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The Valkenburg Families

Pedigree Roermond, Limburg

Last update: 2023/07/15


This genealogy is based on information on the marriages and children of the male Valkenburgs collected in the third quarter of the 20th century by Mr. R. van Valkenburg in the third quarter of the 20th century. I have checked and corrected the data collected by him, and added data on children unknown to him, the marriages and children of the female Valkenburgs, the parents-in-law, and replaced the single general profession by the professions as mentioned in the Burgerlijke Stand.

Pedigree Roermond, Limburg

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 17Q3Brussel (Belgium)? RM Maria Helena VALKENBORG
According to a family tradition, she is a daughter of a lakenkoopman in Brussel. However, more likely is her being Maria Helena Valckenborgh, baptized RK 1761/05/16 in Wessem (Li). The baptism witness of her daughter Elisabeth, baptized 1785/07/19 in Roermond, could then be her sister Maria Elisabeth Valckenborgh, baptized 1748/11/01 in Wessem (Li).
Marr. NoMarriage:  
   Name unknown.  
Bapt. 1785/07/19Roermond St.Christoffel 1 Elisabeth
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Gasman and Maria Elisabeth Valckenborg.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Bapt. 1785/07/19Roermond St.Christoffel RM.1 Elisabeth VALKENBORG
Also called Marie Elisabeth (1815) and Maria Elisabeth (1842, 1895). Baptism: RK, witnesses: Joannes Gasman and Maria Elisabeth Valckenborg. Profession: Strekster (1824), naaister (1842).
Died 1883/03/18Roermond Mother
Marr. NoMarriage:  
   Name unknown.  
Born 1815/01/21
Bapt. 1815/01/21
1 Henri Hubert
Baptism witnesses: Joannes Puts and Joanna van Maeswinckel.
Born 1824/03/09Roermond 2 Stillborn son  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1815/01/21
Bapt. 1815/01/21
RM.1.1 Hendrikus Hubert VALKENBORG
Baptism witnesses: Joannes Puts and Joanna van Maeswinckel. Profession: Schoolonderwijzer (1842-1843), onderwijzer (1847-1856), schoolmeester (1886).
Died 1895/10/29Roermond Mother
Marr. 1842/02/04RoermondMarriage:  
Born 1813/12/18
Bapt. 1813/12/19
Horn (Li)
Horn (Li)
Gertrudis CREMERS
Baptism: RK, witnesses: Henricus Lunenborg and Maria Josepha Cremers. Profession: Naaister (1842).
Daughter of Theodore Creemers, journalier (1810), mercenarius (1817), dagloner (1842), baptized RK 1783/06/16 in Horn (Li), died 1858/01/10 in Horn (Li), married 1810/10/14 in Roermond Sophie Aelen, born 1785/10/23 in Maasniel (Li), baptized RK 1783/10/24 in Maasniel (Li), died 1817/12/12 in Horn (Li).
Died 1896/02/09Roermond
Born 1842/05/02Roermond 1 Maria Elisabeth VALKENBURG
Profession: Dienstbode (Amsterdam: 1888-1899), huishoudster (Amsterdam: 1900-1905), dienstbode (Amsterdam: 1907).
Born 1843/12/16Roermond 2 Theodorus Hubertus VALKENBURG   Marriage
Born 1847/01/26Roermond 3 Hendrik Mathijs Hubert VALKENBURG   Marriage
Born 1849/09/09Roermond 4 Sophia Hubertina VALKENBURG   Marriage
Born 1853/02/14Roermond 5 Gertrudis Hubertina VALKENBURG   Marriage
Born 1856/09/24Roermond 6 Petronella Hubertina VALKENBURG Died 1910/03/26Roermond

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1843/12/16Roermond RM.1.1-2 Theodorus Hubertus VALKENBURG
Profession: Kleermaker (1876-1921).
Maasniel (Li) 1889/12/21: Deling tussen Jacob Bremmers te Maasniel; Hubert Valkenburg te Roermond, man van Catharina Bremmers; Gerard Ramakers te Swalmen, man van Ida Bremmers; Pieter Bremmers en Hendrik Bremmers, beiden wonend te Leeuwen onder Maasniel, van de nalatenschap van hun ouders Andries Bremmers en Gertrudis Bremmers, te weten onder Leeuwen gelegen huis en tuin t.w.v. fl 700,-.
Died 1925/01/26
Marr. 1876/06/06RoermondMarriage 1:  
Born 1847/07/13Maasniel (Li) Anna Catharina Hubertina BREMMERS
Profession: Dienstmeid (1876).
Daughter of Andreas Hubertus Bremmers, dienstknecht (1843), dagloner (1847), landbouwer (1874), born 1812/10/21 in Maasniel (Li), died 1874/04/25 in Maasniel (Li), married 1843/11/04 in Maasniel (Li) Anna Gertrudis Bremmers, landbouwster (1876, 1887), born 1817/11/29 in Maasniel (Li), died 1887/05/25 in Maasniel (Li).
Maasniel (Li) 1889/12/21: Split of inheritance of Andreas Bremmers and Gertrudis Bremmers, i.c. a house with garden near Leeuwen with a value of Dfl 700.
Died 1890/08/06Roermond
Born 1880/03/24Roermond 1 Hendrik Hubert   Marriage
Born 1883/07/23Roermond 2 Andreas Jacobus   Marriage
Marr. 1891/01/13RoermondMarriage 2:  
Born 1861/09/20Linne (Li) Maria Hubertina Agnes SLANGEN
Profession: Dienstbode (1891).
Daughter of Jan Mathis Hubert Slangen, landbouwer (1861), born ±1833, died <1891/01/13, married Gertrudis Kreutzer, landbouwster (1891).
Died 1931/12/26
Heel en Panheel (Li)
Born 1891/10/03Roermond 3 Maria Hubertina Gertrudis   Marriage
Born 1893/02/26Roermond 4 Lodewijk Hubertus Theodorus   Marriage
Born 1894/10/05Roermond 5 Leontine Gertrudis Hubertina   Marriage
Born 1895/12/20Roermond 6 Margaretha Anna Hubertina
Confession: RK.
Born 1897/11/20Roermond 7 Mathias Hubertus Died 1898/07/24Roermond
Born 1899/05/18Roermond 8 Petrus Hubertus Theodorus   Marriage
Born 1900/08/01Roermond 9 Henricus Hubertus Theodorus
Next of kin: Lillian Valkenburg (wive?). Royal Park Victoria (Australia): WW II enlisted. Service Number: VX503532.
1949/10: Arrived o/b "Asturias" in The Netherlands.
Copyrights in Australia:
1929/08/21: The Punter's Sporting and Racing Guide.
1933/12/14: Traders' News - which is the official organ of the Victorian Storekeepers and Traders Association.
1934/10/16: Storekeeping and Traders of Victoria Classified Country Directory.
1934/06/07: Storekeepers' Buying Guide.
1939/12/13: Instructions in the use of a Personal Address Compendium.
1949/07/11: Printing Equipment.
Born 1902/04/02Roermond 10 Gerardus Henricus Hubertus
Profession: Grondwerker, mijnwerker, schilder, los werkman, zonder arbeid DUW.
A wild man in his youth. He once jumped from the "Rattetoren" for a sigarette and limped the rest of his live. He worked on trampers. He wrote and spoke fluently a number of foreign languages. He is claimed to have stood model for the sculpture "De Dokwerker" in Amsterdam by Mari Andriessen, commemorating the strike launched on 1941/01/25 by the dockers in protest against the deportation of the Jews of Amsterdam.
Died 1974/10/10Amsterdam
Born 1904/05/22Roermond 11 Johannes Matthias Hubertus   Marriage
Born 1906/04/10Roermond 12 Maria Mathilda Arnoldina   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1880/03/24Roermond RM.1.1-2.1 Hendrik Hubert VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Surnumerair SS (1899), klerk telegrafie 3e klasse SS (1900-1902), klerk telegrafie 2e klasse (1906), klerk telegrafie (1907), goed. kl hal assistent (1916), 1e stationsassistent (1919), commies stationsdienst (1919), commies (1921), chef commies (1941).
Died 1956/09/07Venlo (Li) Father
Marr. 1906/06/05Venlo (Li)Marriage:  
Born 1878/03/14Wijnandsrade (Li) Maria Gertrudis Josephina STEINS
Confession: RK. Profession: Vroedvrouw (Venlo: 1906), verloskundige (1948).
Daughter of Jan Hubert Steins, schoenmaker (1871, 1878), herbergier (1905), landbouwer (1919), born 1843/02/02 in Nuth (Li), died 1919/08/24 in Wijnandsrade (Li), married 1871/05/19 in Wijnandsrade (Li) Maria Judith Bruls, herbergierster (1905), born 1842/11/09 in Wijnandsrade (Li), died 1905/02/03 in Wijnandsrade (Li).
Died 1948/05/20Venlo (Li)
Born 1907/10/01Venlo (Li) 1 Hubert Theodor Henri   Marriage
Born 1912/11/08Venlo (Li) 2 Maria Theodora Judith
Confession: RK.
Died 1934/05/29Venlo (Li)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1907/10/01Venlo (Li) RM.1.1-2.1.1 Hubert Theodor Henri VALKENBURG
Profession: Banketbakker ('s-Gravenhage: 1930), eigenaar lunchroom in de Lomstraat, Venlo (1930-1945), onderbaas Pope (1946-), werkmeester Philips NV (-1972).
WW II: Sergeant, prisoner of war: Amersfoort: 1943/08/04; Stalag IV-b Mühlberg: 1943/08/09; Stalag IV-g Oschatz: 1943/10/02.
Died 1982/11/25's-Gravenhage Father
Marr. 1930/02/05's-GravenhageMarriage 1:  
Born 1903/08/13's-Gravenhage Anna Martina DAM
Confession: RK. Profession: Winkeljuffrouw (1930).
Daughter of Carolus Johannes Dam, winkelbediende (1896), loopknecht (1905, 1927), magazijnknecht (1930), born 1867/09/17 in 's-Gravenhage, died 1938/08/26 in 's-Gravenhage, married 1896/10/28 in 's-Gravenhage Anna Martina Ramig, called Thorborg, dienstbode (1896), born 1867/02/26 in Haarlemmermeer (NH), died 1939/04/14 in 's-Gravenhage.
Died 1972/09/23Venlo (Li)
Born 1931/02/09Venlo (Li) 1 Martina Henriette   Marriage
Born 1934/01/21Venlo (Li) 2 Hendrik Carolus   Marriage
Born 1935/04/25Venlo (Li) 3 Maria Theresia Wilhelmina   Marriage
Born 1936/12/31Venlo (Li) 4 Jaques Hendrik  
Born 1939/10/22Venlo (Li) 5 Stillborn child  
Born 1943/12/19Venlo (Li) 6 Stillborn child  
Marr. 1974/05/07's-GravenhageMarriage 2:  
Born 1905/08/19's-Gravenhage Carolina Wilhelmina DAM
Confession: RK.
Widow of Hendrikus Jan Gerrit Velterop, kantoorbediende P.C. Kaiser, rijksambtenaar (1964), born 1911/04/09 in Houten (Ut), married 1935/02/20 in 's-Gravenhage, died 1964/01/14 in 's-Gravenhage, son of Jan Geert Velterop, arbeider (1908), born 1886/06/14 in Utrecht, died 1947/07/13 in 's-Gravenhage, married 1908/09/11 in Houten (Ut) Johanna Maria Geurts, dienstbode (1908), born 1885/09/26 in Culemborg (Ge), died 1962/06/16 in 's-Gravenhage.
Daughter of Carolus Johannes Dam, winkelbediende (1896), loopknecht (1905, 1927), magazijnknecht (1930), born 1867/09/17 in 's-Gravenhage, died 1938/08/26 in 's-Gravenhage, married 1896/10/28 in 's-Gravenhage Anna Martina Ramig, called Thorborg, dienstbode (1896), born 1867/02/26 in Haarlemmermeer (NH), died 1939/04/14 in 's-Gravenhage.
Died 1991/10/01Bodegraven (ZH)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1931/02/09Venlo (Li) RM.1.1-2.1.1-1 Martina Henriette VALKENBURG Died 2001/12/08Venlo (Li) Father
Marr. 1954/02/09Venlo (Li)Marriage:  
Born 1930/08/03Venlo (Li) Petrus Marinus STOOT
Profession: Machine bankwerker, afdelingschef, werkvoorbereider.
Son of Peter Hubert Stoot, fabrieksarbeider (1928), born 1904/03/10 in Venlo (Li), died >1974/06/14, married 1928/07/16 in Venlo (Li) Jansje Alia Johanna Beekhuijzen, fabrieksarbeidster (1928), born 1907/12/14 in Venlo (Li), died 1974/06/14 in Venlo (Li).
Died 1992/01/30Blerick (Li)
  Children: Grandchildren.
   1 Anna Maria Theresia Wilhelmina STOOT   
   2 Johanna Hubertina Maria STOOT   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1934/01/21Venlo (Li) RM.1.1-2.1.1-2 Hendrik Carolus VALKENBURG Died 2013/12/11
Crem. 2013/12/17
Venlo (Li)
Marr. 1969/04/16Maasbree (Li)Marriage:  
Born 1926/05/07Baarlo (Li) Maria Catharina Mathilda PEETERS
Widow of Lei Caris.
Died 2015/05/13 
  Children: None.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1935/04/25Venlo (Li) RM.1.1-2.1.1-3 Maria Theresia Wilhelmina VALKENBURG Died 2009/03/16
Crem. 2009/03/21
Eindhoven (NB)
Blerick (Li)
Marr. 1956/11/06Venlo (Li)Marriage:  
Born 1932/04/05Venlo (Li) Henricus Josephus Agnes LOMMEN
Blerick St. Hubertus 1956/11/08: Married in church.
Profession: Vrachtwagen-chauffeur, bulldozer-chauffeur, heftruck-chauffeur.
Son of Franciscus Theodorus Cornelis Lommen, kleermaker (1921, 1957), born 1897/06/26 in Venlo (Li), died 1957/01/26 in Venlo (Li), married 1921/06/20 in Venlo (Li) Maria Henrietta van Ulft, born 1895/11/18 in Venlo (Li), died 1941/12/27 in Venlo (Li).
Died >2009/03/16 
Born 1958/02/20Venlo (Li) 1 Maria Anna Hubertina LOMMEN
Profession: Administratief medewerkster.
Venlo (Li) 1979/12/27: Married Wilhelmus Lambertus Theodorus Thissen, ICT teamleader, born 1955/10/29 in Venlo (Li).
Venlo (Li) 1987/09/27: Born Michelle Maria Petronella Thissen, leerkracht basisonderwijs.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1883/07/23Roermond RM.1.1-2.2 Andreas Jacobus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Kleermaker (1909-1918, 1942).
Died 1963/08/07Roermond Father
Marr. 1909/02/23RoermondMarriage:  
Born 1891/12/12Swalmen (Li) Catharina Johanna SMEETS
Confession: RK. Profession: Dienstmeid (1909).
Daughter of Francis Smeets, landbouwer (1885, 1891, 1895, 1909), born 1854/09/07 in Swalmen (Li), died 1930/05/16 in Swalmen (Li), married 1885/04/20 in Maasniel (Li) Christina Cox, born 1858/01/26 in Maasniel (Li), died 1895/03/16 in Swalmen (Li).
Died 1961/12/20Roermond
Born 1909/03/12Roermond 1 Maria Christina
Confession: RK.
Born 1912/01/21Roermond 2 Catharina Maria Johanna Died 1912/06/27Roermond
Born 1917/08/14Roermond 3 Henriette Catharina
Confession: RK.
Born 1919/09/29Roermond 4 Louis Jacobus   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1909/03/12Roermond RM.1.1-2.2.1 Maria Christina VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 1995/06/18
Crem. 1995/06/22
Venlo (Li)
Blerick (Li)
Marr. 1942/10/13RoermondMarriage:  
Born 1914/10/30Venlo (Li) Gerardus Josephus Henricus BAUR
Profession: Agent-bezorger diverse weekbladen, agent-incasserder verzekeringsmaatschappij, arbeider GW, geoefend meester PTT, beambte Technische Dienst PTT.
Son of Joannes Josephus Hubertus Baur, huisschilder (1912), collecteur staatsloterij (1960), born 1891/02/09 in Roermond, died 1960/08/23 in Venlo (Li), married 1912/02/20 in Roermond Maria Catharina Hubertina Schouten, fabrieksarbeidster (1912), born 1892/08/29 in Woensel (NB), died >1960/08/23.
Died 1994/03/17Venlo (Li)
Born 1944/04/04Roermond 1 Johanna Gerarda Maria Louise BAUR  
Born 1945/12/25Roermond 2 Maria Emma Jacqueline BAUR  
Born 1947/03/26Roermond 3 Gerard Pierre Henri BAUR  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1917/08/14Roermond RM.1.1-2.2.3 Henriette Catharina VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 2007/10/28
Crem. 2007/11/03
Heerlen (Li)
Marr. 1950/04/28MaastrichtMarriage:  
Born 1902/09/28Maastricht Jacobus Jozef Hendrikus SARNEEL
Maastricht OLV van Lourdes 1950/05/30: Married in church.
Profession: Koetsier (1926), kaashandelaar, kaasmaker (1951), zuivelhandelaar.
Widower of Catharina Reitz, born 1899/11/01 in Maastricht, married 1926/05/18 in Maastricht, died 1949/09/05 in Maastricht, daughter of Johannes Reitz, aardewerker (1894), dagloner (1899), fabrieksopzichter (1926), born 1875/07/23 in Maastricht, died 1951/01/21 in Maastricht, married 1894/07/11 in Maastricht Maria Gertruda Pennings, born 1874/10/26 in Maastricht, died 1961/03/12 in Maaastricht.
Son of Nicolaas Sarneel, aardewerker (1898, 1902), born 1869/10/05 in Maastricht, died 1929/10/01 in Maastricht, married 1898/08/03 in Maastricht Catharina Maria Hubertina Wijnands, verguldster (1898), born 1874/07/09 in Maastricht, died 1946/01/15 in Maastricht.
Died 1992/01/14Maastricht
Born 1951/02/25Valkenburg (Li) 1 Stillborn child SARNEEL  
   2 Jacqueline Johanna Catharina SARNEEL   
   3 Nicolette Anna Albertina SARNEEL   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1919/09/29Roermond RM.1.1-2.2.4 Louis Jacobus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Electro-monteur (1942), electricien (1949), burger-electricien b/d Marine in Den Helder (1952-1957), vertegenwoordiger, electricien GEB Roermond (1957-1967), lid vrijwillige brandweer Roermond.
Died 1967/08/23
Bur. 1967/08/25
Horn (Li)
Marr. 1942/06/04Nijmegen (Ge)Marriage:  
Born 1914/05/18Nijmegen (Ge) Maria Wilhelmina Elisabeth STOOTS
Confession: RK. Profession: Fabrieksarbeidster, doppencontroleuse.
Daughter of Franciscus Stoots, metselaar (1913-1942), born 1889/10/31 in Overasselt (Ge), died 1971/10/25 in Beel (Ge), buried in Nijmegen (Ge), married 1913/05/29 in Nijmegen (Ge) Elisabeth Johanna Wilhelmina Rutten, born 1890/07/28 in Styrum (Germany), died 1971/07/14 in Beek (Ge), buried in Nijmegen (Ge).
Died 1989/12/30
Crem. 1990/01/04
Geleen (Li)
Born 1946/12/29Roermond 1 Elisabeth Jaqueline Johanna   Marriage
Born 1949/06/05Roermond 2 Jaqueline Francisca Maria Died 1949/08/01
Born 1953/03/17Den Helder (NH) 3 Jacobus Cornelis Jozef   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1946/12/29Roermond RM.1.1-2.2.4-1 Elisabeth Jaqueline Johanna VALKENBURG Died >1989/03/28  Father
Marr. 1966/08/10Marriage 1:Div. Yes
Born 1932/01/30 Mattheus Hendricus BOURIK Died 2000/10/21

Harderwijk (Ge)
   1 Maria Mattheus Johannes Jacobus BOURIK   
   2 Jacqueline Martine Elisabeth BOURIK   
   3 Francisca Elizabeth Maria BOURIK   
Marriage 2:
   Petrus Gerardus van de KAMP   
   4 Kimberley van de KAMP   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1953/03/17Den Helder (NH) RM.1.1-2.2.4-3 Jacobus Cornelis Jozef VALKENBURG
Profession: Schilder, spackspuiter, lid van de vrijwillige brandweer in Roermond (-1988).
Marr. 1974/10/11RotterdamMarriage:  
Born 1954/01/02Rotterdam Anna Catharina van HENGST
Profession: Ziekenverzorgster.
Daughter of Jacobus van Hengst, schilder, born 1927/05/29 in Rotterdam, died 1964/10/24 in an accident at shipyard Verolme in Rotterdam, buried 1964/10/28 in Rotterdam, married 1954/10/20 in Rotterdam Sara Catharina Hogendoorn, born 1933/03/04 in Rotterdam, died 2010/08/26, buried in Rotterdam.
Born 1976/04/16Rotterdam 1 Joyce   Marriage
Born 1978/06/04Middelburg 2 Sharon  
Born 1981/10/19Roermond 3 Colin   Marriage
Born 1989/05/19Roermond 4 Megan   Marriage
Born 1991/01/16Roermond 5 Emily   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1976/04/16Rotterdam RM.1.1-2.2.4-3.1 Joyce VALKENBURG
Profession: Begeleidster gehandicaptenzorg.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1981/10/19Roermond RM.1.1-2.2.4-3.3 Colin VALKENBURG
Profession: Zelfstandig BedrijfsHulpVerlening-instructeur en beroeps brandweer in Roermond.
Marr. 2008/06/20Haelen (Li)Marriage:  
Born 1985/08/25 Sylvia VEUGELERS
Profession: Verzorgende Individuele Gezondheidszorg.
Daughter of Christaan Gerthruda Maria Veugelers, eigenaar VBE Opleidingen vof, born 1959/11/11 in Horn (Li), married 1981/01/23 in Horn (Li) Margaretha Marie Johanna Lemmens, interieurverzorgster, telefoniste, born 1962/11/29 in Horn (Li).
Born 2010/07/02
Bapt. 2010/09/19
Horn (Li)
Horn (Li)
1 Jayde Nicole Christiaan  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1989/05/19Roermond RM.1.1-2.2.4-3.4 Megan VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. NoMarriage:  
Born 1979/04/16Nuth (Li) Tom WOUTERS  
Born 2008/12/10Weert (Li) 1 Kayleigh Marijke Catharina WOUTERS  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1991/01/16Roermond RM.1.1-2.2.4-3.5 Emily VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. NoMarriage 1:  
Born 1988/03/22Heerlen (Li) Jeremy NEUTELINGS  
Born 2008/05/07Roermond 1 Dani Ayden  
Marr. NoMarriage 2:  
Born 1987/12/20Venlo (Li) Jeroen Gerardus Maria VRANKEN  
Born 2012/01/20 2 Vinz Logan VRANKEN  
Born 2013/08/10 3 Levi Mason VRANKEN  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1891/10/03Roermond RM.1.1-2.3 Maria Hubertina Gertrudis VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 1961/04/05Venlo (Li) Father
Marr. 1917/11/26Tegelen (Li)Marriage:  
Born 1891/10/25Tegelen (Li) Andreas BONN
Profession: Hoofdagent van politie (1917-1925).
Son of Peter Hendrikus Bonn, landbouwer (1882), arbeider (1891), fabrieksarbeider (1917, 1924), born 1853/06/27 in Maasbree (Li), died 1924/12/14 in Tegelen (Li), married 1882/11/24 in Maasbree (Li) Willemina Hubertina Linders, born 1860/11/15 in Maasbree (Li), died 1930/01/22 in Tegelen (Li).
Died 1925/11/11Heerlen (Li)
Born 1918/10/29Heerlen (Li) 1 Maria Hendrika Gertruda BONN Died 1919/02/12Heerlen (Li)
Born 1919/11/23Heerlen (Li) 2 Theodorus Wilhelmus Henricus Andreas BONN
Profession: Constructeur (1941), werktuigbouwkundige (1956).
Arnhem 1941/06/06: Married (1) Johanna Maria Hubertina Janssen, born ±1912 in , daughter of Johan Hubert Janssen, died <1941/06/06, married Maria Hubertina Sophia Relouw, died <1941/06/06.
Arnhem RB 1948/04/08: Divorced JMHJ.
Arnhem 1948/06/11: Registered divorce from JMHJ.
1944/03/11-1944/05/24: Prisoner in Dachau.
Haarlem 1948/05/05: Married (2) Tina Dolstra, born 1923/02/22 in 's-Gravenhage, died 2005/01/02 in Heerhugowaard (NH).
Haarlem ±1956/03: Born Veronica Bonn, died 1956/07/13 in Haarlem.
Died 2001/03/12Castignano (Italy)
Born 1921/01/28Heerlen (Li) 3 Louis Marie BONN
Venlo (Li) 1945/08/07: Married Hubertina Catharina Dolders, born ±1918 in Blerick (Li), daughter of Jaen Pie Hubert Dolders and Hubertina Lutters.
Born 1922/06/02Heerlen (Li) 4 Peter Hendrik BONN  
Born 1923/07/11Heerlen (Li) 5 Johannes Hubertus Antonius BONN  
Born 1924/10/29Heerlen (Li) 6 Antonetta Johanna Theresia BONN Died 1925/08/09Heerlen (Li)

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1893/02/26Roermond RM.1.1-2.4 Lodewijk Hubertus Theodorus VALKENBURG
Profession: Hulparbeider SS (1913), waarnemend arbeider SS (1914), arbeider SS (1915), arb. telegrafist SS (1915/03-1918), typograaf (1920).
Marr. 1920/08/24RoermondMarriage:  
Born 1898/05/22Grathem (Li) Anna Maria Elisabeth BOCKELAAR
Profession: Dienstbode (1920).
Daughter of Mathijs Bockelaar, dagloner (1898), brigade-commandant der rijksveldwacht (1920), born 1876/09/21 in Grathem (Li), died 1950/05/12 in Venlo (Li), married 1898/04/17 in Ittervoort (Li) Maria Josephina Walschot, born 1877/03/16 in Ittervoort (Li), died 1960/12/04 in Venlo (Li).

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1894/10/05Roermond RM.1.1-2.5 Leontine Gertrudis Hubertina VALKENBURG
Profession: Naaister (1918).
Died 1956/08/07Nuenen (NB) Father
Marr. 1918/02/07RoermondMarriage:  
Born 1889/12/13Limbricht (Li) Jan Nicolas DERHAAG
Profession: Pleisteraar (1915), mijnwerker (1918), stucadoor (1932, 1942).
Widower of Josephina Maria Gertrudis Agnes de Bock, dienstmeid (1915), born 1891/08/12 in Roermond, married 1915/04/16 in Limbricht (Li), died 1917/01/27 in Roermond, daughter of Jacobus Hubertus de Bock, arbeider (1881), glaszetter (1891), magazijnknecht (1915), born 1849/12/08 in Roermond, died 1923/03/23 in Roermond, married 1881/04/25 in Maasniel (Li) Sophia Hubertina Hodselmans, born 1855/06/24 in Maasniel (Li), died 1932/04/22 in Roermond.
Son of Paulus Hendrik Derhaag, dienstknecht (1869), landbouwer (1889, 1910), born 1838/07/19 in Limbricht (Li), died 1910/07/02 in Limbricht (Li), married 1869/07/26 in Limbricht (Li) Maria Christina Duikers, landbouwster (1889), born 1846/07/28 in Limbricht (Li), died 1928/01/12 in Limbricht (Li).
Died 1967/12/29Schinnen (Li)
Born 1918/08/20Echt (Li) 1 Joseph Theodoor DERHAAG
Profession: Stucadoor (1942).
Eindhoven (NB) 1942/05/01: Married Wilhelmina Maria Senders, born ±1918 in Dordrecht (ZH), daughter of Peter Joannes Senders, died <1942/05/01, married Geertruida van Uden, born ±1875.
Born 1920/03/20Echt (Li) 2 Theo Nicolas Marie DERHAAG
Eindhoven (NB) 1952/07/04: Married H.G. Derks
Born 1922/01/23Echt (Li) 3 Willij DERHAAG
Nuenen, Gerwen en Nederwetten (NB) 1943/07/26: Married Hendrika Kauwenberg, born ±1922 in Veghel (NB), daughter of Adrianus Kauwenberg and Dimphena van Dijk.
Born 1923/11/04Roermond 4 Petrus Hubertus DERHAAG
Died in the WW II bombardment of Dresden (Germany).
Died 1945/02/13Dresden (Germany)
Born 1928/03/04Roermond 5 Betsij Jacqueline Hubertine DERHAAG  
Born 1929/05/06Nuenen (NB) 6 Mathilda Maria Jacoba DERHAAG  
Born 1930/07/03Nuenen (NB) 7 Johanna Wilhelmina Hubertina DERHAAG  
Born 1932/05/30Nuenen (NB) 8 Stillborn son DERHAAG  
   9 Johanna Maria DERHAAG   
   10 Maria Petra Dominica DERHAAG   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1895/12/20Roermond RM.1.1-2.6 Margaretha Anna Hubertina VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Dienstbode (Rotterdam: 1919-1920; Bergen op Zoom: 1920-1921).
Died 1972/05/07
Bur. 1972/05/10
Bakel (NB)
Dommelen (NB)
Marr. 1921/11/03RoermondMarriage:  
Born 1893/08/26Halsteren (NB) Gerardus Josephus JANSEN
Profession: Commies 3e klasse belastingen, commies Rijks Directe Belastingen (1921), hoofdcommies, sectiechef douane.
Son of Christiaan Jansen, onbezoldigd rijksveldwachter (1891, 1893), brigadier-majoor Rijksveldwacht (1921), born 1865/10/06 in Nieuw-Vossemeer (NB), died 1941/11/30 in Roosendaal (NB), married 1891/01/26 in Woensdrecht (NB) Maria Aloijsia Luijsterburg, born 1865/08/15 in Ossendrecht (NB), died 1945/02/27 in Wouw (NB).
Died 1966/04/19
Eindhoven (NB)
Dommelen (NB)
Born 1922/10/28Vaals (Li) 1 Christiaan Cornelis Jacobus JANSEN  
Born 1924/09/26Gulpen (Li) 2 Maria Alouisa Theodora JANSEN  
Born 1927/07/16Thorn (Li) 3 Jacquelina Alouisa JANSEN  
Born 1927/07/16Thorn (Li) 4 Gertruda Theodora JANSEN  
Born 1931/10/03Thorn (Li) 5 Ludovicus Gerardus Johannes JANSEN  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1899/05/18Roermond RM.1.1-2.8 Petrus Hubertus Theodorus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Koopman (1931), beambte Staatsmijnen, confidential clerk, employé/directeur vd Ven & Co (1947).
Died 1947/03/25
Bur. 1947/03/28
Stratum (NB)
Stratum (NB)
Marr. 1931/04/15Eindhoven (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1906/05/29Strijp (NB) Maria Johanna Elisabeth Antonius van der HORST
Daughter of Johannes Christianus van der Horst, steenkolenhandelaar (1905), koopman (1906, 1931) in steenkool, directeur steenkolenhandel (1948), born 1879/11/02 in Mierlo (NB), died 1948/10/11 in Eindhoven (NB), married 1905/05/29 in Eindhoven (NB) Huberdina Leonarda Maria Rooijmans, born 1882/03/16 in Eindhoven (NB), died 1924/12/06 in Eindhoven (NB).
Died 2005/04/16
Crem. 2005/04/21
Eindhoven (NB)
Eindhoven (NB)
Born 1932/01/26Waalre (NB) 1 Huberdina Johannes Maria Theodorus   Marriage
Born 1933/03/17Eindhoven (NB) 2 Maria Johanna Leonarda Agnes   Marriage
Born 1935/01/06Eindhoven (NB) 3 Johannes Bernardus Henricus Caspar   Marriage
Born 1937/06/21Eindhoven (NB) 4 Bernardus Theodorus Kurt Hubertus   Marriage
Born 1941/03/10Eindhoven (NB) 5 Maria Louisa Petra Josepha   Marriage
Born 1942/11/05Eindhoven (NB) 6 Jacobus Johannes Elisabeth Maria   Marriage
Born 1945/04/15Eindhoven (NB) 7 Hubertus Jacobus Henricus Maria   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1932/01/26Waalre (NB) RM.1.1-2.8.1 Huberdina Johannes Maria Theodorus VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q2 H.P. NELISSEN  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1933/03/17Eindhoven (NB) RM.1.1-2.8.2 Maria Johanna Leonarda Agnes VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 1999/01/26
Bur. 1999/01/30
Eindhoven (NB)
Waalre (NB)
Marr. 1959/01/16Eindhoven (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1932/08/25Eindhoven (NB) Fredericus Petrus Maria CREEMERS
Eindhoven 1959/02/05: Married in church.
Son of Edouard François Hubert Creemers, handelsreiziger (1931), reiziger, born 1904/02/16 in Rotterdam, died 1966/12/08 in Waalre (NB), married 1931/07/31 in Arnhem Mathilda Maria Bernardina Wilhelmina Janssen, born 1909/04/30 in Arnhem, died 1984/06/18 in Waalre (NB).
Died >1999/01/26 
   1 Franciscus Edouard Pierre CREEMERS   
   2 Rolf François Maria CREEMERS   
   3 Anke Helena CREEMERS   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1935/01/06Eindhoven (NB) RM.1.1-2.8.3 Johannes Bernardus Henricus Caspar VALKENBURG
Profession: Administratief gemeenteambtenaar Eindhoven.
Died 1996/06/18Eindhoven (NB) Father
Marr. 1961/10/19Eindhoven (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1939/12/09Eindhoven (NB) Maria BROER Died >1996/06/18 
Born 1962/11/24Eindhoven (NB) 1 Monica Andrea Henrica  
Born 1964/07/18Eindhoven (NB) 2 Petrus Johannes Andries  
Born 1965/07/30Eindhoven (NB) 3 Astrid Cornelia Roelof   Marriage
Born 1966/11/01Eindhoven (NB) 4 Esther Catharina Cornelis  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1965/07/30Eindhoven (NB) RM.1.1-2.8.3-3 Astrid Cornelia Roelof VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1990/07/19Eindhoven (NB)Marriage:  
Born 19Q3 Frank van BEEK  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1937/06/21Eindhoven (NB) RM.1.1-2.8.4 Bernardus Theodorus Kurt Hubertus VALKENBURG
Profession: Hoofdklerk.
Marr. 1964/01/09Eindhoven (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1942/07/29Acht (NB) Wouterina Maria Margaretha NAUS  
Born 1965/02/16Eindhoven (NB) 1 Marie Chantal Wouterina Margaretha   Marriage
Born 1966/05/10Eindhoven (NB) 2 Ingeborg Agnes Maria   Marriage
Born 1972/12/21Eindhoven (NB) 3 Bernard Pieter  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1965/02/16Eindhoven (NB) RM.1.1-2.8.4-1 Marie Chantal Wouterina Margaretha VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 den BROK  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1966/05/10Eindhoven (NB) RM.1.1-2.8.4-2 Ingeborg Agnes Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. YesMarriage:  
Born 19Q3 HOFKER  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1941/03/10Eindhoven (NB) RM.1.1-2.8.5 Maria Louisa Petra Josepha VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. ±1965Marriage:  
Born 1936Eindhoven (NB) Johannes van LOON
Profession: Managing director of VVV Eindhoven en Kempenland (1977/04/01).
Born ±1968 1 Son van LOON  
Born ±1971 2 Daughter van LOON  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1942/11/05Eindhoven (NB) RM.1.1-2.8.6 Jacobus Johannes Elisabeth Maria VALKENBURG
Profession: Aftersales service manager perslucht compressoren bij Creemers Compressors Eindhoven (1966-2003).
Marr. 1968/08/10Eindhoven (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1946/08/19Eindhoven (NB) Corina Johanna Diana van KEMENADE  
Born 1971/06/01's-Gravenhage 1 Jacco Henricus
Profession: Founder of Recruit2, independent recruitment consultant / ad-interimmanager.
Born 1971/06/01 2 Jeroen Petrus  
Born 1975/06/12 3 Vanessa Diana Martina   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1975/06/12 RM.1.1-2.8.6-3 Vanessa Diana Martina VALKENBURG
Profession: Receptioniste/telefoniste bij Notarishuys Veldhoven (2013), Telefoniste/Receptioniste bij Caspar de Haan (2013), receptioniste bij SintLucas Boxtel.
Marr. 2016/09/22Marriage:  
Born 19Q4 Oscar van GENNIP  
Born 20Q1 1 Son van GENNIP  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1945/04/15Eindhoven (NB) RM.1.1-2.8.7 Hubertus Jacobus Henricus Maria VALKENBURG   Father
Marr. 1968/09/26Eindhoven (NB)Marriage:  
Born 1947/07/29Eindhoven (NB) Berendina Wilhelmina Maria SANDERS
Profession: Director (-2009).
Born 1970/03/24Eindhoven (NB) 1 Dennis  
Born 1971/08/10Eindhoven (NB) 2 Bibi   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1971/08/10Eindhoven (NB) RM.1.1-2.8.7-2 Bibi VALKENBURG
Profession: Owner trimsalon.
   Name unknown.  
Born ±2014 1 Jordan  

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1904/05/22Roermond RM.1.1-2.11 Johannes Matthias Hubertus VALKENBURG
Confession: RK. Profession: Kantoorbediende, calculator (1930-1931), boekhouder Firma vd Marck, boekverkoper/drukker.
Died 1980/07/04
Bur. 1980/07/09
Marr. 1930/08/25Geleen (Li)Marriage:  
Born 1904/12/03Geleen (Li) Anna Francisca DOHMEN
Confession: RK.
Geleen (Li) 1930/08/26: Married in church, witnesses: Servatius Hubertus Mathijssen and Maria Sibilla Dohmen.
Daughter of Jan Leonard Dohmen, dienstknecht (1884), landbouwer (1904, 1925), born 1852/07/15 in Geleen (Li), died 1930/11/11 in Geleen (Li), married 1884/10/03 in Geleen (Li) Maria Bemelmans, naaister (1884), born 1862/12/25 in Geleen (Li), died 1925/11/10 in Geleen (Li).
Died 1994/06/19Roermond
Born 1931/12/16Roermond 1 Maria Adolphina Mathilda Died 1931/12/21Roermond
Born 1932/11/20Roermond 2 Henriette Mathilda Helena Maria   Marriage
Born 1935/06/23Roermond 3 Gertruda Johanna Maria   Marriage
Born 1936/09/03Roermond 4 Marguérite Antoinette Maria   Marriage

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1932/11/20Roermond RM.1.1-2.11.2 Henriette Mathilda Helena Maria VALKENBURG Died >2017/04/16  Father
Marr. 1958/05/13Echt (Li)Marriage:  
Born 1929/07/30's-Gravenhage Godefridus Antonius Maria HUTJENS
1958/05/24: Married in church.
Profession: Bouwkundig ingenieur (architect) Philips Woning- en Grondbedrijf.
Son of Hendricus Gerardus Hutjens, leraar (1922) bouwkunde ambachtschool in Steenwijk, 's-Gravenhage, leraar bouwkunde HTS Heerlen, architect, born 1896/04/12 in Doesberg (Ge), died 1980/03/11 in Heerlen (Li), married 1922/10/09 in Linnne (Li) Anna Maria Cleutjens, born 1894/10/29 in Linne (Li), died 1961/12/02 in Heerlen (Li).
Died 2017/04/16
Crem. 2017/04/24
Eindhoven (NB)
Heeze (NB)
Born 1959/07/10Echt (Li) 1 Robert Hendricus Franciscus Maria HUTJENS
Partner: Mitri. Children: Nicole and Richard.
Born 1961/07/22Roermond 2 Joannes Hendricus Anna Martinus HUTJENS
Partner: Ine. Children: Lisanne, Sander, and Marco.
Born 1965/11/29Waalre (NB) 3 Paulus Mattheus Johannes Mathilda HUTJENS
Partner: Ivonne. Children: Brian and Rachèl.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1935/06/23Roermond RM.1.1-2.11.3 Gertruda Johanna Maria VALKENBURG Died 2019/09/12
Crem. 2019/09/18
Sint Odiliënberg (Li)
Marr. 1972/07/13RoermondMarriage:  
Born 1929/09/05Echt (Li) Godfried Jan Jozef WILLEMS
Son of Jan Hubert Willems, born 1896/10/26 in Noorbeek (Li), died 1984/09/15, buried in Echt (Li), married 1926/04/07 in Sittard (Li) Maria Aldegonda Elisa Custers, born 1901/08/09 in Sittard (Li).
Died 2017/12/12
Crem. 2017/12/19
Roerdalen (Li)
  Children: None.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1936/09/03Roermond RM.1.1-2.11.4 Marguérite Antoinette Maria VALKENBURG
Profession: Bestuurder Crescendo BV (2018-).
   Marcellus Andreas Marie Josephus MAESSEN   

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1906/04/10Roermond RM.1.1-2.12 Maria Mathilda Arnoldina VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 1983/08/25Roermond Father
Marr. 1930/09/16RoermondMarriage:  
Born 1905/09/16Maasbracht (Li) Martinus Hendrikus Hubertus YZERMANS
Confession: RK. Profession: Boekhouder (1930), chef de bureau.
Son of Franciscus Hubertus IJssermans, opperman (1893), metselaar (1905), born 1869/09/10 in Roermond, died 1905/05/29 in Maasbracht (Li), married 1893/01/11 in Maasbracht (Li) Maria Elisabeth Hubertina Walschot, born 1868/06/30 in Maasbracht (Li), died 1945/03/15 in Groningen.
Died 1984/03/14Roermond

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1847/01/26Roermond RM.1.1-3 Hendrik Mathijs Hubert VALKENBURG
Profession: Schoenmaker (1882), schoenmakersgezel (1886), schoenmaker (1887-1920)..
's-Hertogenbosch 1882/07/29: Sentenced because of feitelijkheid tegen de eerbaarheid van een tien jarig meisje met gewelddadigheid ondernomen en uitgevoerd.
Breda (NB) 1882/09/07: Transported to Rotterdam
Died 1920/02/01Maastricht Father
Marr. 1886/12/15MaastrichtMarriage:  
Born 1848/07/31Maastricht Maria Philomena BODART
Profession: Werkvrouw (1886).
Widow of Martijn Delbrouck, schoenmakersgezel (1871), schoenmaker (1876), born 1834/01/18 in Tongeren (Belgium), married 1871/05/10 in Maastricht, died 1876/09/12 in Maastricht, son of Martijn Delbrouck, knopenmaker (1831), hoedenmakersgezel (1834), schoenmaker (1867), pettenmaker (1871), born 1805/04/20 in Tongeren (Belgium), died 1875/10/27 in Tongeren (Belgium), married 1831/07/07 in Tongeren (Belgium) Anna Maria Fastré, huishoudster (1867), born 1810/01/18 in Rixingen (Belgium), died 1867/11/19 in Tongeren (Belgium).
Daughter of Nicolaas Josef Bodart, steenhouwer (1826, 1848, 1871, 1872), born 1798/12/06 in Sclayn (Belgium), died 1872/06/21 in Maastricht, married 1826/02/07 in Maastricht Maria Brexhe, born 1801/06/23 in Queue du Bois (Belgium), died 1877/11/18 in Maastricht.
Died 1927/02/26Maastricht
Born 1887/12/23Maastricht 1 Anna Hubertina
Confession: RK.
Died 1971/05/08
Born 1889/07/17Maastricht 2 David Hubertus   Marriage
Born 1892/04/20Maastricht 3 Joséphine Antoinette Died 1892/04/21Maastricht

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1889/07/17Maastricht RM.1.1-3.2 David Hubertus VALKENBURG
Profession: Ovenwerker (1913), grondwerker (1915), los werkman (1922).
Died 1930/03/05Maastricht Father
Marr. 1913/04/16MaastrichtMarriage 1:Div. 1922/06/01
Div.Reg. 1922/07/22
Maastricht RB
Born 1879/05/22Maastricht Maria Elisabeth BOUVRIE
Profession: Aardewerkster (1900), aardewerkuitzoekster, ovenwerkster (1913), werkster (1930).
Widow of Joannes Hubertus Jules Dreesens, porceleinschilder (1900), aardewerker (1909), born 1875/04/11 in Maastricht, married 1900/07/25 in Maastricht, died 1909/09/15 in Maastricht, son of Hubertus Dominicus Dreesens, aardewerker (1875), porceleinwerker, Fabrikarbeiter (1898), born 1851/12/19 in Maastricht, died 1898/10/15 in Poppelsdorf (Germany), married 1875/03/10 in Maastricht Maria Elisabeth Korr, born 1853/01/08 in Meersen (Li), died >1900/07/25.
Daughter of Maximilianus Theodorus Hubertus Bouvrie, dagloner (1863, 1879), fabrieksarbeider, aardewerker (1893), born 1842/11/28 in Venray (Li), died 1893/09/17 in Maastricht, married 1863/11/04 in Maastricht Elisabeth Mechtildis Speelmans, dagloonster (1863), drankverkoopster, born 1842/09/29 in Maastricht, died 1922/10/13 in Maastricht.
NB Echtscheiding bij verstek.
Died 1959/02/15Heer (Li)
Born 1914/01/24Maastricht 1 Anna Hubertina   Marriage
Born 1914/01/24Maastricht 2 Maria Philomena Died 1915/05/06Maastricht
Marr. 1922/08/09MaastrichtMarriage 2:  
Born 1885/05/07Maastricht Maria Elisabeth van der MEULEN
Profession: Verniswerkster (1906).
Divorcee of Paulus Heuvels, aardewerker (1906), cementwerker (1930), born 1884/06/15 in Maastricht, married 1906/10/31 in Maastricht, divorced 1918/02/28 in Maastricht RB, registered divorce 1918/07/10 in Maastricht, died 1962/05/10 in Maastricht, son of Franciscus Heuvels, dagloner (1869, 1884), machinist (1906), born 1847/11/11 in Maastricht, died 1921/02/28 in Maastricht, married 1869/02/03 in Maastricht Josephina Begas, born 1846/08/26 in Maastricht, died 1927/12/27 in Maastricht.
Daughter of Cornelis van der Meulen, dagloner (1879, 1885), aardewerker (1898), born 1857/06/08 in Maastricht, died 1898/11/18 in Maastricht, married 1879/10/29 in Maastricht Anna Servais, born 1860/06/26 in Maastricht, died 1901/07/04 in Maastricht.
Maastricht 1931/01/07: Married (3) Mathias Hubertus Hameleers, los werkman, voerman (1931), [widower of Maria Lahaye], born 1885/03/05 in Maastricht, son of Antonius Hubertus Hameleers, brouwersknecht (1876, 1885), dagloner (1899), born 1851/04/16 in Sint-Pieter (Li), died 1923/09/30 in Maastricht, married 1876/11/22 in Maastricht Maria Hubertina Barbara Peijs, dagloonster (1899), born 1849/07/20 in Roermond, died 1908/06/26 in Maastricht.
Died 1943/01/02Maastricht
Born ±1926/05Maastricht 3 Hubertus Leonardus Died 1926/12/02Maastricht

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1914/01/24Maastricht RM.1.1-3.2.1 Anna Hubertina VALKENBURG
Confession: RK.
Died 1986/05/02
Bur. 1986/05/06
Marr. 1930/12/24MaastrichtMarriage 1:  
Born 1908/05/04Maastricht Hubertus Cornelis FRAIQUIN
Profession: Los werkman (1930), los arbeider, bouwvak-timmerman, papierwerker, fabrieksarbeider,
Son of Leonardus Hubertus Fraiquin, opperman (1898), voerman (1908), mijnwerker (1930), born 1876/11/23 in Maastricht (Maastricht 1898/04/04: Legitimated by his mother Margaretha Fraiquin.), died 1950/07/16 in Maastricht, married 1898/04/27 in Maastricht Maria Verham, ovenwerkster (1898), born 1878/09/06 in Maastricht as Maria Drosten (Maastricht 1879/07/09: Legitimated when her parents married.), died 1949/02/10 in Maastricht.
Died 1975/04/11
Born 1931/04/24Maastricht 1 Leonardus Hubertus FRAIQUIN  
Born 1933/06/19Maastricht 2 Joseph FRAIQUIN
Married Mai Mommers.
Died 1979/10/16Maastricht
   3 Maria Hubertina FRAIQUIN   
   4 Lambertus Cornelis FRAIQUIN   
   5 Helena FRAIQUIN   
   6 Anna Cornelia FRAIQUIN   
Marr. NoMarriage 2:  
Born 19Q1 Dries LAHAIJE

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1849/09/09Roermond RM.1.1-4 Sophia Hubertina VALKENBURG
Profession: Dienstmeid (1877).
Died >1913/01/26  Father
Marr. 1877/10/23RoermondMarriage:  
Born 1848/10/08Echt (Li) Joannes Henricus Hubertus CUIJPERS
Profession: Koetsier (1877), tuinier (1879), bloemkweker (1891).
Son of Joannes Nicolaus Cuijpers, born 1807/02/22 in Schalbruch (Germany), died 1872/06/17 in Echt (Li), married 1847/11/03 in Echt (Li) Anna Catharina Adolf, born 1815/06/12 in Echt (Li), died 1853/02/08 in Echt (Li).
Died 1913/01/26Roermond
Born 1879/09/25Roermond 1 Gertruda Anna Maria CUIJPERS
Helden (Li) 1928/04/07: Married Hendrik Peeters, landbouwer (1896), gemeenteveldwachter (1903, 1928), born 1872/01/05 in Helden (Li), died <1962/09/25, [widower of Johanna Vanmaris, born ±1872 in Helden (Li), married 1896/10/26 in Helden (Li), daughter of Hermanus Vanmaris, landbouwer (1896), married Hendrina Barbara Janssen, landbouwster (1896)], [widower of Dorothea Jacobs, born ±1871 in Helden (Li), married 1903/10/19 in Helden (Li), daughter of Wilhelmus Jacobs, landbouwer (1903), married Johanna Jacobs, died <1903/10/19], son of Hermanus Jacobus Peeters, akkerman (1872), landbouwer (1896, 1903), born ±1838, married Martina van Lier, landbouwster (1896, 1903).
Died 1962/09/25Roermond
Born 1891/01/23Roermond 2 Henrica Maria Sophia CUIJPERS
Profession: Rijksklerk (1924).
Roermond 1924/07/01: Married Cornelis Dronkers, sergeant infanterie (1924), born 1899/08/01 in Schore (Ze), son of Johannes Dronkers, arbeider (1899), sluisbeambte (1924), born ±1877, married Maria Oostdijk.

Date City Name Date City Relation
Born 1853/02/14Roermond RM.1.1-5 Gertrudis Hubertina VALKENBURG
Profession: Dienstmeid (1880).
Died 1926/10/25Venlo (Li) Father
Marr. 1880/10/19RoermondMarriage:  
Born 1853/06/14Tegelen (Li) Peter Johannes RELOUW
Profession: Smid (1880-1891), hoefsmid (1892), smid (1895), rijwielhersteller (1918, 1921), rijwielhandelaar (1926).
Son of Hubertus Relouw, dagloner (1852, 1853, 1867), landbouwer (1880), born 1820/03/14 in Venray, died 1905/01/26 in Blerick (Li), married 1852/08/26 in Belfeld (Li) Petronella Thoenissen, born 1820/01/27 in Tegelen (Li), died 1867/06/02 in Tegelen (Li).
Died 1927/06/15Venlo (Li)
Born 1881/09/07Tegelen (Li) 1 Maria Hubertina Sophia RELOUW
Venlo (Li) 1907/01/14: Married Johan Hubert Janssen, fotograaf (1907), born ±1873 in Venlo (Li), died >1918/08/25, son of Jacob Hubert Janssen, kleermaker (1907), married Anna Maria Hubertina Michels, died <1907/01/14.
Died 1918/08/25Venlo (Li)
Born 1882/10/08Tegelen (Li) 2 Christina Petronella Gertrudis RELOUW Died 1951/03/31Venlo (Li)
Born 1884/07/11Tegelen (Li) 3 Hubertus Gerardus RELOUW
Profession: Garagehouder (1926).
Born 1886/09/28Tegelen (Li) 4 Theodorus Hubertus RELOUW
Profession: Chauffeur-monteur (1921), chauffeur (1926), rijwielhersteller (1961).
Venlo (Li) 1921/06/13: Married Johanna Maria Hubertina Thijssen, born ±1897 in Blerick (Li), died >1961/02/15, daughter of Antoon Thijssen, metselaar (1921), born ±1866, married Wilhelmina Francina Trommar, born ±1869.
Died 1961/02/15Venlo (Li)
Born 1889/07/12Tegelen (Li) 5 Frans Hendrik RELOUW
Profession: Chauffeur-monteur (1927), automonteur (1955).
Venlo (Li) 1927/02/14: Married Maria Wilhelmina Martina Catharina Huberts, born ±1902 in Venlo (Li), died >1955/07/19, daughter of Willem Francis Lambert Huberts, tuinier (1927), married Anna Maria Peters.
Died 1955/07/19Venlo (Li)
Born 1892/11/12Tegelen (Li) 6 Henrietta Hubertina RELOUW
Venlo (Li) 1922/07/31: Married Gerard Peter Hubert Schreurs, voerman (1922), born ±1893 in Venlo (Li), son of Peter Conrard Hubert Schreurs, born 1846/09/01 in Venlo (Li), died <1922/07/31, married 1872/04/16 in Venlo Maria Gertrudis Hubertina Janssen, born in Venlo (Li), died <1922/07/31.
Died 1972/11/22
Tegelen (Li)
Venlo (Li)
Born 1895/05/17Tegelen (Li) 7 Josephina Maria RELOUW
Venlo (Li) 1926/12/13: Married Mathias Karel Hubertus Dings, tuinier (1926), born ±1899 in Venlo (Li), son of Jacob Hubert Dings, landbouwer (1926), born ±1870, married Sibilla Hubertina Beek, born ±1870.
Died 1967/01/03Venlo (Li)

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