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The Valkenburg Families

Pedigree Lanaken 1 (Belgium)

Last update: 2023/06/10

The Valkenburg families

The majority of the data related to the families living in Belgium has been collected by Maurice Martens. Significant contributions to this data have been made by Charles Horsthuis and Thieu Tulleneers.

Pedigree Lanaken 1 (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 16Q4Maastricht LNK1 Joannes VALKEBORCH Died 1753/02/15Lanaken
Ann. 1713/11/30
Marr. 1713/11/30
Maastricht St.Jacob
Bapt. 1686/03/16Lanaken Elisabetha ANTEN
Also called Grommen. Maastricht marriage announcement witnesses: Joannes Auten, Sebastianus Donnaij, and Gertrudis van de Dor(?).
Marriage witnesses: Sebastianus Domraij and Joanna Anten.
Daughter of Cornelius Anten alias Grommen and Elisabeth Pauwels alias Paulissen.
Died 1749/02/03Lanaken
Bapt. 1714/02/13Lanaken 1 Joannes VALCKEBORCH
Baptism witnesses: Jan Anten and Catharina Valkenborch.
Bapt. 1715/12/12Lanaken 2 Cornelius VALCKEBORCH
Baptism witnesses: Cornelius Anten and Catharina Eurlincks.
Born ±1718? 3 Marie VALCKENBORGH   Marriage
Bapt. 1720/10/04Lanaken 4 Agnes VALCKEBORCH
Baptism witnesses: Joannes Anten and Marie Anten.
Bapt. 1722/11/20Lanaken 5 Elisabeth VALCKEBORCH
Baptism witnesses: Wilhelmus Vandenbies and Helena Lemmens.
Bapt. 1727/06/29Lanaken 6 Matheus VALCKEBORCH
Baptism witnesses: Henricus Vandehoeven and Catharina Anten.
Bapt. 1730/12/24Lanaken 7 Wilhelmus VALCKEBORCH
Baptism witnesses: Theodorus Brants and Cornelia Anten.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1714/02/13Lanaken LNK1.1 Joannes VALCKEBORCH
Baptism witnesses: Jan Anten and Catharina Valkenborch.
Lanaken 1747/07/21: Witness baptism of Aegidius, son of Cornelius Valckenborgh and Gertrudis Jonghen.
Lanaken 1743/03/28: Witness baptism of Martinus, illegitimate son of Martinus Beckers and Agnes Valckenborghs.
Lanaken 1752/12/18: Witness baptism of Marie Elisabeth, daughter of Matheus Valckenborgh and Marie Anna Thonissen.
Died 1768/04/18Lanaken Father
Marr. 1739/07/17LanakenMarriage:  
Born 17Q1 Elisabeth SMETS Bur. 1778/04/19Lanaken
Bapt. 1740/09/26Lanaken 1 Joannes VALCKENBORGH
Baptism witnesses: Cornelius Valckenborgh and Anna Smets.
Bapt. 1745/09/06Lanaken 2 Cornelius VALCKENBORGH
Baptism witnesses: Cornelius Valckenborgh and Cornelia Smets.
Lanaken 1772/03/20: Witness baptism of Marie Gertrudis, daughter of Egidius Valckenborgh and Helena Gertrudis Vandenheuvel.
Bapt. 1754/07/19Lanaken 3 Anna Elisabetha VALCKENBORGH
Baptism witnesses: Petrus Vandermeeren and Marie Valckenborgh.
Bapt. 1758/03/02Lanaken 4 Ida VALCKENBORGH
Baptism witnesses: Cornelius Anten and Ida Smets.
Bapt. 1760/01/26Lanaken 5 Petrus VALCKENBORGH
Baptism witnesses: Petrus Smeets and Johanna Dassen.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1740/09/26Lanaken LNK1.1.1 Joannes VALCKENBORGH   Father
Marr. 1773/11/01LanakenMarriage:  
Born 17Q2 Johanna Maria RUTTEN Died 1775/07/09Lanaken
Bapt. 1774/08/20Lanaken 1 Marie Gertrudis
Baptism witnesses: Marie Cornelia Valckenborgh and Marie Willems.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1754/07/19Lanaken LNK1.1.3 Anna Elisabetha VALCKENBORGH
Baptism witnesses: Petrus Vandermeeren and Marie Valckenborgh.
Lanaken 1779/08/30: Witness baptism of Aldegondis, daughter of Cornelis Valkenberg and Allegonda Vliegen.
Lanaken 1787/03/26: Witness baptism of Joannes, daughter of Cornelis Valkenberg and Allegonda Vliegen.
Died 1796/11/13Lanaken Father
Ann. 1775/02/19Zutendaal / LanakenMarriage:  
Bapt. 1751/08/13Zutendaal (Belgium) Hubertus VLIEGEN Died 1800/08/28Neerharen (Belgium)
Bapt. 1776/02/06Zutendaal (Belgium) 1 Agnes VLIEGEN
Profession: Landbouwster (1850).
Zutendaal (Belgium) 1797/07/30: Married Matheus Meuwissen, akkerman (1821), landbouwer (1828), born 1773/10/01 in Genk (Belgium), died 1828/11/12 in Zutendaal (Belgium), son of Andreas Meuwissen and Catharina Raisons.
Zutendaal (Belgium) 1798/04/09: Baptized Andreas Meuwissen, landbouwer (1851), died 1851/06/20 in Zutendaal (Belgium).
Zutendaal (Belgium) 1801/03/05: Born Anna Elisabeth Meuwissen.
±1805: Born Gilis Meuwissen, wever (1840), died 1840/07/17 in Zutendaal (Belgium).
Lanaken 1821/10/20: Born Mathias Meuwissen, dienstknecht (1850), landbouwer (1885), died 1885/03/27 in Lanaken.
Died 1851/08/09Lanaken
Bapt. 1779/03/28Lanaken 2 Jacobus VLIEGEN
Profession: Journalier (1813/04), cultivateur (1813/10), akkerman (1820), landbouwer (1823-1865).
Zutendaal (Belgium) 1813/04/29: Married Christine Nijs, landbouwster (1827), huishoudster (1872), baptized 1787/11/04 in Zutendaal (Belgium), died 1872/08/29 in Zutendaal (Belgium), daughter of Matheus Nijs, cultivateur (1813), landbouwer (1831), baptized 1761/12/18 in Zutendaal (Belgium), died 1831/11/12 in Zutendaal (Belgium), married 1782/06/06 in Zutendaal (Belgium) Maria Schrijvers, baptized 1760/06/15 in Zutendaal (Belgium), died 1832/08/26 in Zutendaal (Belgium).
Zutendaal (Belgium) 1813/10/05: Born Anne Elsabeth Vliegen, huishoudster (1863), died 1863/07/05 in Zutendaal (Belgium).
Zutendaal (Belgium) 1815/11/07: Born Maria Vliegen, died 1865/01/10 in Zutendaal (Belgium), married 1862/06/04 in Zutendaal (Belgium) Hubertus Valkenbergh, born 1829/06/30 in Lanaken.
Zutendaal (Belgium) 1818/03/15: Born Hubert Vliegen, landbouwer (1872, 1895), died 1895/12/15 in Zutendaal (Belgium).
Zutendaal (Belgium) 1820/05/11: Born Catharina Vliegen, died 1827/10/30 in Zutendaal (Belgium).
Zutendaal (Belgium) 1823/01/13: Born Mathijs Vliegen, died 1825/01/18 in Zutendaal (Belgium).
Zutendaal (Belgium)1825/05/16: Born Matthijs Vliegen, died 1827/10/29 in Zutendaal (Belgium).
Zutendaal (Belgium) 1828/09/26: Born Nikolaas Vliegen, landbouwer (1863), died 1863/04/02 in Zutendaal (Belgium).
Zutendaal (Belgium) 1832/12/06: Born Hendrikus Vliegen, died 1833/02/10 in Zutendaal (Belgium).
Died 1865/07/05Zutendaal (Belgium)
Born ±1785Lanaken 3 Hubertus VLIEGEN
Profession: Journalier (1811), landbouwer (1857).
Zutendaal (Belgium) 1811/06/12: Married Maria Schouterden, baptized 1787/04/20 in Zutendaal (Belgium), died 1868/03/28 in Zutendaal (Belgium), daughter of Guilielmus Schouterden, cultivateur (1810), baptized 1750/01/24 in Zutendaal (Belgium), died 1810/08/28 in Zutendaal (Belgium), married 1781/10/30 in Zutendaal (Belgium) Anna Catharina Peeters, baptized 1743/04/27 in Zutendaal (Belgium).
Died 1857/08/19Zutendaal (Belgium)
Bapt. 1787/10/17Lanaken 4 Margareta VLIEGEN
Profession: Servante (1811).
Died 1811/09/19Antwerpen (Belgium)
Bapt. 1790/06/01Lanaken 5 Joannes VLIEGEN
Profession: Landbouwer (1828, 1835, 1854).
Zutendaal (Belgium) 1828/02/14: Married Catharina Vanhengel, huishoudster (1881), baptized 1800/02/15 in Zutendaal (Belgium), died 1881/06/19 in Zutendaal (Belgium), daughter of Paulus Vanhengel, landbouwer, cultivateur (1812), baptized 1760/07/17 in Zutendaal (Belgium), died 1812/02/04 in Zutendaal (Belgium), married 1790/10/26 in Zutendaal (Belgium) Agnes Peeters, baptized 1764/01/31 in Zutendaal (Belgium), died 1810/12/13 in Zutendaal (Belgium).
±1839: Born Paulus Vliegen, landbouwer (1881).
Zutendaal (Belgium) 1835/06/06: Born Elizabeth Vliegen, died 1907/08/20 in Zutendaal (Belgium).
Died 1854/12/30Zutendaal (Belgium)
Bapt. 1792/08/18Lanaken 6 Anna Elisabeth VLIEGEN
Profession: Dienstmeid (1821), landbouwster (1828).
Lanaken 1821/11/15: Married Wilhelmus Ghijsens, dienstknecht (1821), landbouwer (1824-1867), baptized 1794/10/15 in Gellik (Belgium), died 1867/09/18 in Zutendaal (Belgium), son of Leonardus Ghijsen, cultivateur (1813), born ±1746, died 1813/01/30 in Gellik (Belgium), married Catharina Droumans, born ±1748, died 1813/02/07 in Gellik (Belgium).
Lanaken 1821/11/17: Born Anna Catharina Ghijsens, dagloonster (1850), died 1850/04/14 in Zutendaal (Belgium).
Zutendaal (Belgium) 1824/10/16: Born Elisabeth Gijsen, died 1828/06/09 in Zutendaal (Belgium).
Zutendaal (Belgium) 1827/06/07: Born Aldegonde Gijsen, huishoudster (1886), died 1886/02/18 in Zutendaal (Belgium).
Zutendaal (Belgium) 1831/01/27: Born Leonardus Gijsen, landbouwer (1850), died 1850/04/18 in Zutendaal (Belgium).
Zutendaal (Belgium) 1834/03/29: Born Lambertus Gijsen.
Zutendaal (Belgium) 1837/04/15: Born Augustinus Gijsen, landbouwer (1867, 1871-1876), dagloner (1879), died 1912/09/08 in Zutendaal (Belgium).
Died >1867/09/18 
Born 1795/03/31
Bapt. 1795/04/01
7 Anna Catharina VLIEGEN
Profession: Dienstmaagd (1824),huishoudster (1872).
Neerharen (Belgium) 1824/11/27: Married Joannes Bernardus Schulkens, dienstknecht (1824), veldwachter (1870), born 1797/10/13 in Rhede (Germany), died 1870/09/13 in Neerharen (Belgium), son of Johannes Schulkens, landbouwer (1824), married Elisabeth Wiesmann, landbouwster (1824).
±1825: Born Jan Schulkens, landbouwer (1870).
Died 1872/07/28Neerharen (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1760/01/26Lanaken LNK1.1.5 Petrus VALCKENBORGH
Baptism witnesses: Petrus Smeets and Johanna Dassen.
Lanaken 1799/09/20: Witnes baptism of Hendrik, son of Cornelis Valkenberg and Allegonda Vliegen.
Marr. 1787/04/29LanakenMarriage:  
Born 17Q3 Margaretha VANGLABBEEK  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1715/12/12Lanaken LNK1.2 Cornelius VALKENBERGH
Baptism witnesses: Cornelius Anten and Catharina Eurlincks.
Lanaken 1740/09/26: Witness baptism of Joannes, son of Joannes Valckenborgh and Elisabeth Smets.
Lanaken 1745/09/06: Witness baptism of Cornelius, son of Joannes Valckenborgh and Elisabeth Smets.
Died 1788/04/06
Smeermaas (Belgium)
Marr. 1744/01/19LanakenMarriage 1:  
Bapt. 1716/07/26Neerharen (Belgium) Anna Gertrudis JONGEN
Daughter of Egidius Jongen and Catharina Deckers.
Lanaken 1743/03/28: Witness baptism of Martinus, illegitimate son of Martinus Beckers and Agnes Valckenborghs.
Died 1748/08/03
Smeermaas (Belgium)
Bapt. 1744/05/18
Smeermaas (Belgium)
Baptism witnesses: Gertrudis Jongen and Marie Valckenborgh.
Bapt. 1745/09/06Lanaken 2 Cornelis VALCKENBORGH   Marriage
Bapt. 1747/07/21
Smeermaas (Belgium)
Baptism witnesses: Joannes Valckenborgh and Anna Catharina Jonghen.
Ann. 1749/05/01Maastricht St.Nicolaas / LanakenMarriage 2:  
Born 17Q1Maastricht Joanna DASSEN
Marriage: RK, witnesses: Jacobus Bosmans and Joanna Albers.
Died 1777/09/10Lanaken
Bapt. 1750/09/15
Smeermaas (Belgium)
Baptism witnesses: Matheus Valckenborgh and Helena Lambrichts.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1744/05/18
Smeermaas (Belgium)
Baptism witnesses: Gertrudis Jongen and Marie Valckenborgh. Profession: Journalier (1815), dagloner (1820).
Died 1820/03/22Lanaken Father
Marr. 1776/02/13LanakenMarriage:  
Bapt. 1753/10/31Lanaken Elisabeth MERCKEN
Profession: Journalière (1815).
Died 1815/05/01Lanaken
Bapt. 1777/06/15Lanaken 1 Joannes
Baptism witnesses: Cornelius Valckenborg and Johanna Mercken.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1745/09/06Lanaken LNK1.2.2 Cornelius VALKENBERG
Profession: Daghuurder (1816).
Died 1816/04/06Lanaken Father
Marr. 1769/10/22LanakenMarriage 1:  
Bapt. 1739/01/24Lanaken Elisabeth CREIJEN Died 1772/07/14Lanaken
Bapt. 1770/12/12Lanaken 1 Joannes VALCKENBORGH
Baptism witnesses: Petrus Valckenborgh and Marie Creijen.
Marr. 1774/10/23LanakenMarriage 2:  
Bapt. 1752/02/12Zutendaal (Belgium) Allegonda VLIEGEN
Also called Vlieger ('s-Hertogenbosch: 1816). Marriage witnesses: Servatius Valckenborgh and Elisabeth Valckenborgh.
Daughter of Henricus Vliegen and Anna Schouteden.
Died 1816/03/22Lanaken
Bapt. 1775/08/21Lanaken 2 Petrus
Baptism witnesses: Servatius Valckenborgh and Marie Vliegen.
Bapt. 1776/10/13Lanaken 3 Anna Elisabeth
Baptism witnesses: Servatius Valckenborgh and Mechtildis Vliegen.
Bapt. 1779/08/30Lanaken 4 Aldegondis
Baptism witnesses: Joannes Vliegen and Anna Elisabetha Valckenbergh.
Bapt. 1781/02/17Lanaken 5 Cornelis
Baptism witnesses: Joannes Leenen and Catharina Noeijen.
Bapt. 1784/04/04Lanaken 6 Petrus
Baptism witnesses: Hubertus Viegen and Elisabeth Maesen.
Bapt. 1787/03/26Lanaken 7 Joannes
Baptism witnesses: Joannes Vliegen and Anna Elisabetha Valkenberg.
Bapt. 1790/04/22Lanaken 8 Anna Catharina VALKENBORGH
Baptism witnesses: Joannes Steegen ex Zutendaal and Anna Catharina Phalis.
Died 1792/02/25Lanaken
Bapt. 1793/02/09Lanaken 9 Catharina VALKENBORGH
Baptism witnesses: Joannes Steegen ex Zutendaal and Marie Vliegen.
Bapt. 1799/09/20Lanaken 10 Henricus
Baptism witnesses: Petrus Valkenberg and Sophia Vliegen.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1776/10/13Lanaken LNK1.2.2-3 Anna Elisabeth VALKENBURG
Also called Marie Elisabeth Valkenberg (1805), Elisabeth Valkenberg (1808, 1869, 1833), Elisabeth Valkenborg (1820, 1823, 1872), and (Anna) Elisabeth Valkenberg(h) (1834). Baptism witnesses: Servatius Valckenborgh and Mechtildis Vliegen.
Died 1833/02/03Maastricht Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born ±1765Lanaken Johannes GHIJZEN
Profession: Ouvrier (1805), journalier (1808-1814), dagloner (1816), werkman (1819-1823), dagloner (1833), werkman (1834).
Son of Mathijs Ghijsen and Aldegonda Bruls.
Died 1834/01/18Maastricht
Bapt. 1798/05/17
Zutendaal (Belgium)
1 Aldegondis GEIJSEN
Baptism witnesses: Petrus Geijsen and Joanna Immerix. Profession: Dagloonster (1833).
Maastricht 1833/06/20: Married Daniel Kersten, dagloner (1833, 1869), born 1802/07/12 in Maastricht, died >1869/04/09, son of Antoon Kersten, dagloner (1833), born ±1773, married Gertrudis Meers, born ±1767.
Died 1869/04/09Maastricht
Bapt. 1801/01/14
Zutendaal (Belgium)
Zutendaal (Belgium)
2 Maria Gertrudis GEIJSEN
Baptism witnesses: Cornelius Valkenberg and Anna Maria Geijzen. Profession: Dagloonster (1843).
Maastricht 1843/01/05: Married Henricus Hubertus Calant, dagloner (1843), oppasser (1853), born 1823/05/08 in Maastricht, died >1853/08/13, son of Jan Andries Philip Calant, werkman (1823), oude kleerkoper (1826), dagloner (1843), born 1799/05/19 in Maastricht, died 1869/03/16 in Maastricht, married 1826/07/06 in Maastricht Maria Hubertina Nijpels, born 1806/02/15 in Maastricht, died <1843/01/05.
Died 1853/08/13Maastricht
Born 1805/06/19Maastricht 3 Pierre GHIJSEN Died 1814/04/04Maastricht
Born 1808/09/15Maastricht 4 Marie Josephe GHIJSEN  
Born 1811/12/18Maastricht 5 Anne Elisabeth GYSEN
Died 7 days old!
Died 1811/12/23Maastricht
Born 1811/12/18Maastricht 6 Anna Elisabeth GIJSEN
Profession: Breister (1834).
Died 1834/12/29Maastricht
Born 1813/04/13Maastricht 7 Jean GYSEN
Profession: Werkman (1867/11, 1874, 1880).
Utrecht 1867/11/20: Married Johanna Margaretha Zegerina van der Plaats, dienstmeid (1858), werkster (1864), koopvrouw (1867/08), winkelierster (1870), werkster (1874), born 1832/02/10 in Utrecht, died 1879/04/09 in Utrecht, daughter of Arie van der Plaats, timmerman (1832), born ±1807 in Utrecht, died 1843/05/08 in Utrecht, married 1831/06/22 in Utrecht Sophia Wilhelmina Tieland, born ±1808 in Utrecht, died 1844/09/30 in Utrecht.
Utrecht 1858/04/25: Born Emma Mathilda Elisabeth van der Plaats, died 1858/07/23 in Utrecht.
Utrecht 1859/09/30: Born Johanna Margaretha Sophia van der Plaats, legitimated 1867/11/20, died 1911/02/22 in Utrecht.
Utrecht 1864/12/08: Born Jan Arie van der Plaats, legitimated 1867/11/20, died 1959/03/21 in Utrecht.
Utrecht 1867/08/25: Born Sophia Elisabeth van der Plaats, legitimated 1867/11/20, died 1937/09/09 in Utrecht.
Utrecht 1870/12/17: Born Hendrika Helena Gijsen.
Utrecht 1874/05/02: Born Alida Elisabeth Gijsen, died 1884/05/07 in Utrecht.
Died 1880/10/20Utrecht
Born 1816/09/30Maastricht 8 Anna Elisabeth GHIJZEN
Profession: Dagloonster (1843).
Maastricht 1843/09/07: Married Wauthier/Wouter Suijkerbuijk, dagloner (1843), born ±1812 in Rucphen (NB), died <1892/01/13 son of Adam Suijkerbuijk, died <1843/09/07, married Petronella Poldermans.
Died 1892/01/13Rucphen (NB)
Born 1819/11/21Maastricht 9 Jan Mathijs GHIJZEN Died 1820/01/09Maastricht
Born 1823/02/25Maastricht 10 Antonius Hubertus GHIJZEN
Profession: Dagloner (1849, 1872).
Maastricht 1849/11/15: Married Maria Catharina Janssen, werkster (1849), born 1825 in Maastricht, died >1872/12/28, daughter of Michaël Janssen, leidekker (1849), born ±1794, married Maria Margaretha Janssen, werkster (1849), born ±1796.
Died 1872/12/28Maastricht

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1781/02/17Lanaken LNK1.2.2-5 Corneille VALKENBERGH
Baptism witnesses: Joannes Leenen and Catharina Noeijen. Profession: Journalier (1808), cultivateur (1810-1814), akkerman (1816-1833), landbouwer (1842).
Zutendaal (Belgium) 1801/01/14: Witness baptism of Maria Gertrudis, daughter of Joannes Geijsen and Elisabeth Valkenberg.
Died 1842/01/11Lanaken Father
Marr. 1808/09/12LanakenMarriage:  
Bapt. 1787/01/25Bilzen (Belgium) Margaretha ENGELEN
Also called Margaretha van Engelen. Profession: Couturière (1808), landbouwster (1847-1850).
Baptism witnesses: Servatius Clerx and Gertrudis Castro. Daughter of Joannes Engelen, laboureur (1801), baptized 1741/07/06 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1810/08/26 in Bilzen (Belgium), married Elisabeta Castro, fileuse (1801), born ±1741 in Hasselt (Belgium), died 1801/07/12 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 1854/12/07Lanaken
Born 1808/12/07Lanaken 1 Alegonde VALKENBERG Died 1813/02/27Lanaken
Born 1810/03/18Lanaken 2 Marie Elisabeth VALKENBORG Died 1822/11/15Lanaken
Born 1811/07/10Lanaken 3 Pierre VALKENBERG   Marriage
Born 1813/01/23Lanaken 4 Jean  
Born 1814/11/21Lanaken 5 Aldegonde Died 1822/11/12Lanaken
Born 1816/08/06Lanaken 6 Margaretha Died 1822/11/21Lanaken
Born 1818/12/19Lanaken 7 Cornelius
Profession: Landbouwer (1842, 1850).
Died 1850/01/01Zutendaal (Belgium)
Born 1821/07/09Lanaken 8 Henricus Died 1822/11/27Lanaken
Born 1825/03/14Lanaken 9 Aldegondis   Marriage
Born 1829/06/30Lanaken 10 Hubertus   Marriage
Born 1833/08/21Lanaken 11 Catharina VALKENBERG   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1811/07/10Lanaken LNK1.2.2-5.3 Pierre VALKENBERG
Profession: Cultivateur (1880).
Died 1880/05/12Liège (Belgium) Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
   Jeanne RECULÉ Died <1880/05/12 

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1825/03/14Lanaken LNK1.2.2-5.9 Aldegondis VALKENBERGH
Profession: Dienstmeid (1847).
Died 1869/04/02Opgrimbie (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1847/07/14Mechelen a/d Maas (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1821/11/15Daalgrimbij (Belgium) Jan MACHON
Profession: Landbouwer (1847), werkman (1848), landbouwer (1851-1853), herbergier (1854-1861), landbouwer (1863-1871), landbouwer en herbergier (1877), landbouwer (1878-1887).
Son of Lambert Machon, werkman (1821, 1836, 1847), landbouwer (1859), born ±1792 in Vucht (Belgium), died 1859/09/19 in Opgrimbie Belgium), married Maria Margarita Gijbels, huishoudster (1836), born ±1792 in Mechelen a/d Maas (Belgium), died 1836/11/11 in Daalgrimbij (Belgium).
Died 1887/04/30Opgrimbie (Belgium)
Born 1848/02/08Mechelen a/d Maas (Belgium) 1 Anna Margarita MACHON
Profession: Landbouwster (1871).
Opgrimbie (Belgium) 1871/09/30: Married Theodoor Zengers, landbouwer (1871, 1906), born 1845/10/16 in Mechelen a/d Maas (Belgium), died >1906/04/18, son of Theodoor Zengers, landbouwer (1845, 1871), married Anna Catharina Mazotte, landbouwster (1871).
±1875: Born Hendrikus Zengers, metselaar (1906).
Died 1906/04/18Oud-Vroenhoven (Li)
Born 1851/06/15Opgrimbie (Belgium) 2 Anna Catharina MACHON
Opgrimbie (Belgium) 1879/04/26: Married Jan Renier Welkenhuijzen, landbouwer (1879), born 1845/01/01 in Opgrimbie (Belgium), died 1926/04/19(?) in Opgrimbie (Belgium), son of Renier Welkenhuijzen, landbouwer (1845), schepen (1845), landbouwer (1855), born ±1789 in Opgrimbie (Belgium), died 1855/02/24 in Opgrimbie (Belgium), married Anna Barbara Beckers, landbouwster (1855), born ±1803 in Beckheim, died 1855/03/20 in Opgrimbie (Belgium).
Died 1911/07/20?Opgrimbie (Belgium)
Born 1853/03/05Opgrimbie (Belgium) 3 Jan Lambert MACHON Died 1854/02/16Opgrimbie (Belgium)
Born 1854/12/10Opgrimbie (Belgium) 4 Lambert Joseph MACHON Died 1855/01/21Opgrimbie (Belgium)
Born 1856/02/08Opgrimbie (Belgium) 5 Catharina Elisabeth MACHON
Profession: Naaister (1877).
Opgrimbie (Belgium) 1877/07/14: Married Joannes Mathias Josephus Vanderhallen, landbouwer (1877), born 1856/01/15 in Opgrimbie (Belgium), died 1940/06/03(?) in Opgrimbie (Belgium), son of Louis Joseph Vanderhallen, landbouwer (1856, 1869, 1877), born ±1826, married Maria Catharina Aerts, huishoudster (1869), born ±1835 in Opgrimbie (Belgium), died 1869/12/17 in Opgrimbie (Belgium).
Died 1913/06/16?Opgrimbie (Belgium)
Born 1857/10/01Opgrimbie (Belgium) 6 Anna Aldegondis MACHON
Opgrimbie (Belgium) 1878/05/08: Married Alexander Engelen, herbergier (1878), born 1852/05/06 in Opgrimbie (Belgium), died 1927/08/19(?) in Opgrimbie (Belgium), son of Jan Mathys Engelen, burgemeester (1852), landbouwer (1860), born ±1817 in Opgrimbie (Belgium), died 1860/02/03 in Opgrimbie (Belgium), married Maria Aerts, huishoudster (1878).
Died 1939/08/07?Opgrimbie (Belgium)
Born 1859/11/30Opgrimbie (Belgium) 7 Joannes Hubertus MACHON
Profession: Dagloner (1883, 1887).
Opgrimbie (Belgium) 1883/10/05: Married Anna Catharina Vranken, dienstmeid (1883), born 1859/11/29 in Opgrimbie (Belgium), died 1906/03/20(?) in Opgrimbie (Belgium), daughter of Jan Christiaan Vranken, dagloner (1859, 1871), born ±1807 in Mecheln (Belgium), died 1871/09/04 in Opgrimbie (Belgium), married Joanna Vanderhallen, born ±1807 in Mechelen (Belgium), died 1880/11/05 in Opgrimbie (Belgium).
Died 1944/07/03?Opgrimbie (Belgium)
Born 1861/08/31Opgrimbie (Belgium) 8 Maria Philomena MACHON
Profession: Huishoudster (1881).
Died 1881/08/31Opgrimbie (Belgium)
Born 1863/12/07Opgrimbie (Belgium) 9 Joseph MACHON  
Born 1866/08/19Opgrimbie (Belgium) 10 Maria Gertrudis MACHON
Rekem (Belgium) 1889/05/04: Married Josephus Henricus Tulleneers, handwerker (1889), born 1859/09/15 in Rekem (Belgium), died 1921/01/06 in Rekem (Belgium), son of Joannes Henricus Tulleneers, dagloner (1859), daghuurder (1865), dagloner (1879), born ±1820 in Mechelen (Li), died 1879/12/20 in Rekem (Belgium), married Catharina Moermans, born ±1825 in Rekem (Belgium), died 1865/10/16 in Rekem (Belgium).
Died 1952/04/05?Rekem (Belgium)
Born 1869/03/28Opgrimbie (Belgium) 11 Stillborn daughter MACHON  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1829/06/30Lanaken LNK1.2.2-5.10 Hubertus VALKENBERGH
Also called Lambertus. Profession: Landbouwer (1854), dienstknecht (1862), landbouwer (1865-1875), handwerker (1878).
Died 1878/05/14Zutendaal (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1862/06/04Zutendaal (Belgium)Marriage 1:  
Born 1815/11/07Zutendaal (Belgium) Maria VLIEGEN
Profession: Huishoudster (1865).
Daughter of Jacobus Vliegen, journalier (1813), landbouwer (1862, 1865), baptized 1779/03/28 in Zutendaal (Belgium), died 1865/07/05 in Zutendaal (Belgium), married 1813/04/29 in Zutendaal (Belgium) Christina Nijs, landbouwster (1862, 1865), huishoudster (1872) baptized 1787/11/04 in Zutendaal (Belgium), died 1872/08/29 in Zutendaal (Belgium).
Died 1865/01/10Zutendaal (Belgium)
Marr. 1870/04/21As (Belgium)Marriage 2:  
Born 1835/07/26Gruitrode (Belgium) Maria Elisabeth GABRIELS
Profession: Landbouwster (1870), huishoudster (1874).
Daughter of Nicolaas Gabriels, akkerman (1833, 1835), landbouwer (1865), born 1800/10/24 in Ellikom (Belgium), died 1865/05/17 in Genk (Belgium), married Maria Anna Schouteden, landbouwster (1870), born ±1804 in Gruitrode (Belgium), died 1874/08/12 in As (Belgium).
Died 1874/04/18Zutendaal (Belgium)
Born 1871/02/03Zutendaal (Belgium) 1 Pieter Joannes VALKENBERG Died 1874/10/25Zutendaal (Belgium)
Marr. 1874/10/28As (Belgium)Marriage 3:  
Born 1841/09/29As (Belgium) Maria Cornelia MARTIN
Profession: Dienstmeid (1874), huishoudster (1879, 1895).
Daughter of Hubertus Martin, akkerman (1840, 1841), landbouwer (1870), born 1808/11/16 in As (Belgium), died 1870/03/27 in As (Belgium), married 1840/11/09 in As (Belgium) Maria Helena Gijsen, landbouwster (1840), huishoudster (1874), born 1802/10/16 in As (Belgium), died 1877/10/30 in As (Belgium).
Zutendaal 1879/05/26: Married (2) Willem Leenaerts, dienstknecht (1879), dagloner (1893), born 1845/03/11 in Zutendaal (Belgium), died 1893/07/25 in Zutendaal (Belgium), son of Gerardus Lenaerts, dienstknecht (1826), dagloner (1845), born 1801/03/01 in Genk (Belgium), died 1845/04/16 in Zutendaal (Belgium), married 1826/01/12 in Zutendaal (Belgium) Joanna Haenen, dagwerkster (1826), huishoudster (1863), born 1801/05/31 in Zutendaal (Belgium), died 1863/09/20 in Zutendaal (Belgium).
Died 1905/02/04Zutendaal (Belgium)
Born 1875/08/19Zutendaal (Belgium) 2 Maria Helena VALKENBERG   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1875/08/19Zutendaal (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-5.10.2 Maria Helena VALKENBERG
Profession: Landbouwster (1895).
Died 1907/01/14Zutendaal (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1895/01/30Zutendaal (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1867/03/25Genk (Belgium) Jan Mathijs VALEE
Profession: Dienstknecht (1895), dagloner (1896), landbouwer (1898-1905/02), landbouw-dagloner (1905/09).
Son of Jacobus Valee, landbouwer (1867), born 1822/04/11 in As (Belgium), died 1886/11/21 in Genk (Belgium), married Maria Josephina Houben, huishoudster (1895), born 1841/08/31 in Genk (Belgium), died 1905/06/02 in Genk (Belgium).
Died 1924/09/10Zutendaal (Belgium)
Born 1896/02/18Zutendaal (Belgium) 1 Maria Cornelia VALEE Died 1910/06/12Zutendaal (Belgium)
Born 1898/12/08Zutendaal (Belgium) 2 Jacobus VALEE Died 1901/06/15Zutendaal (Belgium)
Born 1901/06/06Zutendaal (Belgium) 3 Leonard Hubert VALEE  
Born 1903/10/30Zutendaal (Belgium) 4 Henricus VALEE  
Born 1905/09/15Zutendaal (Belgium) 5 Gerardus VALEE Died 1907/12/04Zutendaal (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1833/08/21Lanaken LNK1.2.2-5.11 Catharina VALKENBERG
Profession: Landbouwster (1893).
Died 1903/03/28Opgrimbie (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1862/01/15Opgrimbie (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1822/03/08Rekem (Belgium) Joannes Arnoldus WEERTS
Also called Joannes and Jan Lambert. Profession: Dienstknecht (1849), dagloner (1861-1865), landbouwer (1862), dagloner (1871-1890), landbouwer (1893), dagloner (1905).
Widower of Maria Agnes Beckers, dienstmeid (1849), huishoudster (1861), born 1822/03/27 in Mechelen a/d Maas (Belgium), married 1849/10/03 in Mechelen a/d Maas (Belgium), died 1861/02/02 in Opgrimbie (Belgium), daughter of Hendrik Beckers, dagloner (1849), died >1838/05/14, married Anna Mechtilde Dexters, born ±1797 in Mechelen a/d Maas (Belgium), died 1838/05/14 in Mechelen a/d Maas (Belgium).
Son of Arnoldus Weerts, landbouwer (1822), dagloner (1837), werkman (1849), dagloner (1862), born 1796/02/25 in Rekem (Belgium), died 1885/12/17 in Rekem (Belgium), married Barbara Houben, born 1797/11/28 in Rekem (Belgium), died 1837/12/24 in Rekem (Belgium).
Died 1906/12/08Opgrimbie (Belgium)
Born 1863/05/11Opgrimbie (Belgium) 1 Barbara WEERTS
Opgrimbie (Belgium) 1891/01/30: Married Hubertus Geelen, son of Hubertus Geelen and Gertrudis Custers.
Born 1865/09/23Opgrimbie (Belgium) 2 Philomina WEERTS
Profession: Dienstmeid (1890), ovenwerkster (1893).
Maastricht 1893/04/05: Married Jan Hubert Biesmans, timmerman (1893), dagloner (1895-1905), brikkenbakker (1906/04), dagloner (1906/12). born 1868/11/01 in Uijkhoven (Belgium), son of Jan Hubert Biesmans, dagloner (1868), landbouwer (1893), born 1819/03/25 in Boorsem (Belgium), died 1897/12/08 in Uikhoven (Belgium), married Joanna Maria Olers, landbouwster (1893), born ±1834 in Boorsem (Belgium), died 1908/09/11 in Uikhoven (Belgium).
Opgrimbie (Belgium) 1890/12/25: Born Maria Philomina Weerts, legitimated 1893/04/05, died 1896/03/13 in Opgrimbie (Belgium).
Oud Vroenhoven 1893/05/28: Born Joannes Hubertus Biesmans.
Opgrimbie (Belgium) 1895/05/04: Born Maria Anna Biesmans.
Opgrimbie 1898/09/02: Born Maria Catharina Biesmans.
Opgrimbie (Belgium) 1900/01/09: Born Maria Victorina Biesmans.
Opgrimbie (Belgium) 1902/04/09: Born Hendrikus Hubertus Biesmans,
Opgrimbie (Belgium) 1904/02/03: Born Maria Elisabeth Biesmans, died 1987/09/22 in Rekem (Belgium)
Opgrimbie (Belgium) 1905/02/07: Born Joannes Jozefus Hubertus Biesmans, died 1981/11/07 in Maaseik (Belgium),
Amby (Netherlands) 1906/04/28: Born Johannes Hendrikus Biesmans, died 1983/11/12 in Lanaken.
Opgrimbie (Belgium) 1912/01/10: Born Maria Rosalina Biesmans, died 1912/01/25 in Opgrimbie (Belgium).
Died 1942/07/29Opgrimbie (Belgium)
Born ±1869/10Opgrimbie (Belgium) 3 Anna Maria WEERTS Died 1871/02/16Opgrimbie (Belgium)
Born 1872/10/25Opgrimbie (Belgium) 4 Joannes Arnoldus WEERTS
Profession: Dagloner (1903), zoutwerker (1905).
Maastricht 1905/09/06: Married Maria Catharina Korvers, dienstmeid (1905), born ±1884 in Echt (Li), died 1920/07/14 in Echt (Li), daughter of Herman Jozef Korvers, handelsreiziger (1905), married Maria Josepha Balendonck.
Born 1875/10/08Opgrimbie (Belgium) 5 Maria Elisabeth WEERTS  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1784/04/04Lanaken LNK1.2.2-6 Pierre VALKENBORGH
Baptism witnesses: Hubertus Viegen and Elisabeth Maesen. Profession: Ouvrier (1805), domestique (1814), journalier (1816-1818), werkman (1821), herbergier (1822-1841), landbouwer (1842), handwerker (1858).
Died 1872/01/24Bilzen (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1814/04/22Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Bapt. 1791/01/20Bilzen (Belgium) Marie Anne BOULOGNE
Daughter of Carolus Franciscus Belogne, herbergier (1821, 1822), baptized 1763/01/22 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1844/02/21 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1788/08/24 in Bilzen (Belgium) Maria Baerten, baptized 1764/10/01 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1821/11/26 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 1858/04/23Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1814/07/10Bilzen (Belgium) 1 Aldegonde   Marriage
Born 1816/08/13Bilzen (Belgium) 2 Charles   Marriage
Born 1818/09/24Bilzen (Belgium) 3 Corneille VALKENBORG   Marriage
Born 1821/02/16Bilzen (Belgium) 4 Anna Maria VALKENBORG Died 1822/06/28Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1823/08/23Bilzen (Belgium) 5 Hendrik   Marriage
Born 1826/01/06Bilzen (Belgium) 6 Anna Maria   Marriage
Born 1829/12/22Bilzen (Belgium) 7 Elisabeth Died 1836/09/04Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1832/01/03Bilzen (Belgium) 8 Anna Catharina   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1814/07/10Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.1 Aldegonde VALKENBORG Died 1853/09/20Bilzen (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1848/08/30Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1806/04/22Bilzen (Belgium) Jan CUVELIER
Profession: Handwerker (1837), dienstknecht (1848-1850), handwerker (1853/04), dienstknecht (1853/09/13+20), handwerker (1853/09/28), dienstknecht (1871), handwerker (1882).
Son of Joannes Hubertus Cuvelier, laboureur (1806, 1810), handwerker (1837, 1848), baptized 1777/02/19 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1853/04/12 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1810/07/19 in Bilzen (Belgium) Catharina Hauben, fileuse (1806), baptized 1777/10/10 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1837/08/22 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 1882/05/06Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1848/11/05Bilzen (Belgium) 1 Maria Catherina CUVELIER  
Born 1850/11/01Bilzen (Belgium) 2 Pieter CUVELIER
Profession: Handwerker (1871).
Died 1871/09/09Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1853/09/13Bilzen (Belgium) 3 Willem CUVELIER Died 1853/09/28Bilzen (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1816/08/13Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.2 Carolus VALKENBORGH
Profession: Handwerker (1841-1847), schrijnwerker (1848-1869).
Died 1893/04/04Bilzen (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1841/05/15Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage 1:  
Born 1816/03/18Bilzen (Belgium) Anna Maria WEHENCKEL
Daughter of Joannes Weyhinckel, menuisier (1815, 1816), schrijnwerker (1841, 1857), baptized 1785/05/13 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1857/01/01 in Bilzen (Belgium). married 1815/11/02 in Bilzen (Belgium) Anna Marguerite Nulens, baptized 1789/06/20 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1858/04/22 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 1849/09/13Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1842/03/25Bilzen (Belgium) 1 Petrus   Marriage
Born 1844/05/01Bilzen (Belgium) 2 Joannes   Marriage
Born 1847/03/10Bilzen (Belgium) 3 Stillborn son  
Born 1848/08/07Bilzen (Belgium) 4 Cornelius Died 1858/12/10Bilzen (Belgium)
Marr. 1859/04/27Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage 2:  
Born 1815/12/15Veldwezelt (Belgium) Cornelia GEURTS
Profession: Dienstmeid (1859).
Daughter of George Geurts, journalier (1815), born 1787/10/31 in Veldwezelt (Belgium), died 1848/01/17 in Veldwezelt (Belgium), married 1815/08/24 in Veldwezelt (Belgium) Elisabeth Roox, vorn 1783/11/04 in Veldwezelt (Belgium), died 1848/05/09 in Veldwezelt (Belgium).
Died 1900/02/03Bilzen (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1842/03/25Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.2.1 Pierre VALKENBORGH
Profession: Facteur van de post (1868-1870), brievendrager (1872, 1874), schrijnwerker (1876-1891, 1900).
Died 1900/05/20Lanaken Father
Marr. 1869/04/07Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1845/04/21Bilzen (Belgium) Jeanne Hubertine Henriette JANSSENS
Daughter of Joseph Jansen, koperslager (1838, 1845, 1869, 1889), born 1815/03/09 in Roermond, died 1889/08/14 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1838/06/07 in Tongeren (Belgium) Maria Catharina Frans, winkelierster (1838), born 1811/11/28 in Tongeren (Belgium), died 1879/12/23 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 1914/07/15Lanaken
Born 1870/01/25Bilzen (Belgium) 1 Charles Joseph
Profession: Onderwijzer (1900).
Born 1872/04/25Rekem (Belgium) 2 Josephina Maria Cornelia  
Born 1874/03/12Rekem (Belgium) 3 Jean Joseph   Marriage
Born 1876/06/20Lanaken 4 Willem Lodewijk Died 1912/03/02Lanaken
Born 1878/08/16Lanaken 5 Joannes Josephus
Profession: Schrijnwerker (1901).
Born 1879/09/11Lanaken 6 Alphonse Pieter Died 1880/05/29Lanaken
Born 1881/01/24Lanaken 7 Cornelia Christina Died 1956/12/15Welkenraedt (Belgium)
Born 1885/05/27Lanaken 8 Petrus  
Born 1886/09/27Lanaken 9 Maria Died 1909/03/31Hasselt (Belgium)
Born 1888/05/14Lanaken 10 Henriette Josephine  
Born 1891/01/18Lanaken 11 Antonius Josephus  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1874/03/12Rekem (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.2.1-3 Jan Jozef VALKENBORGH
Confession: RK. Profession: Schrijnwerker (1901).
Died 1943/11/12Peer (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1901/11/27LanakenMarriage:  
Born 1878/11/15Waltwilder (Belgium) Barbara Ida NULENS
Daughter of Martinus Nulens, landbouwer (1874, 1879), born 1836/03/07 in Waltwilder (Belgium), died 1879/06/04 in Waltwilder (Belgium), married 1874/05/27 in Veldwezelt (Belgium) Elisabeth Geurts, landbouwster (1874, 1901), born 1844/10/16 in Veldwezelt (Belgium), died 1919/01/04 in Waltwilder (Belgium).
Died 1959/11/03Peer (Belgium)
  Children: Many children.
Born 1902/12/02Lanaken 1 Charles Pierre Antoine  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1844/05/01Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.2.2 Jean VALKENBORGH
Profession: Handwerker (1868-1884), werkman (1887), handwerker (1893-1896), landbouwer (1905), handwerker (1906/03), werkman (1906/10), jardinier (1907).
Died 1929/01/22Bilzen (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1868/05/27Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1845/03/08Bilzen (Belgium) Maria Catharina BAERTEN
Profession: Huishoudster (1890).
Daughter of Joannes Baerten, handwerker (1829, 1845, 1867), born 1804/01/17 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1867/10/12 in Bilzen (Belgium) married 1829/04/29 in Bilzen (Belgium) Maria Elisabeth Mercken, born 1802/11/16 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1896/03/31 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Born 1869/03/21Bilzen (Belgium) 1 Anna Maria   Marriage
Born 1870/12/26Bilzen (Belgium) 2 Maria Elisabeth Died 1871/01/07Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1871/12/10Bilzen (Belgium) 3 Peter Jan Died 1872/01/06Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1873/02/09Bilzen (Belgium) 4 Maria Elisabeth   Marriage
Born 1875/09/04Bilzen (Belgium) 5 Maria Helena   Marriage
Born 1877/10/06Bilzen (Belgium) 6 Pieter Jan Auguste   Marriage
Born 1879/12/17Bilzen (Belgium) 7 Marie Philomène   Marriage
Born 1881/10/15Bilzen (Belgium) 8 Josephina   Marriage
Born 1884/09/06Bilzen (Belgium) 9 Cornelia Hubertina   Marriage
Born 1887/04/12Bilzen (Belgium) 10 Marie Pauline   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1869/03/21Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.2.2-1 Anna Maria VALKENBORGH
Profession: Handwerkster (1890).
Died 1914/07/20Bilzen (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1890/12/10Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1867/11/24Bilzen (Belgium) Hermanus SLECHTEN
Profession: Handwerker (1890), werkman (1891/01), handwerker (1891/02-1893), koolmijner (1897-1901), mijnwerker (1902).
Son of Hermanus Slechten, handwerker (1859, 1867, 1890, 1892), born 1833/10/29 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1892/03/06 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1859/06/08 in Bilzen (Belgium) Anna Maria Ida Jaenen, huishoudster (1890, 1902), born 1832/01/26 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1902/01/03 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Born 1888/12/18Bilzen (Belgium) 1 Stillborn son  
Born 1891/01/24Bilzen (Belgium) 2 Herman SLECHTEN Died 1891/02/14Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1892/04/15Bilzen (Belgium) 3 Marie Catherine SLECHTEN Died <1899 
Born 1893/09/19Bilzen (Belgium) 4 Catherine Elise Marie SLECHTEN
Bilzen (Belgium) 1919/03/14: Married Wilhelmus Martens, born 1888/11/25 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1988/06/12 in Bilzen (Belgium), son of Martin Renier Martens, handwerker (1877), koopman in vodden (1888), handwerker (1900), 1851/08/13 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1909/10/10 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1877/11/28 in Bilzen (Belgium) Elisabeth Somers, born 1859/02/25 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1900/01/26 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 1956Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1895/09/05Bilzen (Belgium) 5 Maria Ida SLECHTEN
Married Clement Lents,
Born 1897/06/28Bilzen (Belgium) 6 Pieter Jean Joseph SLECHTEN
Married Leontine Agnes Elisabeth Jeurissen, born in Bilzen, daughter of Paul Hubert Jeurissen, born 1866/05/08 in Rosmeer (Belgium), died 1960/02/29 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1915/12/02 in Bilzen (Belgium) Catharina Barbara Vandormael, born 1873/11/10 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1952/05/16 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 1963/10/24Tongeren (Belgium)
Born 1899/02/17Bilzen (Belgium) 7 Maria Catherina SLECHTEN Died 1899/02/18Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1901/01/10Bilzen (Belgium) 8 Marie Catherine Helène SLECHTEN
Hasselt (Belgium) 1920/11/06: Married Nikolaas Jozef Letsch, born 1899/02/11 in Hasselt (Belgium).
Born 1907/07/31Bilzen (Belgium) 9 Maria Philomena Albertina SLECHTEN
Hasselt (Belgium) 1928/11/28: Married Hubert Pirens, born 1907/08/04 in Hasselt (Belgium), died 1973/10/22 in Hasselt (Belgium).
Died 1965/04/20Hasselt (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1873/02/09Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.2.2-4 Maria Elisabeth VALKENBORGH Died 1957/10/10Bilzen (Belgium) Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 1881/05/07Reusel (NB) Willem van GOMPEL
Profession: Sigarenmaker (1916).
Son of Peter van Gompel, landbouwer (1866, 1881, 1886), born 1837/08/15 in Reusel (NB), died 1886/10/21 in Reusel (NB), married 1866/09/12 in Reusel (NB) Arnoldina Wilbers, dienstmeid (1866), landbouwster (1889), born 1842/02/27 in Eersel (NB), died 1889/10/16 in Reusel (NB).
Born 1916/02/03Veldhoven (NB) 1 Arnoldina van GOMPEL Died 1958/04/16Bilzen (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1875/09/04Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.2.2-5 Maria Helena VALKENBORGH   Father
Marr. 1906/03/03Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1867/09/02Bilzen (Belgium) Alphonse Joseph GIJSEN
Profession: Landbouwer en voerman (1894), voerman (1897-1906).
Widower of Marie Catharine Gertrude Dubois, born 1870/04/16 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1894/12/05 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1904/12/27 in Bilzen (Belgium), daughter of Marie Robert Joseph Dubois, eigenaar (1869, 1870), landbouwer (1873, 1894), born 1848/11/30 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1897/06/19 in Kortessem (Belgium), married 1869/06/30 in Bilzen (Belgium) Anna Maria Ludovica Vossen, born 1850/10/09 in Eigenbilzen (Belgium), died 1873/08/15 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Son of Arnold Gijsen, voerman (1860), herbergier (1867, 1894, 1897), born 1833/09/04 in Vliermaal (Belgium), died 1897/03/30 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1860/04/25 in Bilzen (Belgium) Helena Franssen, herbergierster (1894, 1906), born 1836/06/30 in Veldwezelt (Belgium), died 1916/06/23 in Sint-Pieters-Jette (Belgium).

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1877/10/06Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.2.2-6 Pierre Jean Auguste VALKENBORGH
Profession: Mijnwerker (1905-1906).
Died 1961/05/16
Bur. 1961/05/20
Bilzen (Belgium)
Bilzen (Belgium)
Marr. 1906/10/05Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1873/06/14Bilzen (Belgium) Anne Marie Therèse TILKIN
Profession: Dienstmeid (1906).
Daughter of Martin Tilkin, landbouwer (1871), werkman (1906), born 1845/04/16 in Bilzen (Belgium) married 1871/05/25 in Martenslinde (Belgium) Maria Jeurissen, born 1849/02/07 in Martenslinde (Belgium).
Died 1953/08/23Bilzen (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1879/12/17Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.2.2-7 Marie Philomène VALKENBORGH
Profession: Servante cuisinière (1908).
Marr. 1908/04/25Liège (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1882/02/21Liège (Belgium) Alfred Antoine Joseph THONUS
Profession: Garde aux chemins de fer (1908).
Son of Mathieu Gilles Joseph Thonus, agent de police (1908), married Josephine Lomba.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1881/10/15Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.2.2-8 Josephine VALKENBORGH
Profession: Naaister (1905).
Marr. 1905/06/03Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1870/06/04Gorsem (Belgium) Wilhelmus STRAUVEN
Profession: Jachtwachter (1905), boswachter (1906).
Son of Henricus Strauven, handwerker (1870), houtkoopman (1905), born ±1838, married Theresia Motmans.
Died 1952/07/05Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1906/04/10Bilzen (Belgium) 1 Henry Jean Georges STRAUVEN
Married Pauline Elise Josephine Spruyt, born 1903/06/17 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1993/04/21 in Bilzen (Belgium), daughter of Pierre Joseph Spruyt, kramer (1895), handelaar (1903), born 1872/08/28 in Tongeren (Belgium), died 1931/03/24 in Diest (Belgium), married 1895/11/16 in Hoeselt (Belgium) Maria Elisabeth Rubbens, born 1874/11/26 in Hoeselt (Belgium).
Died 1979/09/07
Bur. 1979/09/12
Bilzen (Belgium)
Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1907/09/24Waltwilder (Belgium) 2 Jean STRAUVEN
Married Cornelia Vanhees, born 1901/05/14 in Kleine-Spouwen (Belgium), died 1977/04/29 in Genk (Belgium), buried 1977/05/04 in Bilzen (Belgium), daughter of Christiaan Vanhees, landbouwer (1895), handwerker (1901), born 1862/10/31 in Kleine-Spouwen (Belgium),, married 1895/08/30 in Kleine-Spouwen (Belgium) Maria Theresia Bailleux, arbeidster (1895), born 1875/02/26 in Mopertingen (Belgium).
Died 1955/11/13
Bur. 1955/11/16
Bilzen (Belgium)
Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1910/07/03Bilzen (Belgium) 3 Jeanne STRAUVEN
Married Albert Leon Ferdinand Bosch, born 1906/04/17 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1978/05/02 in Bilzen (Belgium), buried 1978/05/06 in Bilzen (Belgium), son of Hubert Bosch, dienstknecht (1893), mijnwerker (1906), born 1860/01/24 in Diepenbeek (Belgium), married 1893/04/19 in Bilzen (Belgium) Ida Josephine Brauns, born 1869/02/25 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 1994/09/12
Bur. 1994/09/17
Bilzen (Belgium)
Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1912/08/01Bilzen (Belgium) 4 Elisa Josephine STRAUVEN Died 1960/07/01Halle-Booienhoven (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1884/09/06Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.2.2-9 Cornelie Hubertine VALKENBORGH
Profession: Servante (1907).
Marr. 1907/10/05Liège (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1883/03/19Waltwilder (Belgium) Guillaume Joseph SCHOUBBEN
Profession: Tailleur d'habits (1907, 1920).
Son of Joannes Remigus Schoubben, handwerker (1880), handwerkman (1883), maçon (1907), born 1851/07/08 in Waltwilder (Belgium), died 1925/09/25 in Waltwilder (Belgium), married 1880/03/31 in Bilzen (Belgium) Elisabeth Melanie Dezael, born 1858/01/16 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1930/09/12 in Waltwilder (Belgium).
Born 1920/01/07Liège (Belgium) 1 Marcel Joseph Jean SCHOUBBEN  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1887/04/12Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.2.2-10 Marie Pauline VALKENBORGH Died 1969/12/24Bilzen (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1908/06/19Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1879/04/17Bilzen (Belgium) Leon Joseph MARTENS
Son of Ludovicus Hubertus Martens, brievendrager (1874), postbode (1879, 1899), born 1842/03/24 in Hasselt (Belgium), died 1899/09/23 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1874/12/29 in Eigenbilzen (Belgium) Anna Mewissen, born 1846/04/01 in Eigenbilzen (Belgium), died 1915/05/07 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 1949/09/02Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1908/12/09Bilzen (Belgium) 1 Josephine Anne Catharine MARTENS
Bilzen (Belgium) 1942/02/14: Married Henri Jozef Roosen, born 1907/07/19 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1983/03/17 in Bilzen (Belgium), buried 1983/03/22 in Bilzen (Belgium), son of Hubertus Henricus Maria Roosen, magazijnier, born 1880/12/19 in Hasselt (Belgium), died 1946/10/03 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1906/09/26 in Diepenbeek (Belgium) Anna Catharina Trouwers, dienstmeid, born 1875/09/08 in Diepenbeek (Belgium), died 1975/05/06 in Hasselt (Belgium).
Died 1974/03/30Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1911/09/23Bilzen (Belgium) 2 André Jean Mathieu MARTENS
Bilzen (Belgium) 1933/04/19: Married Anna Maria Ramaekers, born 1903/01/31 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1996/09/29 in Bilzen (Belgium), daughter of Marcel Joseph Ramakers, landbouwer (1899, 1903), born 1868/02/13 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1940/07/30 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1899/02/08 in Hoeselt (Belgium) Catharina Jehaes, dienstmeid (1899), born 1869/03/13 in Hoeselt (Belgium), died 1945/12/23 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 1970/09/23
Bur. 1970/09/26
Bilzen (Belgium)
Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1915/01/19Bilzen (Belgium) 3 Jeanne Elise Leonie MARTENS Died 1992/06/14
Bur. 1992/06/19
Bilzen (Belgium)
Bilzen (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1818/09/24Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.3 Cornelius VALKENBORG
Profession: Landwerker (1842), herbergier (1843-1878).
Died 1878/02/22Bilzen (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1842/03/30Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1817/03/06Bilzen (Belgium) Maria Ida WAGEMANS
Profession: Handwerkster (1842), herbergierster (1868-1872, 1881), huishoudster (1887, 1898).
Daughter of Élisabeth Wagemans, fileuse (1817), handwerkster (1836), born and baptized 1786/08/30 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1836/11/04 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 1903/01/31Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1843/02/19Bilzen (Belgium) 1 Anna Maria   Marriage
Born 1845/04/01Bilzen (Belgium) 2 Christiaan Albert   Marriage
Born 1847/10/29Bilzen (Belgium) 3 Charles Honoré Died 1849/03/08Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1850/01/15Bilzen (Belgium) 4 Adam Joseph
Profession: Schrijnwerker (1872, 1874).
Died 1874/12/04Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1852/12/17Bilzen (Belgium) 5 Emile Hubert Raphaël   Marriage
Born 1855/07/18Bilzen (Belgium) 6 Maria Elisabeth   Marriage
Born 1858/01/13Bilzen (Belgium) 7 Maria Catharina Died 1867/05/25Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1860/07/04Bilzen (Belgium) 8 Maria Catharina Josephina Died 1862/01/30Bilzen (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1843/02/19Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.3.1 Anna Maria VALKENBORG Died 1874/01/14Bilzen (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1868/07/08Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1841/05/21Bilzen (Belgium) Martin Alphonse NÜSS
Profession: Landbouwer (1868), none (1870, 1872), landbouwer (1874-1876), landbouwer en zangmeester (1877), landbouwer (1879), zangmeester (1887).
Son of Simon Lambert Nuss, handwerker (1829), oliemolenaar (1841), landbouwer (1868), born 1805/09/17 in Hoeselt (Belgium), died 1876/09/23 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1829/07/15 in Bilzen (Belgium) Maria Catharina Stes, landbouwster (1868), born 1794/03/24 in Bilzen, died 1879/12/21 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Bilzen (Belgium) 1877/02/08: Married (2) Anna Maria Pisters, born 1844/02/25 in Borgloon (Belgium), died >1887/09/20, daughter of Jean Pisters, born 1807/03/04 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1863/03/04 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1838/10/13 in Hasselt (Belgium) Anna Josepha Vincent, herbergierster (1877), born 1808/04/20 in Eryée (Belgium), died 1888/02/05 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 1887/09/20Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1862/09/03Bilzen (Belgium) 1 Marie Josephine
Bilzen 1868/07/08: Legitimated.
Born 1868/10/23Bilzen (Belgium) 2 Simon Martin Joseph NÜSS
Profession: Employé (1890).
Liège (Belgium) 1890/05/17: Married Maria Philomena Nüss, couterrière (1890), born 1864/08/28 in Liège (Belgium)., daughter Pierre Jean Nüss, armurier (1864, 1890), born ±1827, married Anne Marie Boni, born ±1822.
Born 1870/03/24Bilzen (Belgium) 3 Marie Ide Albertine NÜSS  
Born 1872/06/26Bilzen (Belgium) 4 Marie Elise Alphonsine NÜSS
Utrecht 1901/07/11: Married Adrianus Gerardus van Mourik, [widower of Sophia Leonora Overwater], spoorwegambtenaar (1901), born ±1862 in Stellendam (ZH), died >1940/10/03, son of Adrianus Jacobus van Mourik, died <1901/07/11, married Pieternella Johanna Braggaar.
Died 1940/10/03Nijmegen (Ge)
Born 1874/01/08Bilzen (Belgium) 5 Marie Helene Josephine NÜSS Died 1874/12/27Bilzen (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1845/04/01Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.3.2 Chrétien Albert VALKENBORG
Profession: Schrijnwerker (1869, 1872), winkelier (1874/01-1874/02), herbergier (1874/12-1877/04), handwerker (1877/10-1886), schrijnwerker (1887), menusier (1894), schrijnwerker (1898), menusier (1900), schrijnwerker (1903).
Died 1911/08/04
Bur. 1911/08/07
Bilzen (Belgium)
Bilzen (Belgium)
Marr. 1869/10/27Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage 1:  
Born 1844/12/02Bilzen (Belgium) Maria Ida THEUNISSEN
Daughter of René Theunissen, landbouwer (1838, 1844, 1869), hovenier (1888), born 1807/07/15 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1888/09/08 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1838/02/01 in Bilzen (Belgium) Anna Elisabeth Vandelaer, landbouwster (1869), born 1816/08/26 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1901/02/16 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 1872/07/02Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1869/09/25Bilzen (Belgium) 1 Cornelius Joseph THEUNISSEN
Bilzen (Belgium) 1869/10/27: Legitimated.
Marr. 1872/11/06Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage 2:  
Born 1843/12/24Bilzen (Belgium) Maria Josephina PALMAERS
Profession: Huishoudster (1903).
Daughter of Antonius Palmaers, hamaker (1827, 1843), zadelmaker (1871), born 1803/08/23 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1871/02/23 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1827/05/03 in Bilzen (Belgium) Anna Catharina Stes, born 1806/03/14 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1871/12/28 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Born 1874/01/13Bilzen (Belgium) 2 Cornelius Joseph Died 1874/02/21Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1874/12/04Bilzen (Belgium) 3 Marie Josephine   Marriage
Born 1877/04/24Bilzen (Belgium) 4 Antonius Emilius Raphaël   Marriage
Born 1880/01/03Bilzen (Belgium) 5 Cornelis Martinus  
Born 1882/03/01Bilzen (Belgium) 6 Marcel Alphonse Died 1883/03/13Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1883/09/20Bilzen (Belgium) 7 Marie Catherine Elise  
Born 1886/06/01Bilzen (Belgium) 8 Maria Ida Albertina  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1869/09/25Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.3.2-1 Cornelius Joseph VALKENBORG
Profession: Domestique (1894), dienstknecht (1897), winkelier (1903).
Marr. 1894/10/13Liège (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1867/10/14Meerssen (Li) Marie Joséphine Hubertine BRUNE
Profession: Servante (1894).
Daughter of Jan Hubert Brune, landbouwer (1865, 1867), boulanger (1894), born 1834/11/03 in Hermée (Belgium), died 1901/02/02 in Meerssen (Li), married 1865/11/25 in Meerssen (Li) Maria Catherina Duijkers, born 1840/12/07 in Meerssen (Li), died 1908/11/02 in Meerssen (Li).
Born 1897/10/06Meerssen (Li) 1 Marie Joseph Albert VALKENBURG  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1874/12/04Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.3.2-3 Marie Josephine VALKENBERG
Profession: Fille de quartier (1900).
Marr. 1900/11/17Liège (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1871/10/20Liège (Belgium) Adam Joseph PFENNINGS
Profession: Ébéniste (1900, 1907).
Son of Balthasar Joseph Pfennings, ébéniste (1869, 1871), born 1831/11/13 in Sittard (Li), died 1897/11/07 in Liège (Belgium), married 1869/06/02 in Liège (Belgium) Anne Catherine Welker, servante (1869), born 1831/08/18 in Venlo (Li), died 1907/10/29 in Liège (Belgium).

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1877/04/24Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.3.2-4 Antoine Emile Raphael VALKENBORG
Profession: Koetsier (1903).
Marr. 1903/08/01Tongeren (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1882/01/19Tongeren (Belgium) Anne Marie SLEGERS
Profession: Modemaakster (1903).
Daughter of Renier Slegers, handwerker (1871, 1882), born 1840/07/23 in Hoeselt (Belgium) married 1871/05/25 in Tongeren (Belgium) Maria Stuyvers, handwerkster (1871), huishoudster (1903), born 1843/06/30 in Tongeren (Belgium).

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1852/12/17Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.3.5 Emiel Hubert Raphaël VALKENBURG
Profession: Verver (1878-1898), huisschilder (1899-1902), verver (1903), huisschilder (1904).
Died 1921/08/01Bilzen (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1881/02/23Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage 1:  
Born 1851/01/13Bilzen (Belgium) Anna Maria SCHILLINGS
Profession: Huishoudster (1895).
Daughter of Pierre Schillings, kleermaker (1836, 1851), herbergier (1871), kleermaker (1880), born 1814/03/02 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1880/07/06 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1836/04/14 in Bilzen (Belgium) Marguerite Lambrechts, born 1814/03/30 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1871/12/15 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 1895/08/25Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1882/01/28Bilzen (Belgium) 1 Ernest Marie Louis André VALKENBORG   Marriage
Born 1884/06/26Bilzen (Belgium) 2 Marie Marguerithe Barbe Alphonsine VALKENBORG  
Born 1886/11/28Bilzen (Belgium) 3 Emilie Elise Louise VALKENBORG   Marriage
Born 1889/12/23Bilzen (Belgium) 4 Victor Antoine Joseph VALKENBORG   Marriage
Born 1893/08/16Bilzen (Belgium) 5 Julien Charles Joseph VALKENBORG   Marriage
Marr. 1898/07/14Mopertingen (Belgium)Marriage 2:  
Born 1870/11/27Neerharen (Belgium) Anna Maria Hendrika BRIERS
Profession: Winkelduchter(?).
Daughter of Alexander Adolf Constant Briers, onderbrigadier douane (1870), gepensionneerd luitenant der douane (1897), born 1829/06/28 in Horst (Li), died 1897/02/26 in Stokkem (Belgium), married 1870/01/07 in Mopertingen (Belgium) Catharina Eleonora Verstraeten, huishoudster (1889), born 1844/08/07 in Zonhoven (Belgium), died 1889/08/06 in Mopertingen (Belgium).
Died 1936/09/18Hasselt (Belgium)
Born 1899/05/12Bilzen (Belgium) 6 Adolphe Marcel Henri VALKENBORG   Marriage
Born 1900/08/20Bilzen (Belgium) 7 Albert Camille Joseph VALKENBORG Died 1902/09/12Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1903/07/20Bilzen (Belgium) 8 Joseph Henri Albert VALKENBORG   Marriage
Born 1904/12/08Bilzen (Belgium) 9 Louis Marie Albert VALKENBORG   Marriage
Born 1908/04/29Bilzen (Belgium) 10 Paul VALKENBORG   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1882/01/28Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.3.5-1 Ernest Marie Louis André VALKENBORG Died 1946/04/01Bilzen (Belgium) Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 1880/05/30Bilzen (Belgium) Stefanie Elisabeth THEUNISSEN
Daughter of Libert Alphonse Theunissen, landbouwer (1880), born 1855/03/24 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1880/03/10 in Bilzen (Belgium) Marie Josephine Elisabeth Vandormael.
Died 1942/07/15Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 19Q1 1 Alice   Marriage
Born 1916/02/29Bilzen (Belgium) 2 Miel   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 19Q1 LNK1.2.2-6.3.5-1.1 Alice VALKENBORG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q1 Maurits GIELEN  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1916/02/29Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.3.5-1.2 Miel VALKENBORG Died 2003/01/27
Bur. 2003/02/01
Bilzen (Belgium)
Bilzen (Belgium)
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 1917/05/19 Maria JORISSEN Died 2010 
  Children: Two children.
Born 19Q2 1 Magda  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1886/11/28Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.3.5-3 Emilie Elise Louise VALKENBORG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born ±1880 Adolphe DELSART  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1889/12/23Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.3.5-4 Victor Antoine Joseph VALKENBORG
Confession: RK. Profession: Ere-secretaris-ontvanger van de K.O.O., beheerder van de N.V. "De Eendracht" Bilzen, oudstrijder oorlogsinvalide 1914-1918, voorzitter kantonale Invalidenafdeling Bilzen.
Died 1965/04/02
Bur. 1965/04/06
Bilzen (Belgium)
Bilzen (Belgium)
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 1889/05/31Bilzen (Belgium) Anne Josephine Petronelle BUNTINX
Daughter of Jean Alphonse Buntinx, handwerker (1874), schaapherder (1889), born 1843/12/30 in Hoeselt (Belgium), married 1874/02/11 in Bilzen (Belgium) Gertrudis Vangertruijden, born 1849/06/04 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 1975/05/29
Bur. 1975/06/02
Bilzen (Belgium)
Bilzen (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1893/08/16Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.3.5-5 Julien Charles Joseph VALKENBORG
Profession: Huisschilder (1922).
Died 1975/12/29Hasselt (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1922/08/05MaastrichtMarriage:  
Born 1901/12/07Maastricht Maria Theresia ERVEN
Daughter of Jan Wilhelmus Erven, schrijnwerker (1891, 1901), rademakersknecht, rademaker, aannemer (1922), born 1863/02/14 in Oud-Valkenburg (Li), died >1942/05/01, married 1891/11/18 in Maastricht Maria Machiels, dienstmeid (1891), born 1859/09/26 in Hees (Belgium).
Died <1975/12/29 
Born 1931/04/13Bilzen (Belgium) 1 Elly Joanna Alfonsina   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1931/04/13Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.3.5-5.1 Elly Joanna Alfonsina VALKENBORG Died 2017/01/16Belgium Father
Marr. 1959/07/30Hasselt (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1928/08/27Bergen op Zoom (NB) Cornelis Dymphina de WAAL
1954/07/29: Married (1) Johanna Anna Goderie, born 1930/07/07 in Roosendaal (NB), died 1955/05/31 in Venlo (Li), daughter of Leonardus Adrianus Marie Goderie, expediteur (1929), born 1902/11/24 in Roosendaal (NB), died 1961/01/29, married 1929/10/07 in Bergen op Zoom (NB) Cornelia Roem, born 1904/01/29 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), died 1932/01/03 in Roosendaal (NB)..
Son of Paulus Adrianus de Waal, schilder (1926, 1945), born 1898/03/03 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), died 1973/01/09 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), married 1926/01/18 in Bergen op Zoom (NB) Johanna Catharina de Bruijn, born 1903/11/17 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), died >1945/07/16.
Died >2017/01/16 
   1 Patricia Carola Cornelia de WAAL   
   2 Chantal Maria Wilhelmina de WAAL   
   3 Guido Jacobus Martinus de WAAL   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1899/05/12Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.3.5-6 Adolphe Marcel Henri VALKENBORG
Confession: RK.
Died 1967/08/20
Bur. 1967/08/24
Bilzen (Belgium)
Bilzen (Belgium)
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 1900/10/28Vlijtingen (Belgium) Maria Louisa Hubertina NOTELAERS
Daughter of Andreas Hubertus Notelaers, winkelier (1897), landbouwer (1900), born 1860/10/14 in Vlijtingen (Belgium), died 1935/10/31 in Vlijtingen (Belgium), married 1897/11/22 Elisabeth Catharina Boelen, landbouwster (1897), born 1875/11/25 in Vlijtingen (Belgium), died 1950/11/02 in Vlijtingen (Belgium).
Died 1968/04/08
Bur. 1968/04/15
Bilzen (Belgium)
Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1930/01/28Bilzen (Belgium) 1 André   Marriage
Born 1932/03/14Bilzen (Belgium) 2 Rik   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1930/01/28Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.3.5-6.1 André VALKENBORG
Profession: Advocaat (advocatenkantoor Valkenborg).
Died 2009/12/09
Bur. 2009/12/19
Tongeren (Belgium)
Bilzen (Belgium)
Marr. 1956Marriage:  
Born 1928/10/04Strijtem (Belgium) Reinhilde HENDRICKX
Daughter of Marcel Herman Hendrickx, born 1899/06/19 in Ulbeek (Belgium), died 1960/02/27 in Bilzen (Belgium), married Leona de Greef, born 1907/08/01 in Attenhoven (Belgium), died 1981/08/19 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Bur. 1990/03/25Hasselt (Belgium)
Born 19Q3 1 Marc   Marriage
Born 19Q3 2 Helga  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 19Q3 LNK1.2.2-6.3.5-6.1.1 Marc VALKENBORG   Father
Born 19Q3 Claudy de GANCK  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1932/03/14Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.3.5-6.2 Rik VALKENBORG Died 1995/05/22
Bur. 1995/05/27
Bilzen (Belgium)
Bilzen (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1903/07/20Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.3.5-8 Joseph Henri Albert VALKENBORG Died 1957/12/23
Bur. 1957/12/30
Hasselt (Belgium)
Bilzen (Belgium)
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 1909/04/17Hoeselt (Belgium) Antoinette GIELEN
Daughter of Pascal Gielen and Crijns.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1904/12/08Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.3.5-9 Louis Marie Albert VALKENBORG
Profession: Onderwijzer St.Jozefscollege in Hasselt.
Died 1991/07/12
Bur. 1991/07/17
Hasselt (Belgium)
Hasselt (Belgium)
Marr. 1935/08/03Marriage:  
Born 1910/08/17Jeuk (Belgium) Marie Idalie PURNAL
Daughter of Hendrik Eustachius Purnal, haammaker (1895), born 1859/08/11 in Jeuk (Belgium), died 1933/11/30, married 1895/08/21 in Heers (Belgium) Emma Josephina Renotte, born 1875/11/07 in Jeuk (Belgium), died 1951/02/14.
Died 2001/10/26
Bur. 2001/10/31
Hasselt (Belgium)
Hasselt (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1908/04/29Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.3.5-10 Paul VALKENBORG
Confession: RK.
Died 1975/12/01
Bur. 1975/12/05
Leuven (Belgium)
Bilzen (Belgium)
Marr. 1936/06/04Marriage:  
Born 1914/08/22Waltwilder (Belgium) Lambertha TILKIN
Daughter of Henricus Tilkin, schoenmakersgust (1898), born 1875/07/29 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1954/05/14 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1898/05/13 in Bilzen (Belgium) Maria Christina Tielen, dienstmeid (1898), born 1873/04/02 in Waltwilder (Belgium), died 1966/04/13 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 2009/05/06Grote-Spouwen (Belgium)
Born 1945/01/07Bilzen (Belgium) 1 Emiel   Marriage
Born 19Q2 2 Cyriel  
Born 19Q2 3 Chris  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1945/01/07Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.3.5-10.1 Emiel VALKENBORG Died 1984/09/29
Bur. 1984/10/04
Bilzen (Belgium)
Bilzen (Belgium)
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q2 Guilaumine CLEUREN Died >1984/09/29 
Born 19Q4 1 Petra  
Born 19Q4 2 Stephen  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1855/07/18Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.3.6 Maria Elisabeth VALKENBORG
Profession: Handwerkster (1887).
Died 1925/04/22
Bur. 1925/04/25
Bilzen (Belgium)
Bilzen (Belgium)
Marr. 1887/03/16Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1851/10/03Bilzen (Belgium) Joannes Josephus DERÉ
Profession: Verver (1887-1898).
Son of Joseph Gaspard Geré, schilder (1839), verver (1851, 1886), born 1807/09/18 in Broeksittard (Li), died 1886/01/16 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1839/04/13 in Bilzen (Belgium) Maria Elisabeth Haenen, huishoudster (1887), born 1816/10/01 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1901/01/01 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Born 1887/12/12Bilzen (Belgium) 1 Maria Josephina Ida DERÉ Died 1924/12/02
Bur. 1924/12/05
Bilzen (Belgium)
Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1889/12/13Bilzen (Belgium) 2 Elisabeth Josephine Jeannette Albertine DERÉ Died 1898/05/15Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1894/06/23Bilzen (Belgium) 3 Jean Arnold Corneille Joseph DERÉ Died 1902/08/24Bilzen (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1823/08/23Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.5 Henricus VALKENBORGH
Profession: Kleermaker (1863-1873), herbergier (1872), kleermaker (1874), herbergier (1875), kleermaker (1877-1886).
Died 1886/06/10Bilzen (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1863/09/30Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1841/03/27Bilzen (Belgium) Elisabeth BAERTEN
Daughter of Joannes Baerten, handwerker (1829, 1841, 1863, 1867), born 1804/01/17 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1867/10/12 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1829/04/29 in Bilzen (Belgium) Maria Elisabeth Mercken, handwerkster (1829, 1863), born 1802/11/16 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1896/03/31 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 1882/10/18Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1864/03/18Bilzen (Belgium) 1 Pierre Joseph Died 1864/07/06Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1865/04/14Bilzen (Belgium) 2 Pierre Jean VALKENBORG   Marriage
Born 1867/11/08Bilzen (Belgium) 3 Marie Anne Died 1867/11/14Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1869/04/02Bilzen (Belgium) 4 Pierre Henri   Marriage
Born 1871/03/24Bilzen (Belgium) 5 Anna Catharina  
Born 1873/05/11Bilzen (Belgium) 6 Theodore François Died 1874/03/20Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1875/07/11Bilzen (Belgium) 7 Pierre Charles   Marriage
Born 1878/02/26Bilzen (Belgium) 8 Maria Elisabeth VALKENBORG  
Born 1881/10/03Bilzen (Belgium) 9 Renier Joseph VALKENBORG Died 1882/04/09Bilzen (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1865/04/14Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.5.2 Pieter Jan VALKENBORG
Profession: Dienstknecht (1886-1899), mijnwerker (1902-1904), handwerker (1905), garçon brasseur (1908). Found dead at 05:45.
Died <=1908/09/29Liège (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1895/01/02Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1868/03/02Munsterbilzen (Belgium) Joanna Elisabeth COLLA
Profession: Dienstmeid (1895).
Daughter of Godefridus Colla, werkman (1865), handwerker (1868), born 1830/06/22 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium), died 1872/03/09 in Waltwilder (Belgium), married 1865/06/03 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium) Maria Joseph Wirix, huishoudster (1895). born 1840/03/24 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium), died 1903/12/11 in Maastricht.
Died >1908/09/29 
Born 1895/02/26Munsterbilzen (Belgium) 1 Hendrik Godefridus Died 1895/03/26Munsterbilzen (Belgium)
Born 1896/02/26Bilzen (Belgium) 2 Godefridus Antonius  
Born 1897/09/05Bilzen (Belgium) 3 Maria Elisabeth  
Born 1899/02/20Bilzen (Belgium) 4 Josephine Anna Died 1899/07/23Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1902/08/26Bilzen (Belgium) 5 Helène Josephine Died 1902/12/09Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1904/12/25Bilzen (Belgium) 6 Jean Pierre Died 1905/05/25Bilzen (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1869/04/02Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.5.4 Petrus Henricus VALKENBORGH
Profession: Dienstknecht (1895), handwerker (1899).
Died 1910/02/26Hoeselt (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1895/10/30Rijkhoven (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1867/09/04Hoeselt (Belgium) Joanna NIJSSEN
Profession: Dienstmeid (1895).
Daughter of Dionisius Nijssen, landbouwer (1854), wachter op de ijzeren weg (1867), spoorwegwachter (1871), born 1825/10/25 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium), died 1871/12/09 in Tongeren (Belgium), married 1854/08/31 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium) Ida Jeurissen, huishoudster (1895), born 1832/10/17 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium).
Born 1899/08/30Hoeselt (Belgium) 1 Maria Elisabeth   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1899/08/30Hoeselt (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.5.4-1 Maria Elisabeth VALKENBORGH Died 1972/02/20's-Herenelderen (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1918/05/18Hoeselt (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1892/06/14's-Herenelderen (Belgium) Pierre LOIX
Son of Wilhelmus Loix, dienstknecht (1880), born 1854/11/04 in 's-Herenelderen (Belgium), died 1931/07/11, married 1880/10/16 in 's-Herenelderen (Belgium) Catharina Doumen, handwerkster (1880), born 1858/05/25 in 's-Herenelderen (Belgium).
Died 1942/11/17Herstal (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1875/07/11Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.5.7 Petrus Karel VALKENBORGH
Profession: Landbouwdienstknecht (1898), koolmijner (1899-1900), werkman (1903-1904), landbouwer (1906).
Died 1952/11/09Genk (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1898/04/27Munsterbilzen (Belgium)Marriage 1:  
Born 1874/12/04Munsterbilzen (Belgium) Helena Catharina BOSCH
Profession: Handwerkster (1898).
Daughter (legitimated 1878/10/26) of Cornelis Bosch, handwerker (1878), boomsnijder (1896), born 1826/08/15 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1896/07/30 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium), married 1878/10/26 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium) Maria Joseph Wirix, huishoudster (1874), werkster (1878), huishoudster (1898), born 1840/03/24 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium), died 1903/12/11 in Maastricht.
Born 1899/04/07Munsterbilzen (Belgium) 1 Jan Hendrik   Marriage
Born 1900/12/03Munsterbilzen (Belgium) 2 Antoon Joseph   Marriage
Born 1903/12/07Munsterbilzen (Belgium) 3 Elisabeth Agnes Died 1904/12/20Munsterbilzen (Belgium)
Born 1906/12/06Munsterbilzen (Belgium) 4 Helena Josephina   Marriage
Born 1909/06/27Munsterbilzen (Belgium) 5 Cornelia   Marriage
Born 1912/06/02Munsterbilzen (Belgium) 6 Elisabeth   Marriage
Born 1915/04/08Munsterbilzen (Belgium) 7 Maria   Marriage
Born 1917/12/21Munsterbilzen (Belgium) 8 Agnes   Marriage
Marr. YesMarriage 2:  
Born 1887/12/21Neeroeteren (Belgium) Aldegondis KOCH
Daughter of Joannes Koch, leurder (1887), dagloner (1898), born ±1844 in Breitenay (Germany), died 1898/04/16 in Neeroeteren (Belgium), married Joanna Gertrudis Bisschops, born 1850/08/12 in Neeroeteren (Belgium), died >1898/04/16.
Died 1969/11/22Bilzen (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1899/04/07Munsterbilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.5.7-1 Jan Hendrik VALKENBORGH Died 1967/12/03Zonhoven (Belgium) Father
Marr. YesMarriage 1:  
Born 1903/06/16Tongeren (Belgium) Anna Josephina LACQUAYE Died 1995/10/01Hasselt (Belgium)
Marr. YesMarriage 2:  
Born 1899/08/21Munsterbilzen (Belgium) Elisa Margaretha DEVILLE
Daughter of Henricus Deville, handwerker (1893, 1899), born 1856/11/30 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium), died 1929/03/19 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium), married 1893/04/10 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium) Joanna Schroeders, ...ster (1893), born 1866/01/24 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium), died 1939/07/30 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium).
Died 1940/08/07Hasselt (Belgium)
Born 1923/08/31Munsterbilzen (Belgium) 1 Jeanne   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1923/08/31Munsterbilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.5.7-1.1 Jeanne VALKENBORGH Died 2014/02/28Hasselt (Belgium) Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 1919/01/05Munsterbilzen (Belgium) Dionisius Augustinus DELLO
Son of Dionisius Dello, handwerker (1902), landbouwer (1919), born 1875/04/14 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium), died 1964/06/22 in Waltwider (Belgium), married 1902/08/08 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium) Joanna Deville, handwerkster (1902), born 1879/11/06 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium), died 1963/04/16 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium).
Died 1981/09/02Munsterbilzen (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1900/12/03Munsterbilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.5.7-2 Antoon Joseph VALKENBORGH Died 1984/02/27
Bur. 1984/03/02
Hasselt (Belgium)
Hasselt (Belgium)
Born 1899/10/14Munsterbilzen (Belgium) Elisabeth DELLO
Daughter of Antonius Dello, handwerker (1880, 1899), born 1850/09/27 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium), died 1938/01/08 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium), married 1880/05/14 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium) Maria Theresia Philomina Huijsmans, dienstmeid (1880), born 1857/04/30 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium), died 1928/02/10 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium).
Died 1981/07/11
Bur. 1981/07/15
Hasselt (Belgium)
Hasselt (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1906/12/06Munsterbilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.5.7-4 Helena Josephina VALKENBORGH Died 1977/01/26
Bur. 1977/01/29
Bilzen (Belgium)
Munsterbilzen (Belgium)
Marr. Munsterbilzen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1902/10/16Bilzen (Belgium) Henri Victor THIJS
Son of Herman Thijs, handwerker (1875), landbouwer (1902), born 1851/12/11 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1925/05/17 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1875/11/17 in Bilzen (Belgium) Margareta Thijs, born 1857/12/11 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1916/04/15 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died >1977/01/26 
   1 Edmond THIJS   
   2 Hélène THIJS   
   3 Henri THIJS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1909/06/27Munsterbilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.5.7-5 Cornelia VALKENBORGH Died 1967/08/28
Bur. 1967/09
Bilzen (Belgium)
Bilzen (Belgium)
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 1904/08/11Bilzen (Belgium) Paul Martin THIJS
Son of Willem Thijs, werkman (1902), handwerker (1904), born 1877/08/08 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1939/03/02 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1902/12/31 in Bilzen (Belgium) Margaretha Martens, born 1876/09/04 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1931/02/05 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 1990/04/10Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1931/08/30Bilzen (Belgium) 1 Willy THIJS Died 2004/07/28
Crem. 2004/08/02
Tongeren (Belgium)
Hasselt (Belgium)
Born 1933/04/30Munsterbilzen (Belgium) 2 Karel THIJS Died 1990/02/20
Bur. 1990/02/24
Genk (Belgium)
Munsterbilzen (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1912/06/02Munsterbilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.5.7-6 Elisabeth Agnes VALKENBORGH
Confession: RK.
Died 1977/08/02
Bur. 1977/08/06
Bilzen (Belgium)
Munsterbilzen (Belgium)
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 1908/08/26Bilzen (Belgium) Guillaume Joseph BROUX Died 1981/08/24
Bur. 1981/08/27
Waltwilder (Belgium)
Munsterbilzen (Belgium)
  Children: Sequence of children is unknown.
   2 Daughter BROUX   
   3 Daughter BROUX   
   6 Daughter BROUX   
   7 Daughter BROUX   
   8 Agnes Josephina BROUX   
   9 Hendrik BROUX   
   10 Paul BROUX   
   11 Pierre BROUX   
   12 Child BROUX   
   13 Child BROUX   
   14 Child BROUX   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1915/04/08Munsterbilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.5.7-7 Maria VALKENBORGH Died 1990/03/22
Bur. 1990/03/26
Genk (Belgium)
Munsterbilzen (Belgium)
Marr. 1937/12/31Munsterbilzen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1912/05/01Eigenbilzen (Belgium) Reinier Joseph MORIAS Died 1992/05/22
Bur. 1992/05/27
Liège (Belgium)
Munsterbilzen (Belgium)
Born 1939/04/23Munsterbilzen (Belgium) 1 Henri MORIAS Died 2014/01/08
Bur. 2014/01/11
Genk (Belgium)
Hoelbeek (Belgium)
Born 1940/04/11Munsterbilzen (Belgium) 2 Charles MORIAS Died 2018/03/20
Crem. 2018/03/28
Genk (Belgium)
Hasselt (Belgium)
Born 19Q2 3 Catharina MORIAS  
Born 1942/12/04Munsterbilzen (Belgium) 4 Edgard MORIAS Died 2005/06/30Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 19Q2 5 Helene MORIAS  
Born 19Q2 6 Lisette MORIAS  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1917/12/21Munsterbilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.5.7-8 Agnes VALKENBORGH Died 1996/09/27
Bur. 1996/10/02
Genk (Belgium)
Munsterbilzen (Belgium)
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 1912/04/01Munsterbilzen (Belgium) Joseph DANIELS Died 1988/04/03
Bur. 1988/04/07
Munsterbilzen (Belgium)
Munsterbilzen (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1826/01/06Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.6 Anna Maria VALKENBORG
Profession: Dienstmeid (1867).
Died 1923/11/30Bilzen (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1867/05/01Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1836/10/22Bilzen (Belgium) Leopold BRAUNS
Profession: Handwerker (1867-1869, 1893).
Son of Andreas Brauns, cordonnier (1814), handwerker (1836, 1842), baptized 1784/02/17 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1842/02/03 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1814/04/14 in Bilzen (Belgium) Maria Ida Dezael, servante (1814), baptized 1793/03/03 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1875/03/03 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 1907/03/17Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1869/02/25Bilzen (Belgium) 1 Ida Josephina BRAUNS
Bilzen (Belgium) 1893/04/19: Married Hubertus Bosch, dienstknecht (1893), born 1860/01/24 in Diepenbeek (Belgium), died 1949/09/28 in Bilzen (Belgium), son of Leonardus Bosch, wagenmaker (1860), rademaker (1862), wagenmaker (1868), born 1819/11/07 in Kleine-Spouwen (Belgium), died 1868/03/12 in Diepenbeek (Belgium), married Anna Maria Hoekx, huishoudster (1862), born ±1824 in Diepenbeek (Belgium), died 1862/11/02 in Diepenbeek (Belgium).

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1832/01/03Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-6.8 Anna Catharina VALKENBORGH
Profession: Herbergierster (1894, 1905).
Marr. 1865/04/19Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1836/02/26Bilzen (Belgium) Jan SCHERPENBERG
Profession: Dienstknecht (1865/04), handwerker (1865/09-1871), herbergier (1894), handwerker (1905).
Son of Gerardus Scherpenborg, handwerker (1832), landbouwer (1836), handwerker (1865), baptized 1798/09/13 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1865/09/18 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1832/10/10 in Bilzen (Belgium) Anna Maria Thijs, handwerkster (1832, 1865), baptized 1806/02/24 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1871/05/17 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 1915/01/05Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1866/06/27Bilzen (Belgium) 1 Gérard SCHERPENBERG
Profession: handwerker (1905).
Bilzen (Belgium) 1905/05/05: Married Elisabeth Plessers, dienstmeid (1905), born 1881/12/28 in Hoeselt (Belgium), died 1928/03/25 in Bilzen (Belgium), daughter of Hendrik Plessers, dagloner (1881), handwerker (1884), born 1840/09/14 in Hoeselt (Belgium), died 1884/05/21 in Hoeselt (Belgium), married Anna Fastré, born 1845/10/16 in Hoeselt (Belgium), died 1895/10/02 in Hoeselt (Belgium).
Born 1870/06/11Bilzen (Belgium) 2 Petrus SCHERPENBERG
Profession: Handwerker (1894).
Hoeselt (Belgium) 1894/10/03: Married Aldegonde Jehaes, huishoudster (1894), born 1870/12/20 in Hoeselt (Belgium), daughter of Henri Jehaes, schoenmaker (1852, 1870, 1885), handwerker (1893), born 1825/03/21 in Hoeselt (Belgium), died 1893/02/25 in Hoeselt (Belgium), married 1852/11/17 in Bilzen (Belgium) Anna Maria Vangertruijden, huishoudster (1885), born 1828/12/04 in Reek-Bilzen (Belgium), died 1885/04/20 in Hoeselt (Belgium).

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1787/03/26Lanaken LNK1.2.2-7 Joannes VALKENBERG
Baptism witnesses: Joannes Vliegen and Anna Elisabetha Valkenberg. Profession: Fuselier (1804-1816), arbeider (1816-1824), brouwersknecht (1827).
Died 1837/06/20's-Hertogenbosch Father
Marr. 1816/05/18's-HertogenboschMarriage:  
Bapt. 1784/10/01's-Hertogenbosch St.Jan-Pieter Anna Gertrudis BESET
Profession: Speldenmaakster (1848), none (1850/05), naaister (1850/08). Baptism: RK, witnesses: Josephus Beset and Anna Gertrudis van Gemert.
Daughter of Antonius Beset, spellemaker (1814), baptized RK 1748/11/25 in 's-Hertogenbosch St.Jacob, died 1814/03/06 in 's-Hertogenbosch, married Christina van Gemert, kantkloster (1816), kantwerkster (1828) baptized RK 1748/11/23 in 's-Hertogenbosch St.Jacob, died 1828/11/20 in 's-Hertogenbosch.
's-Hertogenbosch St.Jan-St.Pieter 1807/11/12: Witness RK baptism of Joannes, son of Joannes Valkenburg and Elisabetha van Hooijdonk.
Died 1864/04/22's-Hertogenbosch
Born 1817/01/15's-Hertogenbosch 1 Hendrikus Lambertus Cornelis Died 1818/09/10's-Hertogenbosch
Born 1818/12/27's-Hertogenbosch 2 Lambertus Servaas   Marriage
Born 1821/12/15's-Hertogenbosch 3 Johanna Elisabeth   Marriage
Born 1824/08/19's-Hertogenbosch 4 Antonius  
Born 1827/03/03's-Hertogenbosch 5 Christina Allegonda   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1818/12/27's-Hertogenbosch LNK1.2.2-7.2 Lambertus Servaas VALKENBERG
Profession: Militair (-1841?), kleermakersknecht (1850, 1852), brandersknecht (1866).
1841: Krijgsraad.
Arrondissementsrechtbank 's-Hertogenbosch 1852/09/16: Sentenced to 2x 1 year for oplichting; bedrog / misbuik van vertrouwen.
Died 1866/06/03Delfshaven (ZH) Father
Marr. 1850/05/11's-HertogenboschMarriage:  
Born 1816/01/20's-Hertogenbosch Elisabeth Johanna HONSINGER
Also called Elizabeth Honzeger and Elizabeth Johanna Hansinger (1893). Profession: Dienster (1838-1841), breister (1841-1850), winkelierster (1874), tapster (1877).
Daughter of Henricus Honsinger, metselaar (1823), baptized RK 1784/10/29 in 's-Hertogenbosch St.Jacob, died 1823/09/09 in 's-Hertogenbosch, married Anna Catharina Mulders, speldenmaakster (1852), baptized RK 1781/09/20 in 's-Hertogenbosch St.Jan-St.Pieter, died 1852/05/15 in 's-Hertogenbosch.
Died 1895/05/06Rotterdam
Born 1838/11/06's-Hertogenbosch 1 Joanna Wilhelmina HONSINGER
's-Hertogenbosch 1850/05/11: Legitimated.
Born 1841/02/25's-Hertogenbosch 2 Josephina HONSINGER
's-Hertogenbosch 1850/05/11: Legitimated.
Born 1848/06/08's-Hertogenbosch 3 Johannes HONSINGER Died 1848/09/26's-Hertogenbosch

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1838/11/06's-Hertogenbosch LNK1.2.2-7.2.1 Joanna Wilhelmina VALKENBERG
Profession: Dienstbode.
Died 1905/12/29Rotterdam Father
Marr. 1877/09/20Delfshaven (ZH)Marriage:  
Born 1844/02/25Breda (NB) Gerardus SOOMERS
Profession: Brandersknecht (1877/09), sjouwer (1877/10), kelderkistenmaker (1908).
Son of Henricus Soomers, stoelmaker (1840), stoeldraaier (1844), baptized RK 1809/07/05 in Breda St.Antonius van Padua (NB), died <1877/09/20, married 1840/09/03 in Breda (NB) Anna Hagenaars, werkster (1840), baptized RK 1810/09/18 in Breda St.Antonius van Padua (NB), died <1877/09/20.
Died 1911/03/21Rotterdam

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1841/02/25's-Hertogenbosch LNK1.2.2-7.2.2 Josephina VALKENBERG
Profession: Winkelierster.
Died 1893/03/02Rotterdam Father
Marr. 1874/04/16Delfshaven (ZH)Marriage:  
Born 1848/09/04Ossendrecht (NB) Petrus Jacobus MUSTERS
Profession: Arbeider (1874/04), brandersknecht (1874/11-1879), los werkman (1893), cementwerker (1897), fabrieksarbeider (1899), los werkman (1903), cafehouder (1904), kastelein (1905).
Son of Jacobus Musters, arbeider (1845, 1848, 1874, 1883), born 1812/03/22 in Ossendrecht (NB), died 1883/12/20 in Ossendrecht (NB), married 1845/04/05 in Ossendrecht (NB) Maria Catharina Verboven, dienstbode (1845), arbeidster (1848), born 1816/01/23 in Huijbergen (NB), 1883/12/28 in Ossendrecht (NB).
Rotterdam 1893/06/21: Married (2) Catharina Elisabeth Goudt born 1832/10/13 in Delfshaven (ZH), died 1899/03/28 in Rotterdam, [widow of Hendrik de Pree, arbeider (1874), born ±1838 in Steenbergen (NB), married 1874/04/16 in Delfshaven (ZH), died 1877/03/30 in Delfshaven (ZH), son of Adriaan de Pree, linnenwever (1832), arbeider (1874), baptized 1810/11/15 in Steenbergen (NB), married 1832/04/19 in Steenbergen (NB) Adriana Bastiaanse, arbeidster (1832), born ±1805 in Steenbergen (NB)], daughter of Dingeman Goudt, brandersknecht (1832), born 1795/08/14 in Delfshaven (ZH), baptized Geref. 1795/08/16 in Delfshaven (ZH), died 1853/04/25 in Delfshaven (ZH), married Catharina Elisabeth Borsboom, born ±1794 in Gorinchem (ZH), died 1883/07/27 in Delfshaven (ZH).
Rotterdam 1903/05/06: Married (3) Elizabeth Catharina Bakker, koffiehuishoudster (1903), winkelierster (1917), born 1858/08/07 in Overschie (ZH), died 1917/03/05 in Schiedam (ZH), daughter of Adrianus Bakker, arbeider (1858), born 1821/07/25 in Overschie (ZH), died 1906/05/13 in Overschie (ZH), married Johanna van der Sman, born 1827/11/10 in Schiebroek (ZH), died 1902/07/11 in Overschie (ZH).
Died >1903/05/06 
Born 1874/11/01Delfshaven (ZH) 1 Jacobus Lambertus MUSTERS
Profession: Modelmaker (1897, 1924).
Rotterdam 1897/02/17: Married (1) Magdalena Johanna Smits, born ±1872 in Rotterdam, daughter of Antonius Smits, los werkman (1897), married Magdalena Johanna Freling.
Rotterdam 1924/01/16: Married (2) Jacoba Cornelia Lindhout, born ±1876 in Bergen op Zoom (NB), died 1960/04/15 in Budel (NB), daughter of Johannes Lindhout, died <1924/01/16, married Cornelia Bartels, died <1924/01/16.
Died 1961/05/29Rotterdam
Born 1876/12/22Delfshaven (ZH) 2 Lambertus Servaes MUSTERS
Profession: Ketelmaker (1899).
Rotterdam 1899/04/26: Married Klazina Willemina Cornelia van der Hoeven, born 1876/10/29 in Delfshaven (ZH), died 1961/05/29 in Rotterdam, daughter of Pieter van der Hoeven, timmerman (1876), born ±1847, died <1899/04/26, married Adriana van Etten.
Died 1962/01/14Delfshaven (ZH)
Born 1879/10/16Delfshaven (ZH) 3 Gerardus MUSTERS
Profession: Broodbakker (1905).
Overschie (ZH) 1905/03/02: Married Adriana Kerklaan, born ±1882 in Overschie (ZH), died >1967/07/17, daughter of Gerardus Leonardus Kerklaan, died <1905/03/02, married Elizabeth Catharina Bakker (see also 3rd wife of her father-in-law).
Died 1967/07/17Rotterdam

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1821/12/15's-Hertogenbosch LNK1.2.2-7.3 Johanna Elisabeth VALKENBERG
Profession: Naaister (1841), breister (1848-1849), naaister (1858).
Died 1882/02/01Haarlem Father
Marr. NoMarriage 1:  
   Name unknown.  
Born 1841/05/27's-Hertogenbosch 1 Antonius
's-Hertogenbosch 1858/10/23: Legitimated at the marriage of his mother and Jan Biemholt Hulscher.
Profession Koffiehuishouder (1883).
Haarlem 1868/01/20: Born Jan Biemholt, legitimated 1871/04/26.
Haarlem 1871/04/26: Married Josephina Cornelia Reijnaars, born ±1844 in 's-Hertogenbosch, died >1883/08/26, daughter of Johannes Reijnaars and Anna Marie Catharina van Dijck.
Died 1883/08/26Haarlem
Born 1843/09/27's-Hertogenbosch 2 Johanna
's-Hertogenbosch 1858/10/23: Legitimated at the marriage of her mother and Jan Biemholt Hulscher.
Died <1882/02/01 
Marr. 1848/09/09's-HertogenboschMarriage 2:Div. 1858/01/10
Div.Reg. 1858/04/29
's-Hertogenbosch RB
Born 1815/10/24Amsterdam Gelmert VEENNEMAN
Profession: Sjouwer (1848-1849), gediend hebbende in 6e regiment infanterie in garnizoen in 's-Hertogenbosch, kolonist (1867).
Son of Johannes Veenneman, died <1848/09/09, married Aeltje Dirks, died <1848/09/09.
When divorced, profession and address unknown.
NB He died as widower of Elisabeth Valkenburg. Coincidentally an Elisabeth, born 1816/05/19 in 's-Gravenhage, died 1847/04/29 in Veenhuizen (Dr)!
Died 1867/03/25Veenhuizen (Dr)
Born 1849/02/27's-Hertogenbosch 3 Christina VEENNEMAN Died 1850/02/06's-Hertogenbosch
Marr. 1858/10/23's-HertogenboschMarriage 3:  
Born 1811/06/30
Bapt. 1811/07/17
Jan Biemholt HULSCHER
Profession: Wachtmeester bij het 3e Regiment Dragonders, living in Zutphen (1858).
Baptism: Geref. Son of Bernardus Hulscher, metselaar (1811), baptized 1773/05/20 in Vreeland (Ut), died 1841/01/27 in Leeuwarden, announced marriage 1800/03/28 in Leeuwarden SB, married Geref. 1800/04/13 in Leeuwarden Rixarda Lucia Bijnholt, born ±1777 in Leeuwarden, died 1859/08/24 in Leeuwarden.
Died 1892/10/19Haarlem

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1827/03/03's-Hertogenbosch LNK1.2.2-7.5 Christina Allegonda VALKENBERG
Profession: Naaister (1850-1875), breister (1883).
Died 1895/08/07's-Hertogenbosch Father
Marr. 1850/08/17's-HertogenboschMarriage:  
Born 1823/12/11Boschcapelle (Ze) Johannes VAAL
Profession: Arbeider (1850-1870), werkman (1873).
Son of Pierre Vaal, ouvrier (1808), werkman (1823, 1832), baptized RK 1777/03/28 in Boschkapelle (Ze), died 1832/04/24 in Boschkapelle (Ze), married 1808/06/25 in Boschkapelle (Ze) Susanna Maas, servante (1808), arbeidster (1841), baptized RK 1782/01/02 in Boschkapelle (Ze), died 1841/01/27 in Boschkapelle (Ze).
Died 1873/08/28Vlissingen (Ze)
Born 1852/01/07's-Hertogenbosch 1 Johannes Gerardus VAAL Died 1856/07/29's-Hertogenbosch
Born 1854/12/07's-Hertogenbosch 2 Elisabeth Antonia VAAL Died 1855/03/23's-Hertogenbosch
Born 1856/03/18's-Hertogenbosch 3 Antonius VAAL Died 1861/02/05's-Hertogenbosch
Born 1858/08/06's-Hertogenbosch 4 Elisabeth VAAL
Profession: Arbeidster (1879).
Died 1879/05/14's-Hertogenbosch
Born 1861/01/20's-Hertogenbosch 5 Gerardus Johannes VAAL Died 1861/11/15's-Hertogenbosch
Born 1862/10/13's-Hertogenbosch 6 Anna Geertruida VAAL
Profession: Naaister (1883).
's-Hertogenbosch 1883/08/18: Married (1) Jacobus Franciscus van Mackelenbergh, boekbinder (1883), magazijnmeester (1903), born 1858/12/10 in 's-Hertogenbosch, died 1903/12/18 in 's-Hertogenbosch, son of Nicolaas Albertus van Mackelenbergh, moutersknecht (1858), born ±1828, died <1883/08/18, married Anna Francisca Vogels, died >1903/12/18.
's-Hertogenbosch 1916/02/19: Married (2) Cornelis Wilhelmus van Nimwegen, tabaksorteerder (1916), born 1866/12/10 in 's-Hertogenbosch, died 1931/11/11 in 's-Hertogenbosch, [widower of Helena van Dulmen], son of Wilhelmus van Nimwegen, smid (1866), born ±1828, died <1916/02/19, married Johanna van den Heuvel.
Died 1942/10/17's-Hertogenbosch
Born 1865/03/16's-Hertogenbosch 7 Petrus Antonius VAAL
Profession: Boekbinder (1889, 1894).
's-Hertogenbosch 1889/08/31: Married Cornelia Henrica Johanna van den Oosten, arbeidster (1889), koopvrouw (1920), born 1867/03/31 in 's-Hertogenbosch, died 1920/01/15 in 's-Hertogenbosch, daughter of Gerrit van den Oosten, died <1889/08/31, married Maria Elisabeth Klijn, arbeidster (1889).
's-Hertogenbosch 1894/08/11: Born Elisabeth Maria Vaal.
Died 1924/11/11's-Hertogenbosch
Born 1866/12/28's-Hertogenbosch 8 Susanna Johanna VAAL Died 1868/08/18's-Hertogenbosch
Born 1869/03/23's-Hertogenbosch 9 Johannes Lambertus VAAL Died 1875/12/03's-Hertogenbosch
Born 1870/11/17Koudekerke (Ze) 10 Judokus VAAL
Profession: Boekbinder (1892).
Died 1892/02/26's-Hertogenbosch

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1799/09/20Lanaken LNK1.2.2-10 Hendrik VALKENBERG
Baptism witnesses: Petrus Valkenberg and Sophia Vliegen. Profession: Dienstknecht (1823), handwerker (1824-1872).
Died 1883/11/22Bilzen (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1823/11/27Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Bapt. 1795/06/21Bilzen (Belgium) Maria Catharina SMEETS
Profession: Pinneers(?) (1821), handwerkster (1860).
Daughter of Ludovicus Smeets, baptized 1756/05/01 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1795/11/07 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1786/11/16 in Bilzen (Belgium) Maria Dellens/Dessens, baptized 1761/11/26 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1801 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 1872/02/23Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1821/08/20Bilzen (Belgium) 1 Henricus SMEETS
1823/11/27: Legitimated. Profession: Handwerker (1860, 1883, 1897).
Died 1897/12/01Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1824/04/27Bilzen (Belgium) 2 Anna Maria   Marriage
Born 1826/02/16Bilzen (Belgium) 3 Aldegondis  
Born 1828/01/23Bilzen (Belgium) 4 Lodewijk Died 1832/04/30Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1830/04/22Bilzen (Belgium) 5 Catharina Died 1832/03/01Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1833/01/10Bilzen (Belgium) 6 Cornelius   Marriage
Born 1835/05/21Bilzen (Belgium) 7 Ludovicus Died 1837/02/27Bilzen (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1824/04/27Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-10.2 Anna Maria VALKENBERG Died 1906/07/30Bilzen (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1862/07/23Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1810/01/04Maaseik (Belgium) Leonard WEYERS
Profession: Schoenmaker (1845, 1862-1866).
Widower of Elisabeth Claesen, born 1817/02/10 in Hoelbeek (Belgium), died 1845/07/06 in Bilzen (Belgium), daughter (legitimated 1821/08/18) of Petrus Claesen, daghuurder (1841), born 1767/11/29 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1841/11/19 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium), married 1821/08/18 in Hoelbeek (Belgium) Maria Agnes Coenen, born 1792/03/27 in Waltwilder (Belgium), died 1868/06/18 in Munsterbilzen (Belgium).
Widower of Maria Joseph Biesmans, huishoudster (1845), born 1794/07/25 in Martenslinde (Belgium), married 1845/11/18 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1862/02/12 in Bilzen (Belgium), daughter of Joannes Biesmans, baptized 1748/01/05 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1835/05/16 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1781/01/14 in Bilzen (Belgium) Maria Josepha Bergmans, born ±1756, died 1821/02/24 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Son of Arnold Weyers, marechal ferrant (1810), hoefsmid (1848), born ±1784 in Opitter (Belgium), died 1848/01/03 in Maaseik (Belgium), married Catharina Vranken, baptized 1781/09/20 in Echt (Li), died 1857/01/18 in Maaseik (Belgium).
Died 1885/11/30Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1859/04/09Bilzen (Belgium) 1 Maria Catharina Died 1861/11/02Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1864/03/04Bilzen (Belgium) 2 Henri Joseph WEYERS  
Born 1866/05/04Bilzen (Belgium) 3 Anna Maria WEYERS
Bilzen (Belgium) 1890/11/05: Married Jacobus Joannes Petrus Hamal, handwerker (1890), born 1868/06/05 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1946/08/15 in Bilzen (Belgium), son of Joannes Hamal, houtzager (1863, 1868), handwerker (1876), houtzager (1880), born 1827/02/10 in Waltwilder (Belgium), died 1880/05/08 in Bilzen (Belgium), married 1863/12/02 in Bilzen (Belgium) Elisabeth Nijssen, born 1837/10/20 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1876/03/14 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 1929/01/03Bilzen (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1833/01/10Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-10.6 Cornelius VALKENBORG
Profession: Handwerker (1860-1879), mandenmaker (1889-1903).
Died >1903/01/12  Father
Marr. 1860/09/19Bilzen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1841/03/12Bilzen (Belgium) Philomena SMEETS
Daughter of Maria Catharina Smeets, handwerkster (1841), born 1800/01/27 in Bilzen (Belgium), died 1870/02/18 in Bilzen (Belgium).
Died 1903/01/12Antwerpen (Belgium)
Born 1861/06/22Bilzen (Belgium) 1 Catharina  
Born 1863/02/26Bilzen (Belgium) 2 Maria   Marriage
Born 1864/12/13Bilzen (Belgium) 3 Henricus Cornelius  
Born 1866/11/07Bilzen (Belgium) 4 Philomena   Marriage
Born 1869/09/19Bilzen (Belgium) 5 Hubertine   Marriage
Born 1871/03/07Bilzen (Belgium) 6 Petrus Josephus  
Born 1873/04/18Bilzen (Belgium) 7 Pauline Died 1874/04/15Bilzen (Belgium)
Born 1875/02/13Bilzen (Belgium) 8 Martinus  
Born 1877/08/14Bilzen (Belgium) 9 Maria Joanna Helena   Marriage
Born 1879/08/09Bilzen (Belgium) 10 Gertrudis Died 1879/08/16Bilzen (Belgium)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1863/02/26Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-10.6.2 Maria VALKENBORG
Profession: Dienstmeid (1888), arbeidster (1889).
Marr. 1889/06/06Antwerpen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1867/06/05Sint-Niklaas (Belgium) Joannes Baptista VERBEKE
Profession: Stoker (1889).
Son of Petrus Leopoldus Verbeke, soldaat bij het 11e linieregiment (1867), arbeider (1889), born ±1833, died >1883/07/09, married Cornelia Van der Veecken, born 1836/04/10 in Hoboken (Belgium), died 1883/07/09 in Antwerpen (Belgium).
Born 1888/02/22Antwerpen (Belgium) 1 Philomena
Antwerpen (Belgium) 1889/07/16: Legitimated.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1866/11/07Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-10.6.4 Philomena VALKENBORG
Profession: Dienstmeid (1890).
Marr. 1890/08/30Antwerpen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1869/10/22Antwerpen (Belgium) Petrus Franciscus Van de WEYER
Profession: Arbeider (1890-1900), dokwerker (1904).
Son of Carolus Van de Weyer, suikerbakkersgast (1869), born ±1831, died <1890/08/30, married Maria Vets, herbergierster (1890), born ±1828 in Antwerpen (Belgium).
Born 1890/04/06Antwerpen (Belgium) 1 Anna Catharina VALKENBERG
Antwerpen (Belgium) 1890/08/30: Legitimated.
Born 1891/07/29Antwerpen (Belgium) 2 Anna Maria Van de WEYER
1934/03/17: Requested to get back Belgian citizenship.
Born 1896/10/25Antwerpen (Belgium) 3 Adrianus Albertus Van de WEYER  
Born 1897/11/25Antwerpen (Belgium) 4 Henricus Cornelius Van de WEYER  
Born 1900/04/08Antwerpen (Belgium) 5 Maria Paulina Van de WEYER  
Born 1904/12/12Antwerpen (Belgium) 6 Joannes Van de WEYER  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1869/09/19Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-10.6.5 Hubertina VALKENBORG
Profession: Arbeidster (1894).
Marr. 1894/04/19Antwerpen (Belgium)Marriage:  
Born 1869/07/02Balegem (Belgium) Polydorus LENAERT
Profession: Arbeider (1894).
Son (legitimated 1879/12/03 in Bavegem (Belgium)) of Augustinus Lenaert, dienstbode (1879), brouwersgast (1894), born 1857/06/08 in Bavegem (Belgium), married 1879/12/03 in Balegem (Belgium) Maria Theresia Van den Berghe, bloommaakster (?) (1869), naaister (1879), born 1849/01/10 in Balegem (Belgium).

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1877/08/14Bilzen (Belgium) LNK1.2.2-10.6.9 Maria Joanna Helena VALKENBORG
Profession: Dienstmeid (1899).
Marr. NoMarriage:  
   Name unknown.  
Born 1896/11/04Antwerpen (Belgium) 1 Leopoldus  
Born 1899/09/12Antwerpen (Belgium) 2 Maria  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1747/07/21
Smeermaas (Belgium)
Baptism witnesses: Joannes Valckenborgh and Anna Catharina Jonghen.
Gorinchem (ZH) 1795/11/08: Witness RK marriage of Jacobus Jans and Elisabetha Bronkhorst.
Zaltbommel (Ge) 1796/01/11: Witness baptism of Hermanus, son of Joannis Lilleè and Gertrudis Valkenburg.
Gorinchem (ZH) 1799/10/22: Witness RK baptism of Aegidius, son of Joannes Lile and Gertrudis Valkenberg.
Gorinchem (ZH) 1801/03/16: Witness RK baptism of Helena Elisabeth, daughter of Joannes Lille and Gertrudis Valkenbergh.
Gorinchem (ZH) 1802/06/03: Witness RK baptism of Maria Gertrudis, daughter of Joannes Lille and Gertrudis Valkenbergh.
Gorinchem (ZH) 1808/10/09: Witness RK baptism of Antonius, son of Joannes Lille and Gertrudis Valkenbergh.
Died 1809/11/18Gorinchem (ZH) Father
Marr. 1772/01/07LanakenMarriage 1:  
Born 17Q2 Helena Gertrudis van den HEUVEL
Confession: RK. Died note: Prae morbo hydropico triennali.
Died 1794/04/08Gameren (Ge)
Bapt. 1772/03/20
Smeermaas (Belgium)
1 Maria Gertrudis
Baptism witnesses: Cornelius Valckenborgh and Sibilia Susteren.
Bapt. 1773/10/27
Smeermaas (Belgium)
2 Maria Sibila
Baptism witnesses: Petrus Regaert and Marie Valckenborgh.
Marr. 1795/11/08Gorinchem (ZH)Marriage 2:  
Born ±1761Arkel (ZH) Christina Elisabetha CLAAS
Marriage: RK, witness: Fredericus Bronkhorst.
Gorinchem (ZH) 1795/11/08: Witness RK marriage of Jacobus Jans and Elisabetha Bronkhorst.
Zaltbommel (Ge) 1796/01/11: Witness RK baptism of Hermanus, son of Joannis Lilleè and Gertrudis Valkenburg.
Zaltbommel (Ge) 1797/05/16: Witness RK baptism of Aegidius, son of Joannes Lilé and Gertrudis Valkenburg.
Gorinchem (ZH) 1802/06/03: Witness baptism of Maria Gertrudis, daughter of Joannes Lille and Gertrudis Valkenburg.
Gorinchem (ZH) 1808/10/09: Witness RK baptism of Antonius, son of Joannes Lille and Gertrudis Valkenbergh.
Died >1813/09/15 
Bapt. 1796/09/09Gorinchem (ZH) 3 Joannes VALKENBERGH
Baptism: RK, witness: Petrus Claes.
Bur. 1797/01/16Gorinchem (ZH)
Bapt. 1801/03/01Gorinchem (ZH) 4 Cornelia VALKENBERGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Lambertus Claes and Gertrudis Valkenbergh.
Bur. 1801/03/04Gorinchem (ZH)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1772/03/20
Smeermaas (Belgium)
LNK1.2.3-1 Gertrudis VALKENBURG
Also called Maria Geertruida (1832). Baptism witnesses: Cornelius Valckenborgh and Sibilia Susteren. Profession: Zadelmaakster (1833).
Gorinchem (ZH) 1801/03/01: Witness RK baptism of Cornelia, daughter of Aegidius Valkenbergh and Elisabetha Claes.
Died 1840/04/07Gorinchem (ZH) Father
Marr. 1795/04/16Zaltbommel (Ge)Marriage:  
Bapt. 1760/03/24Liège (Belgium) Joannes LILLÈ
Also called Joannes Ludovicus Delille (1760), Jan Lelie (1815, 1832, 1833, 1837, 1840), Johannes Lelie (1859), Lelij (1883). Marriage: RK, witnesses: Jacobus and Petronella van Deijsen. Profession: Zadelmaker (1812-1832).
Died 1832/10/28Gorinchem (ZH)
Bapt. 1796/01/11Zaltbommel (Ge) 1 Hermanus LELIE
Baptism: RK, witness: Aegidius Valkenburg and his wife, on behalf of Margarita Pansier. Profession: Zadelmaker (1879).
Gorinchem (ZH) 1815/06/29: Married Cornelia Havenaar, born ±1794 in Gorinchem (ZH), daughter of Christoffel Havenaar, died >1814/05/30, married Wijna van den Heuvel, born ±1755, died 1814/05/30 in Gorinchem (ZH).
Died 1879/01/14Gorinchem (ZH)
Bapt. 1797/05/16Zaltbommel (Ge) 2 Aegidius LIELÉ
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Aegidius Valkenburg and Elisabeth Claas, on behalf of Catharina Stulps.
Bur. 1797/09/13Gameren (Ge)
Bapt. 1799/10/22Gorinchem (ZH) 3 Aegidius LILE
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Aegidius Valkenberg and Elisabeth Claas.
Bur. 1799/12/04Gorinchem (ZH)
Bapt. 1801/03/16Gorinchem (ZH) 4 Helena Elisabeth LILLE
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Aegidius Valkenbergh and Wilhelmina Luijben. Profession: Dienstbaar (1831).
Dordrecht (ZH) 1831/05/11: Married Niklaas van Dijl, arbeider (NM), winkelknecht (1831), winkelier (1859), born 1806/04/09 in Dordrecht (ZH), baptized 1806/04/16 in Dordrecht (ZH), son of Gerrit van Dijl, pakhuisknecht (1831), baptized Geref. 1767/01/24 in Dordrecht (ZH), married Hendrika de Rek, born ±1777.
Died 1859/04/22Dordrecht (ZH)
Bapt. 1802/06/03Gorinchem (ZH) 5 Maria Gertrudis LILLE
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Aegidius Valkenbergh and Elisabetha Claes.
Dordrecht (ZH) 1826/11/15: Married Gottlieb Friederich Schuler, slager (1826), born 1801/03/02 in Heimsheim (Germany), died <1853/09/21, son of Andreas Schuler, born 1772/01/08, died 1819/10/13 in Heimsheim (Germany), buried 1819/10/16, married Anna Maria Bär, slachtvrouw (1826) in Heimsheim (Germany), born ±1779.
Died 1853/09/21Dordrecht (ZH)
Bapt. 1804/10/29
Gorinchem (ZH)
Gorinchem (ZH)
6 Aegidius LILLE
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Aegidius Valkenbergh and Elisabeth Claas. Profession: Zadelmaker (1827, 1859).
Gorinchem (ZH) 1827/06/07: Married Helena Maria Havermans, naaister (1827), baptized RK 1808/04/29 in Gorinchem (ZH), died >1859/08/20, daughter of Jacobus Havermans, koperslager (1814), born ±1762 in Gorinchem (ZH), died 1814/02/11 in Gorinchem (ZH), married Henrica van Wankum, buried 1810/11/27 in Arkel (ZH).
Died 1859/08/20Gorinchem (ZH)
Born 1806/07/11Gorinchem (ZH) 7 Johannes LELIE
Profession: Zadelmaker (1833, 1838, 1840, 1848, 1859).
Leiden (ZH) 1833/05/23: Married (1) Hendrica Brittijn, naaister (1833), born 1808/09/11 in Leiden (ZH), died 1838/01/26 in Schoonhoven (ZH), daughter of Nicolaas Brittijn, schoenmaker (1833, 1838), married Frederica Focks, died 1812/11/01 in Leiden (ZH).
Haastrecht (ZH) 1840/11/12: Married (2) Gertrudis Honselaar, baptized RK 1802/02/20 in Haastrecht (ZH), died 1848/06/06 in Schoonhoven (ZH), daughter of Gerrit Honselaar, died <1840/11/12, married Catharina Deele, died <1840/11/12.
Rotterdam 1859/03/23: Married (3) Maria Colijn, koffiezetster (1859), born ±1797 in Dordrecht (ZH), died <1883/05/25, daughter of Teunis Colijn and Adriana Holleman.
Died 1883/05/25Rotterdam
Bapt. 1808/10/09Gorinchem (ZH) 8 Antonius LILLE
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Aegidius Valkenbergh and Elisabeth Claas. Profession: Schoenmaker, zadelmaker (1844, 1885).
Gorinchem (ZH) 1844/01/27: Married Maria van Dijl, born 1814/05/09 in Dordrecht (ZH), died >1885/07/11, daughter of Gerrit van Dijl, metselaar (1814), born ±1766 in Dordrecht (ZH), died 1836/02/26 in Dordrecht (ZH), married Hendrika de Rek, born ±1771 in Dordrecht, died 1837/11/01 in Dordrecht (ZH).
Died 1885/07/11Gorinchem (ZH)
Born 1812/03/16
Bapt. 1812/03/16
Gorinchem (ZH)
Gorinchem (ZH)
9 Johannes LEELIE
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Hermannus Lille and Anna Coshooz. Profession: Schoenmaker (1837, 1870).
Gorinchem (ZH) 1837/07/08: Married Catharina Grootenboer, baptized RK 1803/09/12 in Breda (NB), died <1898/04/14, [widow of Johannes Dirks, kleermaker (1833), born ±1794 in Breda (NB), died 1833/11/29 in Breda (NB), son of Bernardus Dirks, died <1833/11/29, married Wilhelmina van Dorst, died 1833/11/29], daughter of Arij Grootenboer, died 1833/07/04 in Breda (NB), married Cornelia van Eggermont.
Nijmegen (Ge) 1835/12/08: Born Geertruida Maria, legitimated 1837/07/08.
Gorinchem (Ge) 1837/01/29: Born Helena Catharina, legitimated 1837/07/08.
Died 1898/04/14Rotterdam

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born ±1718?Lanaken LNK1.3 Marie VALCKENBORGH
Lanaken 1744/05/18: Witness baptism of Joannes, son of Cornelius Valckenborgh and Gertrudis Jongen.
Maastricht St.Catharina 1752/02/09: Witness RK baptism of Maria Catharina, daughter of Nicolaus Boums and Elisabeth Ante (other witness: Adam B...)
Lanaken 1754/07/19: Witness baptism of Anna Elisabeth, daughter of Joannes Valckenborgh and Elisabeth Smets.
Lanaken 1773/10/27: Witness baptism of Marie Sibilia, daughter of Egidius Valckenborgh and Helena Gertrudis van den Heuvel.
Lanaken 1774/08/20: Witness (as Marie Cornelia) baptism of Marie Gertrudis, daughter of Joannes Valckenborgh and Johanna Maria Rutten,
Marr. NoMarriage 1:  
   Name unknown.  
Bapt. 1743/06/23Lanaken 1 Maria
Baptism witnesses: Wilhelmus van Aldenhoven and Elisabeth Anten.
Ann. 1748/03/29
Marr. 1748/04/15
Maastricht St.Jan
Maastricht St.Jan
Marriage 2:  
Bapt. 1720/05/01Tilburg (NB) Jacobus SPABUSS
Marriage (announcement): Geref.
Marriage: Geref., witnesses: Cornelius Spabus and Elisabetha Anten. Profession: Sold. in de comp. van de heer generaal-majoor Rouse. Baptism: RK: witness: Maria Cornelis Spape, on behalf of Anna Antonis Spape. Son of Adrianus Dirck Spape and Catharina Peter Bosschers.
Died <1750/04/17 
Ann. 1750/04/17
Marr. 1750/05/03
Maastricht St.Jan
Maastricht St.Catharina
Marriage 3:  
Bapt. 1722/06/04Maastricht Barthelomeus BRANDT
Marriage announcement: Geref. Marriare: RK, witnesses: Gaspar Brants, Catharina Roudolffs, and Angelus Bungeners.
Profession: Grenadier in de comp. van de heer colonel commandant van Salis.
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Bonnihanne and Maria Catharina Chandilion. Son of Joannes Brant and Aleijdis .....

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1720/10/04Lanaken LNK1.4 Agnes VALCKEBORCH
Baptism witnesses: Joannes Anten and Marie Anten. Profession: Ouvrière.
Died 1795/10/24Neerharen (Belgium) Father
Marr. 1744/10/18LanakenMarriage:  
Bapt. 1707/05/08
Itteren (Li)
Martinus BECKERS
Baptism witnesses: Mart B..... and Agnes S.... Son of Joannes Beckers and Margareta Scholkens.
Died 1804/08/02
Bur. 1804/08/04
Neerharen (Belgium)
Neerharen (Belgium)
Bapt. 1743/03/28Lanaken 1 Martinus VALCKENBORGHS
Baptism witnesses: Joannes Valckenborgh and Gertrudis Jonghen.
Bapt. 1745/06/11Neerharen (Belgium) 2 Maria Elisabeth BECKERS  
Born ±1747Neerharen (Belgium) 3 Martinus BECKERS Died 1798/04/10Neerharen (Belgium)
Bapt. 1749/02/18Neerharen (Belgium) 4 Petrus BECKERS  
Bapt. 1751/03/01Neerharen (Belgium) 5 Joannes BECKERS
Neerharen (Belgium) 1797/02/18: Married Elisabeth Vanderhaegen, baptized 1758/05/18 in Neerharen (Belgium), died 1815/01/16 in Neerharen (Belgium).
Died 1814/01/11Neerharen (Belgium)
Bapt. 1753/12/29Neerharen (Belgium) 6 Henricus BECKERS
Profession: Journalier (1804), landbouwer (1821).
Neerharen (Belgium) 1782/12/30: Married Maria Catharina Massotten, landbouwster (1822), baptized 1745/05/05 in Neerharen (Belgium), died 1822/12/21 in Neerharen (Belgium), daughter of Michael Massotten, baptized 1715/10/31 in Zepperen (Belgium), died 1781/10/05 in Neerharen (Belgium), married 1744/04/21 in Neerharen (Belgium) Elisabeth Gijbels, baptized 1702/10/04 in Neerharen (Belgium), died 1783/08/10 in Neerharen (Belgium).
Died 1821/06/18Neerharen (Belgium)
Bapt. 1756/07/18Neerharen (Belgium) 7 Maria Helena BECKERS
±1782: Born Jean Franssen, laboureur (1811).
Died 1811/07/23Neerharen (Belgium)
Bapt. 1759/06/18Neerharen (Belgium) 8 Mathias BECKERS
Cultivateur (1811, 1834).
Found dead in a lake.
Died 1834/05/30Neerharen (Belgium)
Bapt. 1764/04/27Neerharen (Belgium) 9 Joanna BECKERS  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1727/06/29Lanaken LNK1.6 Mathijs VALKENBORG
Baptism witnesses: Henricus Vandehoeven and Catharina Anten. Profession: Soldaat in het regiment en de compagnie van generaal majoor la Riviere (1748), gerechtsbode (1782).
Lanaken 1750/09/15: Witness baptism of Matheus, son of Cornelius Valckenborgh and Johanna Dassen.
Died 1782/01/27
Bur. 1782/01/29
Maasniel (Li)
Maasniel (Li)
Ann. 1748/12/29
Marr. 1749/01/12
Venlo (Li)
Venlo St.Martinus (Li)
Born 17Q2Roermond (Li) Maria THOMASSEN
Also called Maria Anna Thonissen. Marriage announcement: Geref. Marriage: RK, witnesses: Andreas Olislaegers and Albertus Pieters.
Bapt. 1752/12/18Lanaken 1 Maria Elisabeth VALCKENBORGH
Baptism witnesses: Joannes Valckenborgh and Johanna Dassen.
Lanaken 1773/10/27: Witness baptism of Marie Sibilia, daughter of Egidius Valckenborgh and Helena Gertrudis Vandenheuvel.
Bapt. 1755/02/05Maasniel (Li) 2 Elisabetha FALCKENBOURGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Gerardus van Dael and Catharina Thomassen.
Died 1755/07/21Maasniel (Li)
Born 1756/06/01Maasniel (Li) 3 Joannes FALCKENBERG
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Timermans and Gertrudis Tomassen.
Died 1759/12/26Maasniel (Li)
Bapt. 1759/07/27Maasniel (Li) 4 Anna Elisabetha VALCKENBOURGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Josephus Timermans and Anna Thomassen.
Bapt. 1764/11/15Maasniel (Li) 5 Anna Gertrudis VALCKENBORGH
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Andreas aen de Heij and Joanna Simons.
Died 1771/01/08Maasniel (Li)

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