludwigsburg: 1943/07/25.
Died 2011/02/08's-Gravenhage Father
Marr. 1942/10/07's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1923/03/09Magelang (Java, Indonesia) Hendrika Karolina Agnes ROMIJN
Daughter of Hendrik Romijn, korporaal der Koloniale Reserve (1920), born 1887/07/28 in 's-Gravenhage, married 1920/08/04 in 's-Gravenhage Margaretha Johanna Spang, dienstbode (1920), born 1903/04/30 in 's-Gravenhage.
Died 2001/09/22's-Gravenhage
  Children: None.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1925/06/21's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.1-8 Geertruida VALKENBURG Died 2004/12/22Oosterhout (NB) Father
Marr. 1965/09/02's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1916/04/22Amsterdam Frederik Maximiliaan Adolf van der KRUYF
Profession: Typograaf, zeevarend, typograaf.
Widower of Ellen O'Leory, born 1915/12/22 in Killalse (Ireland), married 1946/03/23 in London (England), died 1963/04/20 in Amsterdam.
Son of Frederik Maximiliaan van der Kruyf, kantoorbediende (1902), procuratiehouder (1924), born 1876/08/09 in Amsterdam, died 1924/01/01 in Amsterdam, married 1902/04/24 in Amsterdam Maria Hendrika Francina Pot, born 1877/07/31 in Nieuwer-Amstel (NH), died 1928/05/27 in Amsterdam.
Died 1991/02/13Oosterhout (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1928/04/16's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.1-9 Maria Theodora VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 1999/11/30
Crem. 1999/12/03
Alkmaar (NH)
Driehuis (NH)
Marr. 1952/03/12's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1923/01/07Vlaardingen (ZH) Cornelis van LUIJN
Son of Cornelis Wilhelmus van Luijn, loopknecht, visverkoper (1927), born 1902/06/18 in 's-Gravenhage, married 1927/06/01 in 's-Gravenhage, divorced 1955/12/29 in 's-Gravenhage RB Cornelia de Bot, werkster (1927), born 1901/03/27 in Vlaardingen (ZH).
Died 2000/08/29
Alkmaar (NH)
Alkmaar (NH)
   1 Guus van LUIJN   
   2 Franciscus Maria van LUIJN   
   3 Johannes Antonius van LUIJN   
   4 Maria Jacoba van LUIJN   
Born 19Q3 5 Yvonne van LUIJN
Child: Mick.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1881/09/21Oosterhout (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.2 Theresia Pietronella VALKENBURG
Profession: Dienstbode.
Died 1970/03/19Grootebroek (NH) Father
Marr. 1937/04/17Wormer (NH)Marriage:  
Born 1877/09/01Zwolle Bernardus DAENEN
Confession: Geref., RK (1937). Profession: Sigarenmaker (1901), koller papierfabriek, arbeider papierfabriek.
Widower of Gerritje Busweiler, dienstbode (1901), born 1879/01/19 in Westerbork (Dr), married 1901/08/01 in Zwolle, died 1933/07/28 in Wormer (NH), daughter of Barend Busweiler, tuinman (1878, 1879, 1901), born 1851/10/01 in Elburg (Ge), died 1925/12/07 in Elburg (Ge), married 1878/05/04 in Meppel (Dr) Geertje Krikken, dienstmeid (1878), born 1855/06/28 in Meppel (Dr), died 1927/10/30 in Elburg (Ge).
Son of Johannes Pouwel Daenen, arbeider (1867, 1877, 1901), opperman (1906), born 1836/06/23 in Beuningen (Ge), died 1906/09/23 in Zwolle, married 1867/11/28 in Zwolle Evergrada Johanna Steenman, born 1842/12/18 in Deventer (Ov), died 1934/01/02 in Zwolle.
Died 1954/04/14
Bur. 1954/04/17
Wormer (NH)
Wormer (NH)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1882/11/30Oosterhout (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3 Bernardus Cornelis VALKENBURG
Profession: Kleermaker (1904-1936).
Died 1965/10/30's-Gravenhage Father
Marr. 1904/07/06's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1884/05/17's-Gravenhage Jacoba Johanna KESSENICH
Profession: Dienstbode (1904).
Daughter of Wilhelmus Theodorus Kessenich, kastenmaker (1863), meubelmaker (1884, 1904), born 1839/05/12 in 's-Gravenhage, died 1912/04/26 in 's-Gravenhage, married 1863/03/18 in 's-Gravenhage Henrietta Wilhelmina van Schoor, born 1837/12/31 in Middelburg, died <1904/07/06.
Died 1961/07/24
Bur. 1961/07/27
Born 1904/11/30's-Gravenhage 1 Bernardus Theodorus Wilhelmus   Marriage
Born 1906/03/18's-Gravenhage 2 Theodorus Jacobus   Marriage
Born 1908/01/07's-Gravenhage 3 Johannes Henri   Marriage
Born 1910/01/06's-Gravenhage 4 Henriëtta Geertruida Died 1911/02/26's-Gravenhage
Born 1911/12/16's-Gravenhage 5 Willem   Marriage
Born 1913/11/23's-Gravenhage 6 Henrietta Wilhelmina   Marriage
Born 1916/07/26's-Gravenhage 7 Antonius Johannes   Marriage
Born 1921/10/07's-Gravenhage 8 Frederik Jacobus   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1904/11/30's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-1 Bernardus Theodorus Wilhelmus VALKENBURG
Profession: Kleermaker (1923, 1930, 1947), coupeur, kleermaker (1966).
Died 1966/06/22's-Gravenhage Father
Marr. 1923/12/12's-GravenhageMarriage 1:Div. 1925/06/25
Div.Reg. 1925/10/01
's-Gravenhage RB
Born 1904/08/24's-Gravenhage Petronella PETRI
Profession: Machinestikster. Daughter of Jan Jacob Petri, spiegelmaker (1880), lijstenmaker (1904, 1923), born 1857/09/02 in 's-Gravenhage, died 1925/10/09 in 's-Gravenhage, married 1880/01/14 in 's-Gravenhage Cornelia Maria Heeneman, born 1860/04/09 in 's-Gravenhage, died 1929/08/23 in 's-Gravenhage.
's-Gravenhage 1946/10/11: Married (2) Henricus Cornelius Franciscus de Kock, boekhouder (Meppel: 1920), kantoorbediende (Meppel: 1922), handelsagent (Rotterdam: 1925), ('s-Gravenhage RB 1946/12/19: Bankrupt), born 1895/05/08 in Tilburg (NB), died >1961/01/01, [divorcee of Wilhelmina Henriette Maria Claassen, born 1896/07/15 in Tilburg (NB), married 1920/05/25 in Tilburg (NB), divorced 1945/04/18 in Utrecht RB, registered divorce 1945/08/20 in Tilburg (NB), daughter of Josephus Claassen, smid (1878, 1920), born 1849/03/19 in Tilburg (NB), died 1922/04/26 in Utrecht, married 1878/05/15 in Utrecht Wilhelmina Petronella Bartels, born 1856/04/09 in Utrecht, died 1907/07/18 in Tilburg (NB)], son of Petrus Ludovicus de Kock, fabriekswerker (1894, 1895), wever (1920), born 1865/12/26 in Tilburg (NB), died 1948/10/21 in Tilburg (NB), married 1894/04/25 in Tilburg (NB) Maria Petronella Brekelmans. born 1870/10/16 in Tiburg (NB), died 1953/01/23 in Tilburg (NB).
Died 1961/01/01
Bur. 1961/01/05
  Children: First marriage:
Born 1924/04/05's-Gravenhage 1 Petronella Jacoba Cornelia Died 1945/01/04Spanbeck (Germany)
Born 1925/04/09's-Gravenhage 2 Eduard   Marriage
Marr. 1930/11/19's-GravenhageMarriage 2:Div.Reg. 1965/11/18's-Gravenhage
Born 1898/09/27Apeldoorn (Ge) Hendrika Wilhelmina Catrina WELTER
Divorcee of Theodoor Ernst Wilhelm Krakeel, restaurant houder (1920), born 1896/09/01 in 's-Gravenhage, married 1920/11/12 in 's-Gravenhage, divorced 1925/05/28 in 's-Gravenhage RB, registered divorce 1925/06/26 in 's-Gravenhage, son (legitimated 1898/06/15) of Theodoor Pieter Johannes Krakeel, koffiehuisbediende (1898), winkelier, restauranthouder (1920), born 1875/06/23 in 's-Gravenhage, died >1940/09/11, married 1898/06/15 in 's-Gravenhage Hendrika Magdalena Kooy, born 1875/06/22 in Arnhem, died 1940/09/11 in 's-Gravenhage.
Daughter of Willem Fredrik Welter, portier (1880, 1898), born 1845/07/12 in 's-Gravenhage, died 1911/09/16 in Wormen (Apeldoorn), married 1880/11/06 in Apeldoorn Heintje Buitenhuis, dienstbode (1880), born 1856/05/31 in Apeldoorn (Ge), died 1933/02/05 in Busssum (NH).
Died 1972/06/29
Bur. 1972/07/04

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1925/04/09's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-1.2 Eduard VALKENBURG
Profession: Verkoopleider Nederland Deurenfabriek.
Died 1996/07/11Arnhem Father
Marr. 1952/07/23's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1927/05/29Apeldoorn (Ge) Silvia Wilhelmina van DAM Died 2008/05/03 
Born 1954/08/16Arnhem 1 Ingrid Gerarda Petronella Hendrika   Marriage
Born 1959/01/31Arnhem 2 Yvonne
Profession: Actrice (1978-1999), eigen trainings- en coachingsbureau.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1954/08/16Arnhem HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-1.2.1 Ingrid Gerarda Petronella Hendrika VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 Hennij HENDRIKS  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1906/03/18's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-2 Theodorus Jacobus VALKENBURG
Profession: Uitstaller van koopwaren (1926), koopman, etaleur (1936), reclame-ontwerper, etaleur, reclame-adviseur, vertegenwoordiger.
Died 1966/08/25Voorschoten (ZH) Father
Marr. 1926/05/26's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1903/03/17's-Gravenhage Florentina Johanna GROSFELD
Profession: Winkeljuffrouw (1926).
Daughter of Jacobus Grosfeld, schilder (1898), milicien 2e regiment infanterie (1898), huisschilder (1903, 1926, 1934), born 1871/07/09 in Velden (Li), died 1947/12/11 in 's-Gravenhage, married 1898/08/27 in Nijmegen (Ge) Johanna Theodora Janssen, born 1870/09/10 in Nijmegen (Ge), died >1965/01/20.
Died 1986/12/03Leidschendam (ZH)
Born 1926/08/14's-Gravenhage 1 Theodorus Bernardus   Marriage
Born 1928/12/02's-Gravenhage 2 Bernardus Jacobus   Marriage
Born 1930/07/17's-Gravenhage 3 Jacobus Ludovicus   Marriage
Born 1931/10/29's-Gravenhage 4 Ludovicus Cornelis   Marriage
Born 1933/03/26's-Gravenhage 5 Florentina Johanna Died 2015/08/22Rijswijk (ZH)
Born 1935/03/21's-Gravenhage 6 Theodora Johanna   Marriage
Born 1936/12/18's-Gravenhage 7 Willem   Marriage
Born 1941/11/01's-Gravenhage 8 Emma Jacoba   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1926/08/14's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-2.1 Theodorus Bernardus VALKENBURG Died 2002/12/05Gouda (ZH) Father
Marr. 1951/01/17's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1927/12/24Voorburg (ZH) Kitty KRUIS
Daughter of Johannes Jacobus Kruis, kleermaker (1918, 1930), born 1893/09/14 in 's-Gravenhage, died 1930/02/13 in 's-Gravenhage, married 1918/02/13 in 's-Gravenhage Catharina Gerarda de Gans, born 1898/10/18 in Wassenaar (ZH), died 1931/07/20 in 's-Gravenhage.
Died 2014/04/18's-Gravenhage
Born 1955/04/14's-Gravenhage 1 Ingrid   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1955/04/14's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-2.1.1 Ingrid VALKENBURG
Profession: Apothersassistente (1973-2005), controlemedewerker Clearing House Apothekers (2005-2018).
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 DIELEMAN  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1928/12/02's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-2.2 Bernardus Jacobus VALKENBURG
1954/03/09: Emigrated to Australia.
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 1937/09/16Leiden (ZH) Elisabeth Maria ZWETSLOOT  
Born 1958/06/04Croydon (Australia) 1 Roger Bernard
Profession: Airforce officer cadet (1988-1990) special duties.
Born 1959/06/14Croydon (Australia) 2 Philip John  
Born 1960/07/14Croydon (Australia) 3 Anne Elisabeth  
Born 1961/12/11Croydon (Australia) 4 Mark Richard
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 2008/03/31: Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology.
Born 1966/12/30Melbourne (Australia) 5 Robert Theodore  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1930/07/17's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-2.3 Jacobus Ludovicus VALKENBURG
Profession: Leerling kapper, assistent accountant, hoofd Post en Archiefz. Min. Volksgezondheid, etc.
Died 1976/11/30
Crem. 1976/12/03
Zoetermeer (ZH)
Rijswijk (ZH)
Marr. 1957/11/27's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1926/02/10's-Gravenhage Maria Mathilda AGES
Daughter of Jelte Ages, typograaf (1913), born 1883/05/02 in Lemsterland (Fr), died 1965/12/09 in Sittard (Li), married 1913/08/28 in Beverwijk (NH) Maria Switzer, born 1882/05/22 in Beverwijk (NH), died 1970/08/01 in Sittard (Li).
Died 2008/03/10Zoetermeer (ZH)
Born 1958/08/31's-Gravenhage 1 Frank  
Born 1959/07/29's-Gravenhage 2 Ruurd   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1959/07/29's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-2.3.2 Ruurd VALKENBURG Died 2010/05/09Leiden (ZH) Father
   Eithne Patricia LYNCH   
   1 Dwayne   
   2 Byron   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1931/10/29's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-2.4 Ludovicus Cornelis VALKENBURG
Profession: Cafétariahouder / kapper.
Died 2022/05/24's-Gravenhage Father
Marr. 1955/04/20's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1933/03/25's-Gravenhage Sonja Maria GROENEWEEGEN
Daughter of Hermanus Johannes Groeneweegen, timmerman, born 1904/09/01 in 's-Gravenhage, died <2005, married Elsa Frida Martha, born 1904/11/18 in Germany, died <2005.
Died >2022/05/24 
Born 1954/06/30Leiden (ZH) 1 Renée Diana GROENEWEEGEN   Marriage
Born 1956/04/24's-Gravenhage 2 Diana Florentina   Marriage
Born 1960/07/16's-Gravenhage 3 Richard Albert   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1954/06/30Leiden (ZH) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-2.4.1 Renée Diana VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1975/06/30's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1952/02/12's-Gravenhage Johannes Philippus JANSEN
Profession: Procurement manager.
Son of Johannes Philippus Jansen, ambtenaar, born 1927/01/30, married Francisca Catharina Kuiper, born 1930/07/02.
Born 1985/04/20Baarn (Ut) 1 Jasper Hans JANSEN  
Born 1988/07/21Naarden (NH) 2 Pepijn Filip JANSEN  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1956/04/24's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-2.4.2 Diana Florentina VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1979/06/13's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 N. BIERHUIS  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1960/07/16's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-2.4.3 Richard Albert VALKENBURG
Profession: Mr, statutair directeur en mede-eigenaar landelijke werkend assurantiebedrijf.
Marr. 1990/10/26Voorburg (ZH)Marriage:  
Born 1960/09/15 Alida Johanna ROG
Profession: Bibliothecaresse.
Daughter of Johannes Rog, zeeman, born 1939/11/21, married 1961/11/20 and divorced 1982/07 from Arendje Toorn, gemeenteambtenaar, born 1938/09/13.
Born 1991/04/12's-Gravenhage 1 Lisa Manon  
Born 1994/05/13's-Gravenhage 2 Merel Lynn  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1935/03/21's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-2.6 Theodora Johanna VALKENBURG
Profession: Leerling verkoopster.
Died 1991/05/03Voorburg (ZH) Father
Marr. 1956/10/31Rijswijk (ZH)Marriage:Div.Reg. 1980/07/15Rijswijk (ZH)
Born 1928/09/22's-Gravenhage Nicolaas Wilhelmus SCHAAPS  
   1 Paul SCHAAPS   
   2 Maurice SCHAAPS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1936/12/18's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-2.7 Willem VALKENBURG
Profession: Winkelchef fotohandel.
Died >2019/03/22  Father
Marr. 1961/10/03Voorburg (ZH)Marriage:  
Born 1932/12/30's-Gravenhage Anna van der HOEK Died >2019/03/22 
Born 1962/09/01Voorburg (ZH) 1 Theodore William Died 2019/03/22
Crem. 2019/03/27
Goutum (Fr)
Born 1965/09/18's-Gravenhage 2 William Arthur   Marriage
Born 1968/02/27's-Gravenhage 3 Mary Ann   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1965/09/18's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-2.7.2 William Arthur VALKENBURG
Profession: Radiojournalist bij Veronica Nieuwsradio (1987-1989), samensteller VARA actualiteitenprogramma´s op Radio 1 en presentator programma´s (1989-), eindredacteur van het TV programma KASSA (1995-2000), contentmanager Publieke Omroep (2001-), directeur Internet & Innovatie bij de NPO, hoofdredacteur Wereldomroep (2013-2014/11).
Marr. NoMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 Tanja  
Born 19Q4 1 Kim   Marriage
Born 19Q4 2 Jonathan   Marriage
Born 19Q4 3 Aaron   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 19Q4 HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-2.7.2-1 Kim   Father
Born 19Q4 Jesse  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 19Q4 HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-2.7.2-2 Jonathan   Father
Born 19Q4 Demi  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 19Q4 HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-2.7.2-3 Aaron   Father
Born 19Q4 Lotte  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1968/02/27's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-2.7.3 Mary Ann VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 Erik EFDÉ  
Born 19Q4 1 Robby EFDÉ
Partner: Gea.
Born 19Q4 2 Kelly EFDÉ
Partner: Michael.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1941/11/01's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-2.8 Emma Jacoba VALKENBURG Died 2022/02/24Leidschendam-Voorburg (ZH) Father
Marr. 1963/06/11Voorburg (ZH)Marriage:  
Born 1942/05/02's-Gravenhage Wilhelmus Everhardus Koop KOENDERS Died 2020/05/29Leidschendam-Voorburg (ZH)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1908/01/07's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-3 Johannes Henri VALKENBURG
Profession: Kapper (1929, 1936).
Died 1976/09/03's-Gravenhage Father
Marr. 1929/11/13's-GravenhageMarriage:Div.Reg. 1961/07/07's-Gravenhage
Born 1909/02/27's-Gravenhage Jeanne Regina Jacoba HEIJNEN
Profession: Kapster (1929).
Daughter of Jean Baptiste Jacobus Heijnen, huisschilder (1881, 1909, 1929), born 1859/12/01 in 's-Gravenhage, died 1941/02/17 in 's-Gravenhage, married 1881/11/30 in 's-Gravenhage Catharina Maria Pasman, born 1865/01/10 in 's-Gravenhage, died 1937/10/06 in 's-Gravenhage.
Born 1930/05/15's-Gravenhage 1 Henri   Marriage
Born 1938/08/14's-Gravenhage 2 Yvonne Regina   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1930/05/15's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-3.1 Henri VALKENBURG
Profession: Kantoorbediende, ass. accountant, Chevron Petroleum My Nederl. Afd. Verkoop.
Died 1991/01/31's-Gravenhage Father
Marr. 1961/09/05's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1938/10/05Werkendam (NB) Aleida Christina Charlotte EXALTO Died >1991/01/31 
Born 1963/04/12's-Gravenhage 1 Ronald Henri  
Born 1968/10/26's-Gravenhage 2 Ramona Alide  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1938/08/14's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-3.2 Yvonne Regina VALKENBURG   Father
Marriage 1:
   Rudolf Robert THIEM   
   1 Silvana Regina THIEM   
Marriage 2:
   Donald James BURGEMEESTRE   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1911/12/16's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-5 Willem VALKENBURG
Profession: Etaleur (1934, 1936).
Died 1993/08/21Leiderdorp (ZH) Father
Marr. 1934/07/25's-GravenhageMarriage 1:  
Born 1910/02/22Woudrichem (NB) Johanna Dingena HOLLEMAN
Daughter of Jan Adrianus Cornelis Holleman, bouwman (1899), arbeider (1910), varensgezel, schipper (1915), born 1877/09/20 in Nijmegen (Ge), found dead 1915/03/13 in river Nieuwe Maas, married 1899/02/23 in Woudrichem (NB) Anna Maria Bouwman, born 1880/01/15 in Woudrichem (NB), died 1941/05/01 in Voorburg (ZH).
Died 1935/08/25's-Gravenhage
  Children: First marriage:
Born 1935/08/10's-Gravenhage 1 Johannes Willem   Marriage
Marr. 1936/05/06's-GravenhageMarriage 2:  
Born 1916/09/17Heerlen (Li) Anna Maria Helena BOCKEN
Daughter of Petrus Joannes Joseph Bocken, bakker (1910), mijnwerker (1916), machinist (1936), born 1884/03/28 in Weert (Li), died 1964/10/04 in Heerlen (Li), married 1910/11/22 in Weert (Li) Maria Magdalena Koppen, born 1870/08/24 in Weert (Li), died <1964/10/04.
Died 1998/01/06Voorschoten (ZH)
  Children: Second marriage:
Born 1936/11/26's-Gravenhage 2 Maria Anna Wilhelmina   Marriage
Born 1940/06/20's-Gravenhage 3 Thomas Mattheus Joannes  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1935/08/10's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-5.1 Johannes Willem VALKENBURG
Profession: Glazenwasser.
Marr. 1970/03/11Borgerhout (AW, Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1950/01/03Antwerpen (Belgium) Diane VANSLOOT  
Born 1970/08/19Antwerpen (Belgium) 1 Peter  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1936/11/26's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-5.2 Maria Anna Wilhelmina VALKENBURG Died 2021/10/15Kaag en Braassem (ZH) Father
Marr. 1961/12/19Voorschoten (ZH)Marriage:  
Born 1929/09/22's-Gravenhage Karel Hendrik RURUP
Profession: Employé C&A Nederland.
Son of Henri Marie Theodore Rurup, commies b/h departement van arbeid, born 1890/05/16 in 's-Gravenhage, married 1925/04/15 in 's-Gravenhage Thedora Joanna Maria Kropman, onderwijzeres (1925), born 1892/09/01 in Gouda (ZH).
Died 2005/08/02
Bur. 2005/08/06
Alphen a/d Rijn (ZH)
Alphen a/d Rijn (ZH)
   1 Karel Maria Thomas RURUP   
   2 Paul Willem Henri RURUP   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1913/11/23's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-6 Henrietta Wilhelmina VALKENBURG
Profession: Winkeljuffrouw (1924).
Died >1967/09/25  Father
Marr. 1934/04/18's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1911/08/17's-Gravenhage Hendrik Wijnand GROEN
Profession: Kruidenier (1934), exploitant kampeer-centrum (1967).
Son of Dirk Marinus Groen, gevangenbewaarder (1906, 1911), loopknecht, schoenmaker (1917), broodbakker (1933), broodbezorger (1934), born 1880/10/14 in Zuid-Beijerland (ZH), died 1971/01/16, married 1906/02/21 in 's-Gravenhage Catharina Maria Schneider, dienstbode (1906), winkelierster born 1879/12/23 in 's-Gravenhage, died 1917/01/29 in 's-Gravenhage.
Died 1967/09/25Utrecht
Born 1936/03/30's-Gravenhage 1 Hendrik Willem GROEN  
Born 1937/12/07's-Gravenhage 2 Bernardus Marinus GROEN  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1916/07/26's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-7 Antonius Johannes VALKENBURG
Profession: Letterzetter gemeentedrukkerij, typograaf, baas-zetter bij de gemeentelijke drukkerij te 's-Gravenhage (1977).
Died 1978/06/07's-Gravenhage Father
Marr. 1938/11/16's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1915/08/13Tilburg (NB) Magdalene de JONG
Daughter of Wilm Arij de Jong, NH, stoffenverver, stomerij eigenaar, born 1878/04/19 in Rotterdam, died 1931/11/28 in Rijswijk (ZH), married Frieda Carolina Carstens, NH, born 1886/03/30 in Elmshorn (Germany).
Died 2000/10/08Vlissingen (Ze)
Born 1939/04/14's-Gravenhage 1 Magdalene   Marriage
Born 1941/11/20's-Gravenhage 2 Antonius Johannes   Marriage
Born 1943/09/14's-Gravenhage 3 Nora   Marriage
Born 1945/08/05's-Gravenhage 4 Irene   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1939/04/14's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-7.1 Magdalene VALKENBURG Died 2019/01/24's-Gravenhage Father
Marr. 1960/06/22's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1929/06/07's-Gravenhage Hendrikus Johannes Franciscus DILLEWAARD
Profession: Chauffeur (1966). Son of Johannes Lucas Dillewaard, zandschipper (1922), born 1899/01/31 in 's-Gravenhage, married 1922/03/29 in 's-Gravenhage, divorced 1950/11/13 in Rotterdam RB, registered divorce 1951/03/22 in 's-Gravenhage from Cornelia de Mos, wasserijbediende (1922), born 1901/02/19 in 's-Gravenhage.
Died 2007/11/14's-Gravenhage
   1 Antonius Johannes DILLEWAARD   
Born 1963/02/10's-Gravenhage 2 Hans DILLEWAARD Died 1966/09/01's-Gravenhage
   3 Jolanda Johanna DILLEWAARD   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1941/11/20's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-7.2 Antonius Johannes VALKENBURG
Profession: Ambtenaar GVB Amsterdam, combi busbestuurder garage noord.
Died 2016/08/19
Crem. 2016/08/25
Koog a/d Zaan (NH)
Zaandam (NH)
Marr. 1969/12/03AmsterdamMarriage:  
Born 1946/05/30Amsterdam Beb STOELTIE
Daughter of Dirk Pieter Stoeltie, born 1918/10/14 in Amsterdam, married Elisabeth Sophia Rooda, born 1915/07/15 in Amsterdam.
Died 2016/10/10
Bur. 2016/10/17
Koog a/d Zaan (NH)
Zaandam (NH)
Born 1971/03/31Amsterdam 1 Wibo   Marriage
Born 1976/04/02Zaandam (NH) 2 Boukje   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1971/03/31Amsterdam HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-7.2.1 Wibo VALKENBURG
Profession: Employee logistiek Pont-Meijer (2008).
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 1972Amsterdam? Tessa PEETOOM
Profession: Employee afdeling marketing en communicatie van een woningcoöperatie.
Born 2005/05/15Zaandam (NH) 1 Mila Adriana  
Born 2007/01/02Zaandam (NH) 2 Bodi Simon Tom  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1976/04/02Zaandam (NH) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-7.2.2 Boukje VALKENBURG
Profession: Board secretary.
Marr. NoMarriage:  
Born 1966/05/04Amsterdam George Glenn HECBERT
Profession: Hoofd helpdesk.
Born 2003/11/08Zaandam (NH) 1 Jill Ria HECBERT  
Born 2007/07/30Zaandam (NH) 2 Loïs Elise HECBERT  
Born 2007/07/30Zaandam (NH) 3 Jaimy-Lee Sophie HECBERT  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1943/09/14's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-7.3 Nora VALKENBURG Died 1995/05/07Brielle (ZH) Father
Marr. 1965/06/15's-GravenhageMarriage:Div.Reg. 1972/03/30's-Gravenhage
Born 1942/09/25's-Gravenhage Willem van RHEENEN  
Born 1966/03/28's-Gravenhage 1 Monica van RHEENEN
Profession: Afdelingsecretaresse (13 years).
Hellevoetsluis 1992/01/24: Married Pieter Johannes Bestman, bankwerker/lasser, born 1961/12/09 in Dirksland (ZH), son of Arend Cornelis Bestman, loonadministrateur, born 1936/01/17 in Dirksland (ZH), died 1992/11/26 in Dirksland (ZH), married Maartje Dana de Korte, born 1935/11/06 in Oude-Tonge (ZH), died >2007/11/26.
Nieuwenhoorn (ZH) 1998/11/12: Born Naomi Noraly Bestman.
Nieuwenhoorn (ZH) 2001/04/19: Born Yentl Bestman.
   2 Isabella van RHEENEN   
   3 Mercedes van RHEENEN   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1945/08/05's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-7.4 Irene VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1970/06/24's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1947/05/16's-Gravenhage Abraham van HOUTE
Profession: Boekhouder (-2010).
Son of Abraham van Houte, procuratiehouder, born 1920/03/18, died 1982/11/22, married 1944/05/04 Adriana van Eijk, born 1916/12/24, died 2000/04/15 in 's-Gravenhage.
Born 1972/04/22Middelburg 1 Nathalie van HOUTE  
Born 1975/03/20Middelburg 2 Abraham van HOUTE  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1921/10/07's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-8 Frederik Jacobus VALKENBURG
Profession: Friseur (1945), kapper, musicus.
Died 2004/11/20
Crem. 2004/11/24
Marr. 1945/06/02Erfurt (Germany)Marriage:  
Born 1926/01/03Erfurt (Germany) Brunhilde GRÖBEL
Profession: Stepperin (1945).
Daughter of Karl Max Gröbel and Emma Oehmig.
Died 1986/11/02's-Gravenhage
Born 1945/11/08Erfurt (Germany) 1 Heike   Marriage
Born 1948/11/17's-Gravenhage 2 Bernardus Cornelis   Marriage
Born 1950/05/05's-Gravenhage 3 Jacoba Johanna   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1945/11/08Erfurt (Germany) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-8.1 Heike VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1965/01/30's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 Henricus Johannes HENDRIKMAN  
Born 1965/09/27's-Gravenhage 1 Erik Johannes HENDRIKMAN  
Born 1968/01/02's-Gravenhage 2 Henricus Johannes HENDRIKMAN
Profession: Proces-manager / informatie-analist.
's-Gravenhage 1992/06/24: Married Monique Antonette Kloor, boekhouder / assistent controler (-1996/11), born 1968/05/09.
's-Gravenhage 1997/01/17: Born Tobias Adelmo Hendrikman.
's-Gravenhage 1999/08/13: Born Gabriela Antonette Hendrikman.
's-Gravenhage 1999/08/13: Born Lysanne Charonne Hendrikman.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1948/11/17's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-8.2 Bernardus Cornelis VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q2 Nellie MEINDERS  
Born 1972/07/20's-Gravenhage 1 Richard  
Born 1974/09/26's-Gravenhage 2 Sandra  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1950/05/05's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.3-8.3 Jacoba Johanna VALKENBURG
Profession: Assistent manager.
Marr. 1970/08/06's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1947/09/20 Hendrik SCHILTHUIZEN
Profession: Financial controller.
Son of Hendrik Leendert Jacob Mathieu Ferdinand Schilthuizen, kantoorbediende (1937), born 1911/04/10 in 's-Gravenhage, died 1977/10/26, married 1937/11/17 in 's-Gravenhage Margaretha Elisabeth Theresia van Es, born 1912/10/07 in 's-Gravenhage, died 1991/09/29.
Born 1973/05/18's-Gravenhage 1 Sylvia SCHILTHUIZEN
Profession: Financieel directeur.
Born 1976/05/04's-Gravenhage 2 Bianca SCHILTHUIZEN
Profession: Onderwijzeres.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1884/11/01Princenhage (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.4 Petronella Adriana VALKENBURG Died 1965/02/02's-Gravenhage Father
Marr. 1907/07/24's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1882/11/25Waalwijk (NB) Wilhelmus Theodorus KROUWERS
Profession: Kleermaker (1907).
Son of Marinus Adrianus Krouwers, huisschilder (1877, 1882), verver (1887), born 1854/08/11 in Dinteloord en Prinsenland (NB), died 1887/10/14 in Waalwijk (NB), married 1877/09/06 in Waalwijk (NB) Lucia Maria Evers, born 1849/01/24 in Waalwijk (NB), died 1910/12/25 in 's-Gravenhage.
Died 1958/10/28
Crem. 1958/10/30
Velsen (NH)
Born 1908/11/21's-Gravenhage 1 Petronella Lucia Geertruida KROUWERS  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1887/02/15Breda (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.5 Johanna Antoinetta VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Dienstbode (1919).
Died 1947/03/12's-Gravenhage Father
Marr. 1919/11/05's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1879/02/19Oisterwijk (NB) Cornelis Wouter van OPSTAL
Profession: Schoenmaker (1919, 1934).
Son of Odulphus Petrus van Opstal, looier (1878), leerlooier (1879), born 1849/06/12 in Oisterwijk (NB), died 1896/09/12 in Oisterwijk (NB), married 1878/05/15 in Gorinchem (ZH) Maria van de Wouw, born 1852/03/06 in Gorinchem (ZH), died 1936/05/05 in Tilburg (NB).
Died 1934/05/22's-Gravenhage
Born 1920/08/31's-Gravenhage 1 Maria Geertruida van OPSTAL  
Born 1921/10/13's-Gravenhage 2 Theodorus Petrus van OPSTAL
Confession: RK.
Married Emerentiana Petronella Maria van Gemert, died >1994/05/11.
Died 1994/05/11
Crem. 1994/05/16
Breda (NB)
Born 1924/04/12's-Gravenhage 3 Petrus Cornelis van OPSTAL  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1892/01/06Breda (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.8 Godefridus Leonardus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Barbier, kantoorbediende, sergeant-majoor der O.B.D (1947) Died due to an explosion in the "Kruit- en springstoffenfabriek De Krijgsman" in Muiden (17 people died).
Died 1947/01/17
Bur. 1947/01/21
Muiden (NH)
Marr. 1923/11/23Wassenaar (ZH)Marriage:  
Born 1902/04/03Wassenaar (ZH) Cornelia Johanna van OEVELEN
Confession: RK.
Daughter of Johannes Cornelis van Oevelen, arbeider (1893), born 1868/06/23 in Ossendrecht (NB), died >1942/04/02, married 1893/01/18 in Ossendrecht (NB) Willemijna Anthonissen, arbeidster (1893), born 1868/06/19 in Ossendrecht (NB), died 1942/04/02 in Wassenaar (ZH).
's-Gravenhage 1948/04/07: Married (2) Franciscus Henricus Cornelis Lijesen, onderofficier, born 1893/10/18 in 's-Gravenhage, died 1980/06/08 in 's-Gravenhage, [widower of Hendrika van Ardenne, huishoudster (1920), born 1897/12/18 in Hillegersberg (ZH), daughter of Jansje van Ardenne], son of Franciscus Henricus Lyesen, koetsier (1892), born 1841/05/02 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), died 1921/10/19 in Delft (ZH), married 1892/08/10 in 's-Gravenhage Adriana van Lent, dienstbode (1892), born 1855/03/05 in Wamel (Ge), died 1929/03/21 in Nijmegen (Ge).
's-Gravenhage 1951/03/15: Registered divorce.
Died 1966/01/11Wassenaar (ZH)
Born 1924/12/30's-Gravenhage 1 Johannes Theodorus Wilhelmus   Marriage
Born 1927/01/24's-Gravenhage 2 Jacobus Nicolaas Cathrien   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1924/12/30's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.8-1 Johannes Theodorus Wilhelmus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 1999/01/07
Bur. 1999/01/12
Rijswijk (ZH)
Marr. 1948/02/04Rijswijk (ZH)Marriage:  
Born 1926/08/13's-Gravenhage Gerarda Maria Theresia de JONG
Confession: RK.
Daughter of Andries de Jong, sigarenhandelaar (1916), sigarenwinkelier, grossier in tabak, sigarenhandelaar (1943), born 1887/06/23 in Lemmer (Fr), died 1943/04/17 in 's-Gravenhage, married 1916/03/01 in 's-Gravenhage Geertruida Gerarda Maria van der Lans, born 1894/02/06 in 's-Gravenhage, died 1962/10/09 in 's-Gravenhage.
Died 2005/03/05
Bur. 2005/03/09
Rijswijk (ZH)
Born 1949/02/18's-Gravenhage 1 Godefridus Marcellis Johannes   Marriage
Born 1950/06/16Rijswijk (ZH) 2 Gerarda Joukje Geertruida   Marriage
Born 1954/04/06Rijswijk (ZH) 3 Johannes Cornelis Wilhelmus
Died due to an accident.
Died 1975/03/27Wissen (Germany)
Born 1961/05/15Rijswijk (ZH) 4 Winfridus Andreas Jacobus   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1949/02/18's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.8-1.1 Godefridus Marcellis Johannes VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q2 Marianne  
Born 19Q4Rotterdam? 1 Odette  
Born 19Q4 2 Carmela
Partner: Mark.
Born 19Q4 3 Mariette
Partner: Ivo.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1950/06/16Rijswijk (ZH) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.8-1.2 Gerarda Joukje Geertruida VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q2 Willem  
Born 19Q4 1 Eveline  
Born 19Q4 2 Wilmer  
Born 19Q4 3 Hilbert  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1961/05/15Rijswijk (ZH) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.8-1.4 Winfridus Andreas Jacobus VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q3 Fia  
Born 19Q4 1 Pim  
Born 19Q4 2 Koen  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1927/01/24's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.8-2 Jacobus Nicolaas Cathrien VALKENBURG Died 1995/11/07's-Gravenhage Father
Marr. 1965/09/01Delft (ZH)Marriage:  
Born 1936/08/16Delft (ZH) Theresia Maria RUITERMAN
Daughter of Leonardus Gerardus Ruiterman, kantoorbediende, kassier (1930), born 1900/01/31 in Delft (ZH), married 1930/11/07 in Delft (ZH) Helena Elisabeth Maria Rechters, born 1903/09/03 in Schiedam (ZH).
Died >1995/11/07 
Born 1968/02/21Delft (ZH) 1 Godefridus Leonardus  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1893/09/23Breda (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.9 Johannes Petrus VALKENBURG
Profession: Boekhouder, adjunct onderofficier (1938).
Died 1953/06/04's-Gravenhage Father
Marr. 1928/03/03Kutaradja (Sumatra, Indonesia)Marriage 1:  
Born 1894/03/13Medan (Sumatra, Indonesia) Maria BASSINEM Died <1946/10/25 
Marr. 1948/04/21's-GravenhageMarriage 2:  
Born 1896/07/14Bottrop (Germany) Johanna WESSENDORF
Profession: Dienstbode (1928), werkvrouw.
Divorcee of Georg Karl Bolze.
Widow of Gradus Johannes Wermelink , los arbeider, arbeider (1928), born 1896/03/01 in Epe (Germany), married 1928/12/05 in 's-Gravenhage, died 1937/09/11 in 's-Gravenhage, son of Albertus Hendrikus Wermelink, smid (1928), married Maria Christina Ahlers, died <1914/03/25.
Daughter of Theodor Wessendorf, died <1928/12/05, married Maria Wienhues.
Died 1981/09/03's-Gravenhage
  Children: None.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1896/01/19Breda (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.10 Catharina Johanna Wilhelmina Maria VALKENBURG
Profession: Dienstbode (1915), kinderjuffrouw.
Died 1980/06/06
Crem. Yes
Leidschendam (ZH)
Marr. 1915/12/01's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1895/08/24's-Gravenhage Jacobus Petrus Antonius HARTGRING
Profession: Letterzetter (1915), boekdrukker.
Son of Hendrikus Johannes Hartgring, kleermaker (1893, 1895, 1915), born 1868/11/13 in 's-Gravenhage, died <1923/05/16, married 1893/05/31 in 's-Gravenhage Cornelia van der Geer, dienstbode (1893), winkelierster (1895), born 1869/08/05 in Stompwijk (ZH), died 1951/11/13 in 's-Gravnhage.
Died 1952/03/04Voorburg (ZH)
Born 1916/03/26's-Gravenhage 1 Cornelia Geertruida HARTGRING
1942/05/20: Married Jan W.M. van der Loos.
Born 1918/02/23's-Gravenhage 2 Gerardus Theodorus Hendrikus HARTGRING  
Born 1920/01/22's-Gravenhage 3 Theodorus HARTGRING
1947/05/30: Married Sietske Overdijk, born 1925/06/06 in Leeuwarden, died 2005/09/25 in 's-Gravenhage, cremated 2005/10/04 in 's-Gravenhage.
Children: Theo, André, and Astrid.
Died 1989 

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1897/11/06's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.11 Karel Theodorus VALKENBURG
Profession: Tramconducteur (1919), meubelmaker. Found dead.
Died 1961/10/07's-Gravenhage Father
Marr. 1919/11/05's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1895/11/16Geldermalsen (Ge) Engelina de KIEP
Profession: Dienstbode (1919).
Daughter of Gijsbertus de Kiep, landbouwer (1893, 1895, 1919), born 1860/02/23 in Tricht (Buurmalsen), died 1938/08/22 in Geldermalsen (Ge), married 1893/05/19 in Geldermalsen (Ge) Geertruida Vogelzang, born 1869/04/14 in Geldermalsen (Ge), died >1938/08/22.
Died 1962/02/07's-Gravenhage
Born 1920/08/18's-Gravenhage 1 Geertruida Jacoba   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1920/08/18's-Gravenhage HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.2.11-1 Geertruida Jacoba VALKENBURG
Profession: Naaister.
Died 1991/07/28's-Gravenhage Father
Marr. 1943/04/14's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1917/09/12's-Gravenhage Augustinus Godefridus Theodorus PAPENHOVE
Son of Cornelis Wilhelmus Papenhove, koetsier (1915), born 1889/05/31 in 's-Gravenhage, died 1957/06/04 in 's-Gravenhage, married 1915/08/11 in 's-Gravenhage Wilhelmina Petronella van Bebber, sigaren-winkelierster, born 1889/03/21 in Tilburg, died 1946/12/20 in 's-Gravenhage.
Died 2001/03/23's-Gravenhage
   1 Josephina Bernardina PAPENHOVE   
   2 Theodorus Godefridus PAPENHOVE   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1860/11/10Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.4 Cornelis Johannes VALKENBURG
Profession: Metselaar (1888-1895).
Died 1895/01/24Roosendaal (NB) Father
Marr. 1888/04/11Roosendaal (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1866/09/11Rucphen (NB) Adriana MARTENS
Daughter of Adrianus Mertens, landbouwer (1861, 1866), arbeider (1884), born 1821/09/25 in Rucphen (NB), died 1884/08/30 in Roosendaal (NB), married 1861/08/28 in Rucphen (NB) Maria van den Bemt, arbeidster (1861), born 1838/06/27 in Princenhage (NB), died 1917/12/10 in Roosendaal (NB).
Roosendaal (NB) 1898/07/05: Married (2) Adriaan van der Heijden, arbeider (1898), born 1865/03/20 in Oud en Nieuw Gastel (NB), died 1933/11/29 in Roosendaal (NB), son of Antonij van der Heijden, arbeider (1864, 1865, 1898), born 1835/07/08 in Oud en Nieuw Gastel (NB), died 1901/06/05 in Oud en Nieuw Gastel (NB), married 1864/05/02 in Oud en Nieuw Gastel (NB) Dingena Bartelen, arbeidster (1864, 1865), born 1838/02/03 in Oud en Nieuw Gastel (NB), died 1906/03/29 in Oud en Nieuw Gastel (NB).
Died 1924/04/30Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1889/04/30Roosendaal (NB) 1 Antonius Adrianus   Marriage
Born 1891/10/05Roosendaal (NB) 2 Adrianus Died 1894/07/29Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1893/07/16Roosendaal (NB) 3 Maria Cornelia   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1889/04/30Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.4.1 Antonius Adrianus VALKENBURG
Also called Cornelis Antonius (1926). Profession: Metselaar (1916-1920).
Died 1949/07/29Tilburg (NB) Father
Marr. 1916/11/07Roosendaal (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1889/08/14Oud en Nieuw Gastel (NB) Catharina van DIJK
Profession: Dienstbode (1916).
Daughter of Petrus van Dijk, koopman (1887, 1889), arbeider (1916), born 1846/09/30 in Oudenbosch (NB), married 1887/09/10 in Oud en Nieuw-Gastel (NB) Paulina Doomen, born 1856/10/08 in Oud- en Nieuw-Gastel (NB).
's-Gravenhage 1926/04/06: Mentioned as divorced in death certificate of daughter Maria Catharina.
Died 1984/11/20Delft (ZH)
Born 1917/01/19Roosendaal (NB) 1 Cornelis Antonius Died 1920/07/22
Bur. 1920/07/26
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1919/09/22Roosendaal (NB) 2 Petrus Died 1919/12/22
Bur. 1919/12/24
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1922/11/15's-Gravenhage 3 Maria Catharina Died 1926/04/06's-Gravenhage
Born 1924/02/01Delft (ZH) 4 Paulina   Marriage
Born 1927/02/07Delft (ZH) 5 Petrus   Marriage
Born 1930/08/16Delft (ZH) 6 Cornelia  
Born 1933/05/22Delft (ZH) 7 Catharina   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1924/02/01Delft (ZH) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.4.1-4 Paulina VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 2002/12/04
Bur. 2002/12/09
Delft (ZH)
Delft (ZH)
Marr. 1946/05/03Delft (ZH)Marriage 1:  
Born 1917/04/11Rotterdam Louis BEKKER
Profession: Schoenmaker (1951).
Divorcee of Theresia Geertruida Toonen, born 1921/04/18 in 's-Gravenhage, married 1940/02/28 in 's-Gravenhage, registered divorce 1945/10/02 in 's-Gravenhage.
Son of Cornelis Johannes Bekker, buffetchef (1914), zetkastelein, buffetbediende (1951), born 1890/04/30 in Utrecht, married 1914/06/03 in Rotterdam Trijntje Cornelia de Winter, born 1890/11/10 in Rotterdam.
Died 1951/03/28's-Gravenhage
   1 Frederik Willem BEKKER   
   2 Petrus Johannes Hendricus BEKKER   
   3 Yvonne BEKKER   
Marr. 1952/08/29's-GravenhageMarriage 2:  
Born 1915/04/15Delft (ZH) Leendert van MAANEN
Profession: Broodbakker (1942).
Divorcee of Guillemetta Cornelia van der Wees, born 1918/01/18 in Hof van Delft (ZH), married 1942/09/30 in Delft (ZH), divorced 1948/11/23 in 's-Gravenhage RB, registered divorce 1949/01/15 in Delft (ZH), died 2007/08/02 in Delft (ZH), daughter of Philippus Johannes van der Wees, horlogemaker (1915), werkman (1942), born 1892/12/09 in Delft (ZH), died 1942/05/11 in Delft (ZH), married 1915/12/22 in Delft (ZH) Guillemetta de Roo, born 1886/08/14 in Delft (ZH), died >1942/05/11.
Son of Hendrik Petrus van Maanen, werkman (1903, 1918), born 1883/12/14 in Workum (Fr), died 1918/04/21 in Delft (ZH), married 1903/12/09 in Delft (ZH) Elisabeth Jacoba Kuijpers, born 1885/11/15 in Delft (ZH), died >1939/02/03.
Died 1980/05/24Delft (ZH)
   4 Elisabeth Hendrika Petronella van MAANEN   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1927/02/07Delft (ZH) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.4.1-5 Petrus VALKENBURG Died 2015/01/24's-Gravenhage Father
Marr. 1958/10/01's-GravenhageMarriage:  
Born 1934/09/18's-Gravenhage Johanna Agatha STRAATHOF
Daughter of Adrianus Wilhelmus Straathof, melkloper, melkboer (1933), landbouwer, born 1910/03/22 in Hazerswoude (ZH), died 1984/08/01 in 's-Gravenhage, married 1933/05/23 in Woubrugge (ZH) Johanna Geertruida van der Willik, dienstbode (1933), born 1913/11/17 in Woubrugge (ZH).
Died 2008/07/28
Crem. 2008/08/02
Delft (ZH)
Rijswijk (ZH)
   1 Perry    Marriage
   2 Johanna Cornelia    Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
   HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.4.1-5.1 Perry VALKENBURG    Father
   Marjolijn LUCASSEN   
   1 Florine    Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
   HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.4.1-5.1.1 Florine VALKENBURG    Father
   Philip van ENGERS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
   HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.4.1-5.2 Johanna Cornelia VALKENBURG    Father
   Rob JANMAAT   
   1 Daan JANMAAT   
   2 Cecile JANMAAT   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1933/05/22Delft (ZH) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.4.1-7 Catharina VALKENBURG Died 2018/11/06Delft (ZH) Father
Marr. 1957/12/30Delft (ZH)Marriage:  
Born 1932/02/05Delft (ZH) Cornelis Marinus van den AKKER
Son of Theodorus Cornelis Josephus van den Akker, kantoorbediende (1922), born 1903/03/17 in Delft (ZH), died 1966/09/30 in Delft (ZH), married Gijsbertha Cornelia Fransen, born 1906/09/14 in Wilnis(Ut), died >1966/09/30.
Died 2005/02/03Delft (ZH)
   1 Catharina Gijsbertha van den AKKER   
   2 Sylvia Cornelia van den AKKER   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1893/07/16Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.4.3 Maria Cornelia VALKENBURG Died 1967/09/26
Bur. 1967/09/29
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Marr. 1919/02/18Roosendaal (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1891/12/04
Bapt. 1891/12/06
Rucphen (NB)
Rucphen (NB)
Confession: RK. Profession: Arbeider (1913), landbouwarbeider (1919/02), arbeider (1909/09), fabrieksarbeider (1922), gasfabriekarbeider, sjouwerman (1942) in gasfabriek.
Son of Cornelis Hellemons, boerenknecht (1886), arbeider (1891, 1913), born 1859/09/10 in Rucphen (NB), died 1913/04/13 in Rucphen (NB), married 1886/05/08 in Rucphen (NB) Adriana Kerstens, born 1864/02/12 in Hoeven (NB), died 1926/03/16 in Roosendaal (NB).
Died 1978/10/14
Bur. 1978/10/18
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1919/09/01Roosendaal (NB) 1 Cornelis Adriaan HELLEMONS
Bergen op Zoom (NB) 1945/08/27: Married Johanna Jacobs, born ±1922 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), daughter of Laurens Jacobs and Anna Cornelia Anthonissen.
Died 1978/05/20
Bur. 1978/05/24
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1922/07/02Roosendaal (NB) 2 Adriana Johanna HELLEMONS
Roosendaal 1942/08/18: Married Johannes Broos, opperman (1942), born ±1921 in Hoeven (NB), died 2011/01/04, son of Johannes Baptist Broos, landarbeider (1942), born ±1893, and Wilhelmina Broos, born ±1896.
Children: Jan, Adrie, Wilma, Ria, Jeanne (????-2011), and Joke.
Died 2011/01/12
Crem. 2011/01/18
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1925/08/18Roosendaal (NB) 3 Petrus Cornelis HELLEMONS  
Born 1927/09/23Roosendaal (NB) 4 Bernardus Adrianus HELLEMONS
Married Annie Eijgenhuijsen, died >2005/06/01.
Children: Ben, Bas, and Anita.
Died 2005/06/01Oosterhout (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1863/06/08Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.5 Petrus VALKENBURG
Profession: Remmer SS (1888-1891), leerling conducteur SS (1891-1892), conducteur 2e klasse (1892), schrijver (1896, hulpschrijver (1901-1907). schrijver SS (1896-1901), winkelier (1903/03), hulpschrijver SS (1901-1907).
Died 1907/02/08Roosendaal (NB) Father
Marr. 1890/10/29Roosendaal (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1865/12/12Roosendaal (NB) Anna KNAPPERS
Profession: Winkelierster (1918).
Daughter of Cornelius Knappers, hovenier (1861), warmoezier (1865, 1879), baptized RK 1810/05/31 in Roosendaal (NB), died 1879/11/13 in Roosendaal (NB), married 1861/11/12 in Etten-Leur (NB) Cornelia Hereijgers, born 1836/02/24 in Etten (NB), died 1904/02/19 in Roosendaal (NB).
Roosendaal 1904/08/10: "Scheiding en deling erfenis van Cornelis Knappers en Cornelia Herrijgers".
Died 1931/09/07
Bur. 1931/09/10
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1892/09/04Roosendaal (NB) 1 Cornelis Antonius   Marriage
Born 1894/04/12Roosendaal (NB) 2 Antonius Wilhelmus
Confession: RK. Profession: Bakker, winkelbediende, gaarder gemeente Roosendaal. Unmarried.
Died 1979/09/14Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1895/05/11Roosendaal (NB) 3 Stillborn daughter  
Born 1898/10/20Roosendaal (NB) 4 Wilhelmus Gerardus Died 1902/02/06Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1901/06/14Roosendaal (NB) 5 Gerardus Alphonsus
Confession: RK. Profession: Broeder Lucianus (1918/02/02-) congregratie Saint Louis in Oudenbosch, onderwijzer in Amsterdam, Alkmaar (1929) en Oudenbosch.
Died 1971/01/19
Bur. 1971/01/23
Roosendaal (NB)
Oudenbosch (NB)
Born 1903/03/25Roosendaal (NB) 6 Adriana Cornelia Maria Died 1903/05/20Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1905/11/25Roosendaal (NB) 7 Maria Cornelia Helena Died 1918/04/01
Bur. 1918/04/04
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1892/09/04Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.5.1 Cornelis Antonius VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Loopjongen SS (1908-1911), arbeider SS (1911-1912), spoorwegbeambte (1918), spoorwegambtenaar (1925, 1936), adjunct-commies Ned. Spoorwegen (1946), wethouder gemeente Roosendaal, lid Provinciale Staten Noord-Brabant, voorzitter Armbestuur, secretaris/voorzitter r.k. Bond voor Spoor- en Tramwegpersoneel St.Raphaël, ondervoorzitter Diocesane, ondervoorzitter plaatselijke K.A.B., voorzitter RK Nijverheidsschool, bestuursfuncties Gildenbond.
Died 1946/06/17
Bur. 1946/06/21
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Marr. 1925/10/19Roosendaal (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1895/01/07Oud en Nieuw Gastel (NB) Antonia Cornelia HOPSTAKEN
Confession: RK.
Daughter (legitimated 1896/04/14) of Petrus Hopstaken, leerlooiersknecht (1896), born 1866/05/08 in Rucphen (NB), married 1896/04/14 in Roosendaal (NB) Adriana Danen, dienstbode (1895), dienstmeid (1896), born 1874/01/14 in Oud- en Nieuw-Gastel (NB).
Died 1973/11/06
Bur. 1973/11/09
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1927/03/19Roosendaal (NB) 1 Anna Maria Theresia   Marriage
Born 1928/10/23Roosendaal (NB) 2 Maria Antonia Catharina   Marriage
Born 1930/05/18Roosendaal (NB) 3 Petrus Antonius Franciscus   Marriage
Born 1932/09/27Roosendaal (NB) 4 Antonius Gerardus Maria   Marriage
Born 1935/07/04Roosendaal (NB) 5 Gerardus Julia Maria Died 1936/01/14
Bur. 1936/01/17
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1938/01/01Roosendaal (NB) 6 Gerardus Cornelis Maria   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1927/03/19Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.5.1-1 Anna Maria Theresia VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 2008/07/09
Crem. 2008/07/14
Roosendaal (NB)
Bergen op Zoom (NB)
Marr. 1959/06/16Roosendaal (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1920/12/26Roosendaal (NB) Arnoldus August Johan Marie VERKOUTEREN Died >2008/07/09 
   1 Petrus Cornelis Antonius Maria VERKOUTEREN   
   2 Nicole VERKOUTEREN   
   3 Gabrielle Mathilda Eduarda Maria VERKOUTEREN   
   4 Lucianus Antonius Maria VERKOUTEREN   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1928/10/23Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.5.1-2 Maria Antonia Catharina VALKENBURG Died 2022/07/14
Crem. 2022/07/20
Rucphen (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Marr. 1953/08/17Roosendaal (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1928/05/15Roosendaal (NB) Antonius Alouisius Maria de CLERCQ
Profession: Huidenhandel (together with his brothers), voorzitter voetbalclub Alliance in Roosendaal (25 years).
Son of Franciscus de Clercq, boekhouder (1919), born 1890/06/11 in Roosendaal (NB), died 1970/01/02 in Roosendaal (NB), married 1919/11/18 in Roosendaal (NB) Adriana Maria Bruijninckx, born 1893/07/02 in Roosendaal (NB), died 1955/06/08 in Roosendaal (NB).
Died 2017/07/12Rucphen (NB)
Born 1954/07/03Roosendaal (NB) 1 Franciscus Cornelis Antonius Maria de CLERCQ
Baptism: RK.
Born 1956/03/24Roosendaal (NB) 2 Cornelis Franciscus Anthonius Maria de CLERCQ
Baptism: RK.
Born 1959/03/07Roosendaal (NB) 3 Antoinette Adriana Louisa Maria de CLERCQ
Baptism: RK.
Born 1960/04/26Roosendaal (NB) 4 Robertus Antonius Margaretha Maria de CLERCQ
Married Nancy. Children.
Died 2015/11/04 
Born 1963/05/30Roosendaal (NB) 5 Paulus Johannes Regina Maria de CLERCQ
Baptism: RK.
Born 1965/08/22Roosendaal (NB) 6 Cécilia Paulina Johanna Maria de CLERCQ  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1930/05/18Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.5.1-3 Petrus Antonius Franciscus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Wisselagent, arbeidsanalyst, afdelingschef Philips.
Died 1994/06/22
Bur. 1994/06/27
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Marr. 1956/12/18Roosendaal (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1931/07/25Oudenbosch (NB) Paulina Gerda Maria van den BEMD Died >1994/06/22 
Born 1958/08/27Roosendaal (NB) 1 Paulina Adriana Maria   Marriage
Born 1959/10/11Roosendaal (NB) 2 Agnes Antonia Maria
Born 1961/02/10Roosendaal (NB) 3 Antonius Gerardus Maria  
Born 1963/07/13Roosendaal (NB) 4 Gerarda Anna Maria   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1958/08/27Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.5.1-3.1 Paulina Adriana Maria VALKENBURG   Father
   P.J. BAKKER   
   1 Martijn BAKKER   
   2 Jaimy BAKKER   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1959/10/11Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.5.1-3.2 Agnes Antonia Maria VALKENBURG Died 2011/08/16Amsterdam Father
   Patrick Laurens JANSEN   
   1 Anouk Vanessa Maria JANSEN   
   2 Karlijn Simone JANSEN   
   3 Hannah Michaela JANSEN   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1963/07/13Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.5.1-3.4 Gerarda Anna Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q3 Johan  
Born 19Q4 1 Nienke  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1932/09/27Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.5.1-4 Antonius Gerardus Maria VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Rayon-directeur bij de Grenswisselkantoren NV.
Died 1999/10/14
Bur. 1999/10/19
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Marr. 1955/05/10Roosendaal (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1933/08/30Roosendaal (NB) Regina Catharina Maria MARTENS
Confession: RK.
Died 2016/09/03
Bur. 2016/09/09

Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1958/01/05Roosendaal (NB) 1 Cornelis Antonius Gerardus Maria   Marriage
Born 1959/04/25Roosendaal (NB) 2 Maria Antoinette Regina   Marriage
Born 1964/09/07Roosendaal (NB) 3 Patrica Paulina Maria   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1958/01/05Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.5.1-4.1 Cornelis Antonius Gerardus Maria VALKENBURG Died 2013/01/11Rueil-Malmaison (France) Father
Born 19Q3 Odile  
Born 19Q4 1 Alexis  
Born 19Q4 2 Simon  
Born 19Q4 3 Julie  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1959/04/25Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.5.1-4.2 Maria Antoinette Regina VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q3 Pedro  
Born 19Q4 1 Regina  
Born 19Q4 2 Merissa  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1964/09/07Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.5.1-4.3 Patrica Paulina Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q3 Jack  
Born 19Q4 1 Lieke  
Born 19Q4 2 Wout  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1938/01/01Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.5.1-6 Gerardus Cornelis Maria VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Horecabedrijf.
Died 1999/12/03
Crem. 1999/12/07
Roosendaal (NB)
Bergen op Zoom (NB)
Marr. 1961/03/28Roosendaal (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1941/11/16Dinteloord (NB) Mathilda Johanna DINGENOUTS
Confession: RK.
Daughter of Mathijs Dingenouts, born 1920/11/29 in Zevenbergen (NB), died 2001/02/27 in Terneuzen (Ze), buried 2001/03/02 in Terneuzen (Ze), married Jacoba Hendrica Brouwers, born 1921/03/16 in Steenbergen (NB), died 2001/07/13, buried 2001/07/17 in Terneuzen (Ze).
Died 2002/10/09
Crem. 2002/10/12
Roosendaal (NB)
Bergen op Zoom (NB)
Born 1965/06/18Roosendaal (NB) 1 Gerardus Cornelis Matheus  
Born 19Q3 2 Willem-Jan  
Born 19Q3 3 Annemarie
Children: Damiën and Alec.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1865/07/03Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.6 Johannes Adrianus VALKENBURG
Profession: Schoenmaker (1890-1898), portier (1901-1903), portier Staatsspoor (1905), spoorbeambte (1907), nachtwaker (1910-1915), schoenmaker (1918-1924).
Roosendaal 1913/02/15: "Hypothecaire obligatie groot fl. 1.500,- tbv Petrus Nicolaas Raaijmaakers te Roosendaal en ten laste van Johannes Adrianus Valkenburg aldaar."
Died 1955/04/18
Bur. 1955/04/20
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Marr. 1890/02/12Roosendaal (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1866/03/06Roosendaal (NB) Cornelia van ESCH
Daughter of Christiaan van Esch, arbeider (1865, 1866), fabrieksarbeider (1890), born 1836/03/22 in Roosendaal (NB), died 1917/09/27 in Roosendaal (NB), married 1865/05/07 in Roosendaal (NB) Adriana de Wael, borduurster (1865), born 1838/09/27 in Roosendaal (NB), died 1866/08/01 in Roosendaal (NB).
Died 1919/03/31
Bur. 1919/04/03
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1891/06/03Roosendaal (NB) 1 Adriana Antonia   Marriage
Born 1893/05/06Roosendaal (NB) 2 Anna Maria   Marriage
Born 1895/06/02Roosendaal (NB) 3 Marinus Cornelis   Marriage
Born 1897/10/31Roosendaal (NB) 4 Cornelia Catharina   Marriage
Born 1899/10/04Roosendaal (NB) 5 Jeannette Adriana   Marriage
Born 1901/12/10Roosendaal (NB) 6 Johanna Francisca   Marriage
Born 1903/04/27Roosendaal (NB) 7 Antonius Paulus   Marriage
Born 1905/09/02Roosendaal (NB) 8 Stillborn son  
Born 1909/02/04Roosendaal (NB) 9 Christianus Petrus Adriana Died 1910/04/12Roosendaal (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1891/06/03Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.6.1 Adriana Antonia VALKENBURG
Address: 1901-1915: Antwerpen (Belgium).
Roosendaal (NB) 1920/09/24: Made her will.
Died 1968/02/24
Bur. 1968/02/28
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Marr. 1920/07/13Roosendaal (NB)Marriage 1:  
Born 1884/08/19Roosendaal (NB) Cornelis Hubertus BUIJS
Confession: RK. Profession: Touwslager (1909-1924), assuradeur (1925), verzekeringsagent (1930), winkelier, kolenhandelaar (1941).
Widower of Anna Maria Schrauwen, born 1884/12/17 in Rijsbergen (NB), married 1909/05/25 in Roosendaal (NB), died 1920/03/05 in Roosendaal (NB), daughter of Petrus Schrauwen, molenaar (1876, 1884, 1897), born 1852/03/17 in Zundert (NB), died 1897/01/29 in Roosendaal (NB), married 1876/10/28 in Zundert (NB) Maria Catharina van Loon, dienstmeid (1876), born 1856/07/01 in Wouw (NB), died 1943/08/09 in Roosendaal (NB).
Son of Hubertus Buijs, touwslager (1883), winkelier (1884), touwslager (1909, 1920), born 1854/09/25 in Dinteloord (NB), died 1925/09/28 in Roosendaal (NB), married 1883/10/31 in Roosendaal (NB) Johanna Luijken, wollennaaister (1883), born 1858/04/13 in Roosendaal (NB), died 1930/03/08 in Roosendaal (NB).
Roosendaal (NB) 1917/12/10: Will by Anna Maria Schrauwen.
Roosendaal (NB) 1918/09/24: Bond of Dfl 3000 to Cornelis Simon Schrauwen, living in Antwerpen, with mortgage on property in Roosendaal.
Roosendaal (NB) 1919/02/10: Bought property at Dfl 800 from Victor Theodorus Schrauwen.
Died 1941/02/24
Bur. 1941/02/27
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1921/08/21Roosendaal (NB) 1 Johannes Cornelis Marinus BUIJS
Profession: Steenkolenhandelaar (1942), kolenhandelaar (1946).
Roosendaal (NB) 1946/11/23: Married Christina Johanna Maria Bruijns, born 1924/06/11 in Roosendaal (NB), died 2004/04/16 in Roosendaal (NB), daughter of Petrus Mathias Bruijns, spoorwegbeambte (1908), born 1883/07/18 in Roosendaal (NB), married 1908/07/02 in Wouw (NB) Maria Catharina van Bergen, born 1885/05/08 in Wouw (NB).
Died 2010/06/21Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1922/11/28Roosendaal (NB) 2 Cornelis Hendrikus Gerardus BUIJS
Profession: Timmerman (1942).
. Bergen op Zoom (NB) 1942/12/28: Married Johanna Catharina Antoinette Hense, born ±1922 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), daughter of Francies Hense, hoofdagent van politie (1942), born ±1891, married Catharina Heymans, born ±1894.
Born 1924/12/02Roosendaal (NB) 3 Stillborn daughter BUIJS  
Born 1925/11/24Roosendaal (NB) 4 Cornelia Louisa Johanna BUIJS
Roosendaal (NB) 1944/04/18: Married Gerardus Petrus Bakx, tuindersknecht (1948, 1951), born ±1916 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), son of Adrianus Bakx and Maria Dimphna Cornelia Schrauwen.
Bergen op Zoom (NB) ±1947: Born Adriana Maria Gerarda Bakx, died 1948/12/27 in Bergen op Zoom (NB).
Bergen op Zoom NB ±1951/02/27: Born Gerardus Josephus Jacobus Bakx, died 1951/03/10 in Bergen op Zoom (NB).
Born 1929/02/15Roosendaal (NB) 5 Jacques Hubertus Wilhelmus BUIJS  
Marr. 1949/05/13Roosendaal (NB)Marriage 2:  
Born 1878/10/06Princenhage (NB) Adrianus RIJKEN
Profession: Landbouwer (1912, 1914, 1915, 1918, 1922).
Widower of Johanna Maria Rommens, landbouwster (1912, 1914), born 1879/12/16 in Leur (NB), married 1912/11/14 in Etten-Leur (NB), died 1914/11/17 in Etten-Leur (NB), daughter of Cornelis Rommens, landbouwer (1872, 1879, 1906), born 1844/09/06 in Princenhage (NB), died 1906/08/27 in Etten-Leur (NB), married 1872/01/11 in Etten-Leur (NB) Jacoba Hereijgers, landbouwster (1879, 1912), born 1844/07/10 in Etten (NB), died 1919/02/01 in Etten-Leur (NB).
Widower of Johanna van Meer, landbouwster (1915, 1918), born 1881/02/21 in Princenhage (NB), married 1915/10/21 in Princenhage (NB), died 1918/11/09 in Etten (NB), daughter of Johannes van Meer, bouwman (1868, 1875, 1881), born 1839/01/21 in Princenhage (NB), died 1914/12/22 in Princenhage (NB), married 1868/05/07 in Princenhage (NB) Antonetta Matthijssen, dienstmeid (1868), landbouwster (1881, 1915), born 1842/02/10 in Princenhage (NB), 1922/01/11 in Princenhage (NB).
Widower of Mechelina van Meer, born 1875/06/04 in Princenhage (NB), married 1922/07/13 in Princenhage (NB), died 1944/02/24 in Etten (NB), daughter of Johannes van Meer, bouwman (1868, 1875, 1881), born 1839/01/21 in Princenhage (NB), died 1914/12/22 in Princenhage (NB), married 1868/05/07 in Princenhage (NB) Antonetta Matthijssen, dienstmeid (1868), landbouwster (1881, 1915), born 1842/02/10 in Princenhage (NB), died 1922/01/11 in Princenhage (NB).
Son of Hendrikus Rijken, bouwman (1875, 1878), landbouwer (1912, 1915), born 1847/10/29 in Princenhage (NB), died 1923/03/07 in Ginneken en Bavel (NB), married 1875/02/03 in Princenhage (NB) Johanna Catharina Sweep, landbouwster (1875, 1878, 1912), born 1851/03/20 in Princenhage (NB), died 1922/12/18 in Ginneken en Bavel (NB).
Died 1961/07/11
Bur. 1961/07/14
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1893/05/06Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.6.2 Anna Maria VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Dienstbode (1915/02). Address: 1901-1915: Antwerpen (Belgium).
Died 1981/06/29
Crem. 1981/07/03
Roosendaal (NB)
Breda (NB)
Marr. 1915/04/27Roosendaal (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1888/01/09Roosendaal (NB) Gerardus GEERSSEN
Confession: RK. Profession: Grondwerker, schilder (1915), grondwerker (1917), schilder (1917-1921), huisschilder (1946).
Son of Egidius Geerssen, arbeider (1877), fabriekswerker (1888), arbeider (1915), born 1846/08/20 in Gastel (NB), died 1932/11/27 in Roosendaal (NB), married 1877/11/19 in Roosendaal (NB) Geertruida Goor, werkster (1877), born 1855/01/07 in Roosendaal (NB), died 1925/03/01 in Roosendaal (NB).
Died 1976/02/17
Bur. 1976/02/21
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1915/08/04Roosendaal (NB) 1 Egidius Johannes GEERSSEN
Profession: Spoorwegarbeider (1946).
Gennep (Li) 1946/03/02: Married Helena Woker, born ±1909 in Bergen (Li), daughter of Hermanus Woker and Mechtildis Driessen.
Born 1917/08/27Roosendaal (NB) 2 Johannes Marinus GEERSSEN
Profession: Huisschilder (1946).
Roosendaal 1946/04/30: Married Anna Cornelia Machielsen, born ±1915 in Roosendaal (NB), died <2001/07/29, daughter of Johannes Machielsen, voorman b/d gemeentereiniging (1946), married Anna de Tree, died <1946/04/30.
Died 2001/07/29Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1921/04/17Roosendaal (NB) 3 Stillborn son  
Born 1928/08/31Roosendaal (NB) 4 Cornelia Geertruda Adriana GEERSSEN  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1895/06/02Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.6.3 Marinus Cornelis VALKENBURG
Profession: Borstelmaker (190x-1918), manufacturier, kastelein (1942), koffiehuishouder (1943), caféhouder (1957).
Died 1957/07/02
Bur. 1957/07/05
Marr. 1918/05/21Roosendaal (NB)Marriage 1:Div. 1938/11/21
Div.Reg. 1938/12/06
Rotterdam RB
Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1891/05/15Roosendaal (NB) Maria Louisa BROUMELS
Daughter of Johannes Broumels, vleeshouwer (1877), slachter (1891), born 1854/07/25 in Roosendaal (NB), died 1929/03/14 in Roosendaal (NB), married 1877/11/07 in Roosendaal (NB) Clementina van de Cauter, born 1854/03/19 in Temse (Belgium), died 1942/07/22 in Roosendaal (NB).
  Children: 4 children.
Born 1918/01/30Roosendaal (NB) 1 Johannes BROUMELS
Roosendaal 1918/05/21: Legitimated.
Born 1919/06/25Rotterdam 2 Cornelia Adriana   Marriage
Marr. 1942/11/11RotterdamMarriage 2:  
Born 1895/12/04Klaaswaal (ZH) Johanna van HAL
Divorcee of Albertus Hendrikus Klein, scheepskok (1919), born 1892/12/03 in Rotterdam, married 1919/08/20 in Rotterdam, divorced 1939/01/09 in Rotterdam RB, registered divorce 1939/05/16 in Rotterdam, son of Jan Klein, koopman (1889, 1892), expeditieknecht (1919), born 1858/09/14 in Sommelsdijk (ZH), died >1906/01/15, married 1889/08/28 in Zierikzee (Ze) Elisabeth Janna van der Bijl, born 1867/04/22 in Bruinisse (Ze), died 1906/01/15 in Rotterdam.
Daughter of Kornelis van Hal, arbeider (1869, 1895), koopman (1899), born 1841/04/15 in Numansdorp (ZH), died 1899/06/17 in Klaaswaal (ZH), married 1869/11/04 in Klaaswaal (ZH) Kornelia de Ruiter, dienstbode (1869), born 1849/08/14 in Oud-Beijerland (ZH), died 1899/06/17-1942/11/11.
Died 1979/10/29Rotterdam

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1918/01/30Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.6.3-1 Johannes VALKENBURG
Profession: Winkelbediende, winkelier (1943).
Died 1996/04/15
Marr. 1943/04/14RotterdamMarriage:  
Born 1922/09/07Rotterdam Catharina Maria GREVEN
Confession: RK.
Daughter of Steven Greven, behangersknecht (1913), gemeentewerkman (1943), born 1886/08/07 in Zeist (Ut), married 1913/08/29 in Loenen a/d Vecht (Ut) Catharina Hermina van Haarlem, born 1892/12/29 in Loenen a/d Vecht (Ut).
Died 2015/06/06
Bur. 2015/06/12
Born 194x 1 Louise   Marriage
   2 Johannes    Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 194x HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.6.3-1.1 Louise VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q2 Rien  
Born 19Q3 1 Hans  
Born 19Q3 2 Inge
Partner: Ruby. Children: Rick and Tim.

Date City Name Date City Relation
   HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.6.3-1.2 Johannes VALKENBURG    Father
   Marga van DAMME   
   1 Femke    Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
   HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.6.3-1.2.1 Femke VALKENBURG    Father

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1919/06/25Rotterdam HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.6.3-2 Cornelia Adriana VALKENBURG
Profession: Winkelbediende.
Died 1981/01/20Hilversum (NH) Father
Marr. 1957/10/30RotterdamMarriage:  
Born 1920/03/27Schiedam (ZH) Sander Antonie SPRONG
Profession: Musicus, leider en tenorsaxfonist Skymasters.
Son of Florus Sprong, glasblazer (1915), born 1892/03/07 in Leerdam (ZH), died 1962/05/19 in Schiedam (ZH), married 1915/07/22 in Schiedam (ZH) Cornelia Gonlag, born 1894/05/12 in Delft (ZH), died >1962/05/19.
Died 1990/06/08Hilversum (NH)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1897/10/31Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.6.4 Cornelia Catharina VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Address: 1916-1930: Antwerpen (Belgium).
Died 1970/12/03
Bur. 1970/12/07
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Marr. 1924/08/05Roosendaal (NB)Marriage 1:  
Born 1892/01/04Princenhage (NB) Gerardus Wilhelmus ALVERS
Profession: Slagersknecht (1924), slager, arbeider slachthuis.
Son of Wilhelmus Alvers, gepensionneerd onderofficier (1891), winkelier (1892), born 1851/07/23 in Waspik (NB), died 1916/03/20 in Princenhage (NB), married 1891/07/22 in Princenhage (NB) Johanna Jacoba Sprangers, born 1867/07/07 in Princenhage (NB), died 1944/04/19 in Princenhage (NB).
Died 1957/05/06
Bur. 1957/05/09
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1925/02/25Roosendaal (NB) 1 Cornelis Wilhelmus ALVERS  
Born 1936/09/15Roosendaal (NB) 2 Johannes Gerardus Marinus ALVERS Died 2018/10/20

Roosendaal (NB)
Marr. 1958/10/14Roosendaal (NB)Marriage 2:  
Born 1892/02/11Rucphen (NB) Johannes GABRIËLS
Profession: Arbeider (1914), ploegbaas NS (1934).
Widower of Maria Hendrika Roozen, dienstbode (1914), born 1891/01/12 in Boxtel (NB), married 1914/05/12 in Roosendaal (NB), died 1958/01/01 in Roosendaal (NB), daughter of Franciscus Roozen, dienstknecht (1890), spoorwegwachter (1891), wegwerker (1914), born 1867/05/29 in Oirschot (NB), died >1934/12/30, married 1890/04/18 in Boxtel (NB) Johanna Vlaminckx, spoorwegwachtster (1890), born 1867/08/02 in Haaren (NB), died 1934/12/30 in Roosendaal (NB).
Son of Cornelis Gabriels, arbeider (1871, 1892), landbouwer (1914, 1918), arbeider (1919), born 1846/02/02 in Rucphen (NB), died 1919/04/20 in Rucphen (NB), married 1871/05/01 in Rucphen (NB) Elisabeth Renkels, arbeidster (1871), born 1851/09/09 in Rucphen (NB), died 1918/04/09 in Rucphen (NB).
Died 1967/06/10
Bur. 1967/06/14
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1899/10/04Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.6.5 Jeannette Adriana VALKENBURG
Profession: Naaister (1921).
Died 1933/08/14
Bur. 1933/08/17
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Marr. 1921/11/08Roosendaal (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1897/07/15Roosendaal (NB) Johannes RIJPERS
Profession: Borstelmaker (1921, 1922, 1933, 1935), borstelknipper
Son of Franciscus Rijpers, arbeider (1895, 1897, 1921, 1922), tuinman (1937), born 1866/10/14 in Roosendaal (NB), died 1937/07/18 in Roosendaal (NB), married 1895/10/29 in Roosendaal (NB) Cornelia Keijenberg, born 1872/12/24 in Nieuw-Vossemeer (NB), died 1922/07/03 in Roosendaal (NB).
Roosendaal (NB) 1935/01/08: Married (2) Dimphena van den Bemt, dienstbode (1935), born 1900/01/02 in Standdaarbuiten (NB), died 1984/02/05 in Roosendaal (NB), daughter of Gerardus van den Bemt, arbeider (1887, 1900, 1923), born 1856/01/09 in Standdaarbuiten (NB), died 1923/10/03 in Standdaarbuiten (NB), married 1887/06/10 in Standdaarbuiten (NB) Cornelia van Ginneken, arbeidster (1887), born 1861/05/30 in Standdaarbuiten (NB), died 1931/04/25 in Roosendaal (NB).
Died 1976/11/20Roosendaal (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1901/12/10Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.6.6 Johanna Francisca VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 1991/10/19
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Marr. 1924/04/22Roosendaal (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1897/09/13Roosendaal (NB) Johannes van OORSCHOT
Confession: RK. Profession: Spoorwegbeambte (1924), spoorwegarbeider (1930), spoorwegbeambte 1939).
Son of Johannes Henricus van Oorschot, arbeider (1887), spoorwegwerker (1897), spoorwegarbeider (1921), born 1860/05/26 in Roosendaal (NB), died 1921/12/01 in Roosendaal (NB), married 1887/11/19 in Rucphen (NB) Martina Rommers, born 1865/11/09 in Rucphen (NB), died 1938/05/08 in Roosendaal (NB).
Died 1981/10/29
Roosendaal (NB)
Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1924/09/12Roosendaal (NB) 1 Cornelia Adriana Martina van OORSCHOT Died 1997/06/23Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1928/07/05Roosendaal (NB) 2 Henricus Johannes Marinus van OORSCHOT Died 1984/01/28Roosendaal (NB)
Born 1930/12/11Roosendaal (NB) 3 Stillborn son van OORSCHOT  
   4 Jeannette Adriana Cornelia van OORSCHOT   
Born 1936/07/11Roosendaal (NB) 5 Johannes Marinus Antonius van OORSCHOT Died 1939/03/31Roosendaal (NB)
   6 Adrienne Maria Cornelia van OORSCHOT   
   7 Maria Cornelia Louise van OORSCHOT   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1903/04/27Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.6.7 Antonius Paulus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Broodbakker (1931), winkelier, grossier in suikerwerken.
Died 1984/11/30
Crem. 1984/12/04
Bergen op Zoom (NB)
Breda (NB)
Marr. 1931/09/15Roosendaal (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1904/12/25Steenbergen (NB) Maria Petronella van EKEREN
Confession: RK.
Daughter of Jan Carolus van Ekeren, landbouwersknecht (1890), arbeider (1904, 1919), landbouwer (1925) born 1862/05/28 in Halsteren (NB), died 1925/11/13 in Roosendaal (NB), married 1890/10/24 in Steenbergen (NB) Petronilla Verbraak, dienstbode (1890), born 1862/10/10 in Steenbergen (NB), died 1919/03/02 in Roosendaal (NB).
Died 1981/01/09
Crem. 1981/01/13
Bergen op Zoom (NB)
Breda (NB)
Born 1932/11/11Roosendaal (NB) 1 Cornelia Petronella Maria   Marriage
Born 1933/11/09Breda (NB) 2 Carolus Johannes Antonius   Marriage
Born 1938/04/05Roosendaal (NB) 3 Johannes Marinus Antonius   Marriage
Born 1941/10/12Roosendaal (NB) 4 Petronella Maria Wilhelmina Johanna  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1932/11/11Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.6.7-1 Cornelia Petronella Maria VALKENBURG Died 2016/09/03Bergen op Zoom (NB) Father
Marr. 1957/12/27Breda (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1919/10/11Breda (NB) Jacobus Wilhelmus Adrianus van GASTEL
Son of Marijnus Gerardus Antonius van Gastel, kleermaker (1919), born 1898/01/15 in Breda (NB), died 1965/03/17 in Breda (NB), married 1919/06/23 in Breda (NB) Maria Johanna Deckers, born 1896/07/22 in Etten (NB), died >1965/03/17.
Died 2007/01/15Bergen op Zoom (NB)
   1 Maria Cornelia Adriana van GASTEL   
   2 Marijnus Antonius Jacobus Johannes van GASTEL   
   3 Antonius Marijnus Jacobus van GASTEL   
   4 Roger Robert Marie van GASTEL   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1933/11/09Breda (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.6.7-2 Carolus Johannes Antonius VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Administrateur.
Died 1995/11/01
Crem. 1995/11/04
Roosendaal (NB)
Breda (NB)
Marr. 1962/07/23Schaijk (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1937/04/06Bergen op Zoom (NB) Petronella Catharina Johanna Maria WAGEMANS Died >1995/11/01 
Born 1963/05/23Roosendaal (NB) 1 Maria Antoinette   Marriage
Born 1963/05/23Roosendaal (NB) 2 Antonius Theodorus  
Born 1964/10/20Roosendaal (NB) 3 Gertruda Maria   Marriage
Born 1966/02/11Roosendaal (NB) 4 Petronella Maria Josephina   Marriage
Born 1969/12/27Roosendaal (NB) 5 Carola Johanna Adriana   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1963/05/23Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.6.7-2.1 Maria Antoinette VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q3 Jan  
Born 19Q4 1 Rachella  
Born 19Q4 2 Danny  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1964/10/20Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.6.7-2.3 Gertruda Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q3 Maurice  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1966/02/11Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.6.7-2.4 Petronella Maria Josephina VALKENBURG   Father
   Name unknown.  
Born 19Q4 1 Samantha  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1969/12/27Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.6.7-2.5 Carola Johanna Adriana VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q3 Johan  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1938/04/05Roosendaal (NB) HZ.1.1-1.5.8-1.6.7-3 Johannes Marinus Antonius VALKENBURG
Profession: Leraar HAVO/VWO Canisius College Nijmegen.
Marr. 1963/11/07Nijmegen (Ge)Marriage:  
Born 1939/04/05Roosendaal (NB) Anna Maria Balthasar Antonia VLEESKENS  
Born 1966/08/20Nijmegen (Ge) 1 Johanna Cornelia Antonia  
Born 1968/07/22Nijmegen (Ge) 2 Paulus Antonius Carolus  
Born 1971/02/09Nijmegen (Ge) 3 Marcus Leonardus Adrianus  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1743/05/22Heeze HZ.1.1-1.7 Anna Hendrik VALKENBORGH
Also called Anna/Maria Valken (1776, 1777). Baptism: RK, witnesses: Dilis Jacobs van Valckenborg and Maria Janse Cortens.
Heeze 1777/02/19: Witness (as Anna Valcken) RK baptism of Francisca, daughter of Joannes van Breugel and Joanna Maria Cortens (other witness: Matheus van Breugel).
Ann. 1772/04/25
Marr. 1772/05/10
Heeze SB
Bapt. 1742/02/04Asten (NB) Philippus SMETS
Marriage: RK, witnesses: Philippus van Bree and Jacobus Bieringhs.
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Hendrick Hendricks and Hendrina Vreynse. Son of Arnoldus Thomas Smits, announced marriage 1738/02/01 in Asten (NB), married 1738/02/16 in Asten (NB) Peternel Flipsen.
Bapt. 1773/09/02Heeze 1 Petronilla SMETS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Egidius Valckenburg and Elisabetha Smets.
Heeze 1789/04/07: "Borgbrief" because of move to Zesgehuchten.
Bapt. 1776/02/26Heeze 2 Henricus SMETS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes van Deursen and Maria Smets.
Heeze 1789/04/07: "Borgbrief" because of move to Zesgehuchten.
Bapt. 1777/10/27Heeze 3 Arnoldus SMETS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Jacobus Bierens and Joanna Smets.
Heeze 1789/04/07: "Borgbrief" because of move to Zesgehuchten.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1701/12/09Heeze HZ.1.1-2 Dielis Jacobs van VALKENBORGH
Also called Aegidius Jacobs(1733, 1748), Dielis Jacobs (1733, 1740, 1743), Celes (1737), and Delis (1734, 1736, 1739, 1744, 1748), Dielis (1749). Baptism witnesses: Embertus Joannes Delis and Petronilla Delis.
Heeze 1724/01/16: Witness RK marriage of Henricus Jacobs van Valckenborgh and Joanna Jans van Someren.
Heeze 1725/06/20: Witness RK baptism of Jacobus, son of Henricus Jacobs van Valckenborch and Joanna Joannes Jacobs.
Heeze 1733/06/26: Witness RK baptism of Jacobus, son of Wilhelmus Geert Hesius and Catelijn Jacobus Valkenburg.
Heeze 1734/07/09: Witness RK baptism of Maria Catharina, daughter of Wilhelm Geerts and Catharina Jacobus Valckenburg.
Heeze 1739/10/11: Witness RK baptism of Agnes, daughter of Roelof Claesse van Vorstenbos and Johanna Goorts van 't Hof (other witness: Wilhelma Goorts van 't Hof).
Heeze 1740/07/18: Witness RK baptism of Jacomina, daughter of Johannes Bierinx and Maria Jacobs Valckenborg.
Heeze 1741/08/11: Burried a child of Dielis Valckenborgh.
Heeze 1743/05/22: Witness RK baptism of Anna, daughter of Henricus Jacobs van Valckenborg and Johanna Janse Cortens.
Heeze 1745/04/15: Witness RK baptism of Maria, daughter of Johannes Bierinx and Maria Jacobs van Valckenborg.
Heeze 1767/09/27: Witness RK marriage of Judocus Valkenborgh and Jacoba Jansse Geenen.
Heeze 1773/09/02: Witness RK baptism of Petronilla, daughter of Philippus Smets and Anna Valckenburgh,
Heeze 1739/04/09: Burial of one of his children.
Heeze 1741/08/11: Burial of one of his children.
Heeze 1756/01/12: Burial of one of his children.
Died 1779/02/11
Bur. 1779/02/15
Ann. 1733/11/14
Marr. 1733/11/29
Heeze SB
Heeze SB
Marriage 1:  
Bapt. 1706/11/04Heeze Elizabeth Joosten van 't HOFF
Also called Elisabeth Josephus van 't Hof.
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes van Gael and Judoca Judocus Reimen. Daughter of Judocus Joannes van 't Hof, died 1721/12 in Heeze, married RK 1699/01/25 in Heeze Anna Judocus Reimen, died 1705/03/17 in Heeze.
Bur. 1748/05/06Heeze
  Children: First marriage:
Bapt. 1734/11/16Heeze 1 Josina van VALCKENBORCH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Johannes van 't Hof and Catharina Jacobs Valckenborg.
Bur. 1735/03/09Heeze
Bapt. 1736/02/03Heeze 2 Maria van VALCKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus van Valckenborg and Johanna Jooste van 't Hof.
Bur. 1736/04/19Heeze
Bapt. 1737/06/27Heeze 3 Anna Maria van VALCKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Gerardus van 't Hof and Alegunda van Valckenborgh.
Bapt. 1738/10/15Heeze 4 Jacomina van VALCKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Johannes Jacob van Valckenborg and Johanna Goorts van 't Hof.
Bur. 1739/04/09Heeze
Bapt. 1740/11/09Heeze 5 Johanna van VALCKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Johannes Bierinx and Wilhelma Goorts van 't Hof.
Died 1771/01/03Heeze
Bapt. 1743/02/12Heeze 6 Josephus VALCKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Johannes Bierinx and Willemina Goorts van 't Hof.
Bapt. 1744/09/08Heeze 7 Maria van VALCKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Johannes Henricus Valckenborg and Anna Delis.
Bur. 1744/10/03Heeze
Bapt. 1746/07/04Heeze 8 Jacomina van VALCKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Jacobs van Valckenborg and Maria Jacobs van Valckenborg.
Heeze: 1774/12/03: Witness (as Jacoba) at baptism of Goverdina, daughter of Petrus Geene and Maria Noten (other witness: Joannes Bartels).
Bapt. 1748/02/15Heeze 9 Johannes van VALCKENBURGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Jacobs van Valckenburgh and Maria Jacobs van Valckenburgh.
Ann. 1749/09/13
Marr. 1749/09/28
Heeze SB
Heeze SB
Marriage 2:  
Born 17Q1Asten (NB) Jenneke Leend. van HUGTEN
Also called Joanna Leonardus van Hueghte (1749), Joanna Leenders, and Joanna Maria van Heugten (1823).
Heeze 1749/09/28: Married RK, witnesses: henricus van Hueghte and Henricus Valkenburgh
NB Died as Joanna Dielis Valkenborg. Bural note: Left child.
Bur. 1797/01/13Heeze
  Children: Second marriage:
Bapt. 1750/09/09Heeze 10 Elisabetha van VALCKENBURGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus van Hueghte and Aldegundis van Valckenburgh.
Bapt. 1753/05/11Heeze 11 Johanna
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Petrus Henricus van Valkenborgh and Anna Lambertus van der Velden.
Heeze 1782/06/15: Witness RK baptism of Joanna, daughter of Joannes Valkenborg and Christina Wilhelmus Stoffels.
Heeze 1790/11/09: Witness RK baptism of Joanna, daughter of Leonardus Valkenborg and Helena Gerlinx.
Heeze 1790/02/14: Witness RK marriage of Leonardus Egidius Valkenborg and Helena Henricus Herinx.
Heeze 1799/10/06: Witness RK marriage of Antonius Willem van 't Hof and Elisabetha Josephus Valkenborg.
Bapt. 1757/03/31Heeze 12 Joannes van VALKENBURGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Arnoldus Bieringhs and Wilhelma Aerts.
Bapt. 1762/10/11Heeze 13 Leonardus VALKENBORGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Petrus van Huchten and Catharina Valkenborigh

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1737/06/27Heeze HZ.1.1-2.3 Annamaria VALKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Gerardus van 't Hof and Alegunda van Valckenborg. Unable to write.
Heeze 1762/07/30: Witness RK baptism of Joanna, daughter of Joannes Valkenborgh and Catharina Verbeek.
Heeze 1770/06/12: Witness RK baptism of Adriana, daughter of Judocus Valkenborgh and Jacoba Janse Geenen.
Heeze 1772/04/24: Witness RK baptism of Joannes daughter of Judocus Valkenborgh and Jacoba Janse Geenen.
Heeze 1782/08/10: Witness RK baptism of Maria, daughter of Arnoldus Bierinx and Aldegundis Veraa (other witness: Joannes de Laure).
Heeze 1785/12/23: Witness RK baptism of Godefridus, son of Wilhelmus Godefridus van Asten and Maria van der Cruijs (other witness: Arnoldus van Asten).
Heeze 1788/07/29: Witness RK baptism of Anna Maria, daughter of Joannes Stas and Maria Joannes Valkenborg.
Heeze 1803/03/23: Witness RK baptism of Joannes, son of Leonardus Valkenborg and Helena Gerlinghs.
Died <1824/05/22  Father
Ann. 1783/01/04
Marr. 1783/01/19
Heeze SB
Heeze SB
Bapt. 1748/07/15Heeze Jan Goort van ASTEN
Unable to write.
Heeze 1783/01/19: Married RK, witnesses: Aegidius Valken and Wilhelmus van Asten.
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Anthonius Wilhelmus Deelen and Adriana Janse van Asten. Son of Goort van Asten, announced marriage 1748/06/15 in Heeze SB, married 1748/06/30 in Heeze SB Jennemaria Deelen, died <=1770/08/08 in Heeze.
Died 1824/05/22Heeze

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1743/02/12Heeze HZ.1.1-2.6 Joost Deelis VALKENBORGH
Also called Josephus(1767), Judocus (1768-1774), Judocus Egidius (1779), Judocus (1786), Joost (1791), and Joost Valken (1792).
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Johannes Bierinx and Willemina Goorts van 't Hof.
Heeze 1772/12/04: Witness RK baptism of Helena, daughter of Petrus Janse Geenen and Maria Petrus Noten (other witness: Joanna Janse Kuijpers).
Heeze 1773/04/28: Burial (as Jost Valken) of one of his children.
Heeze 1776/05/11: Burial of one of his children.
Burial note: Left wife.
Bur. 1791/11/07Heeze Father
Ann. 1767/09/12
Marr. 1767/09/27
Heeze SB
Heeze SB
Bapt. 1745/02/08Heeze Jacomijn Jan GEENEN
Also called Jacoba Janse Geenen, Jacoba Joannes Goorts, Jacoba Ivo Geeven, Wiilemijn Geenen (1811), Jacoba Geerts (1843), and Jokkemijn (1856).
Heeze 1767/09/27: Married RK, witnesses: Egidius Valkenborgh and Joanna Geenen.
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Godefridus Geenen and Alegondis Adrianus van Seelberg. Daughter of Johannes Godefridus Geenen, baptized 1716/07/19 in Heeze, died 1790/11/01 in Heeze, announced marriage 1740/12/31 in Geldrop, married 1741/01/15 in Geldrop Lutgardis Adrianus van Seelberg, buried 1782/11/27 in Heeze.
Bur. 1795/01/23Heeze
Bapt. 1768/09/27Heeze 1 Elisabetha
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Eegidius Valkenborgh and Aldegundis Jan Geenen.
Bapt. 1770/06/12Heeze 2 Adriana
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Geenen and Anna Maria Dilis Valkenborgh.
Bapt. 1772/04/24Heeze 3 Joannes
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Janse Geenen and Anna Maria Valkenborgh.
Heeze 1800/09/30: Witness baptism of Justina, daughter of Antonius van 't Hof and Elisabetha Valkenborg.
Bapt. 1774/04/11Heeze 4 Judoca VALKE
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Petrus Geene and Joanna Valke.
Bapt. 1776/08/22Heeze 5 Joannes VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Valkenburg and Maria Geenen.
Bapt. 1779/09/25Heeze 6 Egidius VALKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Egidius Valkenborg and Goverdina Henricus Valkenburg.
Bapt. 1786/04/12Heeze 7 Petronilla VALKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes van Asten and Adriana Geenen.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1768/09/27Heeze HZ.1.1-2.6.1 Elisabeth Joost VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Eegidius Valkenborgh and Aldegundis Jan Geenen. Confession: RK. Also called Valke (1810).
Heeze 1792/07/14: Witness RK baptism of Dina, daughter of Henricus Geenen and Elisabetha (S)willers (other witness: Joannes van Asten).
Heeze 1805/08/14: Witness RK baptism of Josephus, son of Aegidius Valkenburg and Elisabetha Lammers.
Heeze 1809/02/14: Witness RK baptism of Josina, daughter of Joannes Valkenburg and Maria Cox.
Heeze 1810/10/18: Witness RK baptism of Jacomina, daughter of Joannes Valkenburg and Maria Petrus Cox.
Died 1838/11/14Heeze Father
Ann. 1799/09/21
Marr. 1799/10/06
Heeze SB
Heeze SB
Bapt. 1777/06/06
Anthonij Willem van 't HOFF
Profession: Tisserand (1810), wever (1825-1848), koster (1837).
Heeze 1799/10/06: Married RK, witnesses: Johanna Valkenborg and Johannes van 't Hof.
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Verwerden and Adriana van 't Hof. Son of Willem Ariens van 't Hoff, baptized 1747/12/12 in Heeze, buried 1805/03/26 in Heeze, announced marriage 1773/11/20 in Heeze SB, married 1773/12/05 in Heeze SB Maria Anthonij van Weerden, died <1805/03/26 in Heeze.
Died 1848/01/17Heeze
Born 1800/09/30
Bapt. 1800/09/30
1 Justina van het HOF
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Valkenborg and Adriana van het Hof.
Heeze 1826/01/26: Married Cornelius Vos, wever (1826, 1845), baptized 1793/12/13 in Breugel (NB), died >1845/12/29, son of Antonie Vos, landbouwer (1826), married Maria Verhoeven, died 1800/05/24 in Breugel (NB).
Died 1845/12/29Heeze
Born 1803/04/30
Bapt. 1803/04/30
2 Wilhelmus van 't HOF
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Aegidius Valkenborg and Helena Verweerde. Profession: Wever (1841, 1849).
Heeze 1825/06/02: Married Joanna Vos, dienstmeid (1825), baptized 1792/02/28 in Breugel, died >1849/10/06, daughter of Antonie Vos, vleesslager (1825), married Maria Verhoeven, died 1820/05/24 in Breugel (NB).
Died 1849/10/06Heeze
Born 1805/08/10
Bapt. 1805/08/10
3 Jacobus van 't HOF
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Mathaeus Verweerde and Petronilla Valkenburg. Profession: Wever (1826, 1841).
Aalst (NB) 1826/05/21: Married (1) Petronella van der Heyden, landbouwster (1826), born 1804/10/18 in Tongelre (NB), died 1840/05/23 in Heeze, daughter of Johannis van der Heyden, bouwman (1826), landbouwer (1840), married Helena Timmermans, landbouwster (1826, 1840).
Heeze 1841/02/18: Married (2) Goverdina Verhoeven, dienstmeid (1841), baptized 1802/10/07 in Mierlo (NB), died >1871/06/09, daughter of Juste Verhoeven, died <1841/02/18, married Jacoba Moors, died <1841/02/18.
Died 1871/06/09Heeze
Bapt. 1808/03/01Heeze 4 Josephus van 't HOF
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Geene and Elisabetha Wilhelmus Lammers.
Bapt. 1810/01/17Heeze 5 Adrianus van 't HOF
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Adrianus van Ekaard and Joanna van 't Hof.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1776/08/22Heeze HZ.1.1-2.6.5 Jan van VALKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Valkenburg and Maria Geenen. Profession: Tisserand (1810), wever (1816-1820).
Heeze 1796/07/14: Witness RK baptism of Joanna Maria, daughter of Henricus Joannes Geenen and Elisabetha Joannes Swillens/Swilders (other witness: Jacoba Swillens/Swilders).
Heeze 1806/12/27: Witness RK baptism of Joannes, son of Aegidius Valkenburg and Elisabetha Lammers.
Someren (NB) 1810/01/07: Witness RK baptism of Judocus, son of Judocus van de Laar and Petronella Judocus Valkenburg.
Died 1820/02/29Heeze Father
Ann. 1806/04/19
Marr. 1806/05/04
Heeze SB
Heeze SB
Bapt. 1774/12/09
Maria COX
Heeze 1806/05/04: Married RK, witnesses: Joannes Cox and Aegidius Valkenburg.
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Fransciscus Swinkels and Franscisca Cox. Daughter of Peter Johannes Cox, baptized RK 1732/09/30 in Heeze, announced marriage 1766/12/27 in Geldrop (NB), married 1767/01/25 in Geldrop (NB) Elizabeth Swinkels/Schenkels, from Hulst (Ze), buried 1809/05/23 in Heeze.
Heeze 1809/03/25: Witness RK baptism of Jacobus, son of Aegidius van Valkenburg and Elisabetha Lammers.
Died 1841/07/03Heeze
Bapt. 1807/06/22Heeze 1 Petronilla VALKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Aegidius Valkenborg and Elisabetha Schenkels.
Died 1858/09/24Heeze
Bapt. 1809/04/14Heeze 2 Josina VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Cox and Elisabetha Valkenburg.
Bur. 1809/05/15Heeze
Bapt. 1810/10/18Heeze 3 Jacomina VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Petrus Cox and Elisabetha Valkenburg.
Born 1812/01/05Heeze 4 Joseph VALKENBURG   Marriage
Born 1814/08/29Heeze 5 Jacques VALKENBORG Died 1814/12/30Heeze
Born 1816/06/05Heeze 6 Elisabeth VALKENBORG  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1812/01/05Heeze HZ.1.1-2.6.5-4 Joseph VALKENBURG
Profession: Wever (1841-1858).
Died 1889/07/30Heeze Father
Marr. 1855/11/17HeezeMarriage:  
Born 1812/11/12Heeze Paulina VERDUIJN
Daughter of Egidius Verduijn, bouwman (1812/02), laboureur (1812/11), landbouwer (1829), baptized RK 1782/11/07 in Heeze, died 1829/11/06 in Heeze married 1812/02/02 in Heeze Johanna Geenen, landbouwster (1829, 1831), baptized RK 1786/01/09, died 1831/11/30 in Heeze.
Died 1867/09/23Heeze
  Children: None.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1779/09/25
Bapt. 1779/09/25
HZ.1.1-2.6.6 Dielis Joost VALKENBORG
Also called Egidius (1804), Dielis (1811). Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Egidius Valkenborg and Goverdina Henricus Valkenburg. Profession: Tisserand (1810, 1813), wever (1815), bouwman (1819), wever (1821-1826, 1843).
Heeze 1803/04/30: Witness RK baptism of Wilhelmus, son of Antonius van 't Hof and Elisabetha Valkenborg.
Heeze 1806/05/04: Witness RK marriage of Joannes Valkenburg and Maria Cox.
Heeze 1806/06/22: Witness RK baptism of Petronilla, daughter of Joannes Valkenborg and Maria Kox.
Unable to write.
Died 1843/12/28Heeze Father
Ann. 1804/10/20
Marr. 1804/11/04
Heeze SB
Heeze SB
Marriage 1:  
Born 1774/11/11Someren (NB) Elisabeth LAMMERS
Also called Elisabetha Wilhelmus (1804).
Heeze 1804/11/04: Married RK, witnesses: Theodorus Lammers and Joanna van Valkenborg.
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Daniel Loomans and Anna Johannes Lammers. Daughter of Wilhelmus Johannes Lammers, born ±1743 in Someren, died 1821/05/29 in Someren and Maria Catharina Petrus Schut.
Heeze 1808/03/01: Witness RK baptism of Josephus, son of Antonius van 't Hof and Elisabetha Valkenborg.
Died 1810/11/06
Bur. 1810/11/08
  Children: First marriage:
Bapt. 1805/08/14Heeze 1 Josephus VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Willem Lammers and Elisabetha Valkenburg, note: Legitimate! Profession: Schutter Noord-Brabantse Schutterij (1832).
Died 1832/03/04Zwolle
Bapt. 1806/12/27Heeze 2 Johannes VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Johannes Valkenburg and Catharina Petrus Schuts.
Bapt. 1809/03/25Heeze 3 Jacobus van VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Theodorus Lammers and Maria Cox.
Bur. 1809/04/11Heeze
Bapt. 1810/01/02Heeze 4 Antonius VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Antonius Lammers and Petronilla Valkenburg.
Bur. 1810/01/04Heeze
Ann. 1811/02/09
Marr. 1811/02/24
Heeze SB
Heeze SB
Marriage 2:  
Born 1786/05/22Zesgehuchten (NB) Anna Helena BAAMS
Zesgehuchten (NB) 1811/02/17+24: Marriage announcement.
Marriage: RK, witnesses: Joannes van Moorsel and Joanna Valkenburg.
Daughter of Arnoldus Baams, bouwman (1811), married Jennemie den Ouden, died <1799/03/30.
Died 1843/04/05Heeze
  Children: Second marriage:
Born 1811/11/20Heeze 5 Stillborn daughter VALKENBURG  
Born 1813/04/26Heeze 6 Jan Died 1826/12/29Heeze
Born 1815/09/06Heeze 7 Jacobus VALKENBURG   Marriage
Born 1819/08/17Heeze 8 Elisabeth VALKENBURG Died 1821/01/13Heeze
Born 1822/07/15Heeze 9 Willem VALKENBURG
Lived 2 hours.
Died 1822/07/15Heeze
Born 1824/06/16Heeze 10 Hendrikus VALKENBURG
Lived 2 hours.
Died 1824/06/17Heeze
Born 1825/10/20Heeze 11 Martinus VALKENBURG Died 1825/11/03Heeze
Born 1825/10/20Heeze 12 Johanna Maria VALKENBURG Died 1826/03/18Heeze

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1815/09/06Heeze HZ.1.1-2.6.6-7 Jacobus VALKENBURG
Profession: Wever (1843-1850), landbouwer (1899).
Died 1899/09/22Heeze Father
Marr. 1844/09/07HeezeMarriage:  
Born 1816/08/22Heeze Francisca LANGENDONK
Profession: Landbouwster (1844).
Daughter of Nicolaas Langendonk, bouwman (1816, 1844), landbouwer (1845, 1857), baptized 1789/02/08 in Heeze, died 1857/11/16 in Heeze, married 1814/11/06 in Heeze Hendriena van Bussel, landbouwster (1844, 1857, 1865), baptized 1792/05/03 in Heeze, died 1865/08/16 in Heeze.
Died 1872/07/22Heeze
Born 1845/07/27Heeze 1 Stillborn son  
Born 1850/05/15Heeze 2 Stillborn son  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1786/04/12Heeze HZ.1.1-2.6.7 Petronella VALKENBURG
Also called Petronella Judocus Vallekenburg (1808). Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes van Asten and Adriana Geenen. Profession: Spinster (1849).
Heeze 1805/08/10: Meter at baptism of Jacobus, son of Antonius van 't Hof and Elisabetha Valkenburg.
Heeze (NB) 1807/12/28: "Borgbrief" because move to Someren.
Heeze 1810/01/02: Witness RK baptism of Antonius, son of Aegidius Valkenburg en Elisabetha Lammers.
Died 1856/11/12Someren (NB) Father
Ann. 1808/01/02
Marr. 1808/01/17
Someren SB (NB)
Someren SB (NB)
Born ±1777Someren (NB) Joost van de LAAR
Also called Judocus Judocus van de Laar (1808).
Someren (NB) 1808/01/17: Married RK, witnesses: Andreas Cornelis van Weert and Johannes Mathias Wynders.
Profession: Bouwman (1816), arbeider (1820).
Son of Joost van de Laar, born in Someren (NB), buried 1800/03/24 in Someren (NB), announced marriage 1769/01/21 in Someren SB (NB), married 1769/02/05 in Someren SB (NB), married RK 1769/02/05 in Someren (NB) Maria van de Kerkhoff, born in Someren (NB), died 1808/05/18 in Someren (NB).
Died 1820/01/20Someren (NB)
Bapt. 1810/01/07Someren (NB) 1 Judocus van de LAAR
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Johannes Valkenburg and Petronella Judocus van de Laar. Profession: Wever (1849).
Died 1849/12/03Someren (NB)
Born 1813/09/16Someren (NB) 2 Maria van de LAAR
Someren (NB) 1862/02/15: Married Arnoldus Smits, schaapherder (1862), born 1825/09/14 in Stiphout (NB), died >1883/03/30, son of Antonius Smits, arbeider (1825), born ±1780, died <1862/02/15, married Maria Aarts, born ±1783, died <1862/02/15.
Died 1883/03/30Someren (NB)
Born 1816/09/08Someren (NB) 3 Josina van de LAAR
Someren (NB) 1862/05/09: Married Theodorus Hubertus Timmermans, koopman (1862), born 1814/02/22 in Asten (NB), died <1880/06/23, son of Adrianus Timmermans, died <1862/05/09, married Maria Sibilla Koopmans, died <1862/05/09.
Died 1880/06/23Someren (NB)
Born 1820/09/20Someren (NB) 4 Josephus van de LAAR
Profession: Wever (1853).
Someren (NB) 1853/02/03: Married Anna Maria van der Poel, landbouwster (1853), born 1823/02/24 in Someren (NB), died >1858/02/24, daughter of Pieter van der Poel, landbouwer (1823, 1853), born ±1796, married Petronella van Lierop, landbouwster (1823), born ±1799, died 1849/08/16 in Someren (NB).
Died 1858/02/24Someren (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1748/02/15Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9 Johannes Jillisz VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Jacobs van Valckenburgh and Maria Jacobs van Valckenburgh. Profession: Landbouwer.
Heeze 1776/08/22: Witness RK baptism of Joannes, son of Judocus Valkenburg and Jacoba Geenen.
Heeze 1803/03/23: Witness RK baptism of Joannes, son of Leonardus Valkenborg and Helena Gerlinghs.
Heeze 1810/01/04: Burial of one of his children.
Died 1814/10/25Maarheeze (NB) Father
Ann. 1769/08/12
Marr. 1769/08/27
Velsen SB (NH)
Velsen SB (NH)
Bapt. 1739/10/27Maarheeze (NB) Goverdijn BIJMANS
Also called Goverdina/Godefrida Biemans. Profession: Landbouwster (1822).
Baptism witnesses: Wilhelmus Goorts and Wilhelma Henricus Biemans. Daughter of Johannes Henricus Biemans, married RK 1736/01/15 in Maarheeze (NB) Joanna Goorts.
Maarheeze (NB) 1800/07/10: Witness RK baptism of Jacobus, son of Joannes Valkenburg and Joanna van Luytelaer.
Maarheeze (NB) 1803/09/07: Witness RK baptism of Henricus, son of Joannes Valkenburg and Joanna van Luytelaer.
Heeze 1807/01/03: Witness RK baptism of Anna Maria, daughter of Leonardus Valkenburg and Helena Gerlings.
Died 1822/08/05Maarheeze (NB)
Bapt. 1770/08/18Maarheeze (NB) 1 Leonardus VALKENBURGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Justinus Valkenburgh and Maria Biemans.
Bapt. 1770/08/18Maarheeze (NB) 2 Joannes VALKENBURGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Egidius Valkenburgh and Joanna Gorts.
Died 1770Maarheeze (NB)
Bapt. 1771/10/18Maarheeze (NB) 3 Joannes VALKENBURGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Jacobus Biemans and Anna Maria Valkenburgh.
Bapt. 1774/09/06Maarheeze (NB) 4 Jacobus VALKENBERGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Biemans and Elizabetha Valkenbergh.
Bur. 1774/11/05Maarheeze (NB)
Bapt. 1776/02/22Maarheeze (NB) 5 Elizabetha VALCKEN
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Wilhelmus Biemans and Elizabetha Valcken....
Bapt. 1779/01/10Maarheeze (NB) 6 Lambertus VALCKEN
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Tulens and Henrica Biemans.
Bur. 1779/08/07Maarheeze (NB)
Born 17Q4 7 Maria Elizabetha
Maarheeze (NB) 1810/01/07: Witness RK baptism of Franciscus, son of Hermanus Huijbers and Joanna Maria Menten (other witness: Gerardus Menten).
Buried as Elisabeth Dielus Valke.
Died 1810/11/08Heeze

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1771/10/18Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3 Johannes VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Jacobus Biemans and Anna Maria Valkenburgh. Profession: Lijnwaadblekersknecht (1815), landbouwer, bouwman (1825).
Maarheeze (NB) 1795/12/11: Witness RK baptism of Jacoba, daughter of Joannes Biemans and Gertrudis Faesen (other witness: Joanna Maria Faesen).
Maarheeze (NB) 1810/09/27: Witness RK baptism of Henrcis, son of Henricus Huijbers and Elizabetha Valkenburg.
Died 1825/12/19Maarheeze (NB) Father
Marr. 1798/10/28Velsen SB (NH)Marriage:  
Bapt. 1770/06/24Maarheeze (NB) Johanna van LUYTELAAR
Profession: Landbouwster (1836, 1840).
Santpoort 1798/10/27: Married RK.
Baptism witnesses: Franciscus van Luijtelaer and Anna Maria Dille. Daughter of Henricus van Luijtelaer, baptized RK 1736/10/28 in Maarheeze, died 1816/03/31 in Maarheeze, married Elisabeth Dillen, baptized RK 1739/07/29 in Maarheeze, died 1814/01/22 in Maarheeze.
Died 1840/01/28Maarheeze (NB)
Bapt. 1800/07/10Maarheeze (NB) 1 Aegidius
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Agidius Joannes Valkenburg senior and Elizabetha Dillen.
Bapt. 1800/07/10Maarheeze (NB) 2 Jacobus
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Jacobus Henricus van Luytelaer and Godefrida Biemans.
Bapt. 1803/09/07Maarheeze (NB) 3 Henricus
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus van Luytelaer and Godefrida Biemans. Profession: Bouwman (1839, 1840), landbouwer (1864).
Died 1864/04/11Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1811/10/06Maarheeze (NB) 4 Joanna   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1800/07/10Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1 Egidius VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Agidius Joannes Valkenburg and Elizabetha Dillen. Profession: Bouwman (1836-1840).
Died 1840/08/09Maarheeze (NB) Father
Marr. 1836/01/14Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Bapt. 1810/05/23Maarheeze (NB) Joanna van KESSEL
Profession: Landbouwster (1836-1872).
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes van Asten and Anna van Kessel. Daughter of Joseph van Kessel, bouwman (1823), baptized RK 1769/08/12 in Maarheeze, died 1823/04/10 in Maarheeze, married Joanna Maria Vos, landbouwster (1832), baptized RK 1771/09/04 in Maarheeze, died 1832/01/02 in Maarheeze.
Died 1895/03/13Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1836/11/03Maarheeze (NB) 1 Anna Maria   Marriage
Born 1837/10/20Maarheeze (NB) 2 Joannes Died 1838/01/29Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1838/12/04Maarheeze (NB) 3 Johannes   Marriage
Born 1840/11/21Maarheeze (NB) 4 Egidius   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1836/11/03Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.1 Anna Maria VALKENBURG
Profession: Landbouwster (1866-1908).
Died 1908/03/04Maarheeze (NB) Father
Marr. 1866/01/22Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1826/01/17Maarheeze (NB) Johannes BIJMANS
Profession: Landbouwer (1866-1901).
Son of Johannes Michiel Bijmans, landbouwer (1815, 1826, 1866, 1872), born 1793/10/09 in Maarheeze, died 1872/05/17 in Maarheeze, married 1815/06/01 in Maarheeze Johanna Maria Guns, landbouwster (1844), born 1794/05/19 in Maarheeze, died 1844/04/29 in Maarheeze..
Died 1901/10/16Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1867/02/11Maarheeze (NB) 1 Michiel BIEMANS Died 1867/05/06Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1868/04/11Maarheeze (NB) 2 Michiel BIJMANS Died 1868/07/19Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1869/06/27Maarheeze (NB) 3 Johanna Maria BIJMANS Died 1869/11/20Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1871/01/26Maarheeze (NB) 4 Johanna Maria BIJMANS Died 1871/02/13Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1872/08/04Maarheeze (NB) 5 Egidius BIJMANS
Profession: Landbouwer (1905).
Died 1872/09/19Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1875/06/01Maarheeze (NB) 6 Johanna Maria BIJMANS
Profession: Landbouwster (1905).
Maarheeze (NB) 1905/11/18: Married Johannes Guns, landbouwer (1905), born ±1872 in Maarheeze (NB), died >1946/04/17, son of Hendrikus Guns, died <1905/11/18, married Joanna Maria Menten, landbouwster (1905).
Died 1946/04/17Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1878/03/08Maarheeze (NB) 7 Egidius BIJMANS
Profession: Landbouwer (1908, 1935).
Maarheeze (NB) 1908/01/13: Married Anna Wilhelmina van Lierop, landbouwster (1908), born ±1882 in Asten (NB), daughter of Adriaan van Lierop, landbouwer (1908), married Johanna van Heugten, landbouwster (1908).
Died 1935/01/08Maarheeze (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1838/12/04Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3 Johannes VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Landbouwer (1866-1910).
Died 1930/03/21Maarheeze (NB) Father
Marr. 1868/01/20Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1838/11/15Maarheeze (NB) Johanna Catharina GUNS
Profession: Landbouwster (1868-1882).
Daughter of Johannes Antonius Guns, timmerman (1838, 1868), born 1801/12/06 in Maarheeze, died 1888/09/13 in Maarheeze, married 1838/01/05 in Maarheeze Wilhelmina van Kleinenbreugel, landbouwster (1838, 1868), born 1808/12/26 in Maarheeze, died 1876/06/27 in Maarheeze.
Died 1900/09/16Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1869/08/29Maarheeze (NB) 1 Egidius Died 1887/09/21Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1870/10/05Maarheeze (NB) 2 Wilhelmina
Profession: Dienstbode, huishoudster.
Died 1951/05/09Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1872/07/05Maarheeze (NB) 3 Johannes   Marriage
Born 1874/02/02Maarheeze (NB) 4 Hendrikus   Marriage
Born 1875/08/21Maarheeze (NB) 5 Matheus Hubertus   Marriage
Born 1876/12/22Maarheeze (NB) 6 Francis   Marriage
Born 1878/07/05Maarheeze (NB) 7 Johanna   Marriage
Born 1882/02/22Maarheeze (NB) 8 Stillborn daughter  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1872/07/05Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.3 Johannes VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Landbouwer (1906-1917, 1940).
Died 1952/03/05Heeze Father
Marr. 1906/02/17HeezeMarriage:  
Born 1871/07/19Heeze Hendrica Vincentia SMULDERS
Confession: RK. Profession: Landbouwster (1909).
Daughter of Wilhelmus Smulders, landbouwer (1855, 1871, 1885, 1905), born 1829/08/05 in Heeze, died 1905/05/26 in Heeze, married 1855/04/28 in Heeze Wilmiena Verhagen, landbouwster (1855, 1871, 1885), born 1832/10/09 in Heeze, died 1885/06/14 in Heeze
Died 1957/08/20Heeze
Born 1909/05/25Heeze 1 Stillborn son  
Born 1910/12/18Heeze 2 Johannes Wilhelmus   Marriage
Born 1913/05/21Heeze 3 Wilhelmus   Marriage
Born 1916/11/11Heeze 4 Catharina Maria Died 1917/01/13Heeze

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1910/12/18Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.3-2 Johannes Wilhelmus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Los arbeider (1940), wegwerker NS.
Died 1966/08/09Geldrop (NB) Father
Marr. 1940/05/07HeezeMarriage:  
Born 1914/01/21Heeze Wilhelmina Maria van OERS
Confession: RK.
Daughter of Godefridus van Oers, jager (1906), born 1873/05/12 in Zesgehuchten, died 1941/04/25 in Heeze, married 1906/10/02 in Someren Antonia Zegers, born 1877/12/19 in Someren, died 1959/04/25 in Heeze.
Died 1980/10/12
Bur. 1980/10/16
Geldrop (NB)
Born 1941/07/28Heeze 1 Godefrida Henrica Nicasia   Marriage
Born 1942/08/27Heeze 2 Henrica Antonia Maria   Marriage
Born 1944/01/26Heeze 3 Antonia Johanna Maria   Marriage
Born 1945/05/22Heeze 4 Johannes Godefridus Clemens Maria   Marriage
Born 1948/06/28Heeze 5 Theresia Johanna Antonia
Confession: RK. Unmarried.
Died 1964/03/12Geldrop (NB)
Born 1951/03/03Heeze 6 Wilhelmus Joseph Petrus Antonius   Marriage
Born 1952/10/18Heeze 7 Maria Theresia Antonia Henrica   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1941/07/28Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.3-2.1 Godefrida Henrica Nicasia VALKENBURG Died >2016/03/29  Father
Marr. 1969/07/04HeezeMarriage:  
Born 1942/08/13Heeze Lambertus Arnoldus Gerardus PEETERS
Confession: RK Son of Leonardus Peeters, textielarbeider (1938), born 1909/06/25 in Helden (Li), died 1969/11/03 in Heeze, married 1938/10/08 in Heeze Louisa Geertruida van Hees, fabrieksarbeidster (1938), born 1914/09/22 in Zaltbommel (Ge).
Died 2016/03/29
Crem. 2016/04/02
Bladel (NB)
Diessen (NB)
   1 Wendy Willemijn Louise PEETERS   
   2 Eefje Theresia PEETERS   
   3 Tineke Maria PEETERS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1942/08/27Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.3-2.2 Henrica Antonia Maria VALKENBURG   Father
   Johannes M.L.A. van DOOREN   
   1 Tanja van DOOREN   
   2 Suzanne van DOOREN   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1944/01/26Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.3-2.3 Antonia Johanna Maria VALKENBURG   Father
   Aloysius G.M. BAERT   
   1 Martijn BAERT   
   2 Linda BAERT   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1945/05/22Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.3-2.4 Johannes Godefridus Clemens Maria VALKENBURG
Profession: Uitvoerder-timmerman.
   Antonia J.G.C. DAAMS   
   1 Johannes Wilhelmus   
   2 Ralf   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1951/03/03Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.3-2.6 Wilhelmus Joseph Petrus Antonius VALKENBURG
Profession: Spoorwegbeambte.
Marr. 1975/09/19Leende (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1953/11/29Leende (NB) Petronella Josephina Antonetta Maria KEIJSERS  
Born 1979/12/28Heeze 1 Theresia Johanna Antonia   Marriage
Born 198x 2 Inge   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1979/12/28Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.3-2.6.1 Theresia Johanna Antonia VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Medewerkster afdeling radiotherapie Catharina-ziekenhuis Eindhoven (2002-2003).
Died 2003/07/02
Bur. 2003/07/09
Geldrop (NB)
Marr. NoMarriage:  
Born 19Q4 Frank SCHENKELS  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 198x HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.3-2.6.2 Inge VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q4 Titus  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1952/10/18Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.3-2.7 Maria Theresia Antonia Henrica VALKENBURG   Father
   Adrie SMEDING   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1913/05/21Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.3-3 Wilhelmus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Spinner (1950).
Died 2011/05/20
Crem. 2011/05/25
Heeze-Leende (NB)
Marr. 1949/02/07Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1921/04/14Helden (Li) Johanna Petronella ENGELEN
Confession: RK.
Daughter of Jan Hendrik Engelen, landbouwer (1906), born 1877/05/06 in Helden (Li), died 1945/05/11 in Maarheeze (NB), married 1906/04/23 in Helden (Li) Willemina Janssen, born 1882/01/04 in Helden (Li), died 1955/06/26 in Maarheeze (NB).
Died 2003/06/23
Crem. 2003/06/28
Heeze-Leende (NB)
Born 1950/10/13Heeze 1 Stillborn child  
Born 1951/11/18Heeze 2 Johannes Henricus Gerardus Maria   Marriage
Born 1952/12/21Heeze 3 Henricus Johannes Hyacinthus Maria   Marriage
Born 1955/02/10Heeze 4 Hendrica Wilhelmina Maria   Marriage
Born 1959/06/24Heeze 5 Wilhelmus Godefridus Johannes Nicasius  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1951/11/18Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.3-3.2 Johannes Henricus Gerardus Maria VALKENBURG
Profession: Bestuurder Galerie des Beaux Arts BV (-2020).
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 Francisca Maria Paulina van BREE
Profession: Bestuurder Galerie des Beaux Arts BV (-2020).
Born 1982/10/02Geldrop (NB) 1 Johan  
Born 1988/10/07Geldrop (NB) 2 Jeroen  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1952/12/21Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.3-3.3 Henricus Johannes Hyacinthus Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 José van DOOREN  
Born 19Q4 1 Paul  
Born 19Q4 2 Claudia  
Born 1986/07/05Soerendonk (NB) 3 Evelien  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1955/02/10Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.3-3.4 Hendrica Wilhelmina Maria VALKENBURG Died 2021/08/18Veldhoven (NB) Father
   Gerardus Cornelis Maria VAES   
   1 Martinus Wilhelmus Henri VAES   
   2 Elisabeth Petronella Catharina VAES   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1874/02/02Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4 Hendrikus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Landbouwer (1904-1949).
Weert KR 1904/01/22: Sentenced to 3 days because of zonder vergunning te loopen over bezaaide grond.
Died 1949/12/10Maarheeze (NB) Father
Marr. 1910/04/26Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1886/12/26Maarheeze (NB) Catharina Hendrika van GELDROP
Confession: RK. Profession: Landbouwster (1910).
Daughter of Wilhelmus van Geldrop, landbouwer (1880, 1886, 1910), born 1845/12/15 in Maarheeze (NB), died 1919/11/22 in Maarheeze (NB), married 1880/01/24 in Maarheeze (NB) Johanna van Mierlo, landbouwster (1880, 1886, 1910), born 1849/04/22 in Soerendonk (NB), died 1924/01/09 in Maarheeze (NB).
Died 1957/02/06Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1911/07/27Maarheeze (NB) 1 Johannes Wilhelmus   Marriage
Born 1912/12/13Maarheeze (NB) 2 Johanna Wilhelmina
Confession: RK.
Born 1914/06/19Maarheeze (NB) 3 Wilhelmus Hendrikus   Marriage
Born 1916/06/26Maarheeze (NB) 4 Hendrikus Johannes   Marriage
Born 1918/02/20Maarheeze (NB) 5 Mathias Antonius   Marriage
Born 1919/12/30Maarheeze (NB) 6 Catharina Helena
Confession: RK. Profession: Religieuse (zuster Henriette) (1938/09/08-) Congregatie van de Zusters van de Voorzienigheid, lid (23 years) Koninklijk St. Caeciliakoor-Heer, dirigente en secretaresse (almost 20 years) van het Ouderenkoor Auch Jonk Gewees Heer, dirigente (6 years) van het Seniorenkoor Wolder, kleuterleidster.
Died 1993/04/04
Bur. 1993/04/07
Heer (Li)
Heer (Li)
Born 1921/06/06Maarheeze (NB) 7 Antonia Elisabeth   Marriage
Born 1922/11/08Maarheeze (NB) 8 Franciscus Antonius Died 1923/08/22Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1924/01/04Maarheeze (NB) 9 Franciscus Antonius   Marriage
Born 1926/07/16Maarheeze (NB) 10 Wilhelmina Antonia Died 1927/02/25Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1927/09/13Maarheeze (NB) 11 Louis Wilhelmus   Marriage
Born 1931/04/06Maarheeze (NB) 12 Wilhelmina Maria   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1911/07/27Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-1 Johannes Wilhelmus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Zuivelarbeider, arbeider melkinrichting, botermaker.
Died 1993/12/16
Bur. 1993/12/20
Heerlen (Li)
Heerlen (Li)
Marr. 1938/05/07Budel (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1911/05/25Budel (NB) Maria Helena van DEURZEN
Confession: RK.
Daughter of Dionisius van Deurzen, landbouwer, born 1883/05/21 in Budel (NB), died 1970/01/07 in (NB), married Hubertina Sak, born 1881/11/30 in Hamont (Belgium), died 1929/12/15 in Budel (NB).
Died 1968/05/24
Bur. 1968/05/29
Heerlen (Li)
Heerlen (Li)
Born 1939/03/26Voerendaal (Li) 1 Henricus Dionisius   Marriage
Born 1940/05/12Heerlen (Li) 2 Dionisius Henricus Wilhelmus   Marriage
Born 1942/10/25Heerlen (Li) 3 Petrus Johannes Wilhelmus   Marriage
Born 1947/03/20Heerlen (Li) 4 Wilhelmus Johannes Petrus   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1939/03/26Voerendaal (Li) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-1.1 Henricus Dionisius VALKENBURG
Profession: Systeem analyst.
Marr. 1967/06/02Marriage:  
Born 1939/12/17Maarheeze (NB) Mechelina Francisca Jacoba SWINKELS  
Born 1976/01/15Eindhoven (NB) 1 Marc Wilhelmus Theodorus  
Born 19Q3 2 Koen  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1940/05/12Heerlen (Li) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-1.2 Dionisius Henricus Wilhelmus VALKENBURG
Profession: Leraar wis-, natuur- en scheikunde.
Marr. 1971/04/03Heerlen (Li)Marriage:  
Born 1947/12/21Asten (NB) Josephine Elisabeth Catharina Maria MINGELS  
Born 1972/01/16Heerlen (Li) 1 Vera Maria Johannes  
Born 1973/01/22Heerlen (Li) 2 Bart Petrus Helena  
Born 1976/05/06Nuth (Li) 3 Kim Maria Petrus  
Born 1984/04/11Nuth (Li) 4 Sanne   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1984/04/11Nuth (Li) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-1.2.4 Sanne VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q4 Mark SCHNEIDERS  
Born 2009/08/07Voerendaal (Li) 1 Joep Barthelomeus Verona SCHNEIDERS  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1942/10/25Heerlen (Li) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-1.3 Petrus Johannes Wilhelmus VALKENBURG
Profession: Employé Tecco Group BV.
Died 2017/02/15
Crem. 2017/02/21
Heerlen (Li)
Heerlen (Li)
Marr. 1967/12/05Heerlen (Li)Marriage:  
Born 1946/08/21Heerlen (Li) Marianne Hubertine Elisabeth BRANDTS Died >2017/02/15 
Born 1969/05/30Heerlen (Li) 1 Jeroen Johannes Maria   Marriage
Born 1972/02/09Heerlen (Li) 2 Suzan Anna Dionisius   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1969/05/30Heerlen (Li) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-1.3.1 Jeroen Johannes Maria VALKENBURG Died 2019/09/10
Crem. 2019/09/18
Heerlen (Li)
Heerlen (Li)
   Maud José Elise VIDELER   
   1 Boris Ward Suzan   
   2 Luuk Bart Maartje   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1972/02/09Heerlen (Li) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-1.3.2 Suzan Anna Dionisius VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q3 Paul  
Born 19Q4 1 Bloeme  
Born 19Q4 2 Pipa  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1947/03/20Heerlen (Li) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-1.4 Wilhelmus Johannes Petrus VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 1949/12/18Heerlen (Li) Maria Sophia Hubertina MULDERS  
Born 1973/06/16Maastricht 1 Renée  
Born 1975/01/03Maastricht 2 Karen   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1975/01/03Maastricht HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-1.4.2 Karen VALKENBURG
Profession: Ambtenaar gemeente Heerlen.
Marr. <2000/03Marriage:  
Born ±1970 Rob van HUGTEN
Profession: Directeur van Karo Holding, creatief DTP'er en grafisch vormgever, bestuurslid/vice-voorzitter van speeltuin ‘t Baanrakkertje, webbeheerder & PR bij Stichting Buurtontwikkeling Heerlerbaan.
Born 200x 1 Dennis van HUGTEN  
Born 200x 2 Mandy van HUGTEN  
Born 200x 3 Jelle van HUGTEN  
Born 2007/04/01Heerlen (Li) 4 Lieke van HUGTEN  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1912/12/13Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-2 Johanna Wilhelmina VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Dienstbode.
Died 1978/02/11
Bur. 1978/02/15
Weert (Li)
Maarheeze (NB)
Marr. 1953/11/06Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1908/04/28Hamont (Belgium) Jacobus Johannes VERBERNE
Son of Johannes Franciscus Verberne, landbouwer (1910), landbouwarbeider (1920), born 1870/02/02 in Maarheeze (NB), married Helena Derikx, born 1880/04/07 in Hamont (Belgium).
Died 2000/12/09
Cranendonck (NB)
Maarheeze (NB)
  Children: None.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1914/06/19Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-3 Wilhelmus Hendrikus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 1996/03/23
Bur. 1996/03/27
Maarheeze (NB)
Maarheeze (NB)
Marr. 1950/05/24HeezeMarriage:  
Born 1924/08/04Sterksel (NB) Hendrika Maria van EERT
Profession: Dienstbode, winkelbediende.
Daughter of Theodorus van Eert, landbouwer (1921), born 1896/05/09 in Heeze, died 1955/07/04 in Heeze, married 1921/07/25 in Heeze Paulina Martina van der Rijt, dienstmeid (1921), born 1899/02/25 in Veghel (NB).
Died 1990/05/15
Bur. 1990/05/19
Maarheeze (NB)
Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1950/12/08Maarheeze (NB) 1 Catharina Paulina Maria Henrica   Marriage
Born 1954/07/15Maarheeze (NB) 2 Paulina Hendrika Johanna Martina   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1950/12/08Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-3.1 Catharina Paulina Maria Henrica VALKENBURG Died 2008/04/11Weert (Li) Father
   Ruthgerius Mathias Maria QUASTERS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1954/07/15Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-3.2 Paulina Hendrika Johanna Martina VALKENBURG Died >2021/12/01  Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 1954/08/04 Gerard van ASTEN Died 2021/12/01
Bur. 2021/12/08

Leende (NB)
Born 19Q4 1 Bart van ASTEN
Partner: Mariëlle. Children: Willem, Davina, and Kyrah.
Born 19Q4 2 Marieke van ASTEN
Partner: Pieter. Children: Kevin and Jesse,
Born 19Q4 3 Dirk van ASTEN
Partner: Britt. Child: Noud.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1916/06/26Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-4 Hendrikus Johannes VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Fabrieksarbeider (1937), gemeenteambtenaar.
Died 1996/05/10
Crem. 1996/05/14
Voerendaal (Li)
Heerlen (Li)
Marr. 1937/04/01Heerlen (Li)Marriage:  
Born 1911/10/25Voerendaal (Li) Maria Josephina MEULENBERG
Profession: Dienstbode (1937).
Daughter of Jan Lodewijk Meulenberg, mijnwerker (1907, 1911, 1937), born 1887/12/02 in Voerendaal (Li), died 1962/08/02 in Voerendaal (Li), married 1907/08/03 in Meerssen (Li) Maria Anna Boheur, born 1888/12/10 in Amby (Li), died 1963/04/12 in Heerlen (Li).
Died 2003/01/02
Crem. 2003/01/08
Voerendaal (Li)
Heerlen (Li)
Born 1937/06/09Heerlen (Li) 1 Hendrikus Mathias   Marriage
Born 1941/03/23Voerendaal (Li) 2 Anna Catharina Louisa   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1937/06/09Heerlen (Li) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-4.1 Hendrikus Mathias VALKENBURG
Profession: Zuivelarbeider.
Died 2020/05/16Voerendaal (Li) Father
Marr. 1961/05/03Schaesberg (Li)Marriage:  
Born 1940/03/12Schaesberg (Li) Hendrika WILLIGENBURG
Confession: RK. Daughter of Jan Willigenburg, melkslijter (1939), born 1916/04/05 in Oberhausen-Alstaden (Germany), married 1939/09/14 in Heerlen (Li) Hendrika Jansen, born 1917/10/17 in Wormer (NH).
Died 2015/08/14
Crem. 2015/08/20
Heerlen (Li)
Born 1963/03/09Voerendaal (Li) 1 Hendrika Johanna Anna   Marriage
Born 1966/06/22Heerlen (Li) 2 Maria Janny Jozefine   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1963/03/09Voerendaal (Li) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-4.1.1 Hendrika Johanna Anna VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q3 Ben SAVELKOEL  
Born 19Q4 1 Joyce
Partner: Thijs.
Born 19Q4 2 Debbie
Partner: Tom.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1966/06/22Heerlen (Li) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-4.1.2 Maria Janny Jozefine VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 Theo LEUNE  
Born 19Q4 1 Kelly
Partner: Job. Child: Zoë.
Born 19Q4 2 Roy
Partner: Kimberly.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1941/03/23Voerendaal (Li) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-4.2 Anna Catharina Louisa VALKENBURG Died >1998/05/14  Father
Marr. 1961/02/16Voerendaal (Li)Marriage:  
Born 1937/12/03Heerlen (Li) Joseph Gerardus Maria STEINS
Voerendaal 1961/05/20: Married RK.
Confession: RK.
Son of Jan Jozef Steins, timmerman (1919), born 1887/06/26 in Vaals (Li), died 1958/10/05 in Vaals (Li), married 1919/11/06 in Vaals (Li) Maria Ida Bleeser, born 1895/09/27 in Aachen (Germany), died 1958/08/29 in Heerlen (Li).
Died 1998/05/14
Heerlen (Li)
Heerlen (Li)
Born 196x 1 Marjo STEINS
Partner: Jo. Children: Bart and Geert.
   2 Harold Henricus Johannes Gerardus STEINS   
   3 Marcus Henricus Christianus STEINS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1918/02/20Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-5 Mathias Antonius VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Mijnwerker, portier, leider van de hofkapel van Maarheeze, bestuurslid van de Fanfare "De Poort van Brabant" te Maarheeze (1993).
Died 1996/11/23
Bur. 1996/11/28
Maarheeze (NB)
Maarheeze (NB)
Marr. 1945/10/10Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1922/01/12Oirschot (NB) Dymphna Paulina Maria MATHEEUWSEN
Daughter of Jan Johannes Matheeuwsen, arbeider (1918), born 1889/12/09 in Oirschot (NB), died 1965/08/04 in Eindhoven (NB), married 1918/06/17 in Oirschot (NB) Wilhelmina Maria van Gestel, born 1889/07/05 in Oirschot (NB), died 1965/07/24 in Maarheeze (NB).
Died 2007/05/14
Weert (Li)
Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1946/09/13Heerlen (Li) 1 Hendrikus Wilhelmus Johannes Catrinus  
Born 1950/08/04Heerlen (Li) 2 Wilhelmina Catharina Johanna Maria   Marriage
Born 1956/08/20Heerlen (Li) 3 Jan Johannes Petrus   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1950/08/04Heerlen (Li) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-5.2 Wilhelmina Catharina Johanna Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1972/11/16Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 19Q2 K. BEIMANS  
Born 19Q3 1 Tanja BEIMANS
Partner: Ruud.
Born 19Q3 2 Bart BEIMANS  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1956/08/20Heerlen (Li) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-5.3 Jan Johannes Petrus VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 Jacqueline TUMMERS  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1921/06/06Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-7 Antonia Elisabeth VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 2010/08/02
Bur. 2010/08/07
Voerendaal (Li)
Voerendaal (Li)
Marr. 1951/03/27Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1920/11/07Soerendonk (NB) Jan BOSCH
Confession: RK.
Son of Theodorus Bosch, koopman (1906), landbouwer (1929), born 1879/02/09 in Soerendonk (NB), died 1929/10/16 in Maarheeze (NB), married 1906/05/19 in Budel (NB) Catharina Duisters, dienstmeid (1906), born 1879/11/03 in Budel (NB), died 1956/05/27 in Weert (Li).
Died 2000/10/03Heerlen (Li)
   1 Catharina Henrica Johanna Theodora BOSCH   
   2 Henrica Antonia Johanna Catharina BOSCH   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1924/01/04Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-9 Franciscus Antonius VALKENBURG
Profession: Bankwerker.
Marr. 1958/04/25Someren (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1934/01/28Someren (NB) Maria Gerarda van de LAAR  
Born 1961/01/27Maarheeze (NB) 1 Henricus Johannes Gerardus Wilhelmina  
Born 1964/01/10Maarheeze (NB) 2 Johanna Leonarda Maria Louisa  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1927/09/13Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-11 Louis Wilhelmus VALKENBURG
Profession: Fabrieksarbeider.
Died 2015/09/09Maarheeze (NB) Father
Marr. 1956/07/07Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1927/08/06Maarheeze (NB) Johanna Elisabeth SWINKELS Died >2015/09/09 
  Children: Grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Born 1959/04/28Weert (Li) 1 Hendrikus Johannes  
Born 1960/10/29Weert (Li) 2 Johanna Catharina Henriëtte Marie  
Born 1965/03/29Maarheeze (NB) 3 Johannes Wilhelmus Henrica   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1965/03/29Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-11.3 Johannes Wilhelmus Henrica VALKENBURG Died 2023/05/30Cranendonck (NB) Father
   Johanna Maria Francisca Godefrieda van der RIJT   
   1 Loyd   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1931/04/06Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.4-12 Wilhelmina Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1954/10/23Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1931/11/15Valkenswaard (NB) Henricus Marie Anna CLEVEN  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1875/08/21Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.5 Matheus Hubertus VALKENBURG
Profession: Landbouwer (1910-1920).
Died 1962/02/26Weert (Li) Father
Marr. 1910/01/10Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1881/08/28Maarheeze (NB) Antonet ROOYAKKERS
Profession: Landbouwster (1910, 1912-1915).
Daughter of Cornelus Rooijakkers, landbouwer (1880, 1881, 1909), born 1847/10/16 in Veldhoven (NB), died 1909/10/16 in Soerendonk (NB), married 1880/11/26 in Soerendonk NB) Hendrika Kuijpers, landbouwster (1880, 1881), born 1855/08/23 in Soerendonk (NB), died 1895/12/07 in Soerendonk (NB).
Died 1957/12/22Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1910/09/01Maarheeze (NB) 1 Cornelis
Born 01:00.
Died 1910/09/05Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1910/09/01Maarheeze (NB) 2 Catharina
Born 09:00.
Died 1910/09/03Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1911/08/29Maarheeze (NB) 3 Hendrika   Marriage
Born 1912/10/06Maarheeze (NB) 4 Catharina   Marriage
Born 1914/01/26Maarheeze (NB) 5 Wilhelmina Died 1914/03/04Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1915/02/07Maarheeze (NB) 6 Jan Died 1915/03/30Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1917/02/03Maarheeze (NB) 7 Johanna Died 1917/03/29Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1918/04/23Maarheeze (NB) 8 Nelia Died 1918/08/14Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1920/01/18Maarheeze (NB) 9 Johannes   Marriage
Born 1922/05/24Maarheeze (NB) 10 Cornelis   Marriage
Born 1924/05/25Maarheeze (NB) 11 Wilhelmina   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1911/08/29Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.5-3 Hendrika VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 1996/04/02
Bur. 1996/04/06
Maarheeze (NB)
Marr. 1938/05/10Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1903/02/18Heeze Franciscus Gerardus BROUWERS
Confession: RK. Profession: Landbouwer (1940).
Son of Johannes Brouwers, landbouwer (1897, 1903, 1924), born 1864/02/03 in Heeze, died 1924/02/06 in Heeze, married 1897/07/10 in Heeze Maria van Happen, landbouwster (1897, 1903), born 1870/02/14 in Heeze, died 1952/02/11 in Heeze.
Died due to a traffic accident.
Died 1983/08/06
Bur. 1983/08/10
Tilburg (NB)
   1 Johannes Matheus Hubertus BROUWERS   
Born 1940/04/15Heeze 2 Matheus Hubertus Gerardus BROUWERS Died 1940/10/24Heeze
   3 Matheus Hubertus Gerardus Antonius BROUWERS   
   4 Maria Diliana Johanna BROUWERS   
   5 Gerardus Henricus Catharina BROUWERS   
   6 Antonetta Wilhelmina Johanna BROUWERS   
   7 Henricus Franciscus BROUWERS   
   8 Cornelis Johannes BROUWERS   
   9 Wilhelmina Maria BROUWERS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1912/10/06Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.5-4 Catharina VALKENBURG Died 2007/08/26Geldrop-Mierlo (NB) Father
Marr. 1939/05/09Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1909/12/19Heeze Hendrik van GAAL
Profession: Gemeentearbeider (1948), voorwerker, hulpopzichter.
Son of Franciscus Wilhelmus van Gaal, landbouwer (1909/01), arbeider (1909/12), born 1883/01/17 in Someren (NB), died 1962/05/13 in Someren (NB), married 1909/01/29 in Someren (NB) Johanna Bukkems, born 1880/12/15 in Someren (NB), died 1962/05/12 in Heeze.
Died 1972/07/27Heeze
   1 Antonetta Johanna Justina van GAAL   
   2 Johanna Francina Josephina van GAAL   
   3 Francina Wilhelmina Antonia van GAAL   
   4 Germa Antonia Hendrika van GAAL   
   5 Hendrika Antonia van GAAL   
   6 Wilhelmus Matheus Franciscus van GAAL   
Born 1947/02/17Heeze 7 Matheus Wilhelmus Andreas van GAAL Died 1948/03/21Heeze
Born 1949/09/11Heeze 8 Mathilda Wilhelmina Andrea Maria van GAAL  
   9 Franciscus Josephus Cornelis van GAAL   
   10 Hendrikus Andreas Maria van GAAL   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1920/01/18Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.5-9 Johannes VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Landbouwer, fabrieksarbeider (1963).
Died 1963/08/20
Weert (Li)
Maarheeze (NB)
Marr. 1955/05/11Budel (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1926/07/05Budel (NB) Petronella Hubertina van HORNE
Daughter of Godefridus Mathijs van Horne, born 1886/08/06 in Weert (Li), married 1914/04/16 in Weert (Li) Maria Christina Wilhelmina Triepels, born 1885/02/13 in Weert (Li).
Maarheeze (NB) 1968/05/02: Married Wilhelmus Johannes Schenkels, born 1929/10/04 in Heeze (NB), son of Franciscus Schenkels, landbouwer (1922), born 1888/06/20 in Heeze (NB), died 1967/10/15 in Heeze (NB), married 1922/05/27 in Heeze (NB) Hendrika van der Laak, landbouwster (1922), born 1892/07/19 in Heeze (NB), died 1959/10/27 in Heeze (NB).
Died 2012/12/03Weert (Li)
   1 Wilhelmina Mathea Antonia Catharina   
   2 Matheus Godefridus Henricus   
   3 Jacobus Antonius   
   4 Johannes Cornelius Maria   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1922/05/24Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.5-10 Cornelis VALKENBURG Died 1997/11/13Geldrop (NB) Father
Marr. 1954/10/12HeezeMarriage:  
Born 1927/09/27Heeze Maria Cornelia VEREST
Daughter of Willem Verest, landbouwer (1919), grondarbeider, born 1889/05/08 in Heeze, married 1919/01/25 in Heeze Francina Schenkels, landbouwster (1919), born 1889/12/22 in Heeze, died 1964/12/22 in Heeze.
Died 2016/11/03
Crem. 2016/11/10

Born 1958/10/13Heeze 1 Antonetta Francina Catharina Johanna   Marriage
Born 1964/06/08Geldrop (NB) 2 Franciscus Matheus Hubertus Petrus   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1958/10/13Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.5-10.1 Antonetta Francina Catharina Johanna VALKENBURG Died 2020/10/18Someren (NB) Father
   Wilhelmus Johannes Justinus Maria van GENNIP   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1964/06/08Geldrop (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.5-10.2 Franciscus Matheus Hubertus Petrus VALKENBURG
Profession: Hardware engineer.
Marr. 1994/10/14Geldrop (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1963/01/07Geldrop (NB) Mecheline van der PUTTEN
Profession: Verpleegkundige.
Born 1996/01/14 1 Sophie  
Born 1997/02/27Geldrop (NB) 2 Tom  
Born 1998/04/07Geldrop (NB) 3 Teun  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1924/05/25Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.5-11 Wilhelmina VALKENBURG Died 2000/11/23
Weert (Li)
Maarheeze (NB)
Marr. 1952/05/03Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1920/10/07Heeze Hendrikus VEREST
Twin of Catharina Verest, born 1920/10/07 in Heeze, daughter of Willem Verest, landbouwer (1919), grondarbeider, born 1889/05/08 in Heeze, married 1919/01/25 in Heeze Francina Schenkels, landbouwster (1919), born 1889/12/22 in Heeze, died 1964/12/22 in Heeze.
Died 2015/04/15
Cranendonck (NB)
Maarheeze (NB)
   1 Wilhelmus Matheus Josephus Maria VEREST   
   2 Antonetta Francina Mathilda VEREST   
   3 Matheus Henricus Franciscus VEREST   
   4 Franciscus Johannes Hendrikus VEREST   
   5 Johannes Adrianus VEREST   
   6 Francina Cornelia Petronella VEREST   
   7 Henrica Martina Josephina Maria VEREST   
   8 Catharina Wilhelmina Johanna VEREST   
   9 Wilhelmina Goverdina Maria VEREST   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1876/12/22Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6 Francis VALKENBURG
Profession: Landbouwer (1906-1920, 1934).
Died 1968/07/09Maarheeze (NB) Father
Marr. 1906/01/13Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1878/02/03Maarheeze (NB) Antonia COX
Profession: Landbouwster (1906, 1909-1913).
Daughter of Christiaan Cox, landbouwer (1877, 1878, 1894), born 1836/07/03 in Maarheeze (NB), died 1894/12/03 in Maarheeze (NB), married 1877/02/05 in Maarheeze (NB) Johanna Rampen, landbouwster (1877, 1878, 1906, 1908), 1832/10/18 in Maarheeze (NB), died 1908/04/16 in Maarheeze (NB).
Died 1954/05/25Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1907/03/06Maarheeze (NB) 1 Johanna Catharina   Marriage
Born 1909/03/12Maarheeze (NB) 2 Christianus Ludovicus   Marriage
Born 1910/02/05Maarheeze (NB) 3 Johannes   Marriage
Born 1911/06/04Maarheeze (NB) 4 Stillborn son  
Born 1912/05/20Maarheeze (NB) 5 Hendrikus Franciscus   Marriage
Born 1913/05/18Maarheeze (NB) 6 Johanna Francisca   Marriage
Born 1914/09/13Maarheeze (NB) 7 Wilhelmina Hendrika Died 1914/10/07Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1915/11/19Maarheeze (NB) 8 Franciscus Johannes   Marriage
Born 1917/04/14Maarheeze (NB) 9 Matheus Died 1917/07/03Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1918/08/15Maarheeze (NB) 10 Antonius Died 1918/08/21Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1920/01/15Maarheeze (NB) 11 Louis Died 1920/03/20Maarheeze (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1907/03/06Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-1 Johanna Catharina VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Caféhoudster.
Died 1987/06/27
Bur. 1987/07/01
Bakel (NB)
Asten (NB)
Marr. 1934/08/13Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1903/11/20Someren (NB) Johannes Catharina HAGELAAR
Confession: RK. Profession: Slager (1934-1935, 1944).
Son of Gerrit Hagelaar, sluiswachter (1887), born 1860/04/01 in Engelen (NB), died 1938/11/25 in Aarle-Rixtel (NB), married 1887/04/28 in Engelen (NB) Lucia Lodevica Maria Kusters, born 1865/02/25 in Engelen (NB), died 1947/02/22 in Asten (NB).
Died 1944/03/04Asten (NB)
Born 1935/07/05Asten (NB) 1 Stillborn son HAGELAAR  
   2 Antonia Francisca Maria HAGELAAR   
   3 Gerrit Marie Hubertus HAGELAAR   
   4 Frans Constant Johan HAGELAAR   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1909/03/12Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-2 Christianus Ludovicus VALKENBURG Died 1997/01/04Asten (NB) Father
Marr. 1945/05/24Budel (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1917/04/07Budel (NB) Petronella MEEUWESEN
Daughter of Paulus Meeuwesen, metselaar (1905), landbouwer (1917, 1918), born 1874/05/31 in Budel (NB), died 1918/11/20 in Budel (NB), married 1905/02/02 in Budel (NBl Adriana Vos, born 1882/09/29 in Budel (NB), died 1966/01/22 in Budel (NB).
Died 1989/11/11Budel (NB)
Born 1947/04/11Budel (NB) 1 Paulus Franciscus Adrianus Died 2009/06/13Budel (NB)
   2 Antonia Adriana Maria   
   3 Franciscus Johannes Maria   
   4 Antonius Paulus Catharina   
   5 Adriana Henrica Maria   
   6 Christianus Gerardus Johannes   
   7 Petrus Franciscus Johannes   
   8 Henricus Franciscus Antonius   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1910/02/05Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-3 Johannes VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Landbouwer (-1955-).
Died 1975/03/15
Bur. 1975/03/19
Weert (Li)
Maarheeze (NB)
Marr. 1945/05/15Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1914/11/21Maarheeze (NB) Maria Helena FIDDELAERS
Daughter of Joannes Mathijs Fiddelaers, landbouwer (1908), born 1878/09/26 in Kinrooi (Belgium), died 1942/11/15 in Maarheeze (NB), married 1908/11/04 in Maarheeze (NB) Anna Maria Margaretha Peeters, landbouwster (1908), born 1882/10/24 in Ophoven (Belgium), died 1954/06/24 in Maarheeze (NB).
Died 2014/01/22

Maarheeze (NB)
   1 Margaretha Franciscus Antonia    Marriage
Born 1947/07/13Maarheeze (NB) 2 Antonia Johanna Maria
Confession: RK.
Died 1989/10/09
Bur. 1989/10/13
Weert (Li)
Maarheeze (NB)
   3 Mathieu Adrianus Johanna   
   4 Franciscus Theodorus Coletha   
   5 Hendrikus Johannes Coletha   
Born 1955/12/31Weert (Li) 6 Stillborn child  
Born 1959/06/03Eindhoven (NB) 7 Coleta Margaretha Jacobus Died 2022/10/27Eindhoven (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
   HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-3.1 Margaretha Franciscus Antonia VALKENBURG    Father
   Petrus A.M. MAAS   
   1 Hetty MAAS   
   2 Johan MAAS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1912/05/20Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-5 Hendrikus Franciscus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 2008/01/26
Bur. 2008/01/31
Cranendonck (NB)
Maarheeze (NB)
Marr. 1945/06/19Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1914/09/18Stramproy (Li) Anna Elisabeth van den BOSCH
Confession: RK.
Daughter of Jacobus Henricus van den Bosch, landbouwer (1911), born 1882/07/24 in Weert (Li), died 1956/01/23 in Maarheeze (NB), married 1911/04/20 in Weert (Li) Petronella Kiggen, born 1881/09/22 in Stramproy (Li), died 1948/09/17 in Maarheeze (NB).
Died 2002/01/13
Bur. 2002/01/17
Maarheeze (NB)
Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1946/08/02Maarheeze (NB) 1 Antonia Hendrika Petronella   Marriage
Born 1948/05/06Maarheeze (NB) 2 Hendrikus Franciscus Maria   Marriage
Born 1950/09/09Maarheeze (NB) 3 Franciscus Christianus Maria   Marriage
Born 1952/06/25Maarheeze (NB) 4 Petronella Catharina Laurentia   Marriage
Born 1954/10/27Maarheeze (NB) 5 Agnes Johanna Elisabeth   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1946/08/02Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-5.1 Antonia Hendrika Petronella VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q2 Herman van MEIJL  
Born 19Q3 1 Patrick van MEIJL
Partner: Wendy. Children: Carmen, Harm, and Niels.
Born 19Q3 2 Frank van MEIJL
Partner: Linda.
Born 19Q3 3 Koen van MEIJL
Partner: Tanja. Children: Merel and Lucas.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1948/05/06Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-5.2 Hendrikus Franciscus Maria VALKENBURG
Profession: Loonwerker VOF H.F.M. Valkenburg & P.M. Valkenburg-Steijvers.
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q2 Petronella M. STEIJVERS
Profession: VOF H.F.M. Valkenburg & P.M. Valkenburg-Steijvers.
Born 19Q3 1 Erik
Profession: Loonwerker VOF H.F.M. Valkenburg & P.M. Valkenburg-Steijvers.
Born 19Q3 2 Marieke   Marriage
Born 19Q3 3 Anke   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 19Q3 HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-5.2.2 Marieke VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q3 Carlo  
Born 19Q4 1 Femke  
Born 19Q4 2 Lieke  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 19Q3 HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-5.2.3 Anke VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q3 Antoon  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1950/09/09Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-5.3 Franciscus Christianus Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 Catharina JASPERS  
Born 19Q4 1 Bas  
Born 19Q4 2 Ron   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 19Q4 HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-5.3.2 Ron VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q4 Amy  
Born 2001/09/18's-Hertogenbosch 1 Child  
Born 2004/12/31's-Hertogenbosch 2 Child  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1952/06/25Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-5.4 Petronella Catharina Laurentia VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 Adrianus van MIERLOO  
Born 19Q4 1 Linda van MIERLO  
Born 19Q4 2 Jos van MIERLO  
Born 19Q4 3 Rob van MIERLO  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1954/10/27Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-5.5 Agnes Johanna Elisabeth VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 Jac BEERTEN  
Born 19Q4 1 Rob BEERTEN
Partner: Linda.
Born 19Q4 2 Mark BEERTEN
Partner: Janneke.
Born 19Q4 3 Rik BEERTEN
Partner: Elle.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1913/05/18Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-6 Johanna Francisca VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 1988/06/18
Bur. 1988/06/22
Geldrop (NB)
Maarheeze (NB)
Marr. 1945/05/15Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1910/02/06Maarheeze (NB) Joannes FIDDELAERS
Confession: RK. Profession: Landbouwer.
Son of Joannes Mathijs Fiddelaers, landbouwer (1908), born 1878/09/26 in Kinrooi (Belgium), died 1942/11/15 in Maarheeze (NB), married 1908/11/04 in Maarheeze (NB) Anna Maria Margaretha Peeters, landbouwster (1908), born 1882/10/24 in Ophoven (Belgium), died 1954/06/24 in Maarheeze (NB).
Died 1975/06/04
Weert (Li)
Maarheeze (NB)
   1 Margaretha Francisca Antonia FIDDELAERS   
   2 Antonia Johanna Thea FIDDELAERS   
   3 Theodora Catharina Jacoba FIDDELAERS   
   4 Francisca Helena Christina FIDDELAERS   
   5 Johannes Mathijs Peter FIDDELAERS   
   6 Franciscus Henricus Johan FIDDELAERS   
   7 Johanna Helena Frans FIDDELAERS   
   8 Theodorus Margaretha Maria FIDDELAERS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1915/11/19Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-8 Franciscus Johannes VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Boer (20+ koeien).
Died 2020/09/10
Bur. 2020/09/16
Maarheeze (NB)
Maarheeze (NB)
Marr. 1951/07/13Nederweert (Li)Marriage:  
Born 1922/12/15Nederweert (Li) Anna Maria Catharina LAMMERS
Daughter of Peter Mathijs Lammers, landbouwer (1920), born 1885/03/10 in Nederweert (Li), married 1920/04/30 in Nederweert (Li) Jacomina Gielen, born 1889/02/24 in Weert (Li).
Died 1998/10/20
Cranendonck (NB)
Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1952/06/01Maarheeze (NB) 1 Antonia Jacomina Gerarda Maria   Marriage
Born 1953/10/07Maarheeze (NB) 2 Jacomina Antonia Francisca Maria   Marriage
Born 1955/04/28Maarheeze (NB) 3 Matheus Johannes Franciscus   Marriage
Born 1957/01/08Maarheeze (NB) 4 Franciscus Christianus Maria   Marriage
Born 1958/05/13Maarheeze (NB) 5 Johannes Gerardus Maria   Marriage
Born 1959/09/14Maarheeze (NB) 6 Maria Johanna Mathea   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1952/06/01Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-8.1 Antonia Jacomina Gerarda Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 Lucas de VOOGD  
Born 19Q4 1 Karen
Partner: Bart.
Born 19Q4 2 Els  
Born 19Q4 3 Marjolein
Partner: Peter. Children: Lucas and Gijs.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1953/10/07Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-8.2 Jacomina Antonia Francisca Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 Franciscus van MEIJL  
Born 19Q4 1 Peter
Partner: Steffie. Children: Vincent and Henri.
Born 19Q4 2 Carla
Partner: Joran. Children: Vlinder, Lieve, and Bloeme.
Born 19Q4 3 Jan
Partner: Rebecca. Children: Sophia, Sarah, and Charlotte.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1955/04/28Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-8.3 Matheus Johannes Franciscus VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1979/03/23HeezeMarriage 1:  
Born 1958/01/18Heeze Petronella Johanna Maria Engelina OOMS
Daughter of Marinus Adrianus Maria Ooms, born 1924/08/15 in 's-Gravenhage, married Henrica Adriana Wijffelaars, born 1923/05/11 in Heeze.
Died 2003/09/02Nederweert (Li)
   1 Ellen Maria Henrika Catharina    Marriage
   2 Sanne Maria Francisca    Marriage
Born 1992/12/26Nederweert (Li) 3 Mathijs Adrianus Maria  
  Marriage 2:  
Born 19Q3 Marty  

Date City Name Date City Relation
   HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-8.3.1 Ellen Maria Henrika Catharina VALKENBURG    Father
   1 Eva   
   2 Gijs   

Date City Name Date City Relation
   HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-8.3.2 Sanne Maria Francisca VALKENBURG    Father

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1957/01/08Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-8.4 Franciscus Christianus Maria VALKENBURG Died 2020/10/05Cranendonck (NB) Father
   Maria Anna Johanna van MIERLO   
   1 Lieke Huberta Maria   
   2 Frank Mattheüs Antonius   
   3 Rob Johannes Franciscus   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1958/05/13Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-8.5 Johannes Gerardus Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 Mieke de LOUW  
Born 1995/02/28Maarheeze (NB) 1 Marjolein
Partner: Jorim.
Born 1996/11/24Maarheeze (NB) 2 Stan  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1959/09/14Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.6-8.6 Maria Johanna Mathea VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q3 Wim  
Born 19Q4 1 Inge
Partner: Tim.
Born 19Q4 2 Karin  
Born 19Q4 3 Twan
Partner: Mariska.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1878/07/05Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.3.7 Johanna VALKENBURG
Profession: Landbouwster (1908).
Died 1955/11/12Weert (Li) Father
Marr. 1908/02/17Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1877/01/23Maarheeze (NB) Wilhelmus Franciscus van MIERLOO
Profession: Landbouwer (1908-1910), fabrieksarbeider (1911), landbouwer (1915, 1941, 1952).
Son of Jan van Mierlo, landbouwer (1871, 1877, 1902), born 1835/03/06 in Maarheeze (NB), died 1902/03/13 in Maarheeze (NB), married 1871/06/05 in Maarheeze (NB) Anna Maria Verbruggen, landbouwster (1871, 1877, 1908), born 1846/08/10 in Maarheeze (NB), died 1937/07/25 in Maarheeze (NB).
Died 1952/03/19Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1908/11/03Maarheeze (NB) 1 Johannes Hubertus van MIERLO
Profession: Landbouwer.
Maarheeze (NB) 1939/06/12: Married Wilhelmina Maas, born 1907/04/17 in Maarheeze (NB), daughter of Adrianus Maas, landbouwer (1907), born ±1877, married Maria Allegonda Bax.
Weert (Li) 1941/04/13: Born Allegonda Wilhelmina van Mierlo.
Born 1909/09/18Maarheeze (NB) 2 Catharina Wilhelmina van MIERLO
Maarheeze (NB) 1941/05/26: Married (1) Peter Godefridus Smolders, landbouwer (1941), born 1908/04/02 in Westerhoven (NB), died 1961/08/03 in Weert (Li), son of Hendrikus Johannes Smolders, landbouwer (1941), born 1869/09/19 in Westerhoven (NB), married Maria Christina Boonen, born 1868/04/12 in Bergeijk (NB), died <1941/05/26.
Budel (NB) 1964/01/15: Married (2) Johannes Wilhelmus van Mierlo, born 1913/10/08 in Soerendonk (NB), died 1971/11/22 in Budel (NB), son of Andreas van Mierlo, landbouwer (1907, 1913), born 1880/07/06 in Heeze, died 1956/10/17 in Maarheeze (NB), married 1907/01/25 in Soerendonk (NB) Elisabeth Dielissen, born 1880/06/19 in Soerendonk (NB), died 1955/03/15 in Maarheeze (NB).
Born 1910/11/20Maarheeze (NB) 3 Wilhelmus Franciscus van MIERLO
Profession: Landbouwer (1941).
Died 1995/01/17

Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1911/10/03Maarheeze (NB) 4 Anna Maria van MIERLO
Maarheeze (NB) 1938/10/21: Married Woutherus Willems, born 1905/09/08 in Leende (NB), died 1982/09/08, son of Petrus Maria Willems and Johanna Catharina Bax.
Died 1997/07/08

Leende (NB)
Born 1913/09/23Maarheeze (NB) 5 Wilhelmina van MIERLO
Profession: Dienstbode.
Maarheeze (NB) 1938/09/05: Married Johannes Petrus van den Hurk, born ±1899 in Heeze, died <2012/03/07, son of Cornelis Hubertus van den Hurk and Adriana van Happen.
Children: Joke, Jeanne, Cees, Mien, and Tonnie.
Died 2012/03/07
Bur. 2012/03/13
Valkenswaard (NB)
Born 1915/05/31Maarheeze (NB) 6 Allegonda Antonia van MIERLO
Maarheeze (NB) 1946/05/20: Married Paulus Johannes Compen, born ±1914 in Budel (NB), died >2011/04/27, son of Paulus Compen and Maria Slenders.
Children: Maria, Wim, Annie, Wilhelmien, and Paula.
Died 2011/04/27
Bur. 2011/05/02
Budel (NB)
Budel (NB)
Born 1917/01/23Maarheeze (NB) 7 Henricus Mathias van MIERLO
Profession: Landbouwer.
Budel (NB) 1948/05/26: Married Johanna Maria Saanen.
Born 1924/09/15Maarheeze (NB) 8 Anna Francisca van MIERLO
Maarheeze (NB) 1947/05/14: Married Alphons Maria Timmermans, born ±1916 in Roermond (Li), son of Maria Johannes Franciscus Henricus Timmermans and Maria Hubertina Gabrielle Vorselen.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1840/11/21Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.4 Egidius VALKENBURG
Profession: Landbouwer (1868-1911).
Died 1926/12/19Maarheeze (NB) Father
Marr. 1872/09/16Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1842/11/08Maarheeze (NB) Joanna Maria de WIN
Profession: Landbouwster (1872-1902). Unable to write.
Daughter of Hendrikus de Win, bouwman (1841), landbouwer (1842, 1869) born 1813/10/13 in Maarheeze (NB), died 1869/11/29 in Maarheeze (NB), married 1841/06/11 in Maarheeze (NB) Anna Maria Huibers, landbouwster (1841, 1842, 1872, 1875), born 1808/11/16 in Maarheeze (NB), 1875/12/28 in Maarheeze (NB).
Died 1908/06/11Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1874/05/09Maarheeze (NB) 1 Egidius Died 1874/08/27Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1875/04/29Maarheeze (NB) 2 Hendrika   Marriage
Born 1877/03/28Maarheeze (NB) 3 Egidius Died 1878/03/16Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1879/04/07Maarheeze (NB) 4 Hendrikus Died 1879/09/14Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1880/09/12Maarheeze (NB) 5 Johanna Maria
Confession: RK.
Born 1882/07/10Maarheeze (NB) 6 Hendrikus Died 1883/04/05Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1884/02/24Maarheeze (NB) 7 Johannes Josephus   Marriage
Born 1885/06/16Maarheeze (NB) 8 Hendrikus Died 1885/07/31Maarheeze (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1875/04/29Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.4.2 Hendrika VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Landbouwster (1902-1914).
Died 1952/03/12
Maarheeze (NB)
Maarheeze (NB)
Marr. 1902/11/15Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1870/05/25Weert (Li) Jacobus Hubertus van GANSEWINKEL
Profession: Landbouwer (1902-1944).
Son of Michiel van Gansewinkel, wever (1858), linnenwever (1870), landbouwer (1894), born 1831/01/18 in Weert, died 1894/11/09 in Maarheeze (NB), married 1858/07/08 in Weert (Li) Petronella Weekers, dienstmeid (1858), landbouwster (1902), born 1834/03/31 in Weert (Li), died 1905/12/26 in Maarheeze (NB).
Died 1944/03/19
Maarheeze (NB)
Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1903/08/17Maarheeze (NB) 1 Michiel van GANSEWINKEL
Profession: Landbouwer (1929, 1932, 1943).
Maarheeze (NB) 1929/10/08: Married Maria Agnes Hanssen, born 1902/01/12 in Maarheeze (NB), died 1988/08/30, buried in Maarheeze (NB), daughter of Jan Mathijs Hanssen, landbouwer (1898, 1902, 1929), born 1870/01/02 in Weert (Li), died 1963/10/07 in Maarheeze (NB), married 1898/04/23 in Maarheeze (NB) Anna Maria Fiddelaers, landbouwster (1898, 1902), born 1874/07/11 in Kinrooi (Belgium), died 1962/02/11 in Maarheeze (NB).
Maarheeze (NB) 1932/01/19: Born stillborn son.
Maarheeze (NB) ±1932: Born Maria Henrica Mathilda van Gansewinkel, died 1943/02/20 in Weert (Li).
Died 1977/12/20

Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1904/12/26Maarheeze (NB) 2 Johanna Maria van GANSEWINKEL
Maarheeze (NB) (NB) 1930/02/25: Married (1) Francis Snelders, landbouwer (1930, 1931), born 1904/08/31 in Maarheeze (NB), son of Adam Snelders, landbouwer (1904, 1930), born ±1867, married Adriana van Hooff, landbouwster (1904), died <1930/02/25.
Maarheeze (NB) 1931/05/19: Married (2) Joseph Andreas Lammers, born ±1888 in Maarheeze (NB), [widower of Antonetta Feijen], son of Theodorus Lammers and Helena Damen.
Died 1967/12/10Weert (Li)
Born 1906/10/01Maarheeze (NB) 3 Egidius van GANSEWINKEL
Profession: Landbouwer (1952).
Maarheeze (NB) 1939/06/06: Married Helena Maria van Weert, born 1910 in Leende (NB), died 1888, daughter of Jacobus van Weert and Hendrika van den Berg.
Died 1981

Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1909/03/30Maarheeze (NB) 4 Petronella van GANSEWINKEL
Born 16:00.
Died 1909/04/10Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1909/03/30Maarheeze (NB) 5 Johannes Hubertus van GANSEWINKEL
Born 16:30.
Died 1999/07/12

Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1910/07/12Maarheeze (NB) 6 Petronella Johanna van GANSEWINKEL
Maarheeze (NB) 1937/06/22: Married Gerardus Cornelis Hubertus Peeters, born 1903/08/25 in Weert (Li), died 1976/08/01, buried in Maarheeze (NB), son of Jan Mathijs Peeters and Maria Catharina Hubertina Lambers.
Died 1984/05/29

Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1912/03/22Maarheeze (NB) 7 Stillborn son van GANSEWINKEL  
Born 1914/01/21Maarheeze (NB) 8 Francisca Mechelina van GANSEWINKEL
Maarheeze (NB) 1939/06/06: Married Franciscus Andreas Rampen, born 1907/09/07 in Maarheeze (NB), died 2000/08/27, buried in Maarheeze (NB), son of Hendrikus Rampen and Johanna Maria van den Hurk.
Died 1999/10/23

Maarheeze (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1880/09/12Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.4.5 Johanna Maria VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Landbouwster (1908, 1911-1912).
Died 1955/07/12Maarheeze (NB) Father
Marr. 1908/07/27Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1885/02/25Roggel (Li) Michiel Hubertus KIRKELS
Profession: Landbouwer (1908-1917, 1923, 1948).
Son of Leonardus Hubertus Kirkels, landbouwer (1882, 1885, 1908), born 1853/05/15 in Heythuysen (Li), died 1943/02/25 in Maarheeze (NB), married 1882/04/20 in Heythuysen (Li) Maria Elisabeth Steijvers, landbouwster (1908), born 1853/03/09 in Heyhuysen (Li), died 1923/08/20 in Maarheeze (NB).
Died 1960/12/07Maarheeze (NB)
  Children: One of the daughters is a nun.
Born 1909/07/05Maarheeze (NB) 1 Leonardus Egidius KIRKELS
Maarheeze (NB) 1943/10/18: Married Maria Josephina Heesakkers, born ±1912 in Maarheeze (NB), daughter of Gerardus Heesakkers and Elisabeth van Gansewinkel.
Died 1987/09/26Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1911/01/16Maarheeze (NB) 2 Maria Hendrika KIRKELS
Maarheeze (NB) 1938/05/25: Married Peter Francis Davits, born ±1907 in Budel (NB), son of Joseph Davits and Catharina Verhoeven.
Died 1975/09/25Budel (NB)
Born 1912/10/09Maarheeze (NB) 3 Henriette Johanna KIRKELS
Maarheeze (NB) 1946/04/11: Married Jacobus Martinus Huberts Jacobs, born ±1912 in Weert (Li), died 2001/12, son of Petrus Josephus Jacobs and Anna Catharina Agnes Vaassen.
Died 2002/01/27Weert (Li)
Born 1914/07/10Maarheeze (NB) 4 Aegidia KIRKELS Died 1915/09/27Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1915/12/25Maarheeze (NB) 5 Aegidia KIRKELS Died 2012/02/15Heer (Li)
Born 1917/04/20Maarheeze (NB) 6 Angelina KIRKELS  
Born 1922/07/12Maarheeze (NB) 7 Hendrika Elisabeth KIRKELS Died 1955/11/14Weert (Li)
Born 1925/10/31Maarheeze (NB) 8 Johanna Arnolda KIRKELS Died 1948/05/01Eindhoven (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1884/02/24Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.4.7 Johannes Josephus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Landbouwer (1908-1917, 1938), opzichter (1944).
Died 1966/03/22Heeze Father
Marr. 1911/01/09Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1886/01/17Asten (NB) Anna Theodora van LIEROP
Confession: RK. Profession: Landbouwster (1911).
Daughter of Adriaan van Lierop, landbouwer (1878, 1886, 1911), born 1852/06/09 in Meijel (Li), died 1940/05/16 in Leende (NB), married 1878/06/24 in Asten (NB) Johanna van Heugten, landbouwster (1886, 1911), born 1857/09/11 in Deurne (NB), died 1932/09/10 in Maarheeze (NB).
Died 1960/04/09
Geldrop (NB)
Born 1911/10/13Heeze 1 Egidius Adrianus   Marriage
Born 1913/08/27Heeze 2 Adriana Maria   Marriage
Born 1915/06/05Heeze 3 Johannes Martinus   Marriage
Born 1917/02/26Heeze 4 Johanna Arnoldina   Marriage
Born 1919/01/11Heeze 5 Johannes Jacobus   Marriage
Born 1920/08/23Heeze 6 Hendrikus Johannes   Marriage
Born 1922/04/13Heeze 7 Michaël Hubertus   Marriage
Born 1924/03/23Heeze 8 Maria Hendrica   Marriage
Born 1927/04/09Heeze 9 Theodora Wilhelmina   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1911/10/13
Bapt. 1911/10/13
HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.4.7-1 Egidius Adrianus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Handelsreiziger (1944), chauffeur, koopman in gloeilampen, vertegenwoordiger levensmiddelen bedrijf.
Died 1979/01/22
Nijmegen (Ge)
Walsberg (NB)
Marr. 1944/08/28Helmond (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1918/10/18Maarssen (Ut) Wilhelmina Margaretha WELP
Profession: Kantoorbediende (1944).
Daughter of Herman Joseph Welp, rijksambtenaar (1915). born 1879/05/27 in Vianen (Ut), died 1969/01/30 in Helmond (NB), married 1915/01/13 in Cuijk en Sint Agatha (NB) Maria Gerardina Wijsbek, born 1882/07/07 in Cuijk (NB), died 1938/06/09 in Helmond (NB).
Died 2005/10/29
Helmond (NB)
Walsberg (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1913/08/27Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.4.7-2 Adriana Maria VALKENBURG
Profession: Fabrieksarbeidster (1938).
Died 1992/10/14Hilversum (NH) Father
Marr. 1938/06/24Eindhoven (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1911/09/24Gorinchem (ZH) Hendrik Johannes Daniël KLINGENS
Confession: RK. Profession: Agent van politie (1938), hoofdagent van politie.
Son of Hendrik Johannes Klingens, sergeant vesting artillerie (1915), administrateur (1938), born 1885/08/02 in Dordrecht (ZH), died 1965/06/11 in Eindhoven (NB), married 1915/04/01 in Dordrecht (ZH) Clara Gerdina de Kroon, born 1888/01/07 in Gorinchem (ZH).
Died 1986/03/02
Crem. 1986/03/06
Eindhoven (NB)
Eindhoven (NB)
   1 Theodora Clara Maria Theresia KLINGENS   
   2 Hendrik Johannes KLINGENS   
   3 Johanna Arnoldina Eddy KLINGENS   
   4 Clara Wilhelmina Theodora KLINGENS   
   5 Martinus Johannes Daniël KLINGENS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1915/06/05Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.4.7-3 Johannes Martinus VALKENBURG
Profession: Soldaat KNIL, sergeant KL (1952), employé handelsvereniging.
Died 1975/04/06Malaga (Spain) Father
Marr. 1940/10/10Ambon (Indonesia)Marriage:  
Born 1921/10/06Ambon (Indonesia) Lewina Adeltje WATTIMENA
Daughter of Titohalawa Damianus Wattimena and Theadora Wattimena.
Died 1968/10/07Lochem (Ge)
Born 1947/05/30Surabaja (Java, Indonesia) 1 Johannes Josephus Damianus Egydius   Marriage
Born 1951/04/12Valkenburg 2 Franciscus Hubertus Arend   Marriage
Born 1952/07/22Gemert (NB) 3 Stillborn child  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1947/05/30Surabaja (Java, Indonesia) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.4.7-3.1 Johannes Josephus Damianus Egydius VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1970/03/23Willemstad (Curaçao)Marriage:Div. Yes
Born 1945/07/31Willemstad (Curaçao) Yolanda Anne Marie ESSER  
Born 1971/11/15Den Helder (NH) 1 Andy Johannus
Profession: Jazz musicus.
Born 1980/11/14Alkmaar (NH) 2 Saïdja Levine  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1951/04/12Valkenburg HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.4.7-3.2 Franciscus Hubertus Arend VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1976/05/14Schagen (NH)Marriage 1:  
Born 1948/04/14Willemstad (Curaçao) Gertrude Gerthie ESSER  
Born 1985/09/11Doha (Qatar) 1 Samira
Profession: DJ SkyLounge Amsterdam (2018-)
  Marriage 2:Div. 2004/08/05Alkmaar (NH)
Born 19Q4 Christy C. MONTALES  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1917/02/26Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.4.7-4 Johanna Arnoldina VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1946/02/25Eindhoven (NB)Marriage:  
Born ±1911Bradfield (UK) Joe WILSON
Son of Edward Wilson and Mildred Mary Spackman.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1919/01/11Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.4.7-5 Johannes Jacobus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 1995/09/09
Bur. 1995/09/13
Marr. 1947/10/21HeezeMarriage:  
Born 1925/10/18Heeze Henrica VRIJSEN
Confession: RK.
Daughter of Arnoldus Vrijsen, sigarenmaker (1923), born 1897/02/18 in Heeze, died 1983/04/15 in Heeze, married 1923/06/16 in Heeze Wilhelmina Deenen, dienstmeid (1923), born 1901/07/28 in Someren (NB), died 1983/12/03 in Heeze.
Died 2010/02/01
Bur. 2010/02/05
Eindhoven (NB)
Born 1948/05/04Heeze 1 Wilhelmina Theodora Maria   Marriage
Born 1950/11/07Heeze 2 Theodora Johanna Wilhelmina   Marriage
Born 1955/02/06Eindhoven (NB) 3 Johanna Adriana  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1948/05/04Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.4.7-5.1 Wilhelmina Theodora Maria VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Medewerkster Huize Blankenberg Cadier en Keer.
Died 2004/07/22
Bur. 2004/07/27
Ransdaal (Li)
Ransdaal (Li)
   Ludovicus Franciscus Hubertus LEUNISSEN   
   1 Amanda Elisabeth Cornelia LEUNISSEN   
   2 Hendrika Josephina LEUNISSEN   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1950/11/07Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.4.7-5.2 Theodora Johanna Wilhelmina VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q2 Cornelis van der STEEN  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1920/08/23Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.4.7-6 Hendrikus Johannes VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 1998/06/15Weert (Li) Father
Marr. 1953/06/03HeezeMarriage:  
Born 1923/02/11Maarheeze (NB) Maria Helena van der LOOY
Confession: RK.
Daughter of Joannes Antonius van der Looij, landbouwer (1911), born 1869/01/02 in Weert (Li), died 1944/04/26 in Heeze, married 1911/09/20 in Weert (Li) Joanna Aldegonda van Buel, born 1884/10/05 in Weert (Li), died 1954/08/21 in Heeze.
Died 2011/05/29
Bur. 2011/06/03
Bakel (NB)
Weert (Li)
Born 1954/10/02Geldrop (NB) 1 Johannes Antonius Petrus   Marriage
Born 1955/11/30Heeze 2 Johanna Aldegonda Theodora   Marriage
Born 1959/01/20Heeze 3 Petrus Martinus Egidius Johannes
Confession: RK.
Died 1982/08/25
Bur. 1982/08/30
Bloemendaal (NH)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1954/10/02Geldrop (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.4.7-6.1 Johannes Antonius Petrus VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 Lucie SCHELLEKENS  
Born 19Q4 1 Suzan  
Born 1985/04/14? 2 Lukas   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1985/04/14? HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.4.7-6.1.2 Lukas VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q4 Marieke  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1955/11/30Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.4.7-6.2 Johanna Aldegonda Theodora VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 Robertus BOUMANS  
Born 19Q4 1 Joris BOUMANS
Partner: Corine.
Born 19Q4 2 Marieke BOUMANS
Partner: Patrick. Child: Sarah.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1922/04/13Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.4.7-7 Michaël Hubertus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Glasblazer.
Died 1995/07/20
Bur. 1995/07/24
Geldrop (NB)
Geldrop (NB)
Marr. 1961/04/26HeezeMarriage:  
Born 1928/08/21Heeze Josina Johanna TIMMERMANS Died >1995/07/20 
Born 1962/03/20Geldrop (NB) 1 Anna Maria Aloysa Josina  
Born 1963/09/18Geldrop (NB) 2 Antoinetta Jacoba Maria  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1924/03/23Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.4.7-8 Maria Hendrica VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 2004/04/19Gemert-Bakel (NB) Father
Marr. 1953/01/03Mierlo (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1918/05/10Mierlo (NB) Johannes KUSTERS
Confession: RK. Profession. Textielarbeider, getouwsteller.
Divorcee of Johanna Maria Petronella Peeters, spoelster (1920, 1925) born 1918/09/27 in Helmond (NB), married 1945/04/07 in Mierlo (NB), registered divorce 1952/05/20 in Mierlo (NB), daughter of Cornelius Joannes Peeters, fabrieksarbeider (1913, 1916, 1918, 1925, 1932), born 1887/03/17 in Tilburg (NB), died 1932/05/10 in Helmond (NB), married 1916/09/13 in Tilburg (NB) Martina Cornelia Swinkels, born in 1889/05/26 Helmond (NB), died >1932/05/10.
Son of Mathijs Kusters, landbouwer (1906), born 1871/12/30 in Lierop (NB), died 1945/05/07 in Mierlo (NB), married 1906/02/16 in Lierop Antonia Swinkels, landbouwster (1906), born 1881/02/15 in Nuenen (NB), died 1958/01/03 in Mierlo (NB).
Died 1978/02/24
Bur. 1978/02/28
Geldrop (NB)
Mierlo (NB)
   1 Theodora Wilhelmina Louisa Maria KUSTERS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1927/04/09Heeze HZ.1.1-2.9.3-1.4.7-9 Theodora Wilhelmina VALKENBURG Died 1976/02/11Utrecht Father
Marr. 1948/02/03HeezeMarriage:  
Born 1923/06/18Utrecht Wilhelmus van VEENENDAAL
Profession: Decorateur, leerling machinebankwerker, machinetekenaar, tekenaar-constructeur, constructeur.
Son of Pieter Cornelis van Veenendaal, born 1887/02/07 in Utrecht, died 1960/02/17 in Zutphen (Ge), kantoorbediende (1914), married 1914/05/14 in Utrecht Lambertha Geertruida Timmers, born 1882/02/22 in Nijkerk (Ge), died 1961/04/12 in Utrecht.
Utrecht 1985/07/19: Married (2) Dirkje van Apeldoorn, born 1938/10/06 in Willeskop (Ut), died >1985/08/14.
Died 1985/08/14Utrecht
   1 Anna Louise Maria Egidia van VEENENDAAL   
   2 Johanna Adriana Hubertina Wilhelmina van VEENENDAAL   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1811/10/06Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.3-4 Joanna VALKENBURG
Profession: Landbouwster (1843), bouwvrouw (1845), landbouwster (1847-1853).
Died 1865/04/05Maarheeze (NB) Father
Marr. 1839/01/12Maarheeze (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1814/01/06Maarheeze (NB) Joannes van KESSEL
Profession: Landbouwer (1839), bouwman (1840), landbouwer (1843), bouwman (1845), landbouwer (1847-1853), bouwman (1855).
Son of Joseph van Kessel, bouwman (1823), baptized 1769/08/12 in Maarheeze (NB), died 1823/04/10 in Maarheeze (NB), announced marriage 1802/01/02 in Maarheeze SB (NB), married 1802/01/17 in Maarheeze SB (NB) married RK 1802/01/17 in Maarheeze (NB) Jenmarie Vos, landbouwster (1832), baptized 1771/09/04 in Maarheeze (NB), died 1832/01/02 in Maarheeze (NB).
Died 1855/12/22Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1840/09/21Maarheeze (NB) 1 Joanna Maria van KESSEL
Profession: Landbouwster (1867, 1868).
Maarheeze (NB) 1867/02/23: Married Lambertus Rampen, landbouwer (1867), born in 1828/05/24 Maarheeze (NB), died 1895/05/14 in Maarheeze (NB), son of Hendrik Rampen, died <1867/02/23, married Antonetta Flipsen, died <1867/02/23.
Died 1868/02/15Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1843/03/17Maarheeze (NB) 2 Johannus van KESSEL
Profession: Landbouwer (1866, 1867, 1871, 1888).
Maarheeze (NB) 1871/01/30: Married Jacoba Cardinaal, landbouwster (1871), born 1846/08/17 in Maarheeze (NB), died >1888/04/18, daughter of Theodorus Cardinaal, landbouwer (1871), married Johanna Schilders, landbouwster (1871).
Died 1888/04/18Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1845/01/24Maarheeze (NB) 3 Johanna van KESSEL
Profession: Landbouwster (1866).
Maarheeze (NB) 1866/09/10: Married Franciscus de Regter, rijkswegwerker (1866, 1873), born 1832/11/20 in Hapert (NB), died >1873/09/24, son of Adriaan de Regter, died <1866/09/10, married Anna Margaretha de Regter, died <1866/09/10.
Died 1873/09/24Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1847/11/02Maarheeze (NB) 4 Josevus van KESSEL
Profession: Landbouwer (1871), metselaar (1875, 1891).
Maarheeze (NB) 1875/08/03: Married Hendrika van Weerde, landbouwster (1875), born 1842/04/03 in Maarheeze (NB), died >1891/07/01, daughter of Antonius van Weerde, born in Soerendonk (NB), died <1875/08/03, married 1829/01/24 in Maarheeze (NB) Wilhelmina Praats, landbouwster (1861), born ±1799 in Maarheeze (NB), died 1861/11/07 in Maarheeze (NB).
Died 1891/07/01Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1850/06/10Maarheeze (NB) 5 Hendrikkus van KESSEL
Profession: Landbouwer (1868).
Died 1868/09/29Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1853/02/10Maarheeze (NB) 6 Egidia van KESSEL Died 1856/05/08Maarheeze (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1776/02/22Maarheeze (NB) HZ.1.1-2.9.5 Elisabeth VALKENBURG Died 1813/12/15Maarheeze (NB) Father
Ann. 1803/01/01
Marr. 1803/01/16
Maarheeze SB (NB)
Maarheeze SB (NB)
Bapt. 1774/05/07
Maarheeze (NB)
Maarheeze (NB)
Hendrikus HUYBERS
Profession: Lijnwaadblekersknecht (1815).
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Kuypers and Maria Dillen. Son of Cristeijaan Jan Huijbers, from Maarheeze announced marriage 1774/01/29 in Maarheeze (NB), married 1774/02/13 in Maarheeze (NB) Anna Maria Hermen Dillen, from Maarheeze.
Velsen (NH) 1815/10/22: Married (2) Francijntje van den Berg, lijnwaadblekersmeid (1815), baptized RK 1794/09/13 in Leende (NB), died 1879/02/01 in Maarheeze (NB), daughter of Thomas van den Berg, died <1815/10/22, married Joanna Maria van 't Hof, born ±1755 in Leende (NB), died 1830/09/11 in Maarheeze (NB).
Died 1816/03/27Maarheeze (NB)
Born 1804/10/03
Bapt. 1804/10/03
Maarheeze (NB)
Maarheeze (NB)
1 Christianus HUIJBERS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Hermanus Huijbers and Godefrida Biemans. profession: Timmerman (1834, 1850).
Eindhoven 1834/05/02: Married (1) Hendrina van der Stonden, mutsenmaakster (1834, 1856), baptized RK 1807/08/11 in Eindhoven (NB), died 1849/04/29 in Eindhoven (NB), daughter of Martinus van der Stonden, schoenmaker (1834), born ±1777 in Eindhoven, died 1856/01/29 in Eindhoven (NB), announced marriage 1806/06/21 in Eindhoven SB (NB), married 1806/07/06 in Eindhoven SB (NB), married RK 1806/07/06 in Eindhoven (NB) Gertruda Hezemans, born ±1779 in Tongelre (NB), died 1854/07/13 in Eindhoven (NB).
Eindhoven 1850/02/07: Married (2) Hendrika Jacobs, dienstmeid (1850), born 1812/02/20 in Budel (NB), died >1872/08/12, daughter of Johannes Jacobs, died <1850/02/07, married Hendrina Neeskens, landbouwster (1850), arbeidster (1852), born ±1785 in Budel (NB), died 1852/05/28 in Budel (NB).
Died 1872/08/12Eindhoven (NB)
Bapt. 1807/07/28Maarheeze (NB) 2 Joannes HUIJBERS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Valkenburg and Ida Huybers.
Bapt. 1810/09/27Maarheeze (NB) 3 Henricus HUIJBERS
Baptism:RK, witnesses: Joannes Joannis Valkenburg and Joanna Maria Menten.
Died 1892/01/02Vlijmen (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1750/09/09Heeze HZ.1.1-2.10 Elisabetha VALCKENBURGH
Also called Valke(n) (1788, 1791, 1793, 1794, 1821, 1823). Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus van Hueghte and Aldegundis van Valckenburgh.
Maarheeze (NB) 1776/02/22: Witness RK baptism of Elizabetha, daughter of Joannes Valcken and Godefrida Biemans.
Heeze 1785/10/04: Witness RK baptism of Egidius, son of Joannes Valkenborg and Christina Stoffels.
Heeze 1794/04/07: Witness RK baptism of Joanna Maria, daughter of Leonardus Valkenborg and Helena Gerlinx.
Died 1823/04/06Leende (NB) Father
Ann. 1788/05/05
Marr. 1788/05/29
Leende SB (NB)
Leende SB (NB)
Bapt. 1743/11/05
Leende (NB)
Leende (NB) 1788/05/29: Married RK.
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Jacobus Verhaegen and Guilielma Bitters. Son of Joannes Guilielmus Bitters, married 1736/05/13 in Leende (NB) Guilielma Verpannen, baptized 1705/09/04 in Leende (NB).
Heeze (NB) 1791/05/21: "Borgbrief" because of move to Leende.
Died 1821/03/18Leende (NB)
Bapt. 1793/06/10Leende (NB) 1 Wilhelmus BITTERS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Valken and Petronilla Bitters.
Bapt. 1794/05/23Leende (NB) 2 Joannes BITTERS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Valken and Petronilla Bitters.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1757/03/31Heeze HZ.1.1-2.12 Jan VALKENBURG
Also called Joannes Valken (1788, 1789, 1795). Baptism: RK, witnesses: Arnoldus Bieringhs and Wilhelma Aerts.
Heeze 1779/09/25: Witness RK baptism of Egidius, son of Judocus Egidius Valkenburg and Jacoba Joannes Goorts.
Leende 1793/06/10: Witness RK baptism of Wilhelmus, son of Wilhelmus Bitters and Elisabetha Valken.
Leende 1794/05/23: Witness RK baptism of Joannes, son of Wilhelmus Bitters and Elisabetha Valken.
Heeze 1796/07/19: Witness RK baptism of Egidius, son of Leonardus Valkenburg and Helena Gerne.
Heeze 1799/03/17: Witness RK baptism of Henricus, son of Leonardus Valkenborg and Helena Gerlings.
Heeze 1800/07/06: Witness RK baptism of Henrica, daughter of Leonardus Valkenborgh and Helena Gerlings.
BS Heeze stated in the huwelijksbijlagen of his son Jacobus, that he is buried 1805/04/03.
Bur. 1806/12/31Heeze Father
Ann. 1780/12/30
Marr. 1781/01/14
Heeze SB
Bapt. 1754/12/26
Leende (NB)
Leende (NB)
Christien Christiaan Hendrik STOFFELS
Also called Christina Willem Stoffels (1782). Profession: Fileuse (1810), spinster (1822, 1824).
Marriage: RK, witnesses: Judocus Valkenborg and Arnolda Stoffels.
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Wilhelmus van Tongerlo and Justina van Leensel. Daughter of Hendricus Stoffels, married RK 1749/06/22 in Leende (NB) Johanna Maria van Leensel.
Heeze 1781/01/06: Borgbrief at the announcement of marriage.
Died 1827/02/25Gestel (NB)
Bapt. 1782/06/15Heeze 1 Joanna
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Wilhelmus Stoffels and Joanna Valkenborg.
Bapt. 1785/10/04Heeze 2 Egidius VALKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Arnoldus Stoffels and Elisabetha Valkenborg.
Bapt. 1788/10/02Heeze 3 Henrica VALKEN
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Leonardus Valken and Joanna Stoffels.
Bur. 1788/11/22Heeze
Bapt. 1789/12/19Heeze 4 Henrica VALKEN
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Leonardus Valken and Joanna Stoffels.
Budel 1809/12/29: Witness RK baptism of Helena, daughter of Franciscus van Cranenbroek and Joanna Valke.
Died 1811/05/16Heeze
Bapt. 1792/08/14Heeze 5 Judocus VALKENBORG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Valkenborg and Henrica Stoffels.
Bur. 1794/12/16Heeze
Bapt. 1795/03/02Heeze 6 Joanna Maria VALKEN
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Wilhelmus Verhappen and Helena Gerlinx.
Born 1798/09/30
Bapt. 1798/09/30
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes van Asten and Christina van Beeck.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1782/06/15Heeze HZ.1.1-2.12.1 Joanna VALKENBURG
Called Valke(n) in Budel and Dordrecht. Baptism: RK, witnesses: Wilhelmus Stoffels and Joanna Valkenborg. Profession: Landbouwster (1827-1846).
Heeze 1804/11/04: Witness RK marriage of Egidius van Valkenborg and Elisabeth Wilhelmus Lammers.
Died 1861/06/27Budel (NB) Father
Ann. 1809/06/24
Marr. 1809/07/09
Budel SB (NB)
Budel SB (NB)
Bapt. 1760/04/07Budel (NB) Fransis van CRANENBROEK
Profession: Timmerman (1814-1816), bouwman (1824-1833).
Budel 1809/07/09: Married RK, witnesses: Godefridus van Cranenbroek and Arnoldus van Maarsel.
Widower of Maria Catharina Saanen, baptized 1762/09/24 in Budel (NB), announced marriage 1799/09/21 in Budel SB (NB), married 1799/10/06 in Budel SB (NB), daughter of Hendrik Bartel Saenen, born in Budel (NB), announced marriage 1744/09/26 in Budel SB (NB), married 1744/10/11 in Budel SB (NB) Hendrina Embert Cornelis Kees, born in Budel (NB).
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Embertus Moorkens and Catharina Jorissen. Son of Joannes Franciscus van Cranenbroek, baptized RK 1730/04/11 in Budel (NB), buried 1805/04/03 in Budel (NB), announced marriage 1759/01/27 in Budel SB (NB), married 1759/02/11 in Budel SB (NB) Helena Embertus Moorkens/Meurkins/Murkens, baptized RK 1716/04/19 in Budel (NB), died 1808/02/06 in Buel (NB), buried 1808/02/08 in Budel (NB).
Died 1833/04/11Budel (NB)
Bapt. 1809/12/29Budel (NB) 1 Helena van CRANENBROEK
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Adrianus van Cranenbroek and Henrica Valke, on behalf of Christina Stoffels.
Dordrecht (ZH) 1837/01/18: Married Joannes van der Vleut, brouwersknecht (1837), arbeider (1847), born ±1810, baptized in Tongerlo (NB), son of Josephus van der Vleut, died 1818/03/27 in Tongerlo (NB), married Maria Kouwenberg, born ±1769.
Died 1847/02/10Dordrecht (ZH)
Born 1812/01/23Budel (NB) 2 Jean van CRANENBROEK
Profession: Bouwknecht (1831).
Died 1831/10/11Budel (NB)
Born 1814/08/29Budel (NB) 3 Hendrik van CRANENBROEK
Profession: Timmerman (1843, 1860).
Budel (NB) 1843/05/06: Married (1) Helena Verdonschot landbouwster (1843), born 1812/12/22 in Budel (NB), died 1858/10/28 in Budel (NB), daughter of Huibert Verdonschot and Elisabeth Rutten, died <1843/05/06.
Bude (NB)l 1860/02/11: Married (2) Maria Catharina van Distel, born 1834/02/04 in Budel (NB), daughter of Lourens van Distel, landbouwer (1860), married Elisabeth Govers, landbouwster (1860).
Born 1816/10/30Budel (NB) 4 Francis van CRANENBROEK
Profession: Timmerman (1843, 1886).
Budel 1843/06/10: Married Isabella Beerens, landbouwster (1843), born 1817/02/24 in Budel, died <1886/12/14, daughter of Lambert Beerens, died 1819/12/10 in Budel, married Petronella Mathijssen, died 1842/05/07 in Budel.
Died 1886/12/14Soerendonk (NB)
Born 1819/09/26Budel (NB) 5 Maria Catharina van CRANENBROEK
Profession: Landbouwster (1846).
Budel 1846/11/12: Married Antonie Nijssen, landbouwer (1846), arbeider (1864), born 1824/01/07 in Budel, died >1864/11/01, son of Hendrina Nijssen, landbouwster (1846).
Died 1864/11/01Budel (NB)
Born 1824/04/17Budel (NB) 6 Joseph van CRANENBROEK Died 1827/04/05Budel (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1785/10/04Heeze HZ.1.1-2.12.2 Egidius Johannes VALKENBURG
Also called Michiel (1824). Baptism: RK, witnesses: Arnoldus Stoffels and Elisabetha Valkenborg. Profession: Dagloonwerker (1816), dagloner (1819), arbeider (1824-1836).
Heeze 1807/01/03: Witness (as Aegidius Johannes Valken) RK baptism of Anna Maria, daughter of Leonardus Valkenburg and Helena Gerlings.
Died 1836/01/17Halsteren (NB) Father
Marr. YesMarriage 1:  
Born ±1789Wijnegem (Belgium) Maria Catharina SCHILLEMANS
Profession: Arbeidster (1827).
Daughter of Jan Schillemans and Elisabeth Teunissen, died <1827/01/01.
Died 1827/01/01Halsteren (NB)
Born 1814/01/05Deurne (AW, Belgium) 1 Jean Pierre VALKENBORGH   Marriage
Born 1816/02/09Deurne (AW, Belgium) 2 Maria Christina VALKENBORG   Marriage
Born 1819/01/02Deurne (AW, Belgium) 3 Adriana Catharina VALCKENBORGH Died 1842/04/25Steenbergen (NB)
Born 1824/11/20Halsteren (NB) 4 Petrus Josephus VALKENBURCH Died 1824/12/18Halsteren (NB)
Marr. 1828/11/19Halsteren (NB)Marriage 2:  
Bapt. 1798/03/25Halsteren (NB) Maria Catharina JACOBS
Profession: Landbouwster (1828), arbeidster (1836-1843).
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Petrus van Meel and Anna Maria Bakx. Daughter of Laurens Jacobs, bouwman (1828, 1833), baptized 1755/07/08 in Borgvliet (NB), died 1833/03/20 in Halsteren (NB), married 1787/02/18 in Halsteren (NB) Elisabeth van de Kieboom, bouwvrouw (1828), landbouwster (1837, 1838), baptized 1760/04/07 in Halsteren (NB), died 1838/07/07 in Halsteren (NB).
Halsteren (NB) 1837/05/19: Married (2) Maryn Poulus, arbeider (1837, 1876), born 1812/12/18 in Halsteren (NB), died 1876/05/06 in Halsteren (NB), son of Allegonde Paulus, journalier (1812), arbeidster (1837, 1858), born ±1781 in Middelburg, died 1858/07/29 in Halsteren (NB).
Died 1843/06/01Halsteren (NB)
Born 1829/09/13Halsteren (NB) 5 Johanna Elisabeth   Marriage
Born 1831/03/27Halsteren (NB) 6 Anna Cornelia  
Born 1833/11/22Halsteren (NB) 7 Pieternella   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1814/01/05Deurne (AW, Belgium) HZ.1.1-2.12.2-1 Jan Pieter VALKENBORG
Profession: Arbeider (1838-1841), landbouwer (1842-1846, 1876, 1882, 1894).
He was not able to show a birth certificate when marrying; he married with approval of the Ministerie van Justitie.
Died 1897/02/01Rotterdam Father
Marr. 1838/12/12Halsteren (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1813/01/28Halsteren (NB) Adriana van EEKELEN
Called Joanna (1918). Profession: Landbouwster (1844-1846, 1865, 1876, 1882).
Daughter of Jan van Eekelen, cultivateur (1811, 1813), bouwman (1838), landbouwer (1846), born ±1762 in Wouw (NB), died 1846/08/28 in Halsteren (NB), married 1811/06/02 in Halsteren (NB) Johanna Loos, landbouwster (1838), born ±1784 in Halsteren (NB), died 1874/04/28 in Steenbergen (NB).
Died 1882/01/03Steenbergen (NB)
Born 1839/04/27Halsteren (NB) 1 Johannes VALKENBURG
Profession: Dienstbode (1894).
>1900: Sint Catharinagesticht Bergen op Zoom.
Died 1918/06/16Bergen op Zoom (NB)
Born 1841/03/27Halsteren (NB) 2 Maria Catharina   Marriage
Born 1844/06/22Steenbergen (NB) 3 Frans   Marriage
Born 1846/02/06Steenbergen (NB) 4 Adriana Catharina   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1841/03/27Halsteren (NB) HZ.1.1-2.12.2-1.2 Maria Catharina VALKENBURG
Profession: Landbouwster (1860-1894).
Died 1894/01/09Halsteren (NB) Father
Marr. NoMarriage 1:  
   Name unknown.  
Born 1860/07/15Steenbergen (NB) 1 Joanna Cornelia VALKENBORG Died 1860/09/07Bergen op Zoom (NB)
Marr. 1865/02/22Steenbergen (NB)Marriage 2:  
Born 1824/04/13Halsteren (NB) Johannes MARTENS
Profession: Landbouwer (1865-1914).
Son of Antonie Martens, arbeider (1824), landbouwer (1854), baptized RK 1791/12/15, died 1854/01/31 in Steenbergen (NB), married Catharina Timmermans, landbouwster (1854, 1865), born ±1792 in Steenbergen (NB), died 1868/04/06 in Steenbergen (NB).
Died 1914/01/15Halsteren (NB)
Born 1865/05/10Steenbergen (NB) 2 Antonij MARTENS
Profession: Landbouwer (1896, 1897, 1903, 1906, 1936).
Bergen op Zoom (NB) 1896/05/21: Married Maria Adriana Goosen, dienstbode (1896), born ±1861 in Bergen op Zoom, daughter of Jacobus Goosen, died <1896/05/21, married Maria Maas, died <1896/05/21.
Died 1936/10/25Bergen op Zoom (NB)
Born 1866/06/28Halsteren (NB) 3 Cornelis MARTENS
Profession: Landbouwer (1896, 1897, 1902, 1903, 1906, 1914).
Halsteren (NB) 1903/05/07: Married Maria Catharina van Pul, landbouwster (1903), born ±1874 in Halsteren (NB), died >1948/07/28 daughter of Johannes Cornelis van Pul, landbouwer (1903), married Anna Maria Catharina Hoedelmans, died <1903/05/07.
Died 1948/07/28Chaam (NB)
Born 1867/10/24Halsteren (NB) 4 Johanna Maria MARTENS Died 1873/04/18Halsteren (NB)
Born 1868/12/12Halsteren (NB) 5 Jacobus MARTENS
Profession: Landbouwer (1896, 1897, 1902, 1903, 1906).
Halsteren (NB) 1897/09/23: Married Cornelia Maria Moerbeek, landbouwster (1897), born ±1877 in Halsteren (NB); daughter of Marijnus Moerbeek, landbouwer (1897), married Anna Maria van den Boom, landbouwster (1897).
Born 1871/03/01Halsteren (NB) 6 Adriana Elizabet MARTENS Died 1871/06/30Halsteren (NB)
Born 1872/01/21Halsteren (NB) 7 Pieter Jan Leonard MARTENS Died 1873/05/31Halsteren (NB)
Born 1873/01/13Halsteren (NB) 8 Frans MARTENS Died 1873/08/29Halsteren (NB)
Born 1874/02/01Halsteren (NB) 9 Maria Catharina MARTENS
Profession: Landbouwster (1902).
Halsteren (NB) 1902/05/22: Married Antonius van Aert, landbouwer (1902), born ±1862 in Halsteren (NB), son of Johannes Baptist van Aert, died <1902/05/22, married Anna Catharina Hectors, landbouwster (1902).
Born 1875/04/27Halsteren (NB) 10 Adriana Catharina MARTENS Died 1875/09/01Halsteren (NB)
Born 1876/03/01Halsteren (NB) 11 Pieter Jan MARTENS Died 1876/03/01Halsteren (NB)
Born 1877/03/19Halsteren (NB) 12 Adriana Cornelia MARTENS Died 1877/06/29Halsteren (NB)
Born 1879/02/22Halsteren (NB) 13 Adriana Cornelia MARTENS
Halsteren (NB) 1906/08/23: Married Pieter Kornelis van Geel, landbouwer (1906, 1909), born 1870/08/20 in Steenbergen (NB), died <1961/01/14, son of Antonius van Geel, arbeider (1870), born ±1834, died <1906/08/23, married Elizabet de Kooning, arbeidster (1870), died <1906/08/23.
Died 1961/01/14Breda (NB)
Born 1880/03/12Halsteren (NB) 14 Petrus MARTENS Died 1880/07/15Halsteren (NB)
Born 1885/12/22Halsteren (NB) 15 Elisabeth Petronella MARTENS
Fijnaart en Heijningen (NB) 1909/11/16: Married (1) Jacobus Donkers, herbergier (1909-), born 1880/05/13 in Zundert (NB), died 1929/03/19 in Roosendaal (NB), son of Marijn Donkers, dienstknecht (1866), arbeider (1880), born 1839/03/17 in Zundert (NB), died <1909/11/16, married 1866/05/07 in Zundert (NB) Anna Maria Pellis, landbouwster (1866), arbeidster (1880), landbouwster (1909), born 1842/01/18 in Zundert (NB), died <1929/03/19.
Roosendaal (NB) 1930/11/10: Married (2) Lambertus Verhoeven, timmerman (1930), born 1880/11/05 in Roosendaal (NB), son of Adriaan Verhoeven, timmerman (1871, 1880, 1910), born 1837/04/22 in Steenbergen (NB), died 1910/12/12 in Roosendaal (NB), married 1871/05/20 in Roosendaal (NB) Wilhelmina Mol, born 1845/10/01 in Roosendaal (NB), died died 1936/07/04 in Roosendaal (NB).
Died 1958/03/12Roosendaal (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1844/06/22Steenbergen (NB) HZ.1.1-2.12.2-1.3 Frans VALKENBORG
Profession: Landbouwer (1894/01), winkelier (1894/11), los werkman (1896-1898), lantaarn opsteker (1901/02), kastelein (1901/03), lantaarnaansteker (1902-1907), lantaarnlichtontsteker (1908).
Died 1908/04/07Rotterdam Father
Marr. 1894/01/19Steenbergen (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1869/09/22Halsteren (NB) Pieternella SOMERS
Profession: Arbeidster (1888), dienstbode (1894), bierhuishoudster.
Daughter of Johannes Somers, arbeider (1869), werkman (1894), born 1845/09/20 in Nieuw-Vossemeer (NB), died 1921/03/14 in Rotterdam, married 1869/04/07 in Halsteren (NB) Adriana Karremans, arbeidster (1869), born 1847/02/07 in Steenbergen (NB), died 1919/06/05 in Rotterdam.
Died 1926/03/24Rotterdam
Born 1888/05/22Halsteren (NB) 1 Adriana SOMERS
Steenbergen (NB) 1894/01/19: Legitimated.
Born 1894/11/25Charlois (ZH) 2 Jan   Marriage
Born 1896/04/01Rotterdam 3 Franciscus   Marriage
Born 1898/09/15Rotterdam 4 Martinus Machilus   Marriage
Born 1901/02/09Rotterdam 5 Gabriël Died 1901/03/17Rotterdam
Born 1902/07/25Rotterdam 6 Maria Catharina
Profession: Caféhoudster.
Died 1993/12/21Rotterdam
Born 1904/11/25Rotterdam 7 Arie
Born 14:00.
Died 1904/12/10Rotterdam
Born 1904/11/25Rotterdam 8 Dina Pieternella
Born 15:00.
Died 1904/12/15Rotterdam
Born 1907/04/16Rotterdam 9 Cornelis Hubertus   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1888/05/22Halsteren (NB) HZ.1.1-2.12.2-1.3.1 Adriana VALKENBORG
Confession: RK. Profession: Dienstbode.
Died 1966/03/26Zwolle Father
Marr. 1917/03/21RotterdamMarriage:  
Born 1886/05/10Dubbeldam (ZH) Adriaan LENOIR
Confession: NH. Profession: Fabieksarbeider, blikslager (1917) gasmeterfabriek, machineboorder, gasmeterman (1919).
Son of Adriaan Lenoir, zaagmolenaar (1879), arbeider (1886, 1898), born 1856/08/28 in Dordrecht (ZH), died 1898/06/01 in Dubbeldam (ZH) married 1879/10/30 in Dubbeldam (ZH) Adriana Schaap, born 1859/11/02 in 's-Gravendeel (ZH), died 1935/12/05 in Rotterdam.
1919: Moved to Belgium.
Died 1967/10/14Zwolle

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1894/11/25Charlois (ZH) HZ.1.1-2.12.2-1.3.2 Jan VALKENBORG
Confession: RK. Profession: Bankwerker (1917), machinebankwerker, bootwerker, leerling machinist (1942), machinist NS (1944).
Died 1974/02/22Rotterdam Father
Marr. 1917/01/24RotterdamMarriage:  
Born 1898/03/02Ridderkerk (ZH) Wijntje POST
Confession: NH.
Daughter of Gerrit Post, winkelier (1896), barbier (1898, 1917), born 1871/06/05 in Ridderkerk (ZH), died 1951/07/19 in Leidschedam (ZH),, married 1896/01/23 in Alblasserdam (ZH) Brijntje de Jager, born 1874/06/30 in Alblasserdam (ZH), died 1941/02/10 in Rotterdam.
Died 1982/12/07Apeldoorn (Ge)
Born 1917/05/21Rotterdam 1 Frans Gerrit
Confession: NH.
Born 1919/06/04Schiedam (ZH) 2 Gerrit
Confession: NH.
Born 1923/12/25Rotterdam 3 Wijnanda Petronella
Confession: RK.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1917/05/21Rotterdam HZ.1.1-2.12.2-1.3.2-1 Frans Gerrit VALKENBORG Died 2005/12/18Dirksland (ZH) Father
Marr. 1950/08/16RotterdamMarriage:  
Born 1918/11/12Rotterdam Catharina Agatha de RUIJTER
Daughter of Gerardus Johannes de Ruijter, boekdrukkersknecht (1916), born 1890/09/14 in Amsterdam, married 1916/05/31 in Rotterdam Johanna Elisabeth van der Klift, born 1892/05/02 in Rotterdam.
Died 1996/11/09Brielle (ZH)
   1 Alfred   
   2 Hans   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1919/06/04Schiedam (ZH) HZ.1.1-2.12.2-1.3.2-2 Gerrit VALKENBORG
Profession: Monteur (1942).
Died 1997/04/20Maarssen (Ut) Father
Marr. 1942/05/20RotterdamMarriage:  
Born 1921/05/09Rotterdam Cornelia Elisabeth OUWERKERK
Daughter of Mari Ouwerkerk, kantoorbediende (1907, 1942), born 1883/09/20 in Delfshaven (ZH), found dead in his house 1960/01/06 in Rotterdam, married 1907/05/15 in Rotterdam Alida Kramer, born 1881/07/16 in Rotterdam, died 1956/08/22 in Poortugaal (ZH).
Died 1992/02/27
Bur. 1992/03/03
Maarssen (Ut)
Maarssen (Ut)
   1 Annemarie    Marriage
Born 19Q3 2 Mieke   Marriage
Born 1953/06/20Rotterdam 3 Rudolf   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
   HZ.1.1-2.12.2-1.3.2-2.1 Annemarie VALKENBORG    Father
   1 Wayne BOUWMEESTER   
   2 Mark BOUWMEESTER   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 19Q3 HZ.1.1-2.12.2-1.3.2-2.2 Mieke VALKENBORG   Father
   Name unknown.  
Born 19Q4 1 Rick  
Born 19Q4 2 Nicolette  
Born 19Q4 3 Arjen  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1953/06/20Rotterdam HZ.1.1-2.12.2-1.3.2-2.3 Rudolf VALKENBORG
Profession: Verpleegkundige SEH/EHH.
Died >2019/04/15  Father
Marr. 1977/11/25Gorssel (Ge)Marriage:  
Born 1956/04/30Zutphen (Ge) Jenneken VELTKAMP
Profession: Keukenassistent (2000), medewerker horeca (2019) Stichting Borro. Daughter of Jan Willem Veltkamp, born 1925/05/21 in Warnsveld (Ge), died 2017/07/14 in Eefde (Ge), married Johanna Gardina Hietkamp, born 1930/11/11 in Gorssel (Ge), died 2020/04/28 in Eefde (Ge).
Died 2019/04/15
Crem. 2019/04/20
Warnsveld (Ge)
Zutphen (Ge)
  Children: At least 2 grandchildren.
   1 Jolien   
   2 Rianne   
   3 Gerwin   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1923/12/25Rotterdam HZ.1.1-2.12.2-1.3.2-3 Wijnanda Petronella VALKENBORG Died 2010/03/31Rotterdam Father
Marr. 1944/10/04RotterdamMarriage 1:Div.Reg. 1963/10/15Rotterdam
Born 1921/02/26Rotterdam Arie SCHOONEWAGEN  
Marr. 1975/07/23RotterdamMarriage 2:  
Born 1911/09/05Rotterdam Jan den BOER
Profession Rijksklerk rijksbelastingen, hoofdcommies, rijksambtenaar.
Nijmegen (Ge) 1934/04/23: Married (1) Helena Adriana Kersten, born 1913/05/05 in Nijmegen (Ge), died 2006/07/16 in Rotterdam. daughter of Martinus Kersten, huisschilder (1908), schilder (1944), born 1888/05/09 in Nijmegen (Ge), died 1944/02/22 in Nijmegen (Ge), married 1908/12/17 in Nijmegen (Ge) Wilhelmina Maria Schonenberg, dienstbode (1908), born 1889/01/07 in Nijmegen (Ge), died 1965/02/26 in Nijmegen (Ge).
Nijmegen (Ge) 1975/06/25: Registered divorce from HHK.
Son of Cornelis den Boer, ketelmakersknecht (1909), ketelmaker (1911), born 1888/04/22 in Alblasserdam (ZH), died 1946/03/20 in Rotterdam, married 1909/07/28 in Rotterdam Adriaantje van Pelt, born 1889/03/25 in Ridderkerk (ZH), died >1946/03/20.
Died 1978/10/18Hillingdon (UK)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1896/04/01Rotterdam HZ.1.1-2.12.2-1.3.3 Franciscus VALKENBORG
Confession: RK. Profession: Wisselwachter SS (1922), rangeerder NS, seinhuiswachter.
Died 1984/08/02
Crem. 1984/08/06
Marr. 1922/07/19RotterdamMarriage:  
Born 1899/06/30Rotterdam Eva Jannigje Johanna van der WAL
Confession: NH.
Daughter of Johannes van der Wal, schipper (1892), los werkman (1899, 1922), born 1867/01/13 in Lekkerkerk (ZH), died 1938/10/15 in Rotterdam, married 1892/10/06 in Streefkerk (ZH) Arigje van der Wal, born 1870/07/15 in Streefkerk (ZH), died 1963/03/06 in Rotterdam.
Died 1985/02/25Rotterdam
Born 1924/01/26Rotterdam 1 Francisca Woutrina
Confession: NH.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1924/01/26Rotterdam HZ.1.1-2.12.2-1.3.3-1 Francisca Woutrina VALKENBORG Died 2010/04/27
Crem. 2010/05/04
Brunssum (Li)
Heerlen (Li)
Marr. 1945/05/09RotterdamMarriage:  
Born 1920/10/12Rotterdam Willem Pieter SCHELLAARS
Son of Johan Schellaars, motorrijtuigbestuurder (1920), born 1900/05/06 in Rotterdam, married 1920/07/07 in Rotterdam Wilhelmina Salij, born 1898/10/29 in Rotterdam.
Died 2000/08/11Heerlen (Li)
   1 Ruud SCHELLAARS   
   2 Tim SCHELLAARS   
   3 Jos SCHELLAARS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1898/09/15Rotterdam HZ.1.1-2.12.2-1.3.4 Martinus Machilus VALKENBORG
Profession: Scheepstimmerman (1940).
Died 1940/01/21Rotterdam Father
Marr. 1927/01/12RotterdamMarriage:  
Born 1905/06/30Rotterdam Antonia Maria Catharina Bertha Frederika VERFÜHRT
Daughter of Theodor Verfürth, bootwerker (1901), born 1861/11/16 in Beek (Xanten, Germany), died 1944/01/08 in Rotterdam, married 1901/04/10 in Rotterdam Johanna Magdalena Maria Alewijns, born 1877/10/06 in Rotterdam, died >1944/01/08.
Rotterdam 1946/12/04: Married (2) Johannes Josephus van Vugt, born 1906/12/01 in Rotterdam, died 1968/10/23 in Rotterdam, son of Pieter van Vugt, los werkman (1903, 1906), bootwerker (1926), born 1875/05/21 in Oude Tonge (ZH), died 1926/05/24 in Rotterdam, married 1903/05/27 in Rotterdam Maria Pols, born 1878/11/10 in Charlois (ZH), died 1925/04/27 in Rotterdam.
Died 1993/02/24Rotterdam

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1907/04/16Rotterdam HZ.1.1-2.12.2-1.3.9 Cornelis Hubertus VALKENBORG
Confession: RK. Profession: Rijwielreparateur, (ruiten)poetser NS, arbeider, seinhuiswachter NS, blokwachter NS (1955).
Died 1955/10/18
Bur. 1955/10/22
Marr. 1937/05/26Hoek van Holland (ZH)Marriage:  
Born 1904/08/04Rotterdam Johanna Frederika BROCHUS
Daughter of Johannes Hendrikus Matthijs Brockhus, los werkman (1896), groentenhandelaar (1937), born 1874/03/31 in Delfshaven (ZH), died 1958/10/22 in Rotterdam, married 1896/11/11 in Rotterdam Antoinetta Theodora Bol, born 1877/05/06 in Delfshaven (ZH), died 1944/08/14 in Rotterdam.
Died 1992/06/26Rotterdam
   1 Franciscus Maria    Marriage
   2 Johannes Hendrikus Matthijs Maria    Marriage
   3 Pieternella Maria   
   4 Cornelis Hubertus Maria   
   5 Antoinetta Theodora Maria    Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
   HZ.1.1-2.12.2-1.3.9-1 Franciscus Maria VALKENBORG    Father
   M.J. SPRONK   

Date City Name Date City Relation
   HZ.1.1-2.12.2-1.3.9-2 Johannes Hendrikus Matthijs Maria VALKENBORG    Father

Date City Name Date City Relation
   HZ.1.1-2.12.2-1.3.9-5 Antoinetta Theodora Maria VALKENBORG    Father
   H.J.G. de HAAN   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1846/02/06Steenbergen (NB) HZ.1.1-2.12.2-1.4 Adriana Catharina VALKENBORG Died 1919/02/08Halsteren (NB) Father
Marr. 1876/06/23Steenbergen (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1824/07/10Halsteren (NB) Adrianus van BREEMEN
Profession: Timmerman (1862-1890, 1912).
Son of Arnoldus van Breemen, timmerman (1820, 1824, 1843), baptized RK 1768/12/23 in Halsteren (NB), died 1843/05/07 in Halsteren (NB), married 1820/01/22 in Woensdrecht (NB) Anna Maria Marcus, dienstbode (1820), baptized RK 1794/10/05 in Ossendrecht (NB), died 1862/12/16 in Halsteren (NB).
Died 1912/03/19Halsteren (NB)
Born 1877/06/07Halsteren (NB) 1 Arnoldus Johannes van BREEMEN
Profession: Timmerman (1912).
Halsteren (NB) 1912/07/20: Married Cornelia Keijsers, dienstbode (1912), born ±1885 in Halsteren (NB), died >1953/04/14, daughter of Johannes Keijsers, arbeider (1912), born ±1853, married Joanna Huigen, born ±1855.
Died 1953/04/14Halsteren (NB)
Born 1879/01/08Halsteren (NB) 2 Stillborn daughter van BREEMEN  
Born 1879/12/20Halsteren (NB) 3 Johannes Petrus van BREEMEN Died 1880/06/30Halsteren (NB)
Born 1884/04/12Halsteren (NB) 4 Stillborn daughter van BREEMEN  
Born 1890/04/16Halsteren (NB) 5 Stillborn son van BREEMEN  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1816/02/09Deurne (AW, Belgium) HZ.1.1-2.12.2-2 Maria Christina VALKENBORG
Profession: Landbouwster (1866), arbeidster (1867), landbouwster (1873, 1880). Not being able to show a birth certificate, she married with approval of the Ministerie van Justitie.
Died 1880/11/24Halsteren (NB) Father
Marr. 1837/12/06Halsteren (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1808/06/29
Bapt. 1808/06/29
Halsteren (NB)
Halsteren (NB)
Franciscus BAKS
Profession: Landbouwer (1837-1842), arbeider (1844), boerenarbeider (1846), landbouwer (1850), arbeider (1866-1867), landbouwer (1873-1880).
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Gerardus Suykerbuijk and Maria van Alphen, note: Sub conditione. Son of Jacobus Baks, aubergiste (1812), arbeider (1824), born ±1778 in Halsteren (NB), died 1824/10/05 in Halsteren (NB), married Maria de Jong, born ±1784, died 1812/05/03 in Halsteren (NB)..
Died 1891/03/23Bergen op Zoom (NB)
Born 1839/03/13Bergen op Zoom (NB) 1 Egidius Johannes BAKX
Profession: Landbouwer (1866, 1873, 1879, 1880, 1899).
Bergen op Zoom (NB) 1879/01/13: Married Anna Catharina Botermans, born ±1833 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), died >1899/04/12, daughter of Johannes Botermans, died <1879/01/13, married Petronella Koornman, died <1879/01/13.
Died 1899/04/12Bergen op Zoom (NB)
Born 1840/07/20Bergen op Zoom (NB) 2 Johanna Maria Catharina BAKX
Profession: Landbouwster (1866).
Bergen op Zoom (NB) 1866/01/11: Married Gerardus Suijkerbuijk, arbeider (1866, 1873), born ±1837 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), died <1903/02/24, son of Elisabeth Suijkerbuijk, arbeidster (1866).
±1879: Born Franciscus Suijkerbuijk, landbouwer (1903).
Died 1903/02/24Woensdrecht (NB)
Born 1842/02/01Bergen op Zoom (NB) 3 Stillborn daughter BAKS  
Born 1844/01/24Bergen op Zoom (NB) 4 Adriana BAKX Died 1866/12/06Bergen op Zoom (NB)
Born 1846/03/12Bergen op Zoom (NB) 5 Jacobus BAKX
Died while serving his term in the army as milicien 3e compagnie, 3e bataillon, 3e regiment infanterie.
Died 1867/01/10Bergen op Zoom (NB)
Born 1850/06/29Bergen op Zoom (NB) 6 Petrus BAKX
Profession: Landbouwer (1873, 1879, 1910).
Bergen op Zoom (NB) 1873/10/02: Married Cornelia Jacobs, landbouwster (1873), born ±1850 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), died >1910/02/17, daughter of Adrianus Jacobs, landbouwer (1873), married Dingena Raats, landbouwster (1873).
±1885: Born Adrianus Baxks, landbouwer (1919).
Died 1919/02/17Bergen op Zoom (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1829/09/13Halsteren (NB) HZ.1.1-2.12.2-5 Johanna Elisabeth VALKENBURG
Profession: Diensmeid (1849), dienstbode (1865-1869), arbeidster (1874).
Died 1874/01/01
Bur. 1874/01/05
Wouw (NB)
Heerle (NB)
Marr. 1869/04/01Bergen op Zoom (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1824/09/08Wouw (NB) Marijnus VERAART
Profession: Arbeider (1868), dagloner (1869), arbeider (1874, 1877).
Widower of Adriana Cornelia Hellemons, arbeidster (1868), born 1826/10/18 in Wouw (NB), died 1868/11/07 in Wouw (NB), daughter of Adriaan Hellemons, bouwknecht (1826/05), arbeider (1826/10, 1863), born and baptized 1805/06/11 in Wouw (NB), died 1863/10/04 in Wouw (NB), married 1826/05/03 in Wouw (NB) Hendrica Gabriels, boerenmeid (1826/05), arbeidster (1826/10, 1868, 1870), born 1798/01/28 in Essen (Belgium), died 1870/09/28 in Wouw (NB).
Son of Joannes Veraart, arbeider (1824, 1833), born ±1777, died <1869/04/01, married 1808/03/27 in Wouw SB (NB) Helena de Regt, arbeidster (1824, 1833), born ±1780 in Wouw (NB), died 1833/07/08 in Wouw (NB).
Steenbergen (NB) 1874/05/15: Married (3) Adriana van den Branden, arbeidster (1874, 1875), born 1843/02/12 in Steenbergen (NB), died 1875/04/09 in Wouw (NB), daughter of Giljam van den Branden, arbeider (1833, 1843, 1848, 1874, 1875), born ±1804 in Halsteren (NB), married 1833/04/26 in Steenbergen (NB) Petronilla Fraters, dienstbode (1833), arbeidster (1848), born ±1808 in Roosendaal (NB), died 1848/12/09 in Steenbergen (NB).
Bergen op Zoom (NB) 1877/03/26: Married (4) Antonia van Rijsewijk, arbeidster (1877), born 1822/09/10 in Roosendaal (NB), died 1898/08/13 in Wouw (NB), daughter of Antoine van Rijsewijk, garçon batelier (1813), scheepsarbeider (1822), arbeider (1829), visser (1870), born 1784/05/28 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), died 1870/04/09 in Roosendaal (NB), married 1813/12/30 in Roosendaal (NB) Maria Moerings, journaliere (1813), arbeidster (1829), baptized RK 1791/03/10 in Roosendaal (NB), died 1829/09/27 in Roosendaal (NB).
Died 1915/07/09Bergen op Zoom (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1833/11/22Halsteren (NB) HZ.1.1-2.12.2-7 Pieternella VALKENBURG
Profession: Arbeidster (1860).
Died 1918/02/09Bergen op Zoom (NB) Father
Marr. 1860/01/06Bergen op Zoom (NB)Marriage 1:  
Born 1831/12/22Bergen op Zoom (NB) Hermanus BERGS
Profession: Arbeider (1860-1862), spoorwegwachter (1864-1865).
Son of Antonius Bergs, arbeider (1822), landbouwer (1831), arbeider (1860, 1867), baptized 1799/09/12 in Bergen op Zoom, died 1867/08/12 in Bergen op Zoom, married 1822/05/16 in Bergen op Zoom Petronella van Beek, arbeidster (1822), landbouwster (1831), baptized 1798/03/28 in Bergen op Zoom, died 1859/03/18 in Bergen op Zoom.
Died 1876/09/16Woensdrecht (NB)
Born 1860/05/25Bergen op Zoom (NB) 1 Maria Antonetta BERGS
Bergen op Zoom (NB) 1881/07/25: Married Wilhelmus Somers, timmerman (1881-1903), born 1853/08/11 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), died <1939/03/02, son of Petrus Johannes Somers, died <1881/07/25, married Catharina Oerlemans.
Bergen op Zoom 1883/09/27: Born Adrianus Petrus Somers, died 1965/01/06 in Bergen op Zoom (NB).
Bergen op Zoom (NB) 1884/12/28: Born Johannes Hermanus Somers, died 1968/04/04 in Bergen op Zoom (NB).
Bergen op Zoom 1887/01/18: Born Petrus Egidius Somers.
Bergen op Zoom 1888/10/23: Born Marinus Cornelis Somers, died 1890/02/18 in Bergen op Zoom (NB).
Bergen op Zoom 1891/03/23: Born Cornelia Maria Somers.
Bergen op Zoom 1892/05/10: Born Maria Johanna Somers.
Bergen op Zoom 1895/02/22: Born Adriana Cornelia Petronella Somers.
Bergen op Zoom 1896/06/28: Born Johanna Maria Somers.
Bergen op Zoom (NB) 1898/07/11: Born Wilhelmus Hermanus Somers, died 1898/08/14 in Bergen op Zoom (NB).
Bergen op Zoom 1900/01/07: Born Antonetta Maria Somers.
Bergen op Zoom 1903/04/16: Born Hendrica Somers.
Died 1939/03/02Bergen op Zoom (NB)
Born 1862/12/26Bergen op Zoom (NB) 2 Stillborn son BERGS  
Born 1864/02/13Wouw (NB) 3 Petronella BERGS
Profession: Dienstbode (1888).
Bergen op Zoom (NB) 1888/05/24: Married Johannes Jacobus Jordans, smid (1888), born ±1864 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), died <1941/07/30, son of Wilhelm Johannes Jordans, smid (1888), married Jacoba Bakx, died <1888/05/24.
Died 1941/07/30Bergen op Zoom (NB)
Born 1865/09/30Wouw (NB) 4 Marinus BERGS
Profession: Schoenmaker (1888).
Bergen op Zoom (NB) 1888/06/18: Married Pieternella Cornelia van den Berg born ±1868 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), died >1941/12/12, daughter of Daniël van den Berg, arbeider (1888), married Antje Schot.
Died 1941/12/12Bergen op Zoom (NB)
Marr. 1880/02/23Bergen op Zoom (NB)Marriage 2:  
Born 1816/11/28Bergen op Zoom (NB) Johannes Franciscus AKKERMANS
Profession: Verwer en glazenmaker (1842), winkelier (1880), verver (1888), winkelier (1897)
Widower of Elizabeth van Gog, winkelhoudster (1842), baptized RK 1798/10/09 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), married 1842/12/15 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), died 1879/09/20 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), daughter of Joannes van Gog, born in Bergen op Zoom (NB), died <1842/12/15, married Petronella Agé, born ±1755 in Middelburg, died 1845/01/22 in Bergen op Zoom (NB).
Son of Joseph Akkermans, verver (1816), verver en glazenmaker (1842, 1846), baptized RK 1782/08/13 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), died 1846/08/08 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), married Elisabeth Wirsdorffer, baptized RK 1780/12/10 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), died 1858/03/01 in Bergen op Zoom (NB).
Died 1897/05/24Bergen op Zoom (NB)
  Children: None.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1795/03/02
Bapt. 1795/03/02
HZ.1.1-2.12.6 Joanna Maria VALKENBORG
Also called Valken (1823, 1829, 1830, 1868, 1874). Baptism: RK, witnesses: Wilhelmus Verhappen and Helena Gerlinx. Profession: Spinster (1824), dagloonster (1829), bouwvrouw (1851-1853).
Died 1874/01/27Zesgehuchten (NB) Father
Marr. 1823/10/17Zesgehuchten (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1789/11/09
Bapt. 1789/11/09
Zesgehuchten (NB)
Zesgehuchten (NB)
Profession: Wever (NM), dagloner (1824-1837), bouwman (1851-1853), arbeider (1868). Unable to write.
Widower of Catharina van Kuyk, announced marriage 1810/09/22 in Geldrop SB (NB), married 1810/10/07 in Geldrop SB (NB).
Son of Willem Verploegen, baptized RK 1762/10/30 in Geldrop (NB), died 1820/07/10 in Zesgehuchten (NB), announced marriage 1787/10/06 in Geldrop SB (NB), married 1787/10/21 in Geldrop SB (NB) Marie Jansse van de Ven, spinster (1824), baptized RK 1765/01/13 in Geldrop (NB), died 1824/02/16 in Zesgehuchten (NB).
Died 1868/11/08Zesgehuchten (NB)
Born 1824/09/10Zesgehuchten (NB) 1 Catharina VERPLOEGEN
Profession: Dienstbode (1851).
Dordrecht (ZH) 1851/04/02: Married Gerardus Hammels, blekersknecht (1851), bleker (1880), born ±1827 in Soerendonk (NB), died 1880/06/21 in Dordrecht (ZH), son of Leonardus Hammels, died 1839/09/12 in Soerendonk (NB), and Elisabeth Aarts, landbouwster (1851).
Died >1880/06/21 
Born 1825/09/21Zesgehuchten (NB) 2 Johanna VERPLOEGEN
Profession: Dienstbode (1848).
Dordrecht (ZH) 1848/03/22: Married Johannis Jacobs, bleker (1848), kleerbleker (1856), [widower of Alegonda Hamels, died 1847/07/16 in Dordrecht (ZH), born ±1821 in Budel (NB), died >1856/04/16, son of Jan Jacobs, died 1839/04/18 in Rotterdam, married Hendriena Neeskens, dagloonster (1848) in Budel (NB).
Died 1856/04/16Zesgehuchten (NB)
Born 1829/08/01Zesgehuchten (NB) 3 Wilhelmus VERPLOEGEN Died 1830/01/20Zesgehuchten (NB)
Born 1830/11/27Zesgehuchten (NB) 4 Wilhelmus VERPLOEGEN
Profession: Blekersknecht (1853), suikerbakker (1885).
Dordrecht (ZH) 1853/09/21: Married Elisabeth Kemp, born ±1832 in Dordrecht (ZH), died >1885/08/31, daughter of Martinus Kemp, died 1835/11/12 in Dordrecht (ZH), and Hendrika Johanna van Slingeland, born ±1788
Died 1885/08/31Rotterdam
Born 1834/01/22Zesgehuchten (NB) 5 Cristina VERPLOEGEN
Zesgehuchten (NB) 1865/10/05: Married Arnoldus de Vries, wever (1865), born 1837/11/10 in Zesgehuchten (NB), died >1899/03/22, son of Johannes de Vries, wever (1865), married Johanna Maria Scheepers.
Died 1899/03/22Zesgehuchten (NB)
Born 1837/05/19Zesgehuchten (NB) 6 Hendrikus VERPLOEGEN
Profession: Rijksveldwachter (1886, 1892).
Geldrop (NB) 1886/11/18: Married Hendrina van de Cruijs, [widow of Hendrik Vlemmix, died 1885/06/23 in Geldrop (NB), born 1836/04/10 in Mierlo (NB), daughter of Joannes van de Cruijs, landbouwer (1886), married Clara Maria van den Boogaard, landbouwster (1886).
Died 1892/09/21Geldrop (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1798/09/30
Bapt. 1798/09/30
HZ.1.1-2.12.7 Jacobus VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes van Asten and Christina van Beeck. Profession: Bouwknecht, fabrieksarbeider (1822-1823). arbeider (1825), fabrieksarbeider (1828-1833), arbeider (1836-1861). Unable to write.
Died 1879/03/09Stratum (NB) Father
Marr. 1822/09/20Woensel (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1795/05/13
Bapt. 1795/05/13
Woensel (NB)
Woensel (NB)
Margaretha van VROENHOVEN
Profession: Fabrieksarbeidster (1822).
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Gerardus van Vroenhoven en Petronilla van Vroenhoven. Daughter of Johannes van Vroenhoven, baptized RK 1745/02/28 in Woensel (NB), buried 1804/03/17 in Woensel (NB), married RK 1777/10/19 in Woensel (NB) Johanna Schepers, naaister (1822), baptized RK 1755/07 in Son (NB), died 1829/02/19 in Woensel (NB).
Died 1849/07/12Stratum (NB)
Born 1823/09/03Gestel (NB) 1 Johannes   Marriage
Born 1825/09/04Gestel (NB) 2 Hendricus Johannes   Marriage
Born 1828/03/12Gestel (NB) 3 Johanna Maria Christina
Strijp (NB) 1855/11/25: Witness RK baptism of Joannes Matthaeus, son of Henricus Valkenburg and Carolien Koch.
Died 1860/02/23Stratum (NB)
Born 1831/03/15Stratum (NB) 4 Christiaan
Confession: RK. Profession: Hoedenmaker (1858), arbeider (1860).
Died 1860/08/31Stratum (NB)
Born 1833/08/13Stratum (NB) 5 Johanna Maria Died 1861/09/13Stratum (NB)
Born 1836/11/01Stratum (NB) 6 Antonetta
Profession: Winkelierster (1890). Unmarried.
Died 1890/06/11Stratum (NB)
Born 1840/03/20Stratum (NB) 7 Jacobus
Profession: Sigarenmaker (1873, 1876).
Eindhoven KR (NB) 1873/05/15: Sentenced to 1 day because of overtreding herbergreglement te Eindhoven.
Died 1876/10/30Stratum (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1823/09/03Gestel (NB) HZ.1.1-2.12.7-1 Johannes VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Arbeider.
Strijp (NB) 1853/09/24: Witness RK baptism of Margarita, daughter of Henricus Joannes Valkenburg and Mechlina Koch.
Died 1875/02/26Berlicum (NB) Father
Marr. 1858/11/10's-HertogenboschMarriage:  
Bapt. 1809/03/20's-Hertogenbosch St.Jan-St.Pieter Maria Dorothea van HOOFT
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Houtenbrink and Dorothea van Hooft. Daughter of Nicolaus van Hooft, died <1835/03/15, and Cornelia Houtenbrink, born ±1770 in Schiedam (ZH), died 1843/02/13 in 's-Hertogenbosch.
Died 1879/10/15Driel (Ge)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1825/09/04Gestel (NB) HZ.1.1-2.12.7-2 Hendricus Johannes VALKENBURG
Profession: Kuiper (1852-1860, 1884).
Died 1884/08/07Woensel (NB) Father
Marr. 1852/05/06Stratum (NB)Marriage 1:  
Born 1820/11/15Deurne (NB) Mechelina KOCH
Also called Meggelina de Kock, Carolien Koch (1855/11/25), Helena Koch (1856). Profession: Dienstmeid (1852).
Daughter of Mathijs Koch, pottenbakker (1820, 1852, 1856, 1871), born ±1791 in Belfelt (Li), died 1871/03/12 in Deurne (NB), married Petronella van Ooijen, born ±1791 in Mierlo (NB), died 1867/10/29 in Deurne (NB).
Died 1856/05/07Strijp (NB)
  Children: First marriage:
Born 1853/09/24
Bapt. 1853/09/24
Strijp (NB)
Strijp (NB)
1 Margrita
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Valkenburg and Antonetta Koch, note: baptized conditionally.
Born 1855/11/15
Bapt. 1855/11/25
Strijp (NB)
Strijp (NB)
2 Johannes Mathijs
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Jacobus Koch and Joanna Valkenburg.
Marr. 1858/02/10Stratum (NB)Marriage 2:  
Born 1816/03/18's-Hertogenbosch Jacoba ROSENTHAL
Profession: Dienstmeid (1858).
Daughter of Frans Rosenthal, deurwaarder parket (1816), gepensionneerd soldaat (1820), born ±1786 in Wien (Austria), died 1820/09/08 in 's-Hertogenbosch, married Elisabeth Noel/Niel, died <1858/02/10.
Died 1883/04/27Woensel (NB)
  Children: Second marriage:
Born 1859/01/18Stratum (NB) 3 Stillborn daughter  
Born 1860/03/30Stratum (NB) 4 Johannes Franciscus
Profession: Kuiper (1884, 1887).
Died 1887/09/04Woensel (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1853/09/24
Bapt. 1853/09/24
Strijp (NB)
Strijp (NB)
HZ.1.1-2.12.7-2.1 Margrita VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Valkenburg and Antonetta Koch. Profession: Naaister (1884).
Died 1929/06/01Eindhoven (NB) Father
Marr. 1884/05/09Woensel en Eckart (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1853/10/28Asten (NB) Mathijs van ALPHEN
Profession: Timmerman (1884).
Son of Joannes van Alphen, fabrieksarbeider (1853), arbeider (1848, 1854), fabrieksarbeider (1864), born 1819/04/10 in Asten (NB), died 1864/04/20 in Asten (NB), married 1848/05/13 in Asten (NB) Johanna Lemmens, arbeidster (1848), born 1823/07/24 in Asten (NB), died 1854/01/02 in Asten (NB).
Eindhoven 1930/01/31: Married (2) Maria Josina Jaspers, born 1875/10/16 in Stratum (NB), died 1966/03/11 in Veghel (NB), daughter of Mathijs Jaspers, fabrieksarbeider (1866, 1875), born 1842/04/08 in Gestel (NB), died 1914/09/28 in Stratum (NB), married 1866/10/15 in Stratum (NB) Maria Peijnenburg, borduurster (1866); born 1841/05/13 in Stratum (NB), died 1922/03/25 in Eindhoven (NB).
Died 1937/06/13Eindhoven (NB)
  Children: None.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1855/11/15
Bapt. 1855/11/25
Strijp (NB)
Strijp (NB)
HZ.1.1-2.12.7-2.2 Johannes Mathijs VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Jacobus Koch and Joanna Valkenburg. Profession: Kleermaker (1884-1893, 1919).
Died 1930/04/12Eindhoven (NB) Father
Marr. 1884/11/04Gestel en Blaarthem (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1854/04/16Gestel en Blaarthem (NB) Dorothea van 't HOFF
Confession: RK.
Daughter of Daniel van 't Hof, metselaar (1845, 1884), born 1820/10/30 in Eindhoven (NB), died 1900/01/21 in Gestel (NB), married 1845/09/28 in Gestel en Blaarthem (NB) Maria van de Leur, born 1824/01/20 in Gestel (NB), died 1904/02/28 in Gestel (NB).
Died 1931/09/07Eindhoven (NB)
Born 1885/09/23Woensel (NB) 1 Hendricus Jacobus Josephus   Marriage
Born 1887/04/23Woensel (NB) 2 Mechelina Maria Wilhelmina Died 1891/02/16Woensel (NB)
Born 1888/10/11Woensel (NB) 3 Maria Adriana
Confession: RK.
Born 1890/03/01Woensel (NB) 4 Henrika Josephina Isabella Died 1892/06/15Woensel (NB)
Born 1893/07/04Woensel (NB) 5 Mechelina Maria Wilhelmina
Confession: RK.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1885/09/23Woensel (NB) HZ.1.1-2.12.7-2.2.1 Hendricus Jacobus Josephus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Kleermaker (Amsterdam: 1919, Woensel: 1919/11), Eindhoven (1920).
Died 1959/12/25
Eindhoven (NB)
Eindhoven (NB)
Marr. 1919/11/27ZwolleMarriage:  
Born 1896/04/01Zwolle Catharina Hendrika Josephina HARTWIG
Daughter Franciscus Martinus Hartwig, smid (1884, 1896, 1919), born 1859/01/01 in Zwolle, died 1944/09/14 in Zwolle, married 1884/05/01 in Zwolle Martha Louisa Speulman, dienstbode (1884), born 1858/01/10 in Grave (NB), died 1943/11/16 in Zwolle.
Died 1983/12/09Eindhoven (NB)
Born 1920/09/23Eindhoven (NB) 1 Martha Louisa   Marriage
Born 1922/03/01Eindhoven (NB) 2 Johannes Mathijs   Marriage
Born 1925/02/22Eindhoven (NB) 3 Theodora   Marriage
Born 1930/03/20Eindhoven (NB) 4 Franciscus Martinus   Marriage
Born 1936/02/25Eindhoven (NB) 5 Johanna Maria Theodora
Confession: RK.
Died 2015/09/10
Crem. 2015/09/17
Eindhoven (NB)
Eindhoven (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1920/09/23Eindhoven (NB) HZ.1.1-2.12.7-2.2.1-1 Martha Louisa VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 2003/12/21
Crem. 2003/12/27
Haren (Gr)
Marr. 1945/11/08Eindhoven (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1917/12/25Eindhoven (NB) Martinus Leonardus Petrus van der HEIJDEN
Profession: Winkelbediende (huishoudelijke artikelen), winkelier in parfumeriën. Son of Johannes Petrus Jacobus van der Heijden, behanger-stoffeerder (1917), born 1891/12/25 in Eindhoven (NB), died >1960/09/14, married Maria Wilhelmina van Heuven, born 1891/03/22 in Eindhoven (NB), died 1960/09/14 in Eindhoven (NB).
Died 1983/09/15Vlieland (Fr)
   1 Catharina Dorothea Johanna Maria van der HEIJDEN   
   2 Maria Wilhelmina Theresia van der HEIJDEN   
   3 Johanna Antonia Maria van der HEIJDEN   
   4 Johannes Martinus Franciscus van der HEIJDEN   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1922/03/01Eindhoven (NB) HZ.1.1-2.12.7-2.2.1-2 Johannes Mathijs VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Kantoorbediende, procuratiehouder, onderdirecteur algemene zaken NMB Eindhoven (all in all 40+ jaren).
Died 1986/04/07
Crem. 1986/04/11
Best (NB)
Marr. 1949/02/24Eindhoven (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1924/11/06Eindhoven (NB) Maria Cornelia GIELEN
Confession: RK. Profession: Dienstbode, winkelbediende.
Daughter of Woutherus Matheus Gielen, sigarenmaker (1919), born 1896/10/18 in Woensel (NB), married 1919/05/18 in Woensel (NB) Petronella Sanders, fabrieksarbeidster (1919), born 1896/07/24 in Woensel (NB), died 1966/10/03 in Eindhoven (NB).
Died 1983/08/10
Crem. 1983/08/15
Best (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1925/02/22Eindhoven (NB) HZ.1.1-2.12.7-2.2.1-3 Theodora VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 2016/01/05
Bur. 2016/01/12
Eindhoven (NB)
Eindhoven (NB)
Marr. 1945/06/21Eindhoven (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1922/03/05Eindhoven (NB) Henricus Josephus TIELEMANS
Son of Marcelis Wilhelmus Tielemans, sigarenmaker (1918), born 1893/07/28 in Tongelre (NB), died 1968/01/08 in Eindhoven (NB), married 1918/10/05 in Gestel en Blaarthem (NB) Henrica van den Heuvel, sigarenmaakster (1918), born 1894/07/13 in Gestel en Blaarthem (NB).
Died 2001/02/04Eindhoven (NB)
   1 Catharina Martha Martina TIELEMANS   
   2 Henrica Maria Francisca TIELEMANS   
Born 19Q2 3 Pim TIELEMANS
Married Lisonne van Kempen. Children: Patrick Tielemans, Denise Tielemans, and Fleur Tielemans.
   4 Marcellus Henricus Walterus TIELEMANS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1930/03/20Eindhoven (NB) HZ.1.1-2.12.7-2.2.1-4 Franciscus Martinus VALKENBURG
Profession: Administrateur Philips Nederland.
Died 2014/04/22Eindhoven (NB) Father
Marr. 1955/06/23Eindhoven (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1930/05/06Eindhoven (NB) Maria Johanna Petronella HERMANS
Daughter of Gerardus Hubertus Hermans, huisschilder (1922), born 1897/03/18 in Oss (NB), married 1922/10/05 in Oss (NB) Everdina Theodora Maria van Heek, born 1894/07/08 in Oss (NB).
Died 2012/04/29
Crem. 2012/05/05
Eindhoven (NB)
Eindhoven (NB)
Born 1956/08/13Geldrop (NB) 1 Henricus Reginald Victor   Marriage
Born 1959/03/05Geldrop (NB) 2 Monica Everdina Maria   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1956/08/13Geldrop (NB) HZ.1.1-2.12.7-2.2.1-4.1 Henricus Reginald Victor VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q3 Bea  
Born 19Q4 1 Haico
Partner: Monique.
Born 19Q4 2 Dennie  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1959/03/05Geldrop (NB) HZ.1.1-2.12.7-2.2.1-4.2 Monica Everdina Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Born 19Q3 Frans  
Born 19Q4 1 Bart  
Born 19Q4 2 Loes
Partner: Zeus.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1888/10/11Woensel (NB) HZ.1.1-2.12.7-2.2.3 Maria Adriana VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 1928/07/02
Eindhoven (NB)
Eindhoven (NB)
Marr. 1919/05/28Woensel (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1889/09/01Oosterhout (NB) Antonie Laurentius van ETTEN
Profession: Letterzetter (1919, 1921, 1930).
Son of Adriaan van Etten, schoenmaker (1877), fabrieksarbeider (1889), glasfabriekarbeider (1919), born 1856/07/18 Oosterhout (NB), married 1877/11/08 in Oosterhout (NB) Petronella Opstroom, dienstmeid (1877), born 1854/12/06 in Dongen (NB), died <1930/05/21.
Son en Breugel (NB) 1930/05/21: Married (2) Wilhelmina van den Hurk, born 1906/06/28 in Woensel (NB), died >1959/06/16, daughter of Johannes van den Hurk, landbouwer (1903), steenfabrieksarbeider (1906), winkelier (1930), born 1865/08/31 in Woensel (NB), died 1943/01/04 in Son en Breugel (NB), married 1903/05/02 in Woensel (NB) Pietronella Allagonda Ooms, dienstmeid (1903), born 1874/04/27 in Bergeijk (NB), died 1951/01/29 in Son en Breugel (NB).
Died 1959/06/16
Eindhoven (NB)
Eindhoven (NB)
Born 1921/12/03Eindhoven (NB) 1 Adrianus Mechelina van ETTEN Died 1921/12/07Eindhoven (NB)
Born 1926/12/09Eindhoven (NB) 2 Adriaan Mechelina van ETTEN  
Born 1928/07/01Eindhoven (NB) 3 Johannes Pietronella van ETTEN  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1893/07/04Woensel (NB) HZ.1.1-2.12.7-2.2.5 Mechelina Maria Wilhelmina VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 1972/08/22
Valkenswaard (NB)
Valkenswaard (NB)
Marr. 1919/06/24Woensel (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1893/02/15Woensel (NB) Lambertus Maria Cornelus de BONT
Profession: Kantoorbediende (1919-1920), financieel medewerker Philips NV.
Son of Henricus Maria Joseph de Bont, bakker (1890, 1893), born 1866/02/09 in Eindhoven (NB), died 1942/01/16 in Son (NB), married 1890/06/09 in Eindhoven (NB) Elisabeth Cornelia Mandigers, born 1866/01/09 in Aalst (NB), died 1938/03/26 in Waalre (NB).
Died 1971/10/31
Valkenswaard (NB)
Valkenswaard (NB)
Born 1920/08/04Eindhoven (NB) 1 Henricus Maria Cornelis Joannes de BONT Died 2009/04/28

Bilthoven (Ut)
Born 1921/10/19Eindhoven (NB) 2 Johannes Henricus Cornelus Gerardus de BONT  
Born 1923/05/15Eindhoven (NB) 3 Basilius Petrus Antonius de BONT  
Born 1925/03/17Eindhoven (NB) 4 Theodora Catharina Johanna Elisabeth de BONT  
Born 1926/10/31Eindhoven (NB) 5 Cornelis Johannes Gerardus de BONT  
Born 1928/07/12Eindhoven (NB) 6 Lambertus Maria Paul Basilius de BONT
Married Ans van den Heuvel, died >2015/05/21. Child: Bart de Bont.
Died 2015/05/21
Crem. 2015/05/27
Eindhoven (NB)
Eindhoven (NB)
Born 1932/03/29Eindhoven (NB) 7 Elisabeth Cornelia Henrica de BONT
Married Godefridus Maria Gijrath, died >2011/01/20. Children: Marion Gijrath and Rob Gijrath.
Died 2011/01/20
Crem. 2011/01/26
Valkenswaard (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1762/10/11Heeze HZ.1.1-2.13 Leendert Dielis VALKENBORG
Also called Leonardus Aegidius (1790), Leenderd Valken (1793), and Leonardus Valken (1807). Baptism: RK, witnesses: Petrus van Huchten and Catharina Valkenborgh.
Heeze 1788/10/02: Witness (as Leonardus Valken) RK baptism of Henrica, daughter of Joannes Valken and Christina Stoffels.
Heeze 1789/12/19: Witness (as Leonardus Valken) RK baptism of Henrica, daughter of Joannes Valken and Christina Stoffels.
Leende 1790/02/03: "Borgbrief" because of move to Heeze.
Heeze 1800/12/23 Witness RK baptism of Joannes, son of Arnoldus Gerlings and Petronilla Arts (other witness: Helena Maria Arts).
Died 1808/08/07
Bur. 1808/08/09
Ann. 1790/01/30
Marr. 1790/02/14
Heeze SB
Heeze SB
Bapt. 1767/06/03Leende (NB) Helena Hendrikus GEERLINGS
Also called Helena Maria (1767, 1839), Also called Heerinx (1790), Gerlinx (1790, 1794), Gerna (1792, 1853), Gerne (1796, 1849), Senders (1807), and Gerhuijs (1833). Profession: Fileuse (1810), spinster (1828, 1830, 1833, 1836, 1839). Unable to write.
Heeze 1790/02/14: Married RK, witnesses: Joanna Valkenborg and Arnoldus Gerlings.
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Petrus van Leensel and Helena Cuijlen. Daughter of Henricus Gerlinghs, buried 1791/09/01 or 1793/03/28 in Leende (NB), married RK 1754/12/02 in Leende (NB) Justina van Leensel, died 1802/06/12(?) in Leende (NB).
Heeze 1795/03/02: Witness RK baptism of Joanna Maria, daughter of Joannes Valken and Christina Stoffels.
Died 1839/06/03Heeze
Bapt. 1790/11/09Heeze 1 Joanna
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Arnoldus Gerlinx and Joanna Valkenborg.
Bur. 1793/02/14Heeze
Bapt. 1792/02/20Heeze 2 Josina VALKENBORGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Gerna and Christina Valkenborg (not located).
Died 1853/01/16Heeze
Bapt. 1794/04/07Heeze 3 Joanna Maria
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Arnoldus Gerlinx and Elisabetha Valkenborg. Profession: Spinster (1862). Unmarried.
Died 1862/03/27Mierlo (NB)
Bapt. 1796/07/19Heeze 4 Egidius
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Valkenborg and Joanna Pee.
Bapt. 1799/03/17Heeze 5 Henricus VALKENBORGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Valkenborgh and Petronilla Aerts.
Bur. 1799/03/19Heeze
Bapt. 1800/07/06Heeze 6 Henrica VALKENBORGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Valkenborgh and Petronilla Aerts.
Bapt. 1803/03/23Heeze 7 Joannes
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Valkenborg and Anna Maria Valkenborg. Profession: Fuselier 3e Compagnie vh 1e Batt. der 13e Afd. Nat. Inf. (1827).
Died 1827/10/22Nijmegen (Ge)
Bapt. 1807/01/03Heeze 8 Anna Maria VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Aegidius Johannes Valken and Goverdina Biemans.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1796/07/19Heeze HZ.1.1-2.13.4 Egidius VALKENBURG
Also called Dielus (1831, 1859). Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Valkenborg and Joanna Pee. Profession: Wever (1828-1833), arbeider (1846), wever (1849). Unable to write.
1847/06/27: Jailed for 3 months because of theft.
Died 1849/11/13Heeze Father
Marr. 1828/07/13Mierlo (NB)Marriage:  
Bapt. 1803/10/29Mierlo (NB) Johanna Maria JANSSENS
Also called Jenne Marie (1831, 1846, 1849, 1859).
Mierlo (NB) 1828/06/28: Announced RK marriage, witnesses: Martinus van Coll and Anna Catharina Goossens.
Mierlo (NB) 1828/07/13: Married RK, witnesses: Albertus van Driel and Johannes Steenbakkers.
Profession: Spinster (1828).
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Wilhelmus de Baar and Lucia van der Aä. Daughter of Lambertus Janssens (van de Donk), baptized 1764/09/11 in Mierlo (NB), died 1819/04/27 in Mierlo (NB), announced marriage 1802/11/06 in Mierlo SB (NB), married 1802/11/21 in Mierlo SB (NB), married RK 1802/11/21 in Mierlo (NB) Maria van der Aä, spinster (1828, 1844), baptized 1775/05/03 in Mierlo (NB), died 1844/01/20 in Mierlo (NB).
Died 1856/02/08Heeze
Born 1831/03/04Heeze 1 Leonardus   Marriage
Born 1846/03/15Heeze 2 Lambertus
Profession: Wever (1871).
Eindhoven 1864/04/24: Jailed because of landloperij.
Died 1871/04/27Heeze

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1831/03/04Heeze HZ.1.1-2.13.4-1 Leonardus VALKENBURG
Profession: Wever (1858-1872).
Died 1872/06/09Heeze Father
Marr. 1859/02/05HeezeMarriage:  
Born 1816/02/13Heeze Allegonda van ROOY
Profession: Landbouwster (1839).
Widow of Martinus van Asten, wever (1839), arbeider (1855), baptized RK 1810/03/23 in Heeze, married 1839/02/07 in Heeze, died 1855/09/12 in Heeze, son of Adamus van Asten, slachter (1839), arbeider (1855), stroodekker (1852), baptized RK 1777/11/26 in Heeze, died 1852/11/10 in Heeze, announced marriage 1809/08/26 in Heeze SB, married 1809/09/06 in Heeze SB, married RK 1809/09/19 in Heeze Maria van de Wildenberg, born in Strijp (NB), died 1852/11/10-1868/11/16.
Daughter of Cornelis van Rooy, bouwman (1816, 1823), baptized RK 1777/08/17 in Heeze, died 1823/04/04 in Heeze, announced marriage 1805/04/27 in Heeze SB, married 1805/05/12 in Heeze SB, married RK 1805/05/12 in Heeze Anna Maria Broens, landbouwster (1839, 1858), baptized RK 1779/01/27 in Someren (NB), died 1858/02/02 in Heeze.
Died 1884/09/23Heeze

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1800/07/06
Bapt. 1800/07/06
HZ.1.1-2.13.6 Henrica VALCKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Valkenborg and Petronilla Aerts. Profession: Dienstmeid (1829-1830), spinster (1836).
Died 1836/09/30Mierlo (NB) Father
Marr. 1830/02/14Mierlo (NB)Marriage:  
Bapt. 1793/11/21Mierlo (NB) Willem VERBERNE
Profession: Wever (1829-1830), bouwman (1830-1836), spoelder (1862).
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Godefridus van den Berk and Henrica Verberne. Son of Godefridus Verberne, landbouwer (1814), born ±1736 in Stiphout (NB), died 1814/07/12 in Mierlo (NB), announced RK marriage 1793/01/20 in Mierlo (NB) married 1793/02/03 in Mierlo SB (NB) Anna Maria van den Berk, born ±1764 in Mierlo (NB), died 1829/09/09 in Mierlo (NB).
Died 1862/09/05Mierlo (NB)
Born 1830/10/17Mierlo (NB) 1 Godefridus VERBERNE Died 1830/11/17Mierlo (NB)
Born 1832/01/12Mierlo (NB) 2 Johanna Maria VERBERNE Died 1832/02/01Mierlo (NB)
Born 1833/03/10Mierlo (NB) 3 Godefridus VERBERNE Died 1833/03/20Mierlo (NB)
Born 1834/04/07Mierlo (NB) 4 Johanna Maria VERBERNE Died 1834/04/08Mierlo (NB)
Born 1836/03/13Mierlo (NB) 5 Lucia VERBERNE
Profession: Weefster (1865).
Mierlo (NB) 1865/05/08: Married Johannes van der Linden, wever (1865), born 1837/09/28 in Geldrop (NB), died >1893/07/22, son of Adriaan van der Linden, wever (1865), married Johanna van Rooij, wever (1865). Unable to write.
Died 1893/07/22Geldrop (NB)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1807/01/03Heeze HZ.1.1-2.13.8 Anna Maria VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Aegidius Johannes Valken and Goverdina Biemans. Unable to write.
Died 1885/06/11Heeze Father
Marr. 1833/07/04HeezeMarriage:  
Bapt. 1805/06/29Heeze Paulus van der VELDEN
Profession: Wever (1833-1848). Unable to write.
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus van der Velde and Elisabetha van Veldhoven. Son of Goord van der Velden, wever (1827), born ±1764 in Lierop (NB), died 1827/11/06 in Heeze, announced marriage 1798/09/29 in Heeze SB, married 1798/10/14 in Heeze SB, married RK 1798/10/14 in Heeze Maria Joost van Otterdijck, spinster (1833), baptized RK 1774/11/21 in Heeze, died 1855/04/14 in Heeze.
Died 1848/02/21Heeze
Born 1834/08/09Heeze 1 Goverdina van der VELDEN
Profession: Blekersdienstbode (1864).
Heemstede (NH) 1864/04/13: Married Jan Verschuur, blekersknecht (1864), arbeider (1888), born 1820/12/17 in Amersfoort (Ut), died 1888/12/08 in Heemstede (NH), son of Jan Verschuur, daghuurder (1820), born ±1798, died <1864/04/13, married Grietje Hoogland, born ±1782, died <1864/04/13.
Died 1893/05/28Heemstede (NH)
Born 1836/09/30Heeze 2 Leonardus van der VELDEN
Profession: Wever (1839, 1864, 1891).
Heeze 1862/11/12: Married (1) Anna Margreta van Lindt, born 1839/02/23 in Heeze, died 1864/05/26 in Heeze, daughter of Peter Johannes van Lindt, wever (1839), born ±1810, died <1839/02/23, married Joanna Maria Verest, died <1839/02/23.
Heeze 1864/11/12: Married (2) Elisabeth de Bresser, dienstmeid (1864), born 1830/06/24 in Lierop (NB), died >1891/01/23, daughter of Antonie de Bresser, bouwman (1830, 1864), born ±1797, married Maria Mennen, bouwvrouw (1864), born ±1799.
Died 1891/01/23Heeze
Born 1838/04/10Heeze 3 Catharina van der VELDEN Died 1840/06/22Heeze
Born 1839/07/20Heeze 4 Johanna van der VELDEN Died 1902/04/06Vught (NB)
Born 1840/08/22Heeze 5 Petrus van der VELDEN Died 1841/08/14Heeze
Born 1841/09/05Heeze 6 Helena Maria van der VELDEN Died 1843/11/05Heeze
Born 1843/09/06Heeze 7 Henricus van der VELDEN
Profession: Wever (1871).
Heeze 1871/04/29: Married Johanna Maria van Lee, born 1842/07/17 in Heeze, died >1899/06/27, daughter of Peter Joannes van Lee, arbeider (1842, 1852), timmerman (1871), born ±1802, married Maria van Riel, born ±1803 in Weert (Li), died 1852/02/09 in Heeze.
Died 1899/06/27Heeze

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1706/07/17Heeze HZ.1.1-4 Catharina van VALCKENBORCH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Arnoldus Arnoldus van Gemert and Anna Delis.
Heeze 1728/03/08: Witness baptism of Joannes, son of Henricus Jacobs Valkenborch and Joanna Jansen.
Heeze 1734/11/16: Witness baptism of Josina, daughter of Delis van Valckenborg and Elisabeta van 't Hof.
Bur. 1741/05/04Heeze Father
Marr. YesMarriage 1:  
Born 17Q1 Peter COPPENS Died 1731/01/03Heeze
Ann. 1732/09/13
Marr. 1732/09/28
Heeze SB
Heeze SB
Marriage 2:  
Bapt. 1703/03/03Heeze Willem Gerrit HEZIUS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Willems and Maria Joannes Peters. Son of Gerardus Goort Hesius and Joanna Tijsen.
Heeze 1742/01/06: Announced marriage (2) with Maria Nicolaes Neijneus, [widow of Jan de Leeuw], born in Heeze, buried 1749/11/21 in Heeze.
Heeze 1742/01/21: Married (2) MNN.
Bur. 1748/06/04Heeze
Bapt. 1733/06/26Heeze 1 Jacobus HESIUS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Delis Jacob Valkenburg and Elisabet Geert Hesius.
Bur. 1796/07/13Heeze
Bapt. 1734/07/09Heeze 2 Maria Catharina GEERTS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Delis Valckenburg and Anna Delis.
Bapt. 1740/04/07Heeze 3 Johannes HESIUS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Johannes Jacobus van Valckenburg and Maria Gerardus Hesius.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1712/03/01Heeze HZ.1.1-6 Maria van VALCKENBORCH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Goosens and Aleidis Joannes van Velckenborch.
Heeze 1738/08/17: Witness baptism of Maria, daughter of Rudolphus Henderix and Aldegondis Jacobus Valckenburg.
Heeze 1746/07/04: Witness baptism of Jacomina, daughter of Delis Jacobus van Valckenborg and Elisabetha D'jooste van 't Hof.
Heeze 1748/02/15: Witness baptism of Joannes son of Aegidius Jacobs van Valckenburgh and Elisabetha Josten van 't Hof.
Died >1760/01/17  Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 17Q1 Joannes Arnoldus BIERENS
1735/02/08: Witness RK baptism of Maria, daughter of Henricus van Valckenborg and Johanna Janse.
Heeze 1743/02/12: Witness RK baptism of Josephus, son of Delis Jacobs van Valckenborg and Elisabetha Josephus van 't Hof.
Died <1760/01/17 
Bapt. 1734/10/20Heeze 1 Arnoldus BIERENS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Johannes Valckenborg and Henderina Bierens.
Heeze 1757/03/13: Witness RK baptism of Joannes, son of Egidius van Valkenburgh and Joanna Leonardus van Huchten.
Strabrecht 1760/01/17: Bought house 21R for his mother "Maria weduwe Jan Bierens".
Bapt. 1737/05/17Heeze 2 Maria Catarina BIRINX
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Leonardus Birinx and Anna Delis.
Heeze 1759/07/30: Witness RK baptism of Maria Catharina, daughter of Joannes Valkenborgh and Catharina Joannes Verbeek.
Bapt. 1740/07/18Heeze 3 Jacomina BIERINX
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Delis Jacobs Valckenborg and Catharina Aert Bierinx.
Bapt. 1742/08/17Heeze 4 Jacobus BIERINX
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Jacobs van Valckenborg and Elisabetha D'jooste van 't Hof.
Bapt. 1745/04/15Heeze 5 Maria BIERINX
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Delis Jacobs van Valckenborg and Catharina Arnoldus Bierinx.
Heeze SB 1775/01/21: Announced marriage (1) with Thomas van Stiphout.
Heeze SB 1775/02/05: Married (1) TvS, [widower of Johanna van Asten], baptized RK 1749/07/21 in Helmond (NB), buried 1789/05/09 in Heeze, son of Matheus van Stiphout and Joanna de Bruijn.
Heeze SB 1790/01/23: Announced marriage with Lambertus Peter Bax.
Died 1810/07/21Heeze
Bapt. 1748/04/28Heeze 6 Joannes BIERENS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Hendrix van Valckenburgh and Hendrina Bierens.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1715/03/28Heeze HZ.1.1-7 Joannes van VALCKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Delis and Elisabeth Joannes van Valckenborch.
Heeze 1734/10/20: Witness RK baptism of Arnoldus, son of Johannes Bierens and Maria Valckenborg.
Heeze 1741/10/19: Witness RK baptism of Jacobus, son of Rudolphus van der Mijssen and Aldegondis van Valckenborg.
Heeze 1792/08/14: Witness RK baptism of Judocus, son of Joannes Valkenborg and Christina Stoffels.
Died >1783/03/22  Father
Ann. 1748/10/13
Marr. 1748/10/27
Aalst (NB)
Aalst (NB)
Marriage 1:  
Bapt. 1717/10/14Aalst (NB) Petronilla van LIESHOUT
Marriage announcement: RK, witnesses: Jacobus Daendels and Jacobus Karssemakers. Marriage: RK, witnesses: Jacobus Janssens and Joanna van Lieshout.
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Ambrosius, Henrica Gielens, and Catharina Henrici. Daughter of Jacobus van Lijshaut and Maria Martini.
Aalst 1764/07/25: Hendrina van Lieshout, weduwe Goort van de Berk, is ziek en legateert aan de dorpsarmen 8 vaten rogge; Jan Jan Valkenburg, z.v. Pitronella van Lishout krijgt 10 gld en 10 st.; haar halfzuster Maria van Lieshout gehuwd met Hendrik Verhagen krijgt haar bed; haar schoonmoeder, Anna van Lieshout, krijgt haar beste rok of schort met haar beste mantel of lijfke. Tot haar universele erfgenamen benoemt zij haar hele en halve broers en zusters, m.n. Pitronel van Lieshout gehuwd met Jan Valkenburg; Maria van Lieshout gehuwd met Hendrik Verhagen; en Bernardus, Jan en Willem Lieshout.
  Children: First marriage:
Bapt. 1749/08/15Aalst (NB) 1 Maria van VALCKENBURGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Jacobus van Lieshout and Antonina van Valckenburgh.
Bur. 1749/08/30Aalst (NB)
Bapt. 1749/08/15Aalst (NB) 2 Joannes van VALCKENBURGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Godefridus van den Berck and Francisca Daendels.
Bur. 1749/08/30Aalst (NB)
Bapt. 1750/10/28Aalst (NB) 3 Maria Johanna van VALCKENBURGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Jacobus van Lieshoudt and Henrica Daendels.
Bur. 1752/03/04Aalst (NB)
Bapt. 1752/04/15Aalst (NB) 4 Joannes VALCKENBURGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes van Ham and Anna van Lieshoudt. Burial note: left father, brothers, and a sister.
Bur. 1778/04/07Aalst (NB)
Bapt. 1754/03/16Aalst (NB) 5 Bernardus VALCKENBURGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes van Lieshout and Joanna Daendels.
Bur. 1756/04/15Aalst (NB)
Bapt. 1756/08/14Aalst (NB) 6 Goverdina VALCKENBURGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Wilhelmus van den Berck and Henrica van Lieshout.
Bur. 1760/03/26Aalst (NB)
Ann. 1757/11/12
Marr. 1757/11/27
Heeze SB
Heeze SB
Marriage 2:  
Bapt. 1727/08/20Heeze Catarina Joannes VERBEEK
Widow of Willem Heesterbeek, announced marriage 1754/01/19 in Heeze SB, married 1754/02/10 in Heeze SB, married RK 1754/02/10 in Heeze, died 1756/03/04 in Heeze.
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Wilhelmus Nooten and Maria Joannes Verbeeck. Daughter of Jan Jansen Verbeek, died <=1771/11/29 in Heeze, announced 1726/07/27 in Heeze SB, married 1726/08/11 in Heeze SB, married RK 1726/08/11 in Heeze Hendrina Willem Nooten. NB This marriage conflicts(?) with the will made 1764/07/25 by Hendrina van Lieshout.
Heeze 1762/10/11: Witness (as Catharina Valkenborg) RK baptism of Leonardus, son of Egidius Valkenborgh and Joanna Leonardus van Huchten.
Died 1783/03/22
Bur. 1783/03/22
  Children: Second marriage:
Bapt. 1759/07/30Heeze 7 Maria Catharina VALKENBORGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Andreas Verbeek and Maria Catharina Bieringhs.
Bapt. 1762/07/30Heeze 8 Joanna VALKENBORGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Spieringhs and Anna Maria Dilis Valkenborgh. Buried as Joanna Jan Valken.
Died 1779/10/12
Bur. 1779/10/13
Bapt. 1764/07/14Heeze 9 Jacobus VALKENBORGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Roelof van der Meijden and Joanna Goort van Buel.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1759/07/30Heeze HZ.1.1-7.7 Anna Maria VALKENBORGH
Also called Maria (1786), Maria Janse (1787), Maria Joannes (1788), Maria Valke (1791), Maria Valken (1792), and Maria (1793, 1796, 1798, 1803, 1817). Baptism: RK, witnesses: Andreas Verbeek and Maria Catharina Bieringhs. Profession: Spinster (1817).
Heeze 1789/05/12: "Borgbrief" because of move to Leende.
Died 1817/05/05Heeze Father
Ann. 1786/01/28
Marr. 1786/02/12
Heeze SB
Heeze SB
Born ±1756?Sint Truiden (Belgium) Joannes STAS
Heeze 1786/02/12: Married RK, witnesses: Paulus Smulders and Petrus van der Pae...
Profession: Colperteur (1810), slachter (1817).
Widower of Isabella Thijssens, born in Budel (NB), announced 1777/01/11 in Budel SB, married 1777/01/26 in Budel SB.
Son of Hendrik Stas.
Died 1817/05/03Heeze
Bapt. 1787/03/02Heeze 1 Catharina STAS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Arnoldus Bierinx and Catharina Verbeek.
Leende 1789/05/12: "Borgbrief" because of move to Dommelen.
Bapt. 1788/07/29Heeze 2 Anna Maria STAS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Wilhelmus Moermans and Anna Maria Valkenborg.
Leende 1789/05/12: "Borgbrief" because of move to Dommelen.
Bapt. 1791/01/31Leende (NB) 3 Joanna STAS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Petrus Vesters and Aldegondis Bierings.
Bapt. 1792/02/12Leende (NB) 4 Joannes STHAS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes de Lauwre and Maria Sthas.
Bapt. 1793/05/29Leende (NB) 5 Catharina STAS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Laurentius Bax and Isabella Stas. Profession: Dienstmeid (1820).
Gestel en Blaarthem 1820/04/19: Married Gerardus Vogels, landbouwer (1820), baptized RK 1773/10/25 in Gestel (NB), died <1859/09/09, son of Marcelus Vogels, died 1800/03/15 in Gestel (NB), married Maria van Gennip, died 1814/06/04 in Gestel (NB).
Gestel en Blaarthem 1820/04/19: Legitimation of Marcelus Stas.
Died 1859/09/09Aalst (NB)
Bapt. 1796/04/01Dommelen (NB) 6 Joannes STAS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Jacobus Bierings and Anna Maria Stas.
Bapt. 1798/09/12Dommelen (NB) 7 Henricus STAS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Theodorus Stas and Henrica Elisabeth Thijs.
Bapt. 1803/09/15Leende (NB) 8 Henricus STAS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Theodorus Stas and Maria Bierings.
Died 1817/05/01Heeze

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 17Q1 HZ.1.1-8 Aldegondis Jacobus van VALKENBORG
Heeze 1732/04/18: Witness RK baptism of Petrus, son of Henricus Jacobs van Valckenborgh and Joanna Jansen (other witness: Henricus Janse Corstens).
Heeze 1737/06/27: Witness baptism of Anna Maria, daughter of Delis van Valckenborg and Elisabeta van 't Hof.
Heeze 1750/09/09: Witness RK baptism of Elisabetha, daughter of Agijdius van Valckenburgh and Joanna Leenders.
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 17Q1 Rudolphus Hendrix van der MIJSSE
Also called Roelandus Hendrix van der Mijsse (1733).
Born 1733/09/07Heeze 1 Maria Elisabeta van der MIJSSE
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Dilis Jacobs and Maria Hendrix.
Bapt. 1735/11/15Heeze 2 Johannes van der MIJSSE
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Paulus Jooste and Catarina Willem Hesius.
Bapt. 1738/08/17Heeze 3 Maria HENDERIX
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Johannes Henderix and Maria Jacobus Valckenburg.
Bapt. 1741/10/19Heeze 4 Jacobus van der MIJSSEN
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Johannes Jacobus van Valckenborg and Anna Dilis.
Bapt. 1744/12/23Heeze 5 Henricus van der MIJSSEN
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Jacobus van Valckenborg and Elisabetha Janse van der Mijssen.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1686/08/07Aalst (NB) HZ.1.2 Jan Janssen van VALKENBURG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Gerardus and Elisabetha Christianus.
Bur. 1726/10/24Aalst (NB) Father
Ann. 1717/09/18
Marr. 1717/10/03
Waalre SB (NB)
Waalre SB (NB)
Born 16Q4Tongelre (NB) Anthonetta LAMBERTS
???Helmond 1705/09/24: Witness RK baptism of Wilhelmus, son of Antonius Jansen van Someren and Maria Lamberts (other witness: Henricus Martens).
???Helmond 1708/04/11: Witness RK baptism of Petrus, son of Antonius Jansen and Maria Lamberts (other witness: Petrus Martens).

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 16Q4 HZ.1.6 Aldegondis Joannes VALKENBURGH
Also called Aleidis Jansen (1712, 1730).
Heeze 1712/03/01: Witness RK baptism of Maria, daughter of Jacobus Joannes van Valckenborch and Maria Delis.
Bur. 1731/06/16Blaarthem (NB) Father
Ann. 1715/02/16Aalst (NB)Marriage:  
Born 16Q4 Judocus Roolfs van CAUWENBERCEN
Marriage announcement: RK, witness: Jacobus Roelofs van Couwenberg.
Bur. 1732/02/18Blaarthem (NB)
Bapt. 1716/12/17Blaarthem (NB) 1 Rudolphus van CAUWENBERG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Jacobus van Cauwenberg and Elisabeta Valkenburg.
Bapt. 1721/10/03Blaarthem (NB) 2 Joannes CAUWENBERG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Albertus Henricus, on behalf of Renerus Joannes, and Catharina Henricus, on behalf of Joanna Roelofs van Cauwenberg.
Bapt. 1723/04/24Blaarthem (NB) 3 Maria ROELOFS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Guilhelmus Roeloffs and Joanna Henricus.
Bapt. 1725/05/25Blaarthem (NB) 4 Joanna ROELOFFS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Jacobus van Til, on behalf of Henricus van Valckenburg, and Catharina Henricus, on behalf of Joanna Jacobus.
Bapt. 1730/03/27Blaarthem (NB) 5 Maria Elisabetha van COUWENBERG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Reinerus Jansen van Valckenburg and Joanna Roelofs van Couwenbergh.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 16Q4 HZ.1.7 Elisabeth Joannes van VALCKENBORCH
Heeze 1715/03/28: Witness RK baptism of Joannes, son of Jacobus Joannes van Valkenborch and Maria Delis.
Blaarthem (NB) 1716/12/17: Witness RK baptism of Rudolphus, son of Judocus van Cauwenberg and Aldegondis Joannes Valkenburgh.
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Bapt. 1690/03/27Blaarthem (NB) Jacobus van TIL
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Walterus Joannes, on behalf of Christianus Joannes van Til, and Maria Joannes. Son of Henricus Joannes van Til and Henrica Henricus.
Blaarthem (NB) 1725/05/25: Witness (on behalf of Henricus van Valckenburg) RK baptism of Joanna, daughter of Judocus Roeloffs and Adegondis Joannes van Valckenburg.
Bapt. 1724/04/29Blaarthem (NB) 1 Henrica van TIL
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Franciscus Smits and Aldegondis Judocus van Cauwenberg.
Blaarthem (NB) 1745/10/16:Announcement RK marriage with Walterus van Duijnhoven (witnesses: Henricus Valckenburgh and Henricus van Duijnhoven).
Blaarthem (NB) 1745/10/31: Married RK WvD (witnesses: Henricus Valckenburgh and Henricus van Duijnhoven).

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